Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hearing the Mother's Call


The sky absorbs the Light today
It shines above to show the way

For in this moment the Now is HERE
To think about what we hold dear

We’ve no time left to moan and pout
For now we know, what it’s about

It time for us to look inside
Beyond our fear and past our pride

The Truth will soon be free for all
To push away or “take the call”

We look away, or take a stand
To save the sea, the sky, the land

Protect the Earth. She is our Mother
She is our SELF, there is NO “other”

We are all ONE, we Know inside
And from that Truth, we cannot hide

We aren’t alone. We have resources,
If ALL the world can join forces

We ARE the planet, we have squandered
For, from our SELF, we all have wandered

The greed of now and in the past
Must be released, it cannot last

Our Mother calls, “It’s time now dears.
“Give me your love, I’ll take your fears.

“We need each other more than ever
“Although that bond, some try to sever

“Love them most, for they are lost
“They knew their game would have a cost

“Yet, still they want what’s been before
“But, we’ve had enough, and don’t want more

“So in their choices, we will not follow
“Our New World lies just round that hollow

“So reach right through and deep within
“To find the ONE you’ve always been

“The Game is closing, it’s the final call
“To go Home NOW, once and for all!”

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Healing the Mother - Part 1 Meditation

The meditation for Part 1 of the Healing the Mother series can downloaded here:

Healing the Self: Healing the Mother Part 1

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About First Chakra

Monday, July 19, 2010

Healing The Mother Group Part 1

We had our first “Healing the Mother Group” last week. We wanted the group to follow the Flow. Therefore, we only had a loose format that we would endeavor to heal our first chakra and then contribute that healing to Gaia. The other intention we had was that we all take advantage of the safety of the Group to “practice” our developing expanded perceptions. Most of us who are in these groups have spent a great deal of our life being less than our SELF because we feared (knew and experienced) that society would judge us. I know that I certainly did.

Because of this judgment, we pushed our expanded abilities down into our unconscious, along with our wounded-self, to be forgotten and/or ignored. Now WE, those who are Awake and Awakening, are being called to remember our Multidimensional SELF and express that SELF in our daily lives. However, to do so, we must heal the parts of us that have been hidden and made to feel “not good enough” or “different.” In reality, we are powerful multidimensional beings who have chosen to be born on Earth at this time to consciously assist in the process of Planetary Ascension. We will do this one-by-one, as well as in groups.

The Piscean Age told us that we had to follow some “other” person, and that God was a man who lived far away in Heaven. On the other hand, the Aquarian Age tells us that we are ALL components of the ONE, which is beyond gender and place. The ONE is within each and every inhabitant of Gaia’s Earth, as well as within All That Is. The Aquarian Age is a group age in which person and planet usher in Unity Consciousness and return to our fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

I have created a MP3, which can be used as a matrix for the healing of the first chakra. There is some editing that needs to be done, so I will release it on my blog tomorrow. Our first meeting was so powerful that we cannot wait for another month and are meeting again on Friday July 30, 2:30 pm Pacific Time to heal our second chakra. I will be making meditations and posting them on the blog and on the meditation page after every meeting.

It doesn’t matter if we all do the same chakra for it is the intention that is important. Therefore, you can do the first chakra at that time, do your own meditations and listen to the mp3 later, use it as a guide to continue the energy until the next meditation, or whatever you choose. Whatever you do and whenever you do it is a pure blessing to Gaia and to your SELF. Thank you so for answering Gaia’s call. Please return to the blog tomorrow and/or the
free meditation downloads” at:
to hear the first meditation of this series.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Healing Gaia



I know that many of you have been feeling a floating anxiety and sense of urgency regarding the conditions of our wounded planet. I have been receiving instructions from Gaia and the Arcturians about how I can be of assistance.

