Monday, December 27, 2010

My Birthday Question

Today, on my birthday, I awoke with the message:
“Release the third dimensional…”

It wasn’t release the third dimension, which left me with the question of:
“Release the third dimensional WHAT?”

I have thought of the Third Dimensional Operating System.
I am ready to release that!

There is also the third dimensional polarity of separation and limitation.
I am ready to release that!

Then again, there is third dimensional emotions of fear, anger and sorrow.
I am ready to release that!

However, with releasing the third dimensional “whatever” it leads me to the question of, “What about the third dimension do I want to keep?”

Interestingly enough, that question is more difficult to answer than the question about what I am ready to release. What to keep, what to keep?

I would like keep human love, but the negative polarity of being hurt can definitely be released.

Third dimensional mothering is wonderful, so I would like to keep that, but that has it downsides too.

In other words, I think I would like to keep the third dimensional highs and release the third dimensional lows.

It has been said that if we didn’t have the lows then we could not recognize the highs. That could be true in a third dimensional reality, but isn’t the highs with out the lows what the third dimension is about?

Steve Rother in his message from The Group said, “Dear ones, this is the greatest cosmic reality show throughout the universe. Human beings are evolving to the next level without leaving their bodies and physical structure. This has never happened before. It would be easy to see how you had planned this, for planet Earth was supposed to end between the years 2000 and 2012. It would have taken you roughly 12 years to finish this game and to close the door, and hopefully the last person out would remember to turn out the lights. That process was well underway.

“This would have created the energy that you were looking in a totally different manner. What would have happened is that mankind, as you know it would have ceased on planet Earth and your spirits would have formed a new game. That is what you have done over and over before, as it is what typically happens in games throughout the universe. But you have chosen to stay here in the physical body while you shine the light. This is underway now."

In other words, we humans have broken, or re-written, the rules of the 3D Game. We don’t want to die to the third dimension. We only want to release the lows and take the highs with us into our fifth dimensional Earth. The awakened ones can remember the experience of dying over myriad lifetimes, and we don’t need to repeat it. On the other hand, some Souls do want to die, so that they can go first into the fifth dimension and prepare a space for others.

They have likely made that choice because they have had enough of the third dimensional challenges. They may be that they no longer have the physical, emotional and/or mental strength to go through what the Planetary Ascension Team will need to DO and BE. It may also their Birth Contract to cross over at this time. When we all see them in the fifth dimension, we will know that there is no such thing as death.

We will bring Gaia with us when we meet them in the fifth dimension. OR, maybe Gaia will bring us. Of course, there will be no difference then, as we will exist in the total unity of the fifth dimension. Those of us who are staying to work with Gaia want the experience of the transmutation from a third dimensional body into a fifth dimensional body.

I guess another third dimensional thing we will need to release is our attachment to our physical form. In fact, maybe the answer to my initial question of “third dimensional what?” is that it is time to release ALL our third dimensional attachments.

Maybe once we release our attachments to the third dimension, and focus on the fifth dimension, the third dimensional highs will naturally fall into line. Therefore, when we release our attachments to our third dimensional body, all the many addictions we have gathered because our third dimensional emotions were too painful to confront, will simply “slip silently into the night.”

Then we can focus on all the wonderful parts of having a third dimensional body, such as: creative expression, making love, having a baby, finding our purpose, being deeply in love, good food, laughing with friends etc. etc. etc. We will place these experiences into our High Heart and take them with us into our fifth dimensional reality.

We can take (actually re-create) our beloved home, our profession, and our friendly neighborhood. Of course, we won’t forget the wonderful nature experiences we have had with Gaia. ALL of the above, and much, much more, we will pack in our Hearts and SAVE them with our unconditional love.

How will we do this Planetary Ascension thing that according to the Group has never been done before? The answer is,
“We don’t know, but if we want to find out,
we will have to talk to each other—a LOT!”

We will need to talk to our mates, our children, our friends, the people at work, our pets, our yard, the trees, the birds, the whales. They are all creating this adventure with us!

We will need to talk on the Internet to everyone to everyone we know, Facebook, Twitter, emails, newsletters, and/or youtube. Talk in song, pictures, dances, activities, words, but no matter how we do it, we will DO IT!

Right NOW, we are in the process of Planetary Ascension! Because of this, we need to “come out” to our TRUE SELF and share our experiences of awakening, our symptoms of transformation, and our dreams with anyone who is willing to listen.

One Being cannot ascend a planet.
Therefore, we need to ascend the planet united as

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Message from Gaia

Dear Readers,
I want to take a moment to thank you all for your wonderful support and wish you a wonderful Holiday Season. I know that with the Solstice and the Eclipse, the energies have been VERY intense. I know that i have had a difficult time staying awake to the 3D, as i have have wanted to only be AWAKE to the fifth dimensional reality that i have found, created and share. This 5D version of life on planet Earth surrounds and guides me through the challenges of the great transformation that we are creating/experiencing.

When my consciousness is high enough, i can wear this 5D reality like a warm coat on a cold day. However, over 3D time the comfort of my "warm coat" erodes away, and i gradually, or suddenly, fall out of the NOW of our 5D reality . It is then that i need to reach inside to return to the growing familiarity of OUR expanding fifth dimensional reality. If i have prepared myself in the morning, i can more easily recover that 5D FEEL, but if i am in the midst of the 3D flurry, especially the shopping mania, i just need to hold on until i can be alone and go inside my SELF.When i go inside, i can find the light and unconditional love the the fifth dimension.

What has assisted me lately is a message that i got from Gaia on the last day of my vacation. I awoke with the words, "Dear Children of my Land," in my mind and instantly recognized the unconditional love of Gaia. I immediately went to my computer to "take dictation." What She said was a surprise to me, and it has been a constant anchor to keep me centered during this busy, busy, busy time. This message will close my New Years Eve radio show and go out as a special New Years Day bulletin. However, i wanted to share it with you all now, so that it may be an anchor to you, as well. As usual, i love to hear your comments, though i know you all me too busy to write them at this time.

Again i want to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. I think that 2011 will be a transformational year!! Below is Gaia's message:

Dear Children of my Land,

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother. I wish to speak with you this evening on the last day of my year 2010 to tell you that I AM so Proud to be YOU. Yes, I AM YOU, for dear humans, we are ONE.

You have come onto my body for myriad lives, during myriad civilizations, and NOW you have come to me to live your final physical incarnation. Dear Children, you have done so much to assist me in this, your closing incarnation, so that we may travel Home to our fifth dimensional expression as ONE Being.

We, you and I, have suffered many assaults at the hands of those who could not see the Light, but these assaults are coming to an end, for we have remembered. You, dear ones have remembered, as have I; we have remembered that the “time” has come to “end the game.”

We have come to the completion of the lessons of this frequency and desire to return to our true, fifth dimensional resonance. We long to be within the Oness from which we were born and to live within the unconditional love and multidimensional light of that reality.

Those who have feared the concept of that return have forgotten that they too are magnificent beings of light. Therefore, in these final times of illusionary life, I ask of each of you, my brave warriors, to ease your fist and open your heart.

Fear and fight will feed the dark, whereas love and light will awaken a spark within the ATMA of their hearts.

There is NO ONE who does not have an inner ATMA, a Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love, as it is that which allows a human to maintain a body. Therefore, my brave children, I, your mother, ask that—instead of fear and anger—send to these lost ones the Wisdom, Power and Love that resides within your OWN Three Fold Flame.

As you have learned, that which you send out into my world, will return to you, and me, three fold. Because of this Law, which I know you remember, the best way to assist me now is to Forgive those who have harmed US.

Use your mighty Wisdom, Power and Love to send unconditional love and forgiveness to the ones who have forgotten and cannot remember. As you bless them see my true beauty. Envision my mighty oceans, rivers and streams, my beautiful mountains, vast prairies, lush forest and courageous deserts. See my many life forms of plants and animals as they bask within your unconditional love.

