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New Visitors On The Mothership - Part 2 Letting Go


New Visitors On The Mothership – Part 2

Letting Go

I am really concerned about Jason. We have been back from our experience on the Mothership for three days now, and Jason is either depressed or obsessed or both. He has not worked or meditated or even mentioned the twelfth floor. I think he blames himself for the Arcturian sending us back. I have told him many times that the Arcturian had begun his transmission saying that only humans could unlock the 3D Matrix, but Jason will not listen to me.

All he does is mutter, “What are we supposed to let go of?”

I would like to tell him that he can begin by letting go of his bad mood, but I don’t think that information would go over well. What I did say was, “Why don’t you go over your notes again. Maybe you can find something there. You can give me another presentation,” I tried to say with a smile. All he did was grumble, but he did go back to his notes.

I could not take it anymore, so I left the house to do some errands for work. I needed a break from Jason’s bad mood so I also went to lunch and a movie with a girlfriend. It was a good distraction and served to help me find my center again. It is wonderful to be so very close with someone. However, if that someone is in a bad mood, you feel that mood as if it were your own.

Being out of Jason’s space for a day greatly assisted me to get back to my self, and I guess it was good for him too. With no one to complain to he finally went back to his notes to see if he had missed anything. His mood was far too bad to meditate, but the intellectual endeavor served to focus his mind. Hence, when I walked in the door, he was in a much better mood.

“Hi Hon,” he said with a smile. I think he had actually taken a shower and eat a bit of food. “Are you ready for my presentation?”

With a great sense of relief, I happily set down before him at our small kitchen table. “I am ready for your presentation,” I said with a smile.

“First,” Jason began, “I want to apologize for my behavior over the last few days. As you know, I thought it was my words that made the Arcturian send us back. Finally, I realized that a being of such a high resonance as the Arcturian would not be reactive in that manner. Then, I had to look at my self. Why was I taking our return as some sort of punishment, which made me take a long, uncomfortable look at my childhood.

“I was very sensitive as a child and when I got my feelings hurt, which was often, I shut everyone out. Since I shut everyone out when I was a child, I shut you out as an adult. This realization brought me to my first answer to the question that has obsessed me of what do we need to let go of? When you walked out the door and left me alone with my own misery, I went into deep sorrow.

“I could not understand why until I realized that I had totally closed you, my beloved and very best friend, out just as I had shut everyone out when I was a child. Well, that was my first answer to my question about what to let go of. I don’t know about others, but I need to let go of isolating myself when I become upset.”

At this point Jason stood up, walked around the table, pulled me to a standing position and gave me the longest, deepest hug I had ever received. I could feel that he was trying to suppress crying, which made me cry instead. Jason held me even closer, which I did not think was possible, and said, “I have been realizing that there are many things I need to let go of, but I will NEVER let go of you.”

We stood in the kitchen, with our messy house around us and Jason’s papers spread across the kitchen table and hugged for so long I thought we had become one person.

“We are one person in two bodies,” Jason said in response to my thoughts.

“I know,” I said. “That is why I had to get some space from you so that I could get back to my center enough to help you. I am sorry I abandoned you when you felt too awful.”

“You do not need to apologize,” said Jason. “There are still some things we have to do on our own. One of these things was my need to let go of the illusion of separation.”

I pushed back, gave him a long kiss and said, “It sounds like your presentation is ready. I am all ears.” I sat down and motioned for him to do the same. With the first smile I had seen in three days, Jason sat down in front of me and began his presentation.

“Oh, do you want some coffee?” Jason said with a smile as he pointed towards the coffee pot he had been living off of for three days.

“No Sweetie,” I said. “But I will fix you some dinner after your presentation.”

“Good, I need that.” He smiled and began his presentation, which was much different from his first one.

“Once I had my realization about my old habit of isolation, which is the first of many behaviors and old coping mechanism that I will let go, I remembered how my research had said that separation was an illusion of the third dimension. We believe there is separation because we can only see the dense energy of physical matter and not the higher frequency energy that connects everything physical.

“I then had an image/memory of our brief walk through the Mothership and the meeting room for the Arcturian’s transmission. I was so in awe of that experience that many details went straight to my unconscious. However, when I let go of my self-pity, the illusion of separation from my higher SELF disappeared. I instantly went into a deep trance and remember, re-experienced, every moment on the Ship.

