Thursday, July 30, 2015

Part 3--The Journal--by the ONE with many names



Remembering The Dream


“Dear Mytria,” Beverly wrote. “I would like a quick word from you regarding my UFO search. I spent many hours trying to find some information and all I found was information about the Zetas.”

Dear Beverly,” Mytria responded by writing in the journal.
There are actually few humans who can take the leap of communicating with us in this fashion. To do something alone without the support of others to validate your experience is not something that many people are brave enough to do.

However, you have felt alone inside yourself your entire life. You have always kept secrets from others because you had learned that it was not safe to share what you knew inside yourself. Now you are getting strong enough to begin to share your knowledge. However, there is a certain amount of preparation of yourself that must take place before you can go ‘public’ with your information.

When you are ready to be totally open with what you know, you will find others who are doing the same thing. We Pleidians are communicating with quite a few people. However, it will be a while yet before you can speak with each other through your Internet. People still need a certain amount of proof to validate their experiences. Do not be concerned. We are here with you.

To her surprise, Lisa continued reading. There was something about this Mytria person that felt, well, it felt familiar. However, she could not tell anyone that. They would think she was crazy. Lisa continued reading. In fact, she didn’t even get up to get more coffee.


Dear Mytria, wrote Beverly. Do you have a message for me today?

 Dearest Beverly,
I am glad to see that you are coming to peace with your third and fourth dimensional experiences. Forgiveness of others and yourself is indeed the key, as forgiveness is the energy field that allows you to release that which has reached its completion. Your feelings of aloneness and competition are part of this process of transmutation. 

First you had to feel and release the sadness of the ages. This sadness is an illusion because it was based on separation. Separation is the ultimate illusion. You are not now, nor have you ever been, separate from the many versions of your Higher SELF. Feel this divine unity and see it shining through the clearing fog.”

“Wait a minute. My dream! I remember my dream. I was standing all alone, but the Sun was shining through the fog and it felt so very good. NO Lisa NO! You are just sleep deprived. Don’t start believing this crap,” said Lisa to herself. However, she could not seem to get quite as angry as before. What was going on here? She needed to get home to her ‘normal’ life. But, she did not get up or leave. She stayed in her ‘homework chair’ in her mother’s house and continued to read.


Feel the warmth of the Truth of Unity with ALL THAT IS, continued Mytria. Know that you are now at ONE with your divine self. You are the fingers on the hand that is connected to the heart, mind and spirit of the Creator. 

I, Mytria, am yourself on a higher vibration. I am one of your alternate realities, and I welcome your awareness into my world. My true relationship with you is a difficult concept for your third-dimensional mind to understand. Merely listen. I am you, but I am also more than you. However, you are also more than me. 

I am not better than you just because I vibrate at a higher frequency. It is just that from my higher perspective I am able to see all of you. On the other hand, you can only see portions of yourself from your dimension.  Therefore, I can be of service to you.

“From my perspective, I can see you in many third dimensional realities. I am particularly drawn to the lives in which you served the Goddess, as that was very harmonic with our purpose in this reality. I will be happy to assist you in your communication about the reawakening of the Goddess on your planet.

However, returning to my vision of you, besides seeing your many third and fourth dimensional lives, I can see the lives in which you chose to incarnate on other planets and on higher vibrations. You have been able to feel close ties to certain planets such as Venus, Arcturus, Antares, Sirius, and here on Alcyone. I can see a fine nervous system of light that is growing each time you open yourself up to communications with these portions of yourself.

There are actually other galactic incarnations beyond what I have mentioned, but you have concentrated on the ones to which you have the strongest attraction and clearest memory. Allow your memory to be awakened as you visualize your light filled nervous system. Feel yourself moving beyond time and space. Remember your other realities like you remembered what you ate for breakfast. 

Do you remember when you left Arcturus to begin your adventure of incarnation in the lower vibrations? First you went to Venus to experience this galaxy and prepare for your incarnations on Earth. When you heard ‘the call,’ you came to planet Earth and began your many third-dimensional incarnations. 