In response to these instructions, one Thursday a month, at 3:00 pm Pacific Time, I am facilitating a “Healing The Mother” group. We will meet once a month to heal ourselves and contribute that healing to Gaia. We will heal one chakra a month, starting with the first chakra, and share that healing with our planet Earth. The only way we can heal our world, as well as the humanity that has damaged it, is with unconditional love. Furthermore, unconditional love can best be felt from within.

Fortunately, we are moving ever closer to the Galactic Center where the emanations of unconditional love and multidimensional light are stronger then they have been in over 26,000 years. Therefore, we will choose to accept this unconditional love and multidimensional light into our own body, share it with Gaia, then send it around the globe. I am asking people to create groups of their own. The founder of that group, even if it is only 2 or 3 people, will be the facilitator for seven months, and seven chakras. In this manner, we as a planet will have moved all the way into the Seven Chakra by January of 2011.

It is my instructions that at that time the group will disassemble, and each member will create their own new group to contribute to an ever-growing network for HEALING THE MOTHER. Each month, I will post a loose guideline for the groups on my blog: group is encouraged to follow their own inner guidance and creativity, but to cover the same format, so that the matrix of information can more easily blend into ONE.

Intertwined with the chakra awakening, we will journey together through the Arcturian Corridor to re-program negative core beliefs and communicate with other dimensional realities to learn more about the process of personal and planetary ascension.

I hope you can participate in some manner, even if you do not choose to create or join a group. It is through giving to another that we can best forget and cure our woes for our self.

Blessings on your journey

Suzanne Lie

Friday, July 9, 2010

Back From Vacation

Hello everyone,
I am back from a wonderful vacation, and I wanted to share with you the message I got on July 4th. We had found a wonderful grove of Redwood Trees by the river, and we sat on the dirt with our backs against the tree to meditate. Be sure to try that some time, meditating with your back against a tree. It is very grounding, and at the same time, you can pull in the Light that has entered the tree. I have found that the tree usually gives me a short message, or least a gift of its great love. When I came out of my meditation, I felt a message from the Arcturians, which I am sharing below.

Dear Ones,
Long ago a group of rebels decided that they wanted a better life and were willing to break away from that which restrained their liberty and creativity. Now, only 234 years later, that cycle has come to a completion. The quick rise, peak and decline of this cycle is because "time" is moving at a faster rate. Actually, time has no movement as it is a constant NOW in the ONE. However, because of the ever-increasing rise in Gaia's vibration, cycles are completing in what appears to Her inhabitants as a very short time.

This perception of time is,also, so short because this cycle is actually a cycle within a cycle. It is the greater cycle, the Progression of the Equinox of 26,556 Earth years, that is coming to completion to usher in the cycle of the New Age Aquarius, the 2,000 years of the Flow of the multidimensional light and unconditional love from the Galactic Center. Now that will be a fire works show far beyond any on third dimensional Earth. Therefore, we say to all of you, our dear grounded ones, that we, the members of your Galactic Family, are SO proud of you. We know that it appears to your third dimensional perceptions that everything is going into collapse and ruin, but that is because you are seeing it the perspective of the third dimensional.

We invite ALL of you to call us, your Galactic Family, as we watch your "declaration of independence" from our perspective in the higher fourth and fifth dimensions. It is a parking lot up here filled with unconditional love and multidimensional light, as we applaud your great awakening and return to your Multidimensional SELF. From our viewpoint there is a worldwide log rhythmic awakening among our grounded Human Family. We wish to celebrate the "Independence Day" of every country and every culture, as well as applaud the countries and cultures who are now demanding their independence that you ALL deserve.

Beloved grounded ones, we now remind you that the only true independence is the independence from fear. As each of you refuse to participate in the propaganda of fear and look to the Highest Expression of your SELF when you cannot, all problems will be resolved. We remind you that right NOW there are hidden patens for all the technology needed to heal all the personal and planetary woes. As our awakening ones refuse to give into fear, they will break through the barriers of secrecy and demand their right to have a happy, safe and long life. Remember, a warrior’s only enemy is FEAR!