As your forgive these lost ones, please tell them that I, Gaia, hold no remorse for my choices, nor should they. Each of my beings has chosen to play a role in the drama of “Life in the Third Dimension.” Those who cannot awaken are merely those who cannot remember their true SELF. As these lost ones awaken, they shall contribute so much to our planetary ascension, that, at last, they will understand why they have chosen to play the role of the villain.

As we come to the final act of this great drama, we remember the last words of a beloved, yet widely misquoted hero. With his dying breath, he sent forth forgiveness as he said,


Soon “they” will know what they are doing and these ones who have chosen to incarnate, as the villain will need your unconditional love to heal. The higher the climb—the steeper the fall, also reads as, the steeper the fall—the higher the climb.

My dear, dedicated children, I ask in this final turn of illusion that you choose love, for it is only through the power of unconditional love that forgiveness can be sincere.

Let we, Person and Planet, hold these words within our heart and mind,
“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

With these words we use the power of our unconditional love and forgiveness for ALL LIFE to merge the polarities of our third dimensional expression and ascend into the fifth dimensional Unity of the ONE.

The ONE awaits us NOW. Our Return is imminent!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hello from Big Sur. Thank you for all your comments about awakening.

It is important that we share our experiences with others because our expanded consciousness manifests our thoughts and feelings almost instantly now. Therefore, if think we are having an illness or anxiety, then that is our reality. On the other hand, if we think we are having symptoms of awakening, then that is our reality. There are, of course, times when we are sick or injured. Those times come when there is some old emotions or memories that need to be purged. Therefore, we create a certain scenario in which we have to be still and center our attention on our SELF, so that we can complete this purge.

My first thought about coming into Nature was that i felt i had something to release. However, what i needed first was to get grounded. Therefore, not a lot of meditation, except i have been meditating on our walks, but a lot of walking and being still in the quiet and beauty of Nature. I posted some pictures and a short video on my Facebook to share some of what i have been seeing. I have been attracted to rivers, creeks, and ocean views, which there are many of here. I know now that i had this attraction so that Nature could teach me how to live in the Flow during the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Yesterday, i did get in connection with a deep, deep fear from my childhood that it is time to release. Again, i hope i don't offend anyone by my admission, but it is my Truth, and i vowed to only speak my truth here. Also, i know that i am not the only one who has had these experience. Perhaps i can offer them a place to talk about their experience as well. If you have been reading my newsletters or listening to my radio show, you know that i have been talking about our Space Family. I, also, shared one time, with a great response, that i had a meditation where i was taken aboard a Space Ship.

However, i know that i can have an awake experience of visiting a Space Ship, but i feel a submerged fear whenever i think of it. Well, here is my story. I was abducted as a child and when i was older. I found myself realizing that that fear was actually implanted into me by the Zeta's so that i would not tell anyone about my experience. Well, telling people was not an issue, as i couldn't even tell people about my dreams or psychic experiences. In fact, it took soooo much courage for me to first write my website and "come out" as my self, that i had to use my pen name, Suzan Caroll.

Well, thanks to all the wonderful support i have gotten from my readers, i now have the courage to talk about my abduction. There is not a lot i can say about it, as i have still to recover the details. However, my dream last night told me that my wounded child needed my attention, and i had to heal her before i could go onto the next level of my awakening. I am healing her by telling my friends what happened to her/me, so that she can release her shame and fear of discovery. In my dream last night i felt the terror of my disconnection from my sleeping physical self and my desperation to return to her. I woke up knowing that i had to talk about this in a public manner.

It was this issue, my wounded, abducted child/teen, that i knew i had to address and KNEW i had to go into Nature to get grounded enough to look at it. I will share what i remember, which isn't too much. I clearly remember being on the cold metal table with their faces looking down at me. I remember sharp things, too many sharp things. I am almost 64 years old and i have NEVER had any surgery at all. I also HATE going to the dentist. I also know exactly where my implant is, and i can feel a fear right now as i share this. The Arcturians told me this morning that the implant leaves an embedded message to never share what has happened.

There is a bit more, but this is enough for now. I was told this morning that the best way to heal my abducted child is to tell my story, just as i have about the other realities that i have shared in my books and newsletters. If anyone has been abducted, i would love to hear from you. You can be anonymous if you wish. I have only met one person who also knows she was abducted. I think talking to her has given me the courage to face this straight on. I KNOW i want to visit the Arcturians on their ship in my fully conscious mind. I also believe that disclosure of our governments interaction with the ETs is very immanent. I want to clear ALL of my fear so that i can contribute my full love and light to this planetary awakening into truth!

Blessings to you all,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cone of Light

Dear Blog.
I am sorry that i have not written anything for a while. I have been in input status and have had very little output energy. The cycle of downloading the Light and feeling disconnected to 3D, spacey, tired, euphoric and scattered is an important part of our process of ascension. Fortunately, i get to go to the redwoods for ten day in just a few more days, which is why i am downloading in earnest. I have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and i am still tired. I know that this process is part of my Lightbody transition. In fact, my feet are so cold. Actually, i have been cold, and i always run hot. I think i am experiencing these polarities in my body to find the center.

This needs to be a quick touch in as i MUST go walk on the beach to get grounded. The Light that has been coming into my body is stronger than i can ever remember. I have been having a vision, experience, image of my self as being a flash of light coming out of a cone, like an ice cream cone that looks like it is made of white paper. First, just my head was out, then when i made the opening the Third Eye meditation/youtube (which will be in the December newsletter), i came out the cone all the way down to my solar plexus.

At the same time, life is "business as usual." So i am really in two realities. One reality is becoming and the other feels like it is ending. However, not all of it is ending, for some of it is actually part of the reality that is becoming. Are you totally confused now?? I am sure that others of you are having similar experiences, and i would LOVE to hear from you if you are. I think it is vital now that those of us that are in the act of transformation be open about our process to make it safe for others to talk about their experiences. In that way we make transition NORMAL, and assure that it is NOT an illness--it is an improvement and return to our SELF.

I know that all of us have past life memories of the horrible things that happened to us in when we spoke the truth. Look at the wiki whatever (forgot the name) who is speaking the truth. Boy, the "power people" of the 3D are more frightened of the Truth than anything. Can you imagine having power over the entire world by telling lies and frightening others into submission, then having the face the TRUTH. Wow, we think we have problems. Because we are ascending, it is our responsibility to send these people unconditional love. I know that feels a bit like stepping on hot coals, but that action is also an initiation too.

Right now our greatest initiation of all is to live in unconditional love. This task is not easy, but the good news is that in order to send it out, we have to hold it in our bodies. It is the holding of unconditional love in our bodies that allows our Lightbody to emerge and the sending out of the unconditional love that is our Mission as members of Gaia's Planetary Ascension Team.

Well, i guess this is not too short. I have to keep my promise with my self now and take that walk before i get ready for work. Have a great day everyone. I am being told to blog about my experience in Nature. It feels like it will be important. No internet there unless we drive to a certain place where they have wi-phi. Cool, a bit like the old days when we could pretend we were separate.

NOW we KNOW we are ALL ONE.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans and Thanksgiving from all the support from my readers all over the world. Soon, we will not be "separated" into countries and "limited" by different language systems and customs. Soon, we will all speak Light Language and share the culture of "being fifth dimensional humans." "Soon" is a words that my guides have used easily, since they are not bound by time. What ever they said would occur, did occur, but it didn't feel like soon to me.

We are all sooooo ready to live the Truth, unconditional Love and multidimensional light of the fifth dimension, and we KNOW that "soon" we will. It is important that we always believe that promise, for belief sets our state of consciousness, which sets our ability to see the areas of our life that are already fifth dimensional. Take a moment now to look at the areas of your life that already feel fifth dimensional. How do you know that FEEL fifth dimensional? You know because these parts, people, activities and places that are part of your life feel like unconditional love.