“For your first incarnation, you were a female who eventually became an Atlantian Priestess. After the fall of Atlantis, you stayed in Faerie in the fourth dimension until your next incarnation in early England. In that reality, you were half Faerie and half human. Write this story Lisa. It will help you to clear your mind and open your heart.”

“Wait, does that say Lisa? That must be a typo,” scoffed Lisa. “Mom always had too many typing errors. Except that there aren’t that many now. I am sure I just imagined that.” However, Lisa did not go back to check the text. Did she want it to be for her?


After each life of great spiritual attainment, Mytria continued, you were able to raise your vibration enough to incarnate on higher planes of reality. Many times you returned to Venus to rest and relax. From Venus you often returned to Arcturus.

Remember these journeys, as that memory will further reinforce your light plexus. The memories of Venus and Arcturus are the strongest in your mind because they have the greatest love vibration. As you have already remembered, after each of your spiritual lives you were able to take on an alternate reality, which was actually from your past as well as your future.

You will have to just accept that statement because it is very difficult for you to understand at this Earth moment. All of these extraterrestrial realities were created before your Earth lives, as well as created after them. That is all for ‘now.’ I will be pleased to communicate more. Remember to call to me before you go to sleep and then write your dreams as soon as you awaken.

“Remember to remember your dreams,” kept swirling in Lisa’s mind. But, she pushed it away. Enough of this reading and lying around; maybe it was time to call the police? However, the next post from Mytria caught her eye, so she decided to read just a little bit more.


 Dear Mytria,
“I had a dream last night of a familiar format that I have come to call ‘Temple Dreams.’ In these dreams I perceive myself as flying up into a cloudy, etheric area. At first I can only see what looks like fog, but then I seem to alter my course and slowly fly down into another cloudy area, which glistens with a sparkling light.

Gradually, I adapt to a vision in which I am with a group of people. We are sitting under a huge dome that is held with huge pillars. We all sit quietly while we listen to a magnificent being that is much like my childhood cloud friend. However, the cloud being does not always have the same feel to me, so I think that different higher beings speak at different times.

After the cloud being has completed its speech, a being I call my ‘guide’ appears from nowhere and motions for me to follow it. I say “it” because the guide, who always feels like the same being, is also a cloudy presence with glistening light. My guide transports me to an unknown location where I have an experience, which I call ‘the dream.’

“Just a minute here,” Lisa says with surprise. “I think I had a dream like that!  No, no, Lisa,” she says to herself. “Too much of this Journal. I am getting as crazy as my mother. There has been far too much isolation. I really do need to phone the police.” But, Lisa did not phone the police. She did not push away the journal, which she had done many times. She wanted to hear about this dream, so she continued reading.


In the ‘dream’ there were three groups that were having some kind of competition,” Beverly wrote in the Journal. “Much to my surprise, I was the leader of one group and, even more shockingly, my ex-husband, David, was the leader of the other group. We were in an amphitheater and each group was to go around a large circle together within the time period of 28 seconds. A third group had already finished their race, but that is all I remember about that group. For some reason this dream felt important. Dear Mytria, can you assist me to understand what it meant?

My dear Beverly, Mytria wrote, I am happy to assist you to understand your dream. The 28 seconds reduced to the number 10 in numerology, which further reduced to the number 1. Numerology is a part of your awareness, is it not? The number 1 represents a new beginning.

The three groups are three waves of evolution. The first group did not complete the cycle within the time that they had allotted to them. Therefore, they had to return to their seats, or physical bodies. In other words, they did not finish their race.

Everyone in the remaining two groups was very excited about their opportunity to ‘win the race,’ but the older, wiser members of your group knew that beginnings take much patience and calm awareness in order to bring them into full fruition. You also knew that the journey was not ending but instead just beginning. 

David, your ex-husband represented the male portion of your higher dimensional SELF, and you were in the form of myself, Mytria. Just as I, Mytria, am from the Pleiades, David is from the planet Antares and is actually called Jaqual.

The Elders at the front of the amphitheater were from the Federation of Planets. You seem to have forgotten this part of the dream, but as you stood up to take your cycle/race, you remembered that Love is the key to successfully completing the cycle.”

