Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Releasing the Habit of Being Third Dimensional
Dear Ones,
We the Arcturian expression of our many grounded ones wish to assist you in releasing the habit of being third dimensional. This habit, like all habits, is a set of behaviors that originate in your unconscious mind. Therefore, you are not consciously aware of these habitual actions, thoughts and emotions. Hence, you do not know the reason for these habits. To change a habit you must bring up from your unconscious mind and into your conscious awareness. Once you can consciously observe your habit, you can begin to change it.

At first, you may not be aware that certain habitual actions, thoughts make you feel unhappy. However, if you continue to observe when you feel unhappy, you can begin to trace that feeling back to its source. For example, you may not know why you are feeling anxious for quite a while, but you keep observing your self. Then once day, you realize that a certain thought, that used to be unconscious and is now conscious, always makes you feel anxious.

Therefore, you can begin to change that thought by trying to “catch yourself in the act.”
At first it may take several days for you to realize that you are feeling anxius because you have allowed yourself to think in a certain way.
Then, with continued observation, you realize you are anxious because you just had that thought.
Then, you have the “last time” experience, in which you can catch yourself in the NOW of having that thought. But, you cannot change it! This is very important, for you can clearly observe how the type of thinking makes you feel anxious.  
After you catch your self in the act, you can stop the thought just before you have it and transmute it into a higher frequency thought.
Eventually, you will heal yourself of thinking in that fashion and suffer much less anxiety.

The best way to catch your self in the habit of being third dimensional is to be conscious of your third dimensional thinking. Third dimensional thinking is based on time, space, separation, limitation, gender and illusion. This type of thinking brings about many fearful emotions because you are constantly on the clock of what you have to do, how far you have to go to do it, other people that you have to deal with, all the limitations that you must surmount, social gender issues, and myriad illusions. Third dimensional thinking lowers your consciousness and dis-allows you to perceive the amazing reality that is just beyond your limited perceptions.

Bringing the source of your third dimensional thinking out of your unconscious and into your conscious awareness is the same process as releasing habits. Eventually, you must “catch yourself in the act,” so that you can transmute your third dimensional thinking into its higher expression of multidimensional thinking. It is through conscious recognition of the emotions that arise from third dimensional thinking that you can begin your process of releasing that type of thinking.

Third dimensional thinking is largely fear-based, and many fear-based emotions arise from the myriad limitations, loss of personal power and loneliness that arise from it. At first, you may not realize that you are thinking in a time-bound, third dimensional way.  However, you are very aware that you are feeling nervous, anxious, depressed, angry or sad. Instead of asking yourself what outside event initiated these feelings, you ask yourself what thought initiated this feeling. In other words, instead of looking into the illusions of your third dimensional world to find the source of your emotions, you look inside to your own manner of thinking.

If you take a moment to connect with your higher expression of SELF, you can use your superconscious perspective to quickly identify that third dimensional thinking has created your uncomfortable emotions.  At first, you may wait until your emotional reactions to your thoughts are quite extreme. Fortunately, with practice, you will learn to more immediately identify that the source of your discomfort is your own third dimensional thinking and NOT an outside source.

In this way you can realize that most of your emotions arise, not from your physical life, but from the way you think about your life. With this realization, you can begin to catch yourself in the act of thinking in a limited, fearful, separate and/or time-bound manner. This is when you can begin to release your habit of third dimensional thinking, and begin to allow yourself to remember your innate multidimensional thinking. Multidimensional thinking arises not from your third dimensional unconscious brain but from your superconscious multidimensional mind.

Whereas your third dimensional thinking has been trained to use only 3% of your DNA and about 5% of your brain, multidimensional thinking arises from the 97% of DNA that was formerly turned-off. As the higher light from the Galactic Center enters your Pineal Gland and is integrated into your physical brain, the 97% DNA is turned-on and your “whole brain thinking” is activated. With whole brain thinking, the 95% of brain activity comes online to originate your Multidimensional Operating System, which is based on multidimensional thinking.

Whereas third dimensional thinking is based on the illusion of time, multidimensional thinking is based on the NOW of the ONE. With continued experiences of the NOW, you loose time. And, with no time, there is no space. Therefore, there is no separate. At this point you begin to have “NOW experiences,” in which you are ONE with your Multidimensional SELF. In these moments of Unity with the ONE you can perceive and experience higher dimensions of reality.