In these challenging times it is easy to focus on what is fearful so that we can avoid it. However, that thinking is part of the third dimensional game. We are great creators, and WE are creating our life by where we place our attention. Therefore, if we believe that bad things are going to happen, our state of consciousness move into Fight or Flight, and we will then look for what is wrong. we will easily find it.

On the other hand, if we believe that WE, person and planet, are becoming fifth dimensional, we will look around to find the fifth dimensional energies in our current world that support that belief. Because we enjoy love, peace, creativity and truth, we continue with that belief, no matter what fearful "news" tries to dampen our resolve to live our dream. With our belief in truth, unconditional love and multidimensional light, we will look around to find that which is already fifth dimension. AND we will find it!!!

Take a moment now to examine your life and find all the elements of it that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond...

Write down what you have discovered and carry the list with you. Then, whenever the cares and stress of daily life starts to pull you down, you can take out the list and look at it. It is then that you look at the list, and maybe add to it. Release the cares and woes, and focus, instead, on the parts of your life that are already fifth dimensional.

Focus on the unconditional that emanates from these parts of your life...

Pull that unconditional love into your heart and breathe it out into your reality to expand the fifth dimension...

Give deep and honest thanksgiving for the fifth dimensional areal of your life to seal them into your reality...

Remember to say, "Thanksgiving for the substance at hand, will duplicate the substance indefinitely."
I have used this mantra for years and it absolutely WORKS.

I wish now to give thanksgiving for all the wonderful support, questions and messages that i have received from my wonderful readers. Wherever in the world you may live--thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing fifth dimensional Earth with me.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Closing the Gap


Dear Arcturians,

I heard you have a message and that you wanted me to get my computer. I am now ready to receive your/my message,

Very good Suzille, we are joyous that you are closing the gap. The gap we speak of is the illusionary “distance” between your ego/self, grounded one and your Soul/SELF, higher dimensional ONE. It is time now, beloved, to complete the process of closing that gap. We speak to you specifically as well as to ALL those you receive this message in any form. If YOU are ready to receive this message, somehow it will get to you.

Closing the gap is the process of fully remembering, downloading, integrating and being your true SELF while still visiting the third dimension via your earth vessel. Your earth vessel is in deed a vessel, such as your car, from which you exit every night when you’re sleep and whenever you have a deep meditation. Every time you exit your earth vessel and move your consciousness into the fifth dimension, you are creating your own personal bridge to the fifth dimension.

This bridge is like a neural synapse in that whenever you use this the connection it gets stronger. So many of our beautiful grounded ones have created their bridges, either consciously or unconsciously, that there is a virtual highway of bridges from third dimensional Earth to fifth dimensional Terra. It is on fifth dimensional Terra that our Planetary Ascension Team holds a Light Vessel to whom their third dimensional counter part can connect.

The closing of the gap is like lassoing a hoarse. Now this horse is a great stallion of immense power and leadership abilities. Therefore, if you throw out you lasso in fear or anger, it will easily escape your grasp. On the other hand, when you throw out your lasso in unconditional love, the stallion literally steps into its loop to assist you in coming Home.

In other words, your fifth dimensional SELF “catches” your light lasso and connects it to its Core. Take a moment to visualize the beam of light that is connecting you to your fifth dimensional SELF on Terra (5D Earth). The way that you close the gap is not by pulling on the light lasso, but instead by surrendering to it. In other words, your SELF can real you in to its Core of unconditional love while you, its grounded part, surrenders to the psychic pull of light within your High Heart.

This exercise is a version of the Native American Sun Dance in which the “dancer” hangs from a tree via the hooks embedded in his chest. This hooks cause great pain, but it is by overcoming the pain that the “dancer” can truly surrender to the Sun (Higher Self). In the same manner, if you can fully surrender to the pain of your daily life, without inner dialogue or self-doubt, your SELF can more easily “close the gap” between you with the mighty force of its unconditional love. Take a moment and visualize this process.

Feel the light lasso that is connected to your High Heart…
Feel its pull from up above, which is actually deep with in…
Allow you mind the BE confused by “up” being the same as “in”…

Accept that you are being pulled UP, by choosing to go IN…
Feel how the light lasso pulls you IN to your High Heart…
And UP through your Crown…
Feel how this exercise literally pulls you inside out…

ALL your secrets are revealed to ALL
ALL your thoughts are exposed to ALL
ALL you emotions are felt by ALL
ALL that has been hidden within is shared with ALL


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Answer to a reader

last month while chatting online with my friend, i started feeling warm and head feels like exploding and when suddenly i went into meditation mode and had vision of this being (i have a knowing that it was myself) in fetal position, big, bluish alien like. it's thin and tall with bluish electrically charge membrane/skin, kind of like luminance. communicate thru senses, it feeds information thru its whole body. that's some of the "info" that i got. i have never had this kind of vision before and i think i'm crazy. can you share your thoughts please? thanks

I am so happy that you had such a beautiful experience and that you felt that you could share it here. We are all having the deal with the "Am I crazy?" question now because we are having experiences that would be judged in that manner in our old 3D world. However, what is crazy is that people would want to harm each other, harm animal, plants or any member of our great planet for "fun." greed or other selfish purposes. More and more we awakened ones are seeing our old life from the perspective of our Soul and realizing what brave warriors we have been to have volunteered to enter Earth at this time.

On the other hand, we are also having more and more wonderful experiences of our true SELF, much as you have. Our Galactic Family is contacting us on a regular basis now. They contact us via their Star Ships hovering over well populated area, and contacting us with their/our consciousness. I say "their/our" consciousness because the ones who contact us via our dreams, meditation and visions are usually a higher expression of our SELF. We are ALL great multidimensional beings who have chosen to take a form on many realities, worlds an dimensions.

When we "leave" the higher worlds, we do not leave. Instead, we make a "copy" of our SELF and "paste" it into the reality that we wish to visit. When we leave that reality, sometimes through death and other times through conscious choice/ascension, we return to our "original" and "paste" our many experiences onto our Multidimensional SELF to enhance our fullest expression of our Soul/SELF. This copy and paste is much like we do on our computers. The copy remains the same and in not influenced by the paste until we choose to integrate the experiences of the paste into the original.

However, what and who is our original SELF. How far back in "time" and how far 'UP" in frequency would we need to go to find that original? Well our original is not bound by time. Our "original" encompasses ALL frequencies of reality because our original SELF is the ONE of the NOW. The ONE Pastes billions of versions of it SELF onto myriad realities on myriad dimensions to gather experience of life in form. What happened in your vision is that you met another version of your SELF. However, if we go UP high enough in frequency, that version of your self is the version of ALL of our selves, for we are all ONE.

Crazy is a term that i identified my self with as, or a fear that i had about myself for many, many years. I think i got a PhD in Clinical Psychology to make sure that i wasn't crazy. What i found out was, I am not crazy BUT the reality that i found myself in was definitely crazy. Fortunately, we, as ONE, are gradually finding sanity by finding the higher expressions of our Multidimensional SELF to assist us in the last legs of our long, long, long adventure of life on 3D earth. I think you saw that version of your SELF in a fetal position to remind you that you are being reborn into a higher frequency of your SELF.

Blue beings are usually form Sirius A. Krishna in the ancient teachings of India was blue. Royalty through time has been called "blue bloods." A blue being is of a very high frequency. Also, when we see our SELF in such a different form, jars our memory to expand our version of SELF from beyond our grounded 3D earth vessel. Furthermore, we have many versions of our SELF on many realities. We are the ONES being guided as we ascend with Gaia, we are the ONES assisting us to ascend and WE are the planet on which we have taken a form.

When we ascend into the fifth dimension we will KNOW that our consciousness is so grand that it can no longer be limited to an individual earth vessel. We will remember that we are one of the many components of the planet that WE ARE. Just as trees, plants, mountains, animals and 4D elementals KNOW they are the Planet, we humans will remember that WE are the Planet. We will also remember that WE are many planets on many realities. We are so much more than our 3D mind can remember. But, we are starting to remember NOW.