Now Lisa had had enough. The thought that her father, who she had not seen in ages was somehow joining a race with her mother, was too much to bear. Besides what is Antares? She was not ready to phone the police, yet, but when she read that part of the message she started to cry.

Slamming the journal closed did not stop her crying. In fact, she cried harder and louder. She was alone and no one could hear her, so why not finally have a good cry? When she needed a tissue, the only ones she could remember were by her mother’s bed. She found her way there, walked to the nightstand to get the tissue, and began to cry almost hysterically.

When she could cry no more, she lay on her mother’s bed, just like she loved to do when she was a child. Even though her mother had been gone for who knows how long, she could still smell her mother’s scent when she pulled back the bedspread to climb into the bed. The sobbing calmed, just as it always did when she went to her mother for comfort.

“What happened to us? We had always been so close?” were Lisa’s last thoughts as she drifted off into a deep, deep sleep. In fact, it was the best sleep she had had in months. Just before Lisa awoke from her much needed sleep, she had a dream in which Mytria said to her mother,

“Now I will you tell what really happened last evening. You Beverly, who is a lower frequency of me, Mytria, and David, who is a lower frequency of Jaqual, were at a Federation meeting. Beverly/I and David/Jaqual talked about the ascension process of your planet and how the awakened ones of Earth could assist.

“The first suggestion was to generate excitement in order to jar the sleeping ones into awareness. However, we decided that the excitement would prove to be too much of a distraction from the process of awakening, and we did not have the ‘time’ to risk that distraction.

“The second race/idea was to have a mass landing of our ships. However, that idea was too soon, as humanity was still too brainwashed that ‘ETs were bad.’ We then decided that those who had been awake and aware for a portion of their Earth time would be good leaders if they could share their process. In fact, sharing their process would be a good role model for others.

“The third idea was our best idea in which everyone could realize that ascension takes calm patience, unconditional love and great courage. However, there are not enough humans who possess and can maintain ‘calm patience, unconditional love and great courage.’

“Finally, we decided that we, the members of your galactic family, would need to bi-locate into the bodies of already incarnated humans who showed some ability to hold the three qualities of patience, love and courage.

“Bi-location means that we are still in our Galactic self and our multidimensional consciousness, but we also share our essence with a human who is willing to accept our presence. Therefore, I bi-located into you, Beverly, and Jaqual bi-located into your husband David.”

Lisa awoke with the message from Mytria in her mind. Before she could return to her skeptical self, she automatically reached for the writing pad and pen that her mother always kept by her bed and wrote,

“The third idea was our best idea in which everyone could realize that ascension takes calm patience, unconditional love and great courage. However, there are not enough humans who possess and can maintain calm patience, unconditional love and great courage.

Finally, we decided that we, the members of your galactic family, would need to bi-locate into the bodies of already incarnated humans who showed some ability to hold the three qualities of patience, love and courage.

Bi-location means that we are still in our Galactic self and our multidimensional consciousness, but we also share our essence with a human who is willing to accept our presence. Therefore, I bi-located into you, Beverly, and Jaqual bi-located into your husband David.

Too groggy to realize what she had done, she fell back asleep and slept until it was dark.

She awoke with a start to find a completely dark house. She reached over to turn on the light and noticed the pad and pen. “Oh,” she said. “More weird stuff written by my mother.” She did not notice it was in her handwriting, as she urgently needed to go to the bathroom.

She was alone in the middle of the night and felt a bit spooked, so went around the house turning on lights. She then went to the pantry and found some canned soup and an unopened package of crackers. While the soup warmed, she put a cup of water and the crackers on the small kitchen table.

When the soup was ready, she poured it into a bowl and sat in a chair at the same table that had been there her entire life. After she had eaten her soup and crackers, she realized that she had chosen her favorite childhood bowl and cup and had sat on her “side” of the table.

“Why did mom keep all this stuff?” she said out loud. She was just feeling the familiar anger rise within her when she heard, “Because I love you.”

