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Our Dear Ascending Ones,

Once you have traveled through the Doorway, Portal, Stargate, (which is not time-bound, so there is no “date” for this journey) you will be 100% responsible for everything that comes into your life. In New Earth, which is the Threshold World into the fifth dimension, every random thought and emotion will manifest. If your thoughts and feeling hold any fear-based patterns, you will no longer be able to resonate to fifth dimensional New Earth and your experience of that reality will end. There is no morality or judgment involved this statement. It is simply the Law of Resonance. There are myriad realities, and you choose the reality and/or realities you wish to experience by calibrating your consciousness to the signature frequency of that reality.

In fact, you can only understand or discuss multidimensional experiences, such as ascension, from the perspective of multidimensional thinking and unconditional love. Think of it as you cannot run if you do not know to how walk. Hence, running would be beyond your conception. In the same manner, when you are thinking in terms of third dimensional separation, limitation and time-bound events, it is difficult to even contemplate a reality in which all life exists and intermingles within the Unity of the ONE. Therefore, you would not be able to experience a reality which is beyond the vision of your mental programing. Fortunately, you are all awakening at the “speed of multidimensional light” and embracing the FEEL of unconditional love.

It is the qualities of multidimensional light and unconditional love that can best align you with the reality that you would most love to choose. Remember, dear Ones, the reality that you live is the reality you perceive. This perception is based on your belief that you are a Multidimensional Being. This belief expands your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond. With this expanded consciousness you can expect to perceive the higher realities. Then your expectation directs your perceptions. You do see how this entire journey begins with your belief that you are a Multidimensional Being who has allowed its fifth dimensional SELF to take the reigns. 

Fortunately, as you believe in and integrate your Multidimensional SELF, your multidimensional operating system begins to fully integrate into your every thought and emotion. This integration is natural, so you do not need to “try.” All you need “do” is to believe in your SELF.  Whenever you make the decision to maintain a state of multidimensional consciousness you are choosing to align with and open your personal Doorway to New Earth. When your consciousness lowers into a third dimensional state of consciousness, the Doorway to New Earth closes. In this manner, you will live in two worlds, and journey back and forth between them by choosing your state of consciousness.

Your greatest challenge is to be the master of every thought and emotion that you allow to reside in your consciousness. It is for this reason that ascending ones in other “times” in your third dimensional world closed themselves off in caves and distant mountaintops. In deep seclusion, they could ignore the chatter of the fear-based consciousness that constantly emanated from daily life in the third dimension. Therefore, our dearest ascending ones, you have the greatest challenge of all, as you cannot isolate yourself in distant places in a society that does not support that choice. Because your ascension includes Gaia, you must find that peace within, while daily intermingling with “life on 3D Earth.”

We do wish to warn you that as long as feel a need to be successful in the eyes of others, or you have a desire for financial wealth in your physical world, you are bound to that world by your “need” (need = fear in disguise) for fulfillment based on someone outside of your Oneness. This is another reason why seekers closed themselves off in caves, temples and mountaintops. The question is, “How do you discern between “outside your Oneness” and “inside your Oneness?”

However, the answer to this question is simple. If the issue is caused by a life form, place, situation or thing outside of your earth vessel, you have released the creation of your reality to a NOT-YOU Source. To remember the fifth dimension that you have just visited, you must remain inside your SELF. The third dimensional virtual reality game is an illusion that your “avatar self,” your virtual earth vessel, thinks is real. Your avatar self is a third dimensional human being who has logged in and out of the 3D Game so many times that is has identified with illusions of that Game.  Therefore, your avatar self perceives reality in a reversed manner.

Your avatar self thinks that when it logs out of the 3D Game it ceases to exist, as it can only experience life through the perspective of the human senses.  In reality, YOU are the ONE who logs in and out of the 3D virtual reality game. For many rounds of the Game, you have thought that you were reborn when you logged into the Game and died when you logged out of the Game. That is the part that is reversed. For far too many lifetimes and sojourns into the 3D Game, you believed that you were re-born when you entered the 3D Game. In reality, because you forgot about bi-location, when you entered the 3D Game you died to your SELF and became the avatar self.

