Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Why do you need spaceships in the fifth dimension?

This is one of the many questions I have gotten since I have been writing about New Earth and inter-dimensional travel. Therefore, I want to answer it for everyone. Just as we have different layers, or octaves, of the third dimension, we have different octaves of the fifth dimension. New Earth is actually just past the threshold to the fifth dimension and the “half-way house” that many of us will live in to adapt to a totally different way of being.

On New Earth there is still the illusion of separate bodies and some illusion of time, but much less so than on the third/fourth dimension. We still travel in vehicles, both on the ground, in the atmosphere, and in outer space, but they are vastly different. Our social structure is much like that which has long been established in Inner Earth by the Lamurians and Atlantians living there, which is much based on Unity, Sharing and Unconditional Love.

Many of us, including myself, will want to have the experience of New Earth because it is what we have longed for our entire life in this plane. The good thing is that since the fifth dimension is not bound by time, we can experience more than one reality at a time. Hence, we can have the adventures of establishing the a new society on New Earth, traveling on Star Ships into the multidimensional multiverse, assisting the still awakening ones on Matrix Earth (the fourth dimensional remnants of 3D Earth) and, also, living in the higher octaves of the fifth dimension where all our thoughts and emotions are instantly manifest.

In fact, one of the main reasons we may need to experience the half-way house of New Earth is to learn to be the Master of our EVERY thought and emotion. When we go into the higher octaves of the fifth dimension, every thought and emotion will become instantly manifest. However, if we have a selfish or service-to-self thought, our resonance will drop. Then, we will instantly find ourselves on fourth dimensional illusionary earth or back on New Earth, which resonates to a lower octave of the fifth dimension.

In other words, once we have graduating from our childhood 3D Earth, we may need to go to “college” on New Earth to learn how to be contributing adults. Also, many of us, including myself, want the experience of seeing a higher expression of life on Earth, and help those who are still not quite ready to fully awaken to the fifth dimension. However, as I have said, we will not be limited to New Earth. In fact, once a planet “grows up,” much of its population takes to the Star Ships to explore other worlds. (This is what occurred when the many Galactics who lived on Schoolroom Earth “grew up.” They “took to space” and found new worlds to establish in other areas of the Universe.)

All of these Star Ships are biologically based and controlled by thoughts and emotions. Therefore, we need our experiences of New Earth to completely Master our Energy and to fully embrace multidimensional thinking. Once we are the Master of our every thought and emotion, we can raise our consciousness at will. Then we can travel inter-dimensionally with or without a Star Ship. Just as physical, 3D Earth and earth bound vehicles are necessary on the lower worlds and New Earth, so are Star Ships. We will cloak our consciousness in form and travel by vehicles until we can calibrate our consciousness to the eighth dimension. From the eighth dimension and beyond, form is no longer needed, and all Beings live as pure consciousness.

What is important for us to remember is that we do not have to achieve any of these experiences because we are ALREADY and have ALWAYS been multidimensional. Therefore, we do not need to learn to be a “better” person or learn to go “somewhere else.” We are All NOW resonating to every dimension within the ONE of our Multidimensional SELF. As we become Masters of our Energy, we will realize this fact. We do NOT have to learn anything. We only need to REMEMBER.


  1. I am understanding this more and more, thank you Suzanne! I have a related question: will most of the thought-forms and entities that exist in the 3D/4D world be visibly manifested? I ask because I have seen some of them in the dream world and boy are some of them strange-looking. (not that we don't look weird to THEM, lol) Not scary, but just different. I can imagine this taking some getting used to for most of us. Or perhaps it is that they will remained "cloaked," as they are now, visible only to those who are ready to see...?

  2. Very informative Sue. This reminds me again how important it is to heal all 3D issues. At this time, I don't believe I'm ready to have thoughts create my reality in an instant. But then again, knowing what I know, you could just re-create your reality within seconds back to pure love, peace and joy of the 5th... To power a space craft purely by the power of our thoughts would be such a joy.. the part i'm excited about is traveling the entire world, especially up into the cosmos. I have a gypsy soul, i yearn to travel.. I can't wait. Better keep working on resolving all 3D baggage.. i'm almost there:)

  3. Apparently, the New super earth Order conspiracy theorists are blaming some nefarious plot by people running the HAARP Project.
    Yeah, right, much more likely…