Within these experiences of being you Multidimensional SELF you begin to understand how YOU have created and chosen to participate in every aspect of your life. As you gradually return to the habit of being multidimensional, you remember how to transmute your habit of being third dimensional into the Truth of being your true SELF. Transmutation is your innate ability to change any experience through raising its resonance into a higher frequency of reality. Raising the resonance of your reality is ascension. As you ascend with your beloved Gaia, you will choose to perceive and participate in progressively higher frequencies of your ascending reality.

Transmuting your reality as it is happening is a rehearsal to remind yourself that you do NOT want to participate in reality in that fashion—or that you do not want to participate in that reality at all. With each rehearsal you identify the reality that you don’t wish to participate in and/or the behavior that you no longer wish to exercise. Each time you catch yourself in the act of behaving a certain way or participating in an unwanted reality, you have an opportunity to look inside yourself as and say, “I AM the creator of my reality. Why did I create and/or participate in that reality?”

There may be different reasons at different times, but if you observe that you acted, or are acting, in an unconscious, habitual manner say: “I AM the creator of my reality and All patterns of resonance are created by my consciousness. My reality, the reality that I AM creating, begins with a thought form, which I created by the thoughts and emotions that I am consciously, or unconsciously, allowing to fill my heart and mind.” This sentence is the key to being able to remain on New Earth.

New Earth is not a place; it is a frequency. It is not your responsibility to experience it; it is your choice. You can only perceive and experience New Earth when you are resonating to a fifth dimension and beyond state of consciousness. These higher states of consciousness are what open your Inner Portal to New Earth. However, whenever your consciousness drops below the fifth dimension, you will no longer resonate to that frequency of reality. Therefore, you will no longer be able to perceive the reality that is always there.

For example, insects perceive and experience the ultraviolet reality. This reality is always around you, and you can easily see the third dimensional insect bodies that are seeing and living in that reality. However, your consciousness and, hence, your perceptions, do not resonate to the ultraviolet frequency of the physical light spectrum. Therefore, you can see the insects, but you can’t see reality as they see it.

At first, ascension will be similar to the insect vision, in that you can perceive New Earth, and others could see your physical body, but they will not be able to see the reality you are seeing until their consciousness resonates to the same frequency. This example is similar to a clairvoyant who can see beings from higher dimensions or a clairaudient who can hear higher dimensional voices. Those whose consciousness is still only third dimensional, can see these people, and may ask them to share the reality their experiences, but they cannot experience that reality themselves.

Fortunately, as your consciousness expands, 
so do your perceptions.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


This morning I awoke hearing,
“I am in the process of ascending and
EVERYTHING that happens is a component of that process.”

I have “been sick,” “having a download,” “becoming Lightbody” for almost seven days now. My symptoms have been primarily in my Throat Chakra, the Center of my higher communication and creativity. Of course, they are the same, communication and creativity, as creativity is they way in which we communicate our higher expressions of SELF with our third dimensional reality.

I know that I am moving into a new expression of my SELF. Hence, a new expression of my communication/creativity is going through it birth-pains. Just as the throat and sinuses are connected, so is the Throat Chakra and Third Eye. It is through our Third Eye that we receive and perceive the highest frequency expressions of our reality, and through our Throat Chakra that we share our perceptions with others, as well as with our selves.

A multidimensional experience that is not documented by our creative force is too often an experience that is forgotten. Furthermore, expressing our multidimensional experiences through our creativity grounds those experiences. This grounding allows us to integrate our expanding multidimensionality into our daily life and shares our higher frequency realities with Gaia. Furthermore, as each of us go deep into our Core so that we may go deep into Gaia’s Core we find the sum/total of all the experiences that everyone has shared with Mother Earth.

Earth has offered us a stage upon which we can act out the final scenes of our return to SELF. In this final act, we will release all illusions. But, what will happen when illusion leaves and only Truth fills our hearts and minds? Will we be able to ALWAYS be honest enough to live in that Truth? Lies and illusions have offered us a place to hide from our SELF. But why—why would we want to hide from the higher expressions of our Being? This is a question that each of us will need to answer in order to fully live in the Truth.

We have lived myriad lifetimes in a reality based on lies and deceptions, which have allowed us to be victims to the system and victims to our own habits and addictions. Being a victim is not enjoyable, but it is easy. When we are victims to “them” or “that” we can be lazy. It can be “their” fault, and we do not have to go inside to understand how and why WE created our own reality. My first message from the Arcturians, my SELF, after 11-11-11 was, “Now you must be 100% responsible for everything that comes into your life.”