“No, NO, that is not my mother’s voice I just heard!” cried Lisa. But it sounded like her mother’s voice, and Lisa was beginning to realize how much she missed her.

Leaving the dirty dishes on the table, she went back to the homework chair to continue reading. When she read the last three paragraphs she noticed that she had read it before.

“I am not ready to read this now,” she said as she found the clicker for the TV and found an old movie to take her away. When the early morning light entered the living room, she awoke. All the lights were on in the house, so she began turning them off.

When she got to her mother’s bedroom, she decided to make the bed and saw the notepad next to the light. “Hey, this is what I just read.” She did not note it was her handwriting until she finished making the bed and knocked the tablet onto the floor. When she picked it up, she was finally ready to see that it was her writing.

She ran back to the book to see that the message she wrote was exactly the same as the message in the book that what written in 1996. Too shocked to think, she stuffed the tablet in her mother’s nightstand drawer.

“Now I am starting to hallucinate. Too much reading of that journal, my body is stiff from sitting in that chair. I need to take a walk” she exclaimed. 

Lisa tried to walk away from the fact that she had written exactly what her mother had written long, long ago. She must have read those paragraphs before, she told herself. “But how could I get every word exactly correct?” she muttered as she began to jog.

By the time she got back home (was she calling it home?) and taken a shower, she had forgotten the incident of the “three paragraphs.” She finally made some calls to her friend and husband, knowing they would go to voice mail at that time. Then she went to the grocery store to get some decent food. She fixed herself a good dinner and opened up another bottle of wine. Had she been drinking too much lately? She decided NOT to ask herself that question.

When she opened the journal to read while she ate, she conveniently opened to the next chapter, in which she met Jaqual. She knew inside, but had consciously forgotten, that Mytria was her mother and Jaqual was her father. She could not bring her father into the picture yet, or she might completely snap.

Therefore, she unconsciously decided to forget about her parents’ higher identity by scoffing at the entire idea of other realities. She was more than busy trying to find out how to get along in just one physical reality and didn’t seem to be doing too well at it. Hence, her parent’s relationship to Mytria and Jaqual was conveniently forgotten.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Dear Readers, 
Those of you who have followed me for years may be familiar with some of these stories, but I hope you can join me as we weave together the tapestry of their story.

~Meeting Mytria~

Lisa drove to restaurant she seldom went to, but knew it had nice tables with little cubbyhole areas. The last thing she wanted was to meet someone she knew.  She ordered her meal and some tea, as she could not take any more coffee, and decided she would scan the Journal while she waited for her food. She opened the journal to the page after where she had left off the night before to find the next section, which was about finding Mytria.

I am happy to announce that my “cloud friend” finally did return. It was a long process, which I will recount in this journal. I am telling you of the long-awaited reconnection with my unseen friend, that I now know as “the Arcturian,” as it is only because of that ongoing support that I am able to write this journal.

I believe that it is important that I share my experiences with others now because our ever expanding consciousness manifests our thoughts and feelings almost instantly. Therefore, if we think we are having anxiety or an illness, then that is our reality. On the other hand, if we think we are having symptoms of awakening, then that is our reality.

There are, of course, times when we are sick or injured. Those times come when there are old emotions or memories that need to be purged. Therefore, we create a certain scenario in which we have to be still and center our attention on our SELF, so that we can complete this purge.

Since I have been feeling “sick” for quite a while now, I know it is the NOW to tell my story. Also, last night I had a dream in which I connected with a deep, deep fear from my childhood that it is time to release. Again, I hope I don't offend anyone by my admission, but it is my truth, and I vowed to speak only my truth here. Also, I know that I am not the only one who has had these experiences.

When I was a child my imagination took me into many of my alternate realities, often known as “past” lives. These adventures stopped as a teenager, but returned when I started working with my first spiritual teacher. For many years, my adventures were earthbound and included many different eras in which I was male or female.

As an adult, I began to have visitations/ imaginations off world and on other planets. First it was Venus. Then I began to hear from Mytria in the Pleiades. I know that I could have had an awakened experience of visiting a spaceship, but I still feel a submerged fear whenever I think of it.