Blessings for our remembering and Thanksgivings to the ONE!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Changing the Reality Matrix

Please click the below link!!! It is very important and offers a group experience for changing our reality by spending 11 minutes on 11/11/10 for 11 days at 11:11 EST. We can do it. We can create our reality NOW.

Check out the link and send it to everyone you know.
I would love to hear some feedback,

Monday, November 1, 2010

City of Light

I wanted to share with you, this newsletter by my friend. Please check out his site at:

‘City of Light’ – News

• Offers of Help Arriving
• Increasing Your Bandwidth
• Did You Know? – World Statistics!
• Offers of Help Arriving: This week has seem a record number of people joining the project many sending beautiful comments of encouragement and many the very much needed energetic focus, so thank you to all of you...

On the growing family front, two people have offered there loving support this week by giving freely of their personal time. They have offered their support from the list in ‘Chapter 5 of The Vision’. (See below)...

One great guy, a specialist in ‘Planning’ has offered to start work on ‘The Great Plan’ which is fantastic. The second is a ‘Fund Raiser’ a wonderful Scottish lady, who is instigating with another family member, a fund raising event for women which will take place in 2011; I will keep you posted...

If you’re drawn to share your skills please drop me a mail, and let’s get you started, there is no time to lose. One skill that’s not on the list is an ‘Artist’ that could bring the vision to life with some wonderful drawings, let me know if that is you or if you know of someone...


City Planners
Project Managers
Land Experts
Site Suitability Experts
Eco Experts
Climate Experts
Farming Experts
Building Experts

Fund Raisers

Small Donor Managers
Medium Donor Managers
Large Donor Managers
Corporate Donor Managers
Government Funding Experts
Lottery Funding Experts
Fund Managers
Tax Experts
Team Organisers


PR Experts
TV Documentary
Facebook Manager
Web Site Masters
Twitter Manager
Team Leaders
Committed Crew

• Increasing Your Bandwidth: All humans operate within a ‘bandwidth’; this means simply that they are accessing a proportion of what is available to them; it’s a very, very rare human that has access to the whole bandwidth of human capacity.

Think of it like this, you are in your car and turn on the radio; there are lots of stations available with a huge variety of programme choices. Your radio however only picks up one station. How limiting does this feel knowing there is more out there that you could tune into.

The majority tune into the third dimension believing this is all there is and its how life is meant to be. There are two key ways to expand your ‘Bandwidth’, one - in the words of the ‘Starwars’ character ‘Yoder’ “unlearn what you have learned” and two - educate yourself an experience more of what’s possible.

If you are interested in ‘unlearning what you have learned’, here’s a FREE downloadable eBook that follows on from last week’s - ‘The Unconscious Part 2’ -

• Did You Know? – World Statistics: Its 9am London time on 31st October 2010, these were the statistics for ‘The World Population’ collated for the World Meter from the most up-to-date sources available. They make interesting reading and for many of the ‘logical left brain thinkers’ they actually confirm that something has got to give, they just don’t know the what, when or how.

Current World Population - 6,881,223,000

Births this year - 115,716,500

Births today - 161,500

Deaths this year - 50,560,200

Deaths today - 70,650

Net population growth for today - 91,100

For the esoteric it makes some of the 2012 prophecies seem more real – Here are two of the 2012 happenings as seen from an ‘Arcturian’ perspective channelled via Susan Carroll.

You are now completing the full 26,000-year cycle of the Progression of the Equinoxes and are returning to the Galactic Centre. This cycle is also known as Annus Magnus or “Great Year.” The Great Year charts your journey through the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and many believe this journey to be a gestation or birth cycle. There are several other cycles that are also finishing around your year of 2012.

Another cycle that is culminating around the year 2012 is the close of the Galactic Year. It takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way to make one complete rotation in the sky. 225 million years ago Earth’s one landmass, known as Pangaea, began its separation into the seven continents. Since then the one land mass has individuated into many landmasses. In the same manner, humanity’s Unity Consciousness has individuated into Personal Consciousness.

It’s up to us each individually to awaken to what’s possible, then for the awakened to join together to lead the way ahead...

Enjoy your awakening – Many Blessings – Anthony
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Many Blessings


Switching Channels

Thank you for all your comments. I think things in our life have been so quiet because we are all in in-flow. We are in the process of accepting the higher dimensional torsion waves into our pineal gland. These waves then have to be integrated into our consciousness and earth vessel. Because of the high frequency of these waves, we feel exhausted a great deal of the time and need to be still, rest. We also have to deal with all the fearful thoughts that are flushed out of us by the unconditional love of these waves.

I have been reading David Wilcock’s ebook, Disclosure Endgame, in which he lays out how the UFO disclosure is now eminent. WOW, it is a great read. I would give you a link, but I can’t find it. It was on one of his newsletters, but I can’t find which one. If anyone finds it, please post it for others.

Basically, the book lays out how the Illuminati—Rothschild clan and the New World Order—Rockefeller clans are quickly loosing their power. Since they are the ones who have actually been running our world, which he explains in great detail. They do NOT want us to know the true, ANY truth, especially the truth of our Galactic Family.

However, since they are loosing their power/wealth, which are the same to them, they cannot afford to cover it up much longer. It appears that most countries—except the US—are ready for disclosure. It seems that Obama is ready for disclosure, but as we know, there is a LOT of resistance about anything he wants to do.

When the truth of our Galactic Family comes out, it will rock our world. There are many who have experienced our Family, either through sightings or inner communications, who will greatly welcome the truth of their existence. On the other hand, there are many who believe the propaganda that a) ETs don’t exist or b) that they are dangerous. Those on the Path know humans are the danger to us and Galactic Family are—well—our Family.

Many of us can even remember parallel (also known as past or future) lives in which our Soul/SELF is embodied in other “ET” bodies, such as Arcturian, Sirian, Pleiadian, etc. realities. Many of us have parallel realities in which we are actually serving on one of the Star Ships that are surrounding Earth in the fourth and fifth dimensions. If we can connect with those portions of our great Multidimensional SELF, just think how our life will change. Perhaps, we are in the process of that connection, and that is why we are so tired.

Having a conscious connection with a higher dimensional expression of our SELF is quite a challenge. I know that because of my connection with the Arcturians. I have just touched the “tip of the iceberg,” and my life has changed immensely. However, at the same time, my life is much as it has always been, except that the deep loneliness is now gone.

Back to what I wanted to share is a technique that has been assisting me in managing the old residue fear that is being released from the “download.” Most of this fear is ancient, but loves to attach itself to anything in today’s life that is vaguely similar. Therefore, I have decided to deal with the fear as an energy field.

As the greater love and light enters our consciousness and form, old habits and memories of fear and darkness are pushed to the surface to be released. Therefore, I have created two channels in my brain. One channel is on the left, which is symbolic of the old third dimensional thinking of duty, guilt, worry and stress. The other channel is on the right, which is symbolic of peace, calm, flow and unconditional love.

My Third Eye is in-between the two, and it monitors the messages. As a fearful message invades the left side of my forehead (the left/fear channel), I simply switch channels over to the right side of my forehead (the right/love channel). I don’t try to analyze the fear at all; I just switch channels! Try it. It works pretty good. The long-term goal is to stay in-between the two channels, for that is the Path of the Flow of the ONE. I work on that too, when I am not in the process of transmuting my fear.

Won’t it be glorious when we don’t have to transmute fear? Won’t it be wonderful when we KNOW we are safe and loved and guided in every moment of our lives? Yes, I/we know that when we meditate, when we are fully centered, and when we are in communion with our SELF. However, when we are rushing off to work, paying our bills, forging our way through daily life—we forget. That is when we change emotions/resonance by taking a quick moment to switch over to the love channel.