“I remembered how Mytria and Mytre were wearing separate humanoid forms, but they were not separate because I could see the energy field connecting them. In fact, I finally remembered what my physical brain had forgotten. I remembered that while we were there, I had full access to my fifth dimensional consciousness and perceptions.

“In fact, my love” Jason said as he looked at me, “I can see that you are remembering that now too.”

I smiled with excitement in my face, but said nothing, as I did not want to interrupt him. Jason read my mind, again, and continued.

“While in my higher consciousness, all my perceptions were different, expanded. No one and nothing was separate because I could see all the connecting energy fields. I think I forgot that experience because my 3D brain could not compute such a unique experience. However, once I had released my childhood coping mechanism and realized that I had used it to separate from you I had a burst of immense sorrow.”

“It was wise of you to leave, as I went into deep sobbing that my male ego would not have allowed in the presence of another. I guess I need to let go of that male ego, as well.” He said with a laugh.

“Don’t release it all,” I replied. “It is sexy when used for certain purposes.”

We both laughed, then Jason returned to his presentation, knowing that it would be interrupted if we didn’t change the subject.

“Go on,” I said. “This is making so much sense to me. Your memory is igniting mine. I have been so concerned about you that my 3D brain forgot those details too.

“Yes,” Jason continued. “In order to remember these higher dimensional perceptions we need to be in a higher state of consciousness than our physical brain can compute. In other words, we need to let go of the limitations and illusions of our third dimensional thinking so that we can connect with our multidimensional thinking. After my last three days of being totally lost in the physical, I realize just how difficult that letting go can be.

“Therefore, we need to let go of anything that interferes with our ongoing process of expanding and maintaining a higher state of consciousness. At first I could not think of anything that I needed to let go of, and now I understand that we need to let go of an entire way of life.

“In fact, we need to let go of the third dimension!”

“How do we do that?” I asked.

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New Visitors to Mothership - Unlocking the Matrix

New Visitors to the Mothership

Unlocking the Matrix

The look on Sandy and Jason’s faces reminded me of my first visit to the Mothership. I could see from Mytria’s expression that she felt the same way. We smiled warmly and said as one voice, “Please follow us. There is someone we wish you to meet.”

Even though Sandy and Jason were behind us we could feel their excitement of their first “conscious” visit to the Mothership. They had both been on the ship in their night bodies, but this time they were fully awake and in a higher state of consciousness. We had been overseeing their process of deciphering their dream of our experience, and they had done quite well.

Hence, we decided to bring them to the Mothership so that we could give them some background information. Actually, it was the Arcturians idea to invite them to personally join It’s the next transmission to Earth. As we came to the transmission area we told Jason and Sandy that the Arcturian had personally invited them to join this transmission.

As we walked towards the door to the transmission room, it opened, seemingly, on its own. But, as the door fully opened we saw our dear Arcturian friend standing just beyond the threshold. Sandy and Jason were so surprised and honored that they could not say a word.

“Welcome,” said the Arcturian, actually using words.

Sandy and Jason muttered some words of thanks, but their broad smiles said more than any words.

The Arcturian, who had donned a relatively human body in their honor actually smiled back. Of course the smile was more a feeling than an actual facial expression.

“I must begin my transmission now,“ said the Arcturian as It invited Sandy and Jason to sit. The Arcturian then glided toward the transmission screen and began the transmission.

Our message today is about unlocking the third dimensional matrix. Just as a large key fitting the keyhole is necessary to unlock a large lock, a third dimensional key is necessary to unlock the third dimensional matrix. Your dark cabal knows this fact, and they have locked many truths away from you in the 3D Matrix. In this manner, only a third dimensional human can unlock the 3D Matrix to reveal the truth of their reality.

Many of us from the Galactic Federation have made the great sacrifice of taking a human incarnation so that we could assist other humans. However, the physical inhabitants of Earth must initiate and complete the ascension of Gaia into the next frequency or they will not be able to resonate to Gaia’s fifth dimensional expression.

 Furthermore, the 3D Matrix of holographic Earth has been so infiltrated with the low frequency of fear that whenever a human attempts to unlock the matrix to find and share the truth, they are met with a huge dose of the essence of fear, which stops them in their tracks.