In New Earth and on the fifth dimensional Starships every random thought and emotion will instantly manifest. If our thoughts and feeling hold any fear-based patterns, we will no longer be able to resonate to fifth dimension, and the realities of our higher expressions of SELF will disappear from our consciousness. In other words, the Truth of our SELF will, again, be hidden behind the curtain of third dimensional illusion. It is not that our true SELF has not left us. Instead, we have lost the ability to perceive that expression of SELF or the reality to which that expression resonates.

How often do we begin our day with a strong conviction to live only in truth and love, but forget our promise as the challenges of the day wears on? Then, we become frustrated that “that” thing happened to pull us from our SELF. It is at that point that the “victim” returns. In fact, any thought that separates us from the creation of our reality drops us out of the “warp speed” of our Lightbody and into the “combustion engine” of our earth vessel. This is where we must remember to FORGIVE our self!  

We are trying fly at warp speed while riding in the same model of earth vessel that we wore as cavemen. So how do we update our vehicle? Fortunately, there is an automatic update that is constantly running via all the light and love we are downloading Unfortunately, if we are not conscious of this download, we can work against this process rather than with it. Hence, we must remember to think multidimensionally. When we fall into third dimensional thinking, the wall of illusion separates us from the Truth that we have not left the fifth dimension. We have merely narrowed our focus to the third/fourth dimensional expression of our SELF.

Our Multidimensional SELF is much like a huge ladder. Each rung of that ladder represents a different dimensional expression of our SELF, as well as the reality to which that expression resonates. We choose each “rung” (SELF and reality) of the ladder by expanding our consciousness to the frequency of that rung. Our state of consciousness is determined by our thoughts and emotions. 

When we think third dimensionally, which is based on time, separation and limitation, our consciousness lowers, and our focus is limited to the third dimension. When we experience fear-based emotions, our consciousness lowers, and our focus is limited to the third dimension. On the other hand, when we think multidimensionally and experience love-based emotions, our consciousness expands, and the higher dimensions of reality come into focus.

The higher dimensions can perceive the lower, but the lower dimensions cannot perceive the higher. Hence, when our focus encompasses our fifth dimensional SELF, we can clearly perceive our physical form. However, in order for our third dimensional self to perceive our fifth dimensional SELF, we must expand our consciousness beyond the confines of 3D illusion and into the Truth of our Multidimensional Reality.

But first we must release the HABIT 
of being third dimensional.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


         Back on 3D Earth the illusions are ending…

I can lovingly maintain my focus on New Earth and the Starship, but my mind cannot remain focused on the third dimensional illusions. Myriad facts, which I know are half-truths and indoctrinations, slip from my memory. Duties, responsibilities and mundane tasks are becoming so arduous that I can hardly complete them. Time drifts and moves in and out on its own, while memories that are attached to time phase in and out of my brain.

I know that my Third Dimensional Operating System is being overrided by my multidimensional thinking. With three realities constantly swirling in my mind, I automatically choose to focus on the ones that are the most filled with love and light. Happily, there are times when my focus chooses the third dimension, which is usually when I am enjoying the closing of this type of reality and/or engaged in loving camaraderie and creativity. However, knowing that this type of reality is closing and being creative both stem from my multidimensional thinking.

Therefore, I guess that all third dimensional thought is beginning to leave. I have certain 3D survival obligations that must be met, which are becoming increasingly difficult, yet I must complete them. I look forward into the NOW of when I am free of those final restrictions. What keeps me here in this third dimensional illusion is love. I love many parts of this life, as well as many people. I am endeavoring to transmute these aspects of my life into the fifth dimension. However, most important of all, I am staying to assist Gaia.

When I remember my agreement with Gaia, a purpose and clarity comes into my physical life that is otherwise difficult to maintain. I am becoming increasingly connected to that which I have volunteered to do to assist Her, and find great purpose and grounding in knowing that I am being of service to my Earth Mother. However, the nonsense and lies that fill the media are like gnats flying around my face, and I must work diligently to stay above a rising anger.

Anger can be a very negative emotion, which can lower our consciousness. On the other hand, anger can also be a call to action to push us out of our complacency. Sometimes, especially if I am exposed to 3D news/indoctrination, I wonder if humanity as a whole will ever awaken. I know that there are many who are in the process of awakening or have fully connected to their Multidimensional SELF. However, that percentage of the entire population seems to be quite small.