Through my adventures on Venus and with Mytria, I came to realize that fear was because I was abducted as a child and teenager. I further remembered that my fear was actually implanted into me by the Zetas, who had abducted me. Then, they placed a small implant into my brain, so that I would be too afraid to tell anyone about my experience.

Of course, telling people was not a problem for me, as I couldn't even tell people about my dreams or psychic experiences. However, there is not a lot I can say about that experience, as I have still to recover most of the details.

My dream last night also told me that my wounded child needed my attention, and I had to heal her before I could go on to the next level of my awakening. In that dream, I felt the terror of my disconnection from my sleeping physical self and my desperation to return to my sleeping body. I woke up knowing that I had to address the issue of my wounded, abducted child/teen.

I will begin by sharing what little I remember about those experiences. I clearly remember being on the cold metal table with faces looking down at me. I remember sharp things, too many sharp things. I am well into my adulthood and I have never had any surgery at all, and I hate going to the dentist.

I also know exactly where my implant is, and I can feel a fear right now as I share this. The Arcturians told me this morning that the implant leaves an embedded message to never share what has happened. There is a bit more, but this is enough for now.

I was told this morning that the best way to heal my abducted child is to tell my story, just as I am about to share the other realities that I have experienced. I KNOW I want to visit the Arcturians on their ship in my fully conscious mind. Therefore, I am committed to completing this process of sharing my life with others.

I see writing this journal as a conscious action that shows that I AM ready to clear my old fears so that I can contribute my full love and light to this planetary awakening into truth!  However, I do not know if anyone else will be able to begin to believe that the experiences I am about to recount could possibly be true.

Nevertheless, I will tell my story, if only to bring clarity into my own life. Perhaps, some of the people I love will be able to still accept and love me, but I fear that most of them will not. Hence, even though I write this journal, I may need to send it out under a false name. On the other hand, perhaps if they read what I have experienced in my life, they may learn to accept me more.

“Is that a challenge Mom?” Lisa muttered into her tea. However, with the bath and some good food, she was feeling better and had to actually admit how angry she had been at her mother. “What did she actually do to me, that is other than believe in different things than I did?” said Lisa continuing to soften. Lisa even ordered some desert, and continued her reading as she waited for it to arrive.

In about 1995 I began to receive inner messages from a female Pleiadian. I had heard about the Pleiadians somewhere, and since I had begun to remember my childhood abduction, I was looking for a kinder, gentler alien. The Pleiadians are tall, blond, and very attractive. They also look very human. Therefore, I asked my inner channels if I could speak to a Pleiadian, and I received the name “Mytria.”

Before I continue, perhaps I should explain about what I mean by my “inner channels.” I grew up going to church, and then was in a teen church group, so speaking to unseen higher beings was not an unusual event. In fact, when I was a child I often talked to my cloud being and called him Jesus. I continued those conversations into my teens—for a while.

When I was young, I called what I do to connect with other beings “praying.” When I became an adult and went to many spiritual teacher and meditation classes, I called it “meditating.” I knew that many people did not get the in-depth answers that I got, but maybe that was because they did not write down what they were experiencing.

Long story short, I now add the first dates and message I had with Mytria:

“Dear Mytria,
I have asked to speak with a Pleaidian and I received your name.  I am opening myself to your reply, as I wish to speak with you.  I hope that I have been able to clear myself enough so that I can have a clear reception of your message.”

I was very surprised to receive:

“Dear Beverly,
You have indeed been opening yourself to me and, in doing so, you can consciously receive messages from a higher dimensional being such as myself.  I am from Alcoyne and I am one of the Guardians of The Sacred Fire.  I speak to you now from the fifth dimension, although I could also communicate with you from higher dimensions.  Since this is our first contact, I will take on my lowest vibration to make it easier for you to understand me. 

“Even though I am the Guardian of the Sacred Flame, there is no need to guard The Flame from danger in our world, as no one here would damage anything. Beings on the fifth dimension know that any action affects them as much as those around them. You too are learning that lesson.  Hence, I amend my statement to say it would be more correct to say that I assist those who wish to enter the Violet Fire. 