Allow us to explain what we mean by the “essence of fear.” Although most humans are unaware, all emotions have an intense essence, which could best be explained as an odor or scent. This is why animals and plants can instantly determine if a human is safe or not. They can smell the odor of fear or of love. Yes, plants do smell, but in a different manner than animals. Plants “smell” in terms of chemical reactions of moving towards or moving away.

Your human earth vessel is, in fact, an animal. However, during the process of individuation humanity has lost touch with their innate, animal instincts. Furthermore, the cabal has worked quite successfully to keep most humans in a constant state of fear. And, the only way to confront the fear embedded in the 3D Matrix is to overcome the fear that is embedded in your physical earth vessel.

The scent of fear says “go away,” and the scent of love says, “come closer.” If you have not conquered your own inner fear, the unconscious message of “go away and find safety” will override your intention to find the truth locked in the 3D Matrix. The 3D matrix of your planet is intertwined with the web of creation. Hence, whenever you resonate to fear the web of creation sends more fearful sensations your way.

Please remember that there are two classification of emotion, which are love-based emotions and fear-based emotions. Therefore, sorrow, anger, guilt, revenge, doubt are all fear-based and remind the web of creation to send more fear. It is for this reason that becoming a master of your emotions is so vital to your process of ascension.

Ascension is a process of taking on so much light into your being that your frequency expands beyond that of the third dimension. This higher frequency of light first attunes your perceptions to include perceptions of the higher dimensions. However, it also allows you to see beyond all illusion. This ability is a challenge, as you will begin to understand how much you have been duped by the lies of the cabal.

It is natural to respond to this information with anger. However, anger is a fear-based emotion, which instantly tells the web of creation to send you more fear. Hence, your greatest test in your process of ascension is to gain mastery over ALL fear-based reactions, as they lower your frequency as well as beckon more fear into your reality.

Once you have gained mastery over your fear-based emotions and remember to choose love-based reactions to all stimuli, the web of creation will send more and more love into your life. Therefore, whenever you are confronted with any stimulus that evokes a fear-based reaction, you must train your instincts to instantly transmute that fear into love. It is in this manner that you are able to unlock the truth from the 3D Matrix.

Let us tell you first who the cabal is, and then we will tell you how they discovered how to hide the truth in the 3D Matrix. The members of the cabal are actually implants into earthly incarnation of the power-over members of your Galaxy. Long before your known history begins, different members of your Galaxy visited your planet.

At that time, the Galactic Wars were raging and the members of the power-over worlds battled the members of the power-within worlds. For generations and generations the power-over forces were winning the war and taking over planet after planet. The power-over species were of reptilian heritage that evolved from the evolutionary base of “survival of the fittest.” Therefore, the only rule was “kill or be killed.” As you can imagine, this format for evolution created very powerful and vicious warriors.

Therefore, dear earthlings, do not demean yourself for not being able to control your fear, as this type of enemy took us many generations to defeat. We learned that you could not combat that type of enemy with anger or fear, as it merely fed them and made them stronger. Yes, a component of the evolution of this species was that they could actually feed on the energy field of fear.

As we have said, all emotion emits an invisible essence, which has a strong odor to animals. What humans forgot was that they are wearing the vessel of animal.  In their arrogance of becoming human, they pushed aside the survival tactics that all animals have, which is the ability to smell emotion.

You are gaining that ability back through your clairsentience. In fact, it was through the perfecting of the higher sense of clairsentience that the power-within forces finally conquered the ranks of the power-over forces. Once we could smell fear in another being, we could smell fear in our self.

We had always wondered how the power-over enemy could find us, no matter where we hid. However, some reptilians actually joined our forces because the long interaction with the love-based enemy infiltrated their being, just as their fear-based essence infiltrated many of our ranks.

Once these reptilians informed us that they could smell the scent of fear, we learned that the only way we could win the long Galactic War was to become the master over ALL fear-based emotions. We were quite surprised and pleased to find that mastery over all fear expanded our consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Once we resonated to a higher frequency of reality the power-over forces, which were still based on fear, could no longer find us. It was then that the long war began to turn to our side. However, learning to resonate to love was one thing, but learning to resonate ONLY to love, even in the face of death, was a much more difficult task.

