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Dear Suzan,

This is the first time I have emailed you so first I will say hello :)  and thank you for all the work that you do and the information that you post.  It has helped me so much since the beginning of 2010 when I first came across it.  I have consciously been walking a spiritual pathway since midway through 2002 (it didn't escape my notice that this 'timing' coincided with the Arcturian Corridor being activated, if that is the right word, for it's part in the ascension process) but it was only really the beginning of last year that I really began to wake up fully.  So I have been working towards this and been an active part of the process without consciously being aware of the full reasons behind it.

Oh, sorry I havn't introduced myself... my name is Kelly, I'm 35 and I live in the UK :)

I felt compelled to write to you to share some of the information my group and myself have been receiving and basically to get your opinion on it if at all possible... where to start??!

I will start with information that my other half has been getting over the months in dribs and drabs with regards to Nibiru.  First was at the end of may/beginning of June and he had an experience in dreamtime.  He was chatting to a Higher being from Nibiru, he couldn't bring back what they actually talked about but was aware that there was bright white light all around.  When he woke up he said "Nibiru is coming... it will be the final test in the 'battle' between love and fear."  When I asked further questions I got that they were working for the highest, possible good of all and wished for the earth to ascend.  The next thing was approximately a month ago. 

In this dream experience he was upon a ship and there were beings on there which  through his perceptive filters looked human, but he described them as looking like forest warriors!  He asked them if he was on a ship... they said yes and he asked if it was Nibiru and again they said yes...he asked if there was lots of different beings on the ship and again was told yes... he remembered  telling  them that it was the first time he had managed to 'project' like this in dream time.  He said those beings felt kind and loving and that there were others on board who were beginning an uprising against them/those in 'control' and the beings he saw as loving and kind, told him that the others couldn't know he was there and they sent him into a room to remain hidden.  That was the last thing he remembers.  

The next and final dream experience to date happened on the 11th Oct.  He was standing looking up at the sky and it was night time.  He could see the moon in the sky and a gigantic star/space ship.  He says the ship was so large it must have been the size of a country and he remembered shielding his eyes because the size itself was quite frightening to him.  This ship was carrying something in a huge crate type thing on the front end... he couldn't stress enough the sheer size of the crate and the ship.  He says that during the 'dream' he thought the ship belonged to the government and remembered saying 'why are they doing that?'  

When he told me about it I tuned in and the info I was given was that this was a literal happening and using our timeline this actually happened between 5 and 6 thousand years ago.  I also got that it didn't belong to the government as we would understand it... by that I gather it was more of a galactic 'government' type thing.  I also got that it was done for the greater good and that the crate contained either a planet or a sun.  On further asking I believe it was maybe something to repair or replace our sun.  When I asked a friend to look at it she was given the thought of plutonium or something.  The feeling I have with it is that the sun was going to implode and that these beings set about repairing/replacing or stabilising it.

Brian, my other half, doesn't get things all of the time, he just potters on with his  protecting, connecting and grounding and personal energy work in order to assist Gaia, but when he does get things they are quite obvious and usually in dream time.  We were given the feeling that this information was relative to Nibiru and possibly important to help us to remain outside of fear when Nibiru became apparent. 
Now, when i work I try not to ask for specific dates about things because I know how fluid and mutable these things are, but I have always felt and got that Brian and I would be on the threshold/living in 2 worlds by approximately the end of November and that we would most likely ascend in approximately April 2013.  I also was given that Gaia would ascend on 22/23 of October... though I am aware that Carl Callerman says the Mayan calender will end on the 28th, but in the scheme of things thats not a great amount of difference.   I do feel that it will probably be somewhere from the 22- the end ofthe month... but I am also aware that we will have the 11.11 activations and stuff too, which no doubt will play a part :)

Now, this is the next thing.  A young friend of ours, he is 17, recently came to visit, he frequently goes on travels to other dimensions and things, so we thought it might be nice if he could check what we were getting and see what he found.  He went to the Akashic Records, as well as other places, and basically the information he came back with was pretty full on.... exciting but full on!  I think more than anything else this is the stuff I would really like your opinion on.  Like I mentioned before you have been a massive part of my full awakening and I respect your opinion hugely.

Basically he got that the earth would indeed ascend around that 'time' and that Nibiru would be visible in the sky.  He also got that there are extremely low frequerncy generators round the planet which keep the brain capacity of humans capped (this I kind of thought already) and that when Nibiru was in the sky they would actually turn all of these generators off and that this along with a wave of energy from the grand central sun would greatly expand the consciousness of all humans.  He aslo got that approx 70% of people would be able to see the ship/s in the sky.  He also got that when Gaia ascends, human DNA will undergo a massive vibrational change and within 1 month cells will begin to lose their density and that there will be rapid cellular change.  He also got that at halloween the veil will be thinner than it has ever been and that peoples general attitude to halloween will assist in this.

Ok, so i know this is a massive amount of information, i'm sorry about that *blushes* and one heck of a way to introduce myself...eek!  The thing is, I checked this information and seemed to be getting that it was acurate enough, but I know cenrtain things can mess with the answers we may get through, i.e 3d mind, not so helpful beings etc.  We do protect fully and are actively aiming to walk our highest, most appropriate Divine pathway but I know things can still happen.  

Whatever the situation, I am aiming to not attach too much to any outcomes and just keep connecting and grounding the light in to Gaia and assisting with this process.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and any thoughts you may have on anything I have written would be so very greatfully recieved!!

Much love and gratitude,

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  1. Hi :), i'm the Brian mentioned above and i was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it? x