Yes, emotions and resonance are the same. Take a moment feel your fear/stress/anxiety/depression, whatever face is it choosing right now. First remember that much of this fear is from the Collective and/or Planetary Consciousness. Now, as you indulge in your fear, feel how the resonance of your body lowers. Now SWITCH CHANNELS to love and feel how the resonance of your body raises.
Let me know how this works for you.
Have a love filled day,

Friday, October 29, 2010

This past week

Wow, the energies of this past week were very intense. I have talked to others about this, and we all agree that it has been difficult to focus, especially on mundane tasks. I found that i needed to just be still. I couldn't really remember any dreams or have any deep meditations. Instead, i felt like i was on absorption mode. It felt like there were energies entering my body and the planet that were so high in frequency that all i could do was be as still as possible and try to keep my mind clear and free of fear.

The free of fear part was not too easy. The high frequencies entering my--our--body is clearing out old patterns of fear and habits of behavior. Since they were being cleared from our subconscious, they were first revealed to our conscious mind so that we could release them. After all our work and self-introspection, we are familiar with our own demons, but we still don't like to have to visit them again. On the other hand, every time we release our many lives of accumulated darkness/fear we are able to absorb more light. This new light then allows us to unconditionally love ourselves enough to go deeper into archives to clear out more. Since WE are the Earth, whenever we clear our selves, we also clear Gaia.

Have you notices all the ET sightings lately. It is really starting to heat up now. More and more whistle blowers are revealing old secrets that have been kept from us regarding the MYRIAD encounters that the government has had with extra-terrestrials for well over 50 years. It appears that Hollywood is on the verge of releasing many ET's coming to take over the world. More fear mongering!!! It is getting so boring. On the other hand, even the most asleep ones are getting de-sensitised to all the things we are supposed to fear. We are waking up and the Illuminati and all their friends are running scared.

Sometimes it is difficult to know all that is going on under-the-under, but it is important that we refuse to believe the lies that are fed to us and listen to our inner SELF above the propaganda that is fed us about the "reasons" why disasters are happening. On the highest level, these myriad "disasters and problems" are forcing us to look UP into our SELF to find the solutions that are seemingly impossible in our mundane life. When we look UP and IN we Know that we are going HOME to the fifth dimension!!!
What a great celebration that will be!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I had a meditation the other day. At first, all was black, and I had the impression that I was inside of my body. Then, I saw some prisoners, with old-fashion black and white stripped prison clothes. I think there were three or four of them. They were wrapped together with a heavy chain and being led away by a guard. I went to the guard to ask what he was doing. He said that they had to leave because they were the parts of me that kept me a prisoner to the third dimension. When I accepted that concept I saw many swirling beings, ghosts and illusions that flew around me. They, too, were leaving.

Finally, everything was gone, including most of my body. All that remained of my body was my spinal cord, which was surrounded by a golden light. I then looked up and saw a circle of light, which became a ball with a face. It was the face of my SELF. As I realized that, it became a head, which was put onto my spinal cord and clicked into place so that it firmly connected. I actually heard the “click.” I began to feel my resonance rise higher and higher. Then, like an old car going too fast on the freeway, my body started to shake faster and faster. Eventually, the shaking stopped and I opened my eyes. The world around me was the same, but I felt forever different.

I told the dream to quite a few people, as it seemed to fit their lives as well. In fact, I think it fits all of our lives. However, my body cannot always carry this “head.” In fact, I have been having many symptoms of transformation. I had to work the day of the meditation, but the next day and today I KNOW that I need to be still and take car of my 63 year “car.” Us vanguards that came in after WWII have had a long, hard run remembering our light and our bodies are not as adaptable as the younger models. Therefore, note to fellow baby boomers, be good to yourself and allow your earth vessel to slowly “remodel” its self. Below is the interpretation I received from the Arcturians.

Dear Arcturians, please assist me in interpreting this meditation.

Our dearest One, as you now remember, the meditation came in response to our call to you to go inside and receive a message. As we have been saying, the human language is far too limiting to fully conveying our messages. Hence, we sent you a message in image form. We also wanted you to experience the message in a kinesthetic manner, so that it could become a part of your muscle memory, as well as your mental memory. However, this was not just a message. It was a true experience.

We have been talking about “closing the gap” between your grounded self and your Multidimensional SELF, and we wanted you to have that experience. We also want you, as well as anyone who receives this message, to know that the gap between your human self and your Soul SELF is closing more and more each day. In fact, for many of you, that gap has now become a bridge. This bridge is “clicked-in” whenever you are able to enter into a higher state of consciousness, and serves as a beacon during your daily life. Therefore, when you feel overwhelmed by the daily duties and responsibilities, you can remember that you are ALWAYS connected to your SELF.

The parts of yourself that held you prisoner to the illusions of the third dimension need to be released in a moment-to-moment manner. First, you identify that which holds you back from your process of ascension. Secondly, you need to march these “prisoners” out of your life. There are many actions, jobs, people, places, things, activities and thoughts or emotions that you will release. Then, the many “ghost” of the past and “illusions” of the present lingering in your fourth dimensional aura, will also be released.

During this process of release you will feel a greater connection to your SELF. With every release, your resonance rises, at least within that moment of the NOW. We realize the great challenge that our grounded ones must face as they live amongst the many fears and illusions of a reality that appears to be crumbling before their eyes. However, this “crumbling” is actually the release of that which has held beloved Gaia a prisoner to the third dimension, as well. As each one of Her grounded ones releases their attachment to that which has limited their RETURN to SELF, they also free Gaia.

Most important of all, as you release that which restrained and imprisoned you, the vision of your SELF becomes clear and just before you.
We ask each of you who receive this message to LOOK UP to see your True SELF. The Light of your SELF is always there to guide you.

SEE the face of your SELF and allow the ball of Light to click into place.

HEAR the click.

FEEL the resonance of your higher light, as it courses up and down your spin.

ALLOW the light to grow stronger and stronger raising your resonance higher and higher.

Allow your body to SHAKE itself free of all remnents of that which have held you trapped into the illusions that float through your aura.

Shake off the past, and enter the NOW!

Sunday, October 10, 2010



I had a dream this week in which I was ascending. At about 3:00 am I woke up suddenly and heard in my head, “I just had a dream of ascension.” However, I could not remember how it felt. Of course, I then had to go to the bathroom. When I came back to bed, I tried to remember the feeling again, but I was distracted because my body was so hot. I was not a hot night, and the heat came from inside, not outside, of me.

I lay in bed for a while feeling the intense heat inside of me. Eventually, I fell back asleep. In the morning, I remembered the experience, but I still could not remember how the dream felt. Fortunately, I had an acupuncture appointment that day and determined to remember the feeling of my dream then.

When I was on the acupuncture table, it took a while to return to the dream, but gradually I began to see myself in what looked like a cloud. I was in an upright position with my hands pointing down, and I was slowly rising upwards. However, after just a short moment, I felt a tugging sensation on me feet, which stopped my upward motions.

I realized that there was something that I had to release. I didn’t know what that was, nor was that important. All that was important was that I had to release it so that I could continue my ascension. Therefore, I took a long breath and told myself, “Let go!” Instantly, I returned to my slow, but steady ascension upwards.

However, it was not long before I felt the tugging again. This time I knew what to do. I took a long breath and said, “Let go!” Again and again, I had to let go, never even knowing what I was letting go of. I only knew that ascension was most important, and I had to continue.

Eventually, I began to rise faster, and the tugging greatly diminished. It was then that I saw something far above. Controlling my excitement, I patiently (and I don’t do patience well) continue to float in an upward fashion towards the unknown. Thoughts drifted through my mind, but I could easily ignore them, and I began to feel the euphoria of the higher dimensions. My form began to tingle, my heart opened and my Third Eye became focused on the blurry object above me.

Eventually, all thoughts were released, and my emotions were only a sense of expectation and wonder. The tugging had stopped completely and the letting go was constant. I was living in Surrender, and it felt natural. I felt a light emanating from me, and my body felt extremely hot.

Then I saw a light from above, which was like the dawn coming through a dusky morning. As I moved closer to the light, the object above me became increasingly clear. It was an orb with a face, which I could not recognize as the light was too bright. As the face came closer and closer, it still could know recognize it, but I KNEW who it was. I was I. It was the face of my SELF.