As you continue with your ascension process, you begin to remember that YOU cannot die. You remember that YOU are pure consciousness who is choosing to take on an “individual” experience of the great ONE, of whom you are a component. When you remember that you are the pure consciousness of the ONE, you Know that your re-birth to SELF occurs when you log out of the 3D Game and, too often Death is logging in to the 3D Game. This Knowing occurs within your fifth dimensional state of consciousness. From within this expanded consciousness deal of your avatar earth vessel does not concern you remember that YOU are always constant.

Furthermore, your fifth dimensional expression of SELF is logging into and out of myriad realities within the same moment of the NOW. Therefore, there is no loss because you can enter and leave any reality whenever you feel the call. From a multidimensional perspective, there is no emotional attachment to death for it is your own choice to terminate the experience of any reality, and birth represents a new reality to which you will bi-locate. There is, however, an emotional component to entering a reality, for it is unconditional love, the binding force of the universe, that allows you to log into, be re-born, and take a form in any particular expression of reality. Any fear-based emotions that lower your resonance below that of your fifth dimensional Self will terminate that experience, and you will return to your ascending process.

There is no judgment. It is just that your resonance must match that of any given reality that you wish to experience. If your signature frequency falls below that resonance, you can no longer adhere to that reality. Because you are newly returning from a very long sojourn on polarized Earth, it will likely take some practice to be able to maintain your Multidimensional Consciousness. This state of consciousness resonates to the frequency of unconditional love, which is quite foreign in a third dimensional reality.

Hence, be patient with your self, as you must release old, third dimensional habits. To return to your Multidimensional Consciousness remember to release your attachment to any fear-based thoughts, emotions, people, situations or things. This release of your attachments allows you to return to your fifth dimensional resonance so that you can either log in or bi-locate into New Earth.

We watch your great light and love expanding with your every breath, and we are infinitely available to assist you.
The Arcturians

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Through the EYES of the Innocent

Dear Sue,
      Thank you for your reply. You may post this on your blog. Thank you so very for your ideas on this. I would also choose the best world ever!!

There is one more thing I've wanted to write you about, but I wasn't able to at the time. During the online retreat a little while back I had an experience during and afterwards. I recorded it in audio format. If you don't have time to listen, I completely understand, you must receive a million emails a day, lol. And as an update after 11/11/11 I don't even know my purpose here anymore nor why I am here. More confused than ever.

Ever so grateful, 

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 5:37 PM, Suzanne Lie <> wrote:
On 11/28/11 1:55 PM, C wrote:

Dear C,
Did you read the attached article? i half see half imagine when i see the higher worlds too.Yes, she could be seeing a portal. It is the children's innocence that allows the children to see what we can't. However, i don't think that a violet portal could take one to a bad world. However, i am sure her inner guidance, likely some magnificent Light Being, is warning her to be careful when entering a portal. If our consciousness drops too low, we can "fall out" of the experience, which could be quite frightening. I choose the "best world ever." How about you?  Can i post this on my blot--no names or emails. I am sure other children are seeing these things too and parents are too shy to share,

Dear Suzan,
 My 8 year old daughter has told me about a purple tunnel or swirly thing that has appeared in our cabinet bottom. (it's small) She said it leads to another world. She said if she went inside, it would lock behind her and that's scary. She also said if we went inside at the same time, we might end up in different worlds. She goes on to say that it's like roulette, whether you will go to fearful world or the greatest world ever. I do know children have wonderful imaginations but she doesn't usually say things like this and I haven't talked about portals at all. Could she be seeing a portal? She said she half imagines it, half see's it. She said she had a weird sensation around the cabinet and then it came to her that there is a purple swirl in the cabinet. She is quite intuitive, she woke up from her sleep (because she got a feeling) just to wake up her father who snoozed through his alarm.