“The Sacred Fire is a portal through which one can pass to travel to anywhere in the Multiverse. In our fifth dimensional Pleiadian world, we can step into and out of our body as easily as you would step out of your dress. You see, our bodies can be easily transmuted to a higher dimension by returning to pure spirit to travel into another dimension. 

“Spiritual explorers will come to the Sacred Fire, and leave there bodies there while they travel in spirit. When they return from their travels, they project their essence into the Sacred Fire to return to their body. While their body is in the Sacred Flame they can safely travel via their consciousness to any place they desire.” 

“I am one of the Pleiadian Priestesses who oversee that process. Therefore, I guess it would be better to say that I guard the body of the traveler rather than The Flame. However, our title is ‘Keeper of the Flame.’ You, my dear, have contacted me because I am open to communications with those from other dimensions, and because I know you.

“In fact, you might say that I am a higher frequency of the physical you. This is why you have always had such a strong urge to reach beyond your mundane world. Indeed, when you merge with the higher frequency expressions of yourself, you will be able to communicate with as many higher beings as you wish.

“Do you understand now how your entire life has been in preparation for that service?” 

“Whoa Mom, I was starting to follow your book, but this is just over the top.” Lisa accidently said out loud, as she pushed the journal away, almost spilling her tea. Trying to think the words rather than say them, she thought, “No wonder Dad left you. If he even got a hint of this type of thinking he would have put you in the loony bin.”

This time Lisa did not even try to understand her mother. She was obviously delusional. She opened her purse to get the cash for dinner and left the table in a rush.

“Miss,” she heard behind her. “You left your book.” The young waitress smiled sweetly as she brought the book to Lisa, who tried to smile and muttered, “Thanks.” Lisa did not know what was worse, that she had to take the crazy book or that the waitress called her “miss.”

Lisa was starting to tear up again. Just when she thought she would maybe go to her mother for help with her life, she finds this journal with this psycho writing. Walking as fast as she could to the car, Lisa rummaged for the car keys and almost dropped the book in the mud while doing so.

She was very surprised that she chose to drop the keys rather than the journal. “Oh my God,” she thought. “I hope this stuff isn’t contagious.” She had to smile as she clicked the key to unlock the car, threw the stupid journal in the back seat, put on her seatbelt and drove back to her mother’s empty house.

Fortunately the electricity was still on, as it was dark by the time she got to the house. Lisa parked the car in the driveway and got out of the car. To her surprise, she opened the back door and retrieved the journal, as she muttered, “Well, there is nothing else to do here. Besides, maybe if I read this thing I might find out where she is.”

Lisa pushed aside the distant fear that her mother was dead or lost or had suffered some foul play. “Now I am being as silly as Mom,” Lisa said as she opened the front door, turned on the light and went to the bedroom to change her clothes. She knew that there would not be too much sleep. Just in case there was something besides silly stories, she knew that she had to read that Journal.

Once Lisa had put on some lights, the heater, and changed into her PJs, she got a glass of wine and sat on her favorite chair to read. This chair had been where she often did her homework before she went away to college. Her Mother had left it just the way it was, even though she had changed some of the other furniture.

“Does that mean she was waiting for me to visit?” she thought with more than a bit of guilt as she opened the book. She braced herself to hear more about the Pleiadian woman who was “Keepers of the Flame.”

Mytria began by saying, “The merging of your alternate selves begins by communicating with them.”

 “I would rather ‘merge’ with my mother!” Lisa muttered as she took a sip of wine. Maybe she should get the bottle? She might need to be a bit drunk to understand this nonsense.

“Do you see Kepier with me now?” spoke Mytria. “Kepier and I are sisters in the Light. I have studied on Arcturus, where she is from and she has studied on Alycone. Dear Beverly, take a moment of your time to realize how it feels to be able to move from galaxy to galaxy with less effort that it takes for you to drive to the grocery store.”

Lisa rolled her eyes, but continued. That is, she continued after she took a long drink of wine.