As I went about my week, I remembered that ME, but only when I could “let go” of the drama, confusion, traffic, unpaid bill, etc. etc. I was not difficult to let go, but it was very difficult to remember to let go. The dream made it very clear the myriad choices that we must make within every moment of our life as to where we decide to place our attention.

If we choose to place our attention on that which disturbs our peace in any fashion, we are lost to the Face of our SELF and sink into the dramas and dissonance of 3D life. I wish I could say that I am totally changed and that I no longer place my attention on that which upsets me. But that would not be a true statement. To be honest, with myself and with you, I would have to say that I have taken the challenge to live that dream.

Therefore, I am more conscious now of “being tugged by something,” but often I become aware of that only after I have fallen into it. On the other hand, when I can instantly choose to let go and live in surrender, I am completely conscious of my ability to choose the life I am creating.

The energies leading up to today have been VERY intense, fast, confusing, disruptive AND transformational. Our Soul has been calling us, while our ego has been tugging at our sleeve. Our process of ascension has begun, and like all processes, the most difficult part is breaking free of the inertia.

Therefore, we have to do something different every day. My father used to always say, “Study long, study wrong.” He also said, “Do something, even if it is wrong.” What he meant by that is that we could get stuck in trying to always be right. If we make a mistake, if we focus on fear—again—it is OK, as long as we catch our self—eventually! It is our ego who wants to always be right because our Soul resonates beyond all polarity. Hence, there is no right or wrong. There is only action.

It is through action that we learn, and we are learning as we go.
WE are creating our ascension! AND, we are creating it NOW!
Happy 10-10-10
Happy Ascension

By the way, 10-10-10 is so important because WE have made it important with our unity of attention and intention!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Surrendering to Unconditional Love


Feel the unconditional love that we, the Arcturians, send into your heart…

Take a long moment to relax into this feeling…

When you are ready, breathe OUT that love into your atmosphere…

See the beauty of the unconditional love as it travels on your breath to transmute fear and conflict into love and peace…

Observe how peace dances with the love…

Hear the melodious tones as they dance through the atmosphere...

Listen to this tune with your heart and give it your voice with your next exhale…

FEEL how the tones of peace and love resonate in your heart when you express them with the power of your voice…

Open your Throat Chakra further to amplify your tonal gift of unconditional love and planetary peace…

And now, we have a message from dear Gaia, so that you may better understand the wondrous gift that is soon to be yours upon your long-awaited reunion with the Galactic Center.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Surrendering to Heart's Call


Take a long moment to allow yourself to hear the call of your heart
Feel the frequency of love of your heart's call

Think of something, someone or someplace that you love
Allow the feeling of that love to fill your heart

Allow this love into the areas of your life in which you feel trapped or uncreative:

Visualize a dry desert upon which nothing can grow
Now see a small trickle of life-giving water

Watch as the water flows into the lifeless desert
See how this water leaves patches of green wherever it flows

Now, call upon the support of your Creator Self
To recalibrate your hologram to a higher frequency of reality

Visualize a gentle rain of higher frequency light
Observe how this rain of light turns the desert into a beautiful oasis

Seal this process into your unconscious mind
by replayed over and over throughout the day

Feel the areas of your life in which you feel in harmony with the higher light,
Breathe in thanksgiving for this harmony

Take a long moment to imprint a continuous loop of constant thanksgiving
To remember that:

Thanksgiving for the substance at hand
will duplicate the substance indefinitely

Happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you have.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Reminder


I had a dream last night in which I was walking in a park and came upon people gathered behind a bush. “Look,” they said as the pointed through the foliage. As I looked I saw a golden Buddha sitting on a wooden bench. Just as I thought, “What a beautiful statue,” light radiated out of Buddha’s hands and he turned his head to look straight into my eyes.

I awoke with the memory of A Golden Buddha sitting on a Wooden Bench.

As I went about my morning, I heard in my Soul, “It is not what you do that is important, but HOW you do it.” It was then that I realized how my intentions had become tainted by the old paradigm hard work and the need for external reward and/or acknowledgement.

The Golden Buddha was as happy on a wooden bench in a small park, as he was in a huge temple where people worshiped. He came into my dream life to remind me that the wooden bench was very comfortable and in no way diminished the healing force within him. He looked at me directly so that I would more clearly look at myself.

Do I do what I do because I want recognition, or do I do what I do because I AM my SELF. Well, there is, of course, the ego answer AND the Soul answer. The Buddha came into my dream to remind me that my Soul is happy on a wooden bench in a small park. My Soul then reminds me that the wooden bench in no way diminishes its Golden Light.

It is not what I do, but HOW I do it! It is that sentence that leads to the Center Flow. It is that sentence that frees me from my ego.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sister Venus Speaks

I found (was led to) this article about Venus from 2004 and thought it was a good amendment to the Equinox entry.


I AM your sister Venus, come to you at this time to assist you, Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants, in your transition. The last time you were in the energy of the Galactic center,

Gaia and I mingled our twin energies. Unfortunately, when we left the Belt, Gaia’s vibration had dropped greatly due to the polarization and dissonance of Her human society. Many of you to whom I now speak are Venusians, or at least, you trained on Venus before your first visit to Earth. You were among the many who volunteered to assist Gaia to stay in her proper orbit during the fall of Atlantis.

I, Sister Venus, return to you now to remind you that your generations of incarnates on third dimensional Earth are about to end. Soon, at about the time of my transit between Gaia and our Sun in 2012—or sooner—your contract to stay for the Grand Cycle will end. You will be able to go Home. However, your final service to Gaia will be to bring the vibration of your Homeworld, which is your innate Soul SELF signature frequency, Home into the body of Gaia.

Because my beloved sister Gaia has volunteered to be a “living library” for all the civilizations of this and other Galaxies, Her vibration was greatly lowered by the many differing energy patterns that tried to coexist in the third and fourth dimension of Earth. You, the ones who receive this message, volunteered to fragment off and lower portion of the magnificent multidimensional beings that you were (and still are) on your Homeworld to come to Earth. Once here, you began your participation in Gaia’s Grand Experiment of: “Can life forms from many different planets, solar system, galaxies and dimensions, co-exist on one small third dimensional planet?”

On fifth dimensional Earth this co-existence would not difficult, however, the separation and polarization of the 3D Game was fraught with violence, darkness and fear. On the other hand, the opposite polarities repelling and attracting each other have also created peace, beauty, light and love. Now, Beloveds, I have come again into your atmosphere to radiate my energy of peace, beauty, light and love so that those who have chosen darkness may be healed by my light, and those who have chosen light can use my Unconditional Love to give them the courage to face their inner darkness. With each of these polarities coming towards the center, you will awaken more and more to your true multidimensional SELF.

You are all experiencing the many physical symptoms of awakening and transformation, as well as remembering your Mission—the reason for your incarnation in this time and space. The foundation for everyone’s Mission is: return your vibration to the fifth dimension, and beyond, WHILE REMAINING GROUNDED IN THE 3D BODY OF GAIA. The return to your true SELF is a simple task, indeed, compared to staying grounded on Earth while you do so. I am here to assist you all in this process so that your personal ascension will be in concert with the Planetary Ascension. In fact, the rest of the Solar System, as well as much of our Galaxy await the ascension of Gaia, who is the cornerstone for the alignment of, and uploading of ALL the dimensions into their next octave of vibration.

Luckily, I, Venus, am not the only one who is here to help. The parallel reality “you” who has already successfully completed the Planetary Ascension, you Future SELVES, are returning back in time to remind you how you ascended before. Along with your Future SELVES are Ascended Masters, Angels, Elohim and the many members of Gaia’s Space Family who have sent representatives from their world to participate in Gaia’s Great Experiment.