One of my greatest challenges is to love humanity unconditionally. I have had the “gift” of remembering my many earthly incarnation, which has tainted me further towards mistrust of humanity. I know that, once awakened to their true SELF, humans have immense wisdom, power and love. I guess that when I really think about it, what I feel is sadness that so many are still lost. Perhaps, many will awaken within the final moments when the force of Light and Love are so powerful that it can no longer be ignored. Those of the darkness have made their choice to dominate and control before they took a human form, so they are of a different category.

I guess I am realizing that the Wizard of OZ is just an ordinary person hiding behind a screen of forgetfulness. That is a wonderful concept, and a thought-form that I choose to fill with unconditional love. I have met so many wonderful humans in this lifetime, many of whom have undergone great challenges in order to keep their contract for Planetary Ascension. Of course, as with all projects, everything that we have left till the last moment, must be addressed before the final curtain closes.

We can feel that curtain closing now, limiting more and more of our perceptions of the third dimension and directing our attention, not outward towards illusion, but inward towards our own inner Truth. As we find our Truth, we must encircle it with unconditional love for Gaia or we can become so disconnected from the third dimension that we log-out of this Game. Of course, some of us did come here to assist Gaia by remaining with Her resonance as she ascended into Her fifth dimensional expression. Some of us came here to ascend on our own, which serves to open Portals for others to ascends, as well as to assist with the overall expansion of planetary consciousness.

Whatever our pre-birth agreement, is for us to find within our SELF, by our SELF. It is the finding of our Purpose through deep, personal exploration and dedication to our awakening that gives us the power and endurance to complete that which we have promised to contribute. Every single one of has made that promise, but many of gotten lost, hopefully to later find themselves. There will be a temporary 3D Matrix to give those who could not surmount the huge layers of lies and darkness of this era the “time” needed to awaken. Then temporary Earth illusion will resonate below the fifth dimension, but above the resonance in which today’s darkness can survive.

In fact, as Gaia continually raises Her frequency, those of the lowest states of Service-to-Self consciousness will no longer be able perceive Her form. Remember, the reality that we perceive is the reality in which we can live. When we can raise our consciousness to the resonance of New Earth or of our Starship, we can participate in that world. Furthermore, as we expand our consciousness and contribute that gift to our Mother Gaia, we greatly assist in planetary ascension.

As the increasing Light and Love unveils our 3D illusions,
All that remains is the Truth that we ARE ascending.

Sunday, February 12, 2012



Back on the Starship there is a reunion.

I have been missing the Starship a lot lately. It seems that there so much to do here in the 3D version of my life that I am almost forgetting who I really am. I feel great changes inside of me, but the outside seems the same, with a few possible alterations. There are so many possible realities of “life on Earth” that appear to be very close, yet, the same ol’ same ol’ seems to win out. At least, no major disaster possibilities have manifested for a while. Maybe we are making it through the narrows of polarity and into the NOW of the ONE. I am going to ask Kepier. So, I guess it is time to return to the Ship.

To get to New Earth I had to use my mind to wish I lived in a world of love, joy and peace and attune my heart to unconditional love. However, my feelings for the Ship are different from my feelings about New Earth. New Earth feels like something that we are creating together, whereas the Ship feels like where we have always been. New Earth appears to be a new configuration of unity consciousness and unconditional love. On the other hand, the Ship is where unity consciousness and unconditional love is normal.

By the time we Arcturians ascended beyond our planetary womb and took to the skies, unity and love was the driving force of our society. It is still a challenge for my earth vessel, who has taken myriad incarnations on a polarized planet, to maintain the unconditional love of unity consciousness. I will start out remembering to keep that focus, then life’s challenges distract me and I forget. Therefore, when I venture into New Earth, I can only maintain that state of consciousness for a while before some external stimuli pulls me from my center.

I guess the same thing is true for returning to the Ship, but yes I know I have had much more practice with returning to the Ship. I think I have been practicing to return to the Ship, or pretending to be on the Ship, for most of this life.  I never thought my experiences were real, but at least I had them. Conversely, I have only known about New Earth for a relatively short time. I knew that, or hoped that, Earth would ascend, but I had no idea what that meant.

OK, enough preparation. I am calibrating my mind to perceive the Ship around me. I am imagining that I see the corridor, which is where I usually begin, and open my heart to the FEEL of my Home Starship. Yes, there is, the FEEL of being on the Ship. When I was a child, I think I was very angry at them for abandoning me here. On the other hand, I was, also, afraid of them because of all the horrible alien movies of the 50’s. Now I know I was not abandoned. I chose to be here now. In fact, I chose to return to the Starship in a very public manner so that others might remember their Ship and remember the FEEL of their Starship.