“Kepier is appearing very female here even though she is androgens because the vibration of our planet is so feminine. When she is on Arcturus, she appears quite differently and looks like your Arcturian ‘cloud friend,” Mytria continued.

“I will now tell you some things about our life here in the Pleiades. We live very simply in large open central homes and smaller sleeping\meditation quarters.  The time for sleeping is not like it is on Earth. Here we remain totally conscious, and what you would call sleep, we call meditation. Therefore, it is better if we are alone because we go deeply into our consciousness to expand our awareness and then integrate what we have learned into our daily lives. 

“We also use our quarters for merging with our mates, if we have chosen to take one.  Some here wish to live with their Divine Complements as man and woman, and others wish to integrate their two components and live as one androgynous being. It is purely a matter of choice on this dimension.  On higher dimensions, the division of genders is unknown. 

“We receive our children from The Flame as is done on Venus, but some still wish to have the experience of pregnancy and child birth. When I say ‘we’ receive our young from the Flame, I mean that ‘we’ as a male and female Divine Compliment couple, or ‘we’ as one androgynous being. 

“Either way, we meditate and train for what would be years of your time to prepare for the great honor of being a parent. Only couples that are Divine Compliments parent together. When our teachers have told us that our vibration has reached a beautiful silver-violet shade, we go into The Flame with our Divine Complement (or as a unified androgynous being).

“When we are standing before the Violet Flame, we call into the higher dimensions to see if a Spirit wishes to take a life in our world. Once a Spirit has decided to choose the experience of incarnation into the fifth dimension of Pleiades, the parents and Spirit work together to begin the process of what you would call ‘birth.’

“Together the parents and child determine if it is best for them all to remain in the Flame until the Spirit is ready to take a life in their Pleiadian world, or for the Spirit to enter into the female and go through a pregnancy, much like on your Earth. Here, however, the male and female are equally involved in the pregnancy. 

“The male must move up and down the Flame regularly so that the Spirit can pull enough of its essence into the fifth dimension to create and inhabit a form. On the other hand, the female must stay away from the Flame, as she is the grounding force for the new life. 

“When the male returns from the Flame, holding the essence of the Spirit, he places it on the woman’s womb to offer the fetus the love of a mother. The man then embraces both the mother and child, as both parents send their child unconditional love and infinite peace. The three remain intertwined until the Spirit of the child can gradually adapt to our fifth dimensional reality. 

“If this form of ‘pregnancy’ is not chosen, the couple, or the androgynous being must live near, and move in and out of the Flame, until the Spirit is ready to create itself a fifth dimensional form.  Once the Spirit is an ‘infant’ he, she, or an androgynous self (children can be born androgynous here) will move with the parent, or unified parent, to the Central Living Room. 

“The Central Living Room is the living area where our ‘greater family’ all live. The word we use for this room is difficult to hear in English. It sounds like ‘scrdala.’ The scrdala is comprised of members of the same Oversoul. On the seventh dimension, the Oversoul is one being. As new ‘children’ of our society move into the lower dimensions, the Oversoul guards over its fifth dimensional fragment while it makes its descent to the lower realms via the Violet Flame.

“Each of these fragments remain in constant contact with their sixth dimensional self in the Violet Flame until their new form can contain their great life force. The parents keep their ‘infant’ in constant connection with the mother, father, or both of them to assist their child in grounding his or her consciousness in the lower frequency.

“The members of the “greater family” of new parents, who are also temporarily living in the scrdala, work in unity to assist the new members of our Pleiadian reality to acclimate to their new life. This group is more than a family, as they function as ONE being of parental love who are welcoming new life into our world. 

When each family leaves the scrdala, the choices of living situations differ with the frequency to which they resonate. A being who is able to be awake on many different vibrations at once, such as myself, will have very different situations on each plane.  This is much like your situation. 

“On the third dimension, you live a quiet, private life.  On the fourth dimension, you live in Faerie with your beloved fairies and Nature creatures, and on the fifth dimension you are me!  Yes, dear, you and I are ONE.