In the eight years between now and my return on June 6, 2012, the process of Planetary Ascension will gradually and consistently accelerate. The forces who have chosen darkness, violence and fear must merge with the forces who have chosen ligh, peace and love. This merging is necessary in order for Gaia to be able to release Her constricting 3D frequency net. It is the merging of polarities in the center, fulcrum point which will boomerang Gaia, and ALL Her inhabitants, into the fifth dimension and beyond.

You may think that the forces of darkness will never choose to move towards the Light, even when you, the forces of light, are willing to face and release you inner darkness. However, the quota of light to dark does not have to 1 to 1. Long before the moment of collective awakening, there will be a sufficient core of people who have chosen to face there inner darkness and, thereby, download their higher multidimensional light. The harmonic currents that emanate from these way showers will be sufficient to displace the influence of those who have chosen the darkness and refused to change.

This fact is because the frequency emanation of the vibration of fear is not harmonious. Because of this, the effect of fear on humanity’s collective consciousness for each additional person who chooses fear increases at an arithmetical rate, (1,2,3,4, etc.). On the other hand, the frequency emanation of the vibration of love on humanity’s collective consciousness increases at the geometric progression (2,4,8,16, etc) that is characteristic of the harmonic emanations of love. Hence, before the final instant of final awakening, the radiations of love will constitute the predominant vibrational influence on the collective consciousness even though the numerical majority remains centered in fear. In fact, the time when love overshadowing fear is very near, and I openly share my Venusian energies to facilitate this process.

Your loving sister,

How Venus will assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension

A Venus Passover is when Venus retrogrades and passes in front of the Sun. Venus retrogrades every 260 days but it only passes over the sun every 122 years. The exact Passover is on June 8th, beginning 5 A.M. GMT,UK time zone (Pacific Standard Time it is from 9 PM on 6/7/04 to 4 am 6/8/04). It will take about 7 hours for Venus to pass in front of the Sun. The last time this happened was in 1882.

The ancient Mayas call the Venus-Sun Passover the return of Quetzalcoatl but are also symbol of death and a rebirth of a higher consciousness. The Venus Passover repeats again on June 6th 2012, the very near of the end of the Mayan Long count calendar (ending on 12/21/2012) and the ending
of a huge 26000-year cycle. In Christianity the Venus-Sun Passover symbolizes the return of the Christ Consciousness. Christ and Quetzalcoatl are both messengers of love and wisdom, light and knowledge.

Venus is like a Holy Grail in the stars holding the power of the feminine, the power of love, and the power of abundance. Our Sun is the powerhouse of lighted divine wisdom. When the two planets cross paths it will give us the ability to take all relationships, intimate and otherwise to the next higher level.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Equinox 2010

Fall Equinox 9-22-10

For the first time in 19 years, the beginning of fall, the Autumn Equinox, and the full Harvest Moon are together on September 22, 2010. The fall equinox begins at 11:09 PM ET, so get in you meditations before you go to sleep. Ask to remember your dreams too, as you may get some great ones.

Jupiter is coming closer to Earth than any time since 1963. It is also conjunct (within 10 degrees) of the Moon, and conjunct with Uranus (the harbinger of the Aquarian Age). What this means is the energy of the Moon, Harvest Moon no less, is greatly amplified by Jupiter (the Cosmic Amplifier), as well as metaphysical energies of Uranus. Uranus is symbolic for our Higher Self and also represents sudden, unexpected change. Therefore, these unexpected changes are good for our Soul, but if our ego is out of alignment with our Soul, we will NOT enjoy the changes.

On the other end of the Moon—Sun Opposition, which creates a full moon, the Sun is conjunct Saturn (take care of unfinished business NOW or let go of it). Therefore, the Sun is tying up loose ends and letting go of the old, while the Moon is bringing in the new age of Uranus/Aquarius. In fact, Uranus has been in Pisces for many years and finally moved into Aries. However, Uranus has returned to Pisces to stir things up again in the remnants of our Piscean (hierarchy, separation and hard work) structure to bring into the Aquarian structure of unity, cooperation and equality. The expansive energy of Jupiter (sitting inbetween the Moon and Uranus) is amplifying the entire process.

Furthermore, Saturn (the force of restriction) is conjunct the Sun, whereas Jupiter (the force of amplification) is conjunct the Moon. Therefore, the feminine, emotional and unconscious energies of the Moon are being amplified and expanded (Uranus), whereas the thinking, masculine and conscious energies of the Sun are being restricted (Saturn). This shift in power structure further pulls us out of the patriarchal/polarized age of Pisces and into the androgynous/unified Age of Aquarius.

The full Moon (Sun opposed Moon) during the time of the Equinox signifies that the unconscious (Moon) and conscious (Sun) minds will be interfacing, and, hopefully, integrating into each other. With this alignment of our consciousness, our superconscious mind can come fully online.

Just as the Sun and Moon (masculine and feminine) are meeting via an opposition, Mars and Venus (masculine and feminine) are joined with only four degrees between them. AND, they are in the sign of Scorpio, the sign of transmutation. The change of Uranus is sudden and usually quite obvious. On the other hand, the changes of Scorpio are gradual and stem from deep within.

To make sure that these Scorpio, inner changes DO take place, Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is in aspect (sextile) with Mars and Venus (in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio) and squaring (90 degrees—do it now) to Saturn, who is sitting next to the Sun. In other words, the unity of Mars/male and Venus/female is being supported by the Pluto’s power of transmutation. On the other hand, Pluto is keeping its pot of “frozen fire” boiling under the conjunction Saturn and Sun (karmic changes in world government—meaning that which was put out is now coming back). Meanwhile, the torsion waves flowing from the Galactic Center are entering our planet and physical forms more and more each day.

What does all this mean? Changes, changes, changes! If we Flow with our Soul and allow the old to leave and accept the new, we are in for a fun ride. On the other hand, if we hold on to that which is over and resist that which is new, we will be very unhappy. The choice is our—as always.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

7 Day Cycle of Equinox

The Seven Day Cycle of Equinox/Solstice

1st Day: Releasing Old Patterns

2nd Day: Releasing Old Emotions

3rd Day: Releasing Old Problems

Day of Solstice/Equinox: New Energy into current or new projects and programs, ideas & directions

5th Day: State or re-state Personal and Global Dreams

6th Day: Dreams and Expectations for the next 3 months

7th Day: On-going processes of Spiritual Self-Realization

During the first three days write out 2-4 items you want to let go of. Meditate for the purpose of the release and tear up the papers, or burn them, upon completion. Write out 2-4 items to create or manifest on the Equinox/Solstice and on the following 3 days. Meditate on the purpose of manifestation. Keep these papers in a sacred place for the next 3 months until the next cycle begins again.

Happy Transformations & Manifestations!

Love and Light
Courtesy of Virginia Palmer

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Healing the Mother - Part 3 Meditation

The meditation for Part 3 of the Healing the Mother series can be downloaded here:

Healing the Self: Healing the Mother Part 3

Windows Users: Right-Click on the link.
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Awake: Now What? Blog Talk Radio, August 29, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

Good Morning Everyone,
I haven't made many entries in the blog lately, except in my consciousness. Did you hear me? I have read that time becomes shorter as we raise our consciousness, and that now our day is actually about 17 hours. Boy, does it ever feel like it! The energy now is soooo intense that fatigue is a constant issue. Also, the "sense of urgency" keeps us doing more and more for Gaia and for our own process of ascension.

The wonderful thing is that now we are doing the "doing of our Being," at least most of the time. It is really important in this last stretch of our process that we release every person, place and thing that lowers our consciousness. Of course, we still have to pay the bills, make a living, clean the house etc., but we need to release all the other "I should-s" in our life and replace them with that "I love to-s." In this manner, we can love our life more and more. In fact, the most important thing we can do right now is remember to love our life.

Yes, i know that is not always easy. I, for one, can have a marvelous meditation and float off to get into my car and drive to work. Then, just a few miles away, shout at someone who cut me off. The challenge of being fifth dimensional in a third dimensional world is no walk through the park. Fortunately, there are more and more parts of our world are becoming fifth dimensional. Take a moment now to close your eye and "see" the places, persons, things and activities that are fifth dimensional right now in your life. I will join you..