PS. Thank you for your work




Protecting the Embryo of New Earth

Inside of each of you is the embryo of New Earth. Since all of you are ONE within your SELF, all of you are New Earth. Each of our dear ascending ones has within them their personal expression of “life on New Earth,” which they will contribute to the ONE expression of life on fifth dimensional New Earth. You have all protected this embryo and many of you have consciously expanded it, as it is a new kind of feeling within you, as well as a thought form that you never dared express before now.

Because your outer world (your life in the 3D Game) was so filled with fear, danger and hard work, you did not feel this embryo until now, you were so busy facing the many challenges of survival on the physical plane that you had no time to look within. In fact, even if you often did look within, you could not perceive this embryo for your Soul had placed it in an inter-dimensional capsule. Now, with the frequency of Gaia constantly rising and your multidimensional consciousness expanding, you are having glimpses of this embryo.

We ask you to take a moment to feel this new sensation deep within your Being. Imagine a small embryo, wound up like a Mobius coil, slowly and steadily growing within your High Heart. You have carried this embryo within your Three Fold Flame in every incarnation, but the frequency of Earth light was usually too low for the embryo to start the process of re-birth.

Allow yourself to FEEL the inner sweetness that can only come from innocence and purity. Feed this embryo with your unconditional love as you allow the multidimensional light entering Earth to, also, enter the embryo in your heart. FEEL this delicate new place within you and protect it with your life. Notice the food that allows this embryo to grow and the food that can actually cause it pain. Tune into this virgin place within that has never been tarnished by the harshness and stress of daily life.

FEEL how delicate and new this inner promise of SELF is and send it recognition and love. Observe the thoughts, emotions, people, places and things that make you forget this place that push it deeper into its inner-dimensional capsule. Turn around inside yourself and look directly into this embryo. Allow its immense sweetness and ancient wisdom to flow into your consciousness. Remember times in your life when you experienced a whisper of its presence, but you forgot it in the “work” of daily life.

As you look into this essence of your fifth dimensional SELF, vow to protect it from that, which lowers your consciousness and makes you forget the YOU that you are becoming. Determine to create the life in which your embryo can move out of its cocoon and fill your present form with its multidimensional memory. Make choices everyday that allow you to have time to remember this inner embryo so that you feed it with your unconditional love.

As you go about your day, remember to caress your High Heart and send a brief message of recognition to this embryo of your New SELF who is to be your passport to New Earth. New Earth is not a place. It is a frequency. You will become New Earth as you raise the frequency of your consciousness beyond the confines of third dimensional thinking and emotional reactions into the steady flow of multidimensional thinking and emotional responses and interactions. As you go about your daily life, remember to ask how your New SELF how would respond to each situation.

Become aware of the areas of your life that feed this growing experience of Being and which areas of your life will need to be released and/or altered so that your New SELF can fill your Being and blossom forth as the You whom you have always wished to be. Choose the life that fills you with sweetness, love, creativity and adventure. Release that which drags you into the mire of drudgery and forgetfulness. You are creating the life in which your embryo, your higher expression of SELF.

Write, “I AM Becoming my New SELF” in your computer, on your shopping list, in your journal. Leave that note on your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, and in your checkbook. See this new you in the eyes of children, your mate, your best friends, your colleagues at work, the faces that pass you on the street and the checker at the grocery store. Most of all, see your New SELF in the mirror as you look into your eyes and say,
“I AM becoming my New SELF!”

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Innoncence and Purity



There is an innocence inside us that is so pure and untouched, like the core of a Rose that is just beginning to bloom. We feel that innocence and purity deeply protected by the portions of us that we had to close off, like a Doorway to sacred a room. This Doorway, and the room it protected, needed to be locked and even hidden from a world that was harsh and filled with fear.

Now we are beginning feel that innocence and purity, and we want to open the door and allow that Essence to fill our body and flow out into the world. However, we don’t know if I can protect that innocence and purity once it is set loose into a reality that is not yet fully loving.