However, once we learned that our consciousness, our SELF, had expanded into the fifth dimension and we were only wearing a 3D shell, the death of that vessel was not a problem. If our clay shell was destroyed, we merely created a fifth dimensional shell. Some of us learned that we could use our fifth dimensional consciousness to create a third dimensional shell. Thus much as one would ruin their car, but get another one, we could lose our earth vessel but make another one.

When our dead companion returned to us in a perfectly healthy clay shell, we discovered that we did not need to have any fear, for if we died, we could merely create a new shell. We then became fearless warriors who were guided by our connection from the fifth dimensional perspective of those who had “died.” This guidance was possible because once we were free of fear of death, we could expand our consciousness, and hence our perceptions to include the fifth dimension. 

From this higher dimensional perspective we were free of time and space. Hence, we always knew everything our enemies planned. However, we also learned that once we engaged in battle with the intention to kill another, our consciousness sank back into the third dimension and we lost our edge. It was then that we were faced with the great challenge of how could we win a war without harming our enemy?

We discovered we needed to not harm our enemy as our fifth dimensional form resonated to all fifth dimensional forms. Even though our enemy did not know they had a fifth dimensional essence, we discovered that ALL life has a fifth dimensional form. If we continued to kill third dimensional beings, our consciousness sank back to the third dimension. Then we could only perceive the third dimensional world.

Fortunately, some of our enemies also found their fifth dimensional expression. The Draconians are extremely intelligent and have strategies for battle beyond that of any species. Because of this innate ability, some of the leaders of the Draconians determined that they needed to vastly change their tactics. 

Once the Draconians who had ascended within the dome around the original Pleiadian colony had become fifth dimensional, they realized that some Dracs were ready to ascend as well. These ascended Dracs used their fifth dimensional forms to join with the few Dracs who learned through us to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension.

This group of ascended Draconians welcomed any Draconian warrior who moved into the higher fourth dimension either through death or expansion of consciousness. There is a path of ascension based on intellectual knowledge, but it has a rather low ceiling, as those beings have not yet remembered how to accept unconditional love.

However, the intellectual path did expand their consciousness into the higher fourth dimension where the growing ascended ranks of Dracs awaited them. Meanwhile, the ascended Pleiadians, along with the connections they had made with the Arcturians, joined the Draconians to assist the ascension process of the warriors one’s either side that had raised their consciousness enough through intellectual endeavor or death of their clay vessel.

To every one’s surprise, the ascended power-over Dracs, also assisted the members of the power-within legions. Also, those who could forgive their enemy instantly experienced a leap of consciousness into the fourth dimension. If these enlightened ones could also send unconditional love to their “enemy,” they could unlock the 3D Matrix of their world to experience the fifth dimensional expression of their home world.

Bit-by-bit, both sides of the Galactic War began to experience the highest fourth dimension and/or the threshold fifth dimensional expression of their own reality. With this discovery they discovered that love, peace and joy was far superior to power-over others or the “honor of being a brave warrior.”

You see, just as the power-over troops were finding their power-within to expand their consciousness into the perception of a new world, the power-within troops were discovering the act of battle and killing was turning them into that which they had hated about their enemy, the constant need for power over. In this manner, the passion and glory of war was slowly replaced with disillusionment that “what you fight you become.”

Once a warrior fell into what they thought was depression, those of the higher frequencies could see that that warrior was actually responding to a growing light and even love within them. At this point they joined forces of the power-over and power-within troop gathered into ONE group of ascending and ascended beings.

As ONE group, they connected with the open hearted warriors to assist their transition into the highest frequency of reality that they could accept. It was in this manner that those trapped in the 3D Matrix found the way to un-lock the matrix with the power of their unconditional love. You see, only unconditional love, that is love free of all judgment, can unlock the prison of a fear-based reality.

“So, if we live in love, we unlock the 3D Matrix,” whispered Sandy.

“Yes, and then we can come here all the time,” smiled Jason.

The Arcturian turned and looked into their eyes and said, “Go back down there and let go!”

Sandy and Jason were so surprised that they blinked. When they opened their eyes, they were sitting in their living room.