I see the ocean that i drive by on my way to work
My house, my yard, and a lot of my neighborhood
I have quite a few friends and clients who are fifth dimensional
My meditations, writings and creative activities are fifth dimensional
There are more and more shows and movies that are fifth dimensionally inspired
The Nature of Gaia that is untouched and/or loved and protected has made the shift

I write these things down for my self to remember, as well to demonstrate to you, that becoming fifth dimensional is a process that we are all experiencing. Bit-by-bit, more and more of our life is resonating to the fifth dimension. Of course, the fifth dimension isn't a "place," it is a frequency. We don't need to "go there" to experience that reality, instead we need to raise our consciousness so that we can perceive that reality. There are, of course, persons, places and things that have fallen into such a low resonance that it is very difficult to perceive their fifth dimensional expression. These are the person, places and things that need to be healed.

Yes, we need to "heal" things for they are our human creation. We need to clear up ALL our "spilled milk," so that ALL of Gaia can resonate to Her true fifth dimensional expression. Again, we will not be able to perceive that expression unless we have integrated our Multidimensional SELF who can easily adjust its frequency to the reality which we we desire to experience. However, to stay in touch with our SELF, we need to release that which lowers our resonance and blurrs our innate vision of our TRUE fifth dimensional reality.

We have to constantly check the thoughts that we allow to live in our mind and allow our emotions to share their message with us so that we can release them. That is, so that we can release the fear-based emotions and live in the love-based emotions. This continual monitoring and clearing of our energy field is a huge challenge. I have to work with it all the time. This process demands that we also get enough sleep, eat the right food, get enough exercise, have enough fun and fill our lives with that which we love.

No problem... Well, actually, it is a problem, but one that is well worth the effort. I have had clients that i give this speech to, and they say, "Do i have to do all this all the time?" My answer is, "Only if you want to be happy." I believe/hope that when all of our reality--instead of just wavering segments of our life--when ALL of our reality is fifth dimensional, happiness will be our natural state. I also think that a lot of us will continue to "go to work" in the lower dimensions to help others who need a bit of assistance to "believe they are fifth dimensional."

In fact, most of us are giving that assistance now to people in many subtle and loving ways. The best part of that is that this service also makes us happy. When we assist others to experience love and happiness, we usually experience love and happiness ourselves. How can we give away what we don't possess? However, this sharing doesn't always work that way, for some people (not nature, things, animals or plants)--just people--are too attached to their fear and get angry if we try to "help" them.

Therefore, we have to follow the free will rules of our planet, which are, "You can't assist others unless they ask for it." I remember one time i was sitting next to an elderly women who was struggling to stand up. I stood up to help her, and she became very angry at me. I had given her what she did not want, even though i thought she needed it. We need to respect others wishes and allow them to decide for themselves when they are ready to accept our assistance. However, unconditional love is an energy field, which probably does them more good than any amount of "help" we can offer.

I wish you all a happy day, morning night--whatever time zone you are in. I also send you unconditional love,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Archangels

We the Arcturians wish to speak with you for a moment about channeling. Channeling is the act of surrender to your Soul and allowing it to write/type through your hands and /or speaks through your voice. Since your Soul is a Multidimensional Being, it has many form and formless expression on many dimensions and realities, as well intimate relationships with Archangels, Elohim, Ascended Masters and Ascended Being of other Star Systems.

Because of these multiple realities of your Soul/SELF, you are innately able to channel many different versions of your SELF and of the Beings of Light with whom you are intimate, such as the Archangels. These beings resonate to the ONE and are free of limitations of time and/or space. Therefore, they are always available to everywhere and everywhen. Five magnificent Archangels have volunteered to pay special attention to grounded ones who wish to communicate with them.

Archangels Metatron, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel are opening their hearts to those who wish to communicate with them.

If you wish to call them to you, light a white candle and put it next to a white flower. Call them before you go to sleep and as soon as you awaken. Know that they are with you as you go about your day, and trust your instincts.

If you wish to communicate with them one at a time, or as a group, all you need “do” is Surrender to your Soul and allow the Knowing to enter your High Heart. You may wish to translate their Light Language message into words, pictures, movements and/or melodies. On the other hand, you may wish to just bask in their multidimensional light and unconditional love.

Below is a brief introduction for each of them.

~ Archangel Metatron ~

The new Indigo and Crystal Children are under his supervision.

Metatron is fiery, energetic Angel who has a special place in his heart for children, especially those who are spiritually gifted. He led the children of Israel through the wilderness and to safety. He continues to lead children today, both on earth and in heaven. The Angel of Children and Messengers. Metatron oversees unity, education and truth and children's issues. He also helps to assist you in owning your own power. Patron Angel of Children.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

Defender of the element of Water and the West.

Gabriel's name means 'God is my strength'. Gabriel is the Angel of child conception or the process of adopting a child. Gabriel also helps anyone whose life purpose involves art or communication. The Angel of Resurrection, mercy and peace and benefactor of 'Messengers'. Gabriel will help you with purity, rebirth, creativity, prophecy, purifying your thoughts, bodily and emotionally. Patron Angel of all who work in the field of communications, postal workers and the clergy.

~ Archangel Michael ~

Defender of the element of Fire and of the South.

Michael's name means 'He who is like God' or 'He who looks like God'. Michael's chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of fear. Michael gives guidance and direction for people who need help or assistance in their life's purpose or career path and to clarify or to make changes. Leader of the Archangels, he is the Angel of protection, justice and strength. If your home or space needs clearing call upon Archangel Michael. The Angel of Protection and Courage. Patron Angel of law enforcement and the military.

~ Archangel Raphael ~

Defender of the element of Air and the East.

Raphael's name means 'God heals' or 'God has healed' based upon the Hebrew word, Rapha, which means 'doctor' or 'healer'. Raphael is healer of physical bodies, both for humans and animals. He is the Angel of love, joy and laughter, custodian of the Tree of Life and of healing powers. Raphael helps you heal your mind, thoughts, body and soul. Those suffering from addictions would benefit in asking for Archangel Raphael for assistance. The Healing Angel. Patron Angel of all those in the field of medicine.

~ Archangel Uriel ~

Defender of the element of Earth and of the North.

Uriel's name means 'God is light' 'Gods light' or 'Fire of God' because he illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings. Perhaps because of his connection to Noah, and the weather elements of thunder and lightening, Uriel is considered an archangel who helps us with natural disaster. Call upon archangel Uriel to avert such events, or to heal and recover in their aftermath. Angel of Nature, Visions and Instruction, custodian of Prophecy

Remember that YOU are a Multidimensional Being of LIGHT. The distance between light and light is ZERO. Therefore, all you need "do" to connect with them is to connect with your own inner light. You own inner light will then, instantly connect you to the Light of these wondrous Archangels.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I bask inside the ONE

I surrender to the NOW

I don’t know what will happen

But my spirit tells me HOW

As I float among my memories

Of who I’ve been and why

I know I can release them

With a blessing a sigh

All I’ve been and had and known

Are circling round my mind

I see now what I’ve looked for

What I’ve tried to find

Surprising as it may be

I need to look no more

I’ve found my SELF at long last

I am deep within my core

This core, it now is glowing

And shines out into my life

I know if I can just relax

It will ease all my strive

The working hard and suffering long

No longer wins the day

I’ve found this place inside me

Now, if only I can stay

Can I remember how I’m feeling

When I’m here so deep inside?

Can I be this ME in daily life?

Can I release my need to hide?

So long I’ve kept my secret

From those I feared would judge me

But, no longer can I trap my SELF

Its time to let ME be free

These prisons now are fading

With the memories of the past

As I become my SELF again

I am coming Home, at last!

So long I have awaited

For this moment of completeness

I hear, I see, I feel it

I can even taste its sweetness

If I can just remember

These sensations through my day

Not only will I know the HOW

I will also see the WAY