If we open this door, will the remaining darkness rush in and extinguish the light? If we open this door, will the purity and love be lost in the shield we have created to protect it? If we incorporate these qualities of purity and innocence into our body, will it become lost in the remaining fear and protectiveness?

Yes, we fear that all of these things will happen. But, if we base our decision on this fear, have wechosen fear over purity and innocence? How do we protect that which is virgin to this harsh world? Must we wait until the world is not quite as discordant and more harmonious?

There are so many questions, but we ask them from our mind. We need to ask our heart. We need to ask this embryo of purity expanding in our High Heart what we should do.

“Dear embryo of light and love, dear Essence of my SELF who has hidden for millennium, how can I protect you? Must I always keep you secret?”

We know the answer can only come from within, so we take a moment to center our self and connect with the ONE…

The answer comes as a whisper from deep within our Core, “Dearest One, I AM within you and have, in deed, been in gustation for most of your earthly incarnations. Once or twice I ventured forth, only to suffer deep remorse and painful death, but you know of me because of these ventures into an unkind world. The world is growing kinder now and the Rose of my Being is beginning to bloom. The Roses that bloom when the atmosphere is not perfect suffers the harshness of a reality not yet ready for their gift. However, some brave ones must ‘test the waters’ to see if it is safe for the others to bloom, as well.

“Fortunately, a Rose knows that it is the blossom of the Rosebush,
That is rooted in the earth,
That is merged with the planet,
That is aligned with the Solar System,
That is a member of the Galaxy,
That shares the Universe,
That courses the Multiverse,
That is protected by the Galactic and Celestials,
Who travel the many densities and dimensions,
That are expressions of All That Is,
Within the ONE.

“Because the simple Rose knows this Cosmic Truth, it ventures forth with innocence and purity. The simple Rose does not know fear, for it knows that it is merely another beautiful expression of the ONE. Their expression may be harmed, but the ONE is invincible. The Rose knows that it is a window through which others can experience the ONE, and through which the ONE can experience its creations.

“If you see yourself as a Window for the ONE, your innocence and purity will be safe for you will not be not OF this world, but merely ON it. YOU are OF the ONE. Hence, when you choose to fully give birth to your SELF, you are serving as a window through which purity and innocence can flow.


The Rose is still a bud, but it is soon to open.
The transition of our consciousness is much like the opening of a Rose.  For many eons we, the members of Earth, have placed our consciousness on the outside of the Rose.  The Core of the Rose was a mystery to us.  Therefore, it was a god. 

From the outside of the Rose, from the petals, which were exposed to the environment, we prayed to the Sacred Center.  Some of us even thought that this Sacred Center was deep inside the earth or far above us in the sky.
                We had not yet remembered that
                        The Center was not above or below,
                                    The Center was within.

God was distant and apart from us then, and the world was cruel and distrustful.  Therefore, we had to be sure that we protected ourselves from outside forces that we believed were “separate.”  If God was separate, than so must be everything else be separate.  We were lonely.  We were isolated.  Fortunately, when we felt safe enough on the “outside,” some of us decided to go “inside” to see what lay within the Center of the Rose.

And so we began the long journey to the center of the Rose, the center of ourselves.  This journey was very frightening at first because we were used to holding our consciousness on the outside of the Rose, the outside of ourselves. Hence, trek inside was long and lonely.  If we were separate on the outside of the Rose, then how much more separate would we be on the inside? 

But gradually, we discovered that we were not alone inside the Rose, for we came to realize that inside was an entire Universe.  It was our own special, independent Universe.  But was it really just ours?  Was it really independent?

Eventually, we became aware that, from the Center of the Rose, from the center of this “new” Universe, we could contact the essence of every other Rose that ever was or ever would BE. 
               We learned that in the Center of the Rose, there was no time. 
                        In the center of the Rose, there was no space.
                                    Since time could not separate us,
                                                We all shared the same space.

Therefore, we were not alone!
We were not separate!