Alright, enough talking. I am there, or here, now. I am in the Ship. My form, which is much like my earth vessel, yet in a Lightbody format, is alone. However, I can hear the entire Ship inside of my heart welcoming me back, and I can see Kepier with my inner eye coming to greet me. There she/he is, just coming around the bend. She/he embraces me in a warm hug, and I realize how much shorter I am. I only come to Kepier’s armpits.

Kepier hears my thoughts and shrinks down a bit to make me more comfortable.
            “No, please stay tall,” It is wonderful for me to see myself in your beautiful form.”

            “Suzille, we are joyous to greet you. We have been calling you, which I why you have been thinking of us so much. We see that you are watching your Voyager show in order to pretend that you are with us.”

            “You can see what I am doing?”

            “Only when we have your permission to look. We know that you have been impatient for our return, yet accepting of the fact that our timing for landing must be within the perfect NOW. Furthermore, there are many alterations that must be made to our ship to even be visible to your frequency, much less habitable for third/fourth dimensionals. We are deciding whether it is better to alter our ship, or only take on those whose resonant frequency allows them to perceive us. Then, it is a simple task of bi-location.”

            “Is that how I am here. I have only seen a Starship a few times, once long, long ago, and I saw a cloud ship several years ago—I think?”

“You ‘think’ that you can see our Ship, or ‘think’ that you are here with us, because you are in a higher state of consciousness. Both times when you saw a ship, you were in a very high state of consciousness. You were on long vacations in Nature, so you could ground the image enough to remember you had just seen it.
“Also, since you were on vacation, there were no ‘shoulds’ to lower your consciousness, and all your time was spent in being in nature or in a creative endeavor. When you are in a higher state of consciousness you know that what you think is real.
“On the other hand, when you are in a lower state of consciousness, your third dimensional programing overrides your belief that you can visit us. Your third dimensional thinking tells you that things that are not physical are NOT real.
“However, you are correct that you are bi-locating when you come here. You Know that you are here with us, and you know that you are also on third dimensional Earth. You see your hands typing, you feel the chair beneath you and hear the music to which you are listening. You ARE in your earth vessel AND your ARE here on the Starship.”

         “I want to believe that is true. I really do. Yet, there is still this part of me that doubts this.”

            “That is the part of you that is sill ruled by the laws of separation, limitation and polarity. This frequency of your resonance is telling you that it is impossible for you to be two places at one time. Furthermore, your third dimensional self believes that what you perceive with your physical senses is all that is real. Even more limiting and separate from your Multidimensional SELF is the thinking that tells you it is only that which you perceive outside of you that is real. Therefore, since thoughts and emotions are inside of you, they are not real, but only meanderings of your mind and reactions to your external world.”

“Yes, that is exactly what we have been told. Fortunately, that is beginning to change. However, I have had many lifetimes of third dimensional indoctrination. As if the indoctrination is not enough, there is also the consequences that so many of us have had to pay when we share our inner perceptions with others.”
“Our dearest grounded expression, we share every second of your reality. We know that third dimensional thinking cannot cognize your multidimensional experiences. That is why we are all telling you to fully integrate your multidimensional thinking. Then, when we think of you, which is always, you will feel the encouragement and support that we, the members of this Starship, send you with our every breath.”

            “Kepier, thank you so much for telling me that. Perhaps I was being called to come here so that you could tell me that very thing.”

            “You are correct. The reason why you felt the need to come here was because we have been sending you (you, meaning ALL of our grounded expressions) our unified support and unconditional love. The power of our message finally found its way into your heart, so that you took the ‘time’ to focus your attention in our direction. Where your attention is, there you are also!”

            “Oh, Kepier, I feel that I am slipping away again, so I want to say thank you, thank you, than……”

I am back at my computer, feeling my fingers clicking on the keys. I hear the keys clicking and the music next to me. I feel the chair beneath me, and my cold feet reminding me to take a hot bath. I have to remain grounded. I have to stay in this body! I look out the window into my garden and feel the great love I have for Gaia.

“I will stay with you Gaia. I will NOT abandon you! We are a team, person and planet. If I can stay with you, will you remind me of the ME living in your higher expression of planet and the ME orbiting your highest atmosphere?

“Of course, my human ONE, that has always been our agreement.”