But where was our consciousness?  Was it on the outside of the Rose, protecting us from “them”?  Or was our consciousness in the Center of the Rose? 
               Where we were NOT alone.
                        Where we were NOT isolated.
                                    Where we did NOT need protection
                                                            Because there was NO harm.

And then it began to happen. 
There was a great change on the outside of the Rose.  It occurred slowly at first, and then the pace grew faster and faster.  Everything that had been so hard, and firm, and stable was beginning to shift.  Things were not so hard anymore, nor were they so stable.  The outside petals of the Rose were moving away from the Core and pulling the other petals with them.

Now, we could not hide as easily within the Core of the Rose.  However, if we placed our consciousness on the outside of the Rose, where we could “watch our backs,” we were affected by the great change.  The outside petals were becoming very unsteady.  They were threatening to fall from the Rose and land far away—far away from the Core of the Rose, the Core of Ourselves.

We could no longer place our consciousness on the outside where it was separate,
               Separate from others,
                        Separate from God,
                                    Separate from our own Core,
                                                And separate from the place deep within
                                                            Where there was no separation.

We could not stop the petals from falling.  And, if we became attached to them, we too would fall away from our Core.  Now we ALL had to journey to the Center of the Rose and place our consciousness inside because the changes outside were happening faster and faster.

But we were safe deep within ourselves.  We were no longer alone there.  We were with everyone else who had found their way to the Center of their Core, the Core of their Rose.  But were we protected from the outside?  Could we hide from what was happening outside of us?

All the petals were falling away now and we were no longer protected from the “outside” because there was no ”outside”.  As each petal fell from our essence, we were preparing ourselves for the “new world” that awaited us.  A new world
               Where there were no petals,
                        Where there was no outside,
                                    Where there was no separation.

And then, all the petals were gone.  We were no longer IN the Center.  We WERE the Center itself.  There was no longer a place to hide, nor was there a reason because there was NO separation. 

There was no God OUTSIDE or ABOVE or BELOW or WITHIN because there was NO measure of distance because there was NO space.  There was no fearful future or sorrowful past because there was NO time.  There was no core because there was NO exterior.
               There was only NOW.
                        There was only HERE.

As we looked around us, we could see that there were still Roses that appeared to be independent from us.  However, when we placed our attention upon them, they lovingly and willingly opened their heart to us, as we did to them. 
There were no secrets, 
                        There was no fear, 
                                    There was only Unity and Love.


I am thankful to you all for sharing my journey
Happy Thanksgiving,

Monday, November 21, 2011


Dear One,
I had a feeling of El Morya coming to me this morning at about 3:00 am and then I had the words Merging with the Arcturian Group Mind when I awoke. Which message should I call on now?

Our dearest One,
We the Arcturians would like you to first receive the message from El Morya, for the downloading and merging with the Arcturian Group Mind is a long process, which will become a series.

Dear El Morya,
I heard you in my consciousness this morning. You said something about responsibility. Can you please continue your message? I am ready to “take dictation.”

I AM a component of the Group Mind of which you have spoken above. In fact, all the Ascended Masters entered into the Group Mind frequency at the point of their ascension. We spoke as individuals to make our grounded ones more comfortable, but we now will return to our plural expression when we commune with you.

We wish to say that you have already integrated your Arcturian Group Mind, but your physical self is not yet aware of this integration. In other words, your multidimensional operating system is now fully online, which is why you have become so forgetful of concepts based on limitation and separation. Just as once you could not hold in your awareness concepts of unity and unconditional love, you now are in the process of releasing concepts of limitation and separation.

We wish you, our grounded ones, to know that you are fully among us, but you did not leave Gaia. You have bi-located, which is a simple concept for multidimensional cognition, but a difficult concept for third dimensional thinking. Whereas before, you would struggle to understand and adhere your consciousness to a multidimensional reality, you now struggle to remain connected to a reality that still resonates to the third/fourth dimension. Many of our grounded ones are having this sensation, but they may or may not be aware of the reason for their difficulties in mundane life.

This morning you heard us say that you will be carrying a great deal of responsibility. When we said “you,” we meant the plural you, which involve all of our grounded ones who are in the process of re-joining their multidimensional/group consciousness. We say “multidimensional/group” consciousness because group and multidimensional are the same meaning to us. However, within your third dimensional thinking, a group means a group of physical beings. On the other hand, within your multidimensional thinking, a group involves beings of many different dimensions of reality.

For example, as we speak now, via the vision of your third dimensional thinking, you appear to be alone in your room. However, via your multidimensional thinking, the group mind of Ascended Masters, the group mind of the Arcturians and the group mind of Gaia share this room with you. In fact, they share you life with you, for your consciousness has expanded to encompass the group mind of the fifth dimension and beyond. Of course, you are not aware of this expansion if your window of perception is open only to the third dimension, which is something that you will often have to do while holding your earth vessel. Because the third dimension is separate and sequential, you have to do things in an orderly manner. For example you have to put on your socks and then you put on your shoes. In the fifth dimension, you imagine that you have shoes and sock on and—you do!

Also, because life is based on separation, if you suddenly merge with something or someone, such a merging with a tree while you are driving, you and that with which you merge will become injured. Conversely, if you in a fifth dimensional vehicle and it merging with say a fifth dimensional tree, the vehicle and the tree will experience a merging of molecules to become a tree/vehicle. Neither object will be damaged. They will simply experience a moment of complete unity. The tree, which is alive, will experience the reality of the vehicle. Also, the vehicle, which is alive—for the entire fifth dimension is alive—will experience a moment of unity with the tree.

The great responsibility of which we spoke is the responsibility to constantly discern the third/fourth dimension from the fifth dimension and beyond. This discernment is a responsibility because you are living in two very divergent realities with completely different mental constructs and frequencies of expression. You are all learning about bi-location, the art of living in more than one reality within the same NOW. You still have the habit of placing most of your attention on the third dimension, but when you do so you feel hollow, exhausted and lonely. These feelings are what reminds you to remember that YOU are a multidimensional being and do NOT need to limit your perception to that frequency of reality.

For example, even within your grounded life, do you always look down at the one-dimensional rocks, or always look at the two-dimensional plants? Do you always look down to the ground or up into the sky? No, you do not. Also, can you sense how some people feel different than others? Some people drain from you, whereas other people seem to merge with you and give you strength. The first group is still asleep, but unconsciously want some of the FEEL that they unconsciously recognize in you. Because these people are still unaware of their power, they have no recognition that they are pulling on your energy field. They are not trying to harm you; they are simply unaware.

On the other hand, the second group of people is awake, and they nourish you with their wonderful energy field. In fact, you both experience a rush of renewed energy when you are together because you pull each other into the Oneness. These are the people you seek out when you want to relax and regenerate. Those of you who have awakened to your multidimensional consciousness are learning to discern between these two types of people. Within this discernment you will choose to spend less of your “time” with those who are depleting you and more time with those who appreciate your being your SELF.

You are the creator of your life. You DO have the full ability to release that, which pulls from you and is unable to reciprocate by giving you light and/or love in return. If you feel you cannot leave this person, place, situation or thing, then you must go inside and find the reason why you are creating this energy pull in your daily life. There is a great temptation here to forget your SELF and fall into the wounded-ego of victimization. If that is the case, then you have a wonderful opportunity to move your perceptions into the higher frequency expressions of your SELF to better understand the purpose of this challenge in your life.

From that perspective, you will be able to understand why you believe you deserve this treatment so that you can go to the source of that wounding and love it free. You are too important to Gaia to become lost in squabbles and confrontations based on lower frequency perceptions of life. You are wonderful, multidimensional being who are busy with the process of ascending yourselves and your planet. ANY person, place, situation or thing that interferes with that mission needs to be addressed, healed and/or released.

Feel the unconditional love of your Multidimensional SELF around you and unconditionally love the embryo of your New SELF within you. Remember to remember who you are and why you are currently holding a physical earth vessel.

We, your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, are always with you to assist and guide you.
El Morya