“We are different expressions of the same Oversoul, the same Being. Kepier is another expression of our being. IlliaEm is the eight dimensional expression of our Oversoul. And, Jaqual is an Antarian member of our Oversoul.

“There are also many other expressions of our Oversoul that you have not met yet, however, you soon will. It is this way for ALL the grounded ones on Earth. All of you have octaves of your SELF that are expressed in myriad times, worlds, and dimensions. Because you are incarnated on ascending Earth, your multidimensional consciousness has split into myriad expressions in preparation for your grounding into developing fifth dimensional planet. 

On the sixth dimension, you are on Venus, where you are able to visit and communicate with your Pleiadian and Antarian expressions of SELF. Your Arcturian self resonates to the eight through tenth dimensions and can move between myriad locations because you are not in need of a planetary Home. Your sixth dimensional self travels often to Antares as well as to Arcturus, Sirius, or here in the Pleiades. 

I can see your mental question about whether or not these different portions of your SELF ever meet? The answer is, of course! Are we not doing that now? However, each SELF is also a different reality. Much like the different realities you have experienced and remembered in your third dimensional self. In the physical world these portions of your self are separated by time and space. On the other dimensions, the different selves, or realities resonate to different vibrations. 

 “OK,” scoffed Lisa, “That is enough for me. Enough of this book and enough of this wine! I am not sure if I am more upset about the book or about the fact that Mom left me without saying a word.”

However, she did have to admit that there were quite a few calls from her mother that she had been too “busy” to return. But, she was not ready to take responsibility for anything yet. She could not even admit that she was so very happy to be away from the house, her husband and even the kids.

What was wrong with her lately? She felt kind of empty inside, as though she just did not have any more to give. So she came to her mother’s house to get something and she was gone! She slammed the empty wine glass onto the table, almost breaking it, allowed the journal to fall on the floor and went into her Mother’s guestroom to get some sleep.

She tried not to wonder why she remembered to pick up the journal and take it with her.

Lisa woke up at 10:00am. Oh what kind of Heaven was that? However, as soon as she sat up and felt her headache, Heaven was over. Even though she had a splitting head, she had a strange sense of peace and calm about her. Then, with a start, she realized that she had not called the kids, or her husband, or her friend who was helping with the kids.

She had been angry at her mother for not communicating with her, and she had done the same thing to her own children. “Like mother, like daughter,” she said as she reached for her phone, which was out of juice. Then she had to look through her luggage. “Oh please, please, I DID remember to bring the cord,” she said to herself.

Fortunately, the cord was found, the phone plugged in, and to her surprise, she did NOT call her husband first. NO, she called her friend first and found out that she was the saint she had always been and had fed all the kids, her own and Lisa’s, and taken them to school. Continuing with her saintly behavior, she did not even ask Lisa when she would be home.

Lisa was so happy that she did not have to lie to such a great friend. However, she could not tell her friend the truth because she did not know it. “Oh, yes Cindy, my mother has completely disappeared and I am reading her journal about her Pleiadian self.  Nor could she tell Cindy that she was so happy to be alone for a while. There was something she had to figure out, that is besides the whereabouts of her missing mother.

Why hadn’t she phoned the police? How did she know that her mother was OK? The cat had a home, the electricity and sprinklers were on and the phones still worked. She could not have been gone too long, or all that would have been turned off. But, why didn’t her mother tell her where she was. Oh yes, the ignored phone calls.

After a long, hot shower and more coffee, she returned to Mytria. Of course, she would have to go to the store, call her mother’s friends, if she could find her Mom’s phonebook and, oh yes, call her husband. But he had not called her, so why did she need to call him? However, she did remember to NOT look at her missed phone calls. Her kids were fine, and Cindy was taking care of them.

After the shower and coffee, she was ready for the journal, which happened to be right next to her bed. With coffee in hand, she grabbed the journal and returned to her “high school homework chair” to see what else Mytria had to say.

Each reality, or life, is separate until you are able to become conscious of it, then it is a portion of the whole,” said Mytria. “Your perception of the "whole" increases as your consciousness expands.” 

Furthermore, each component of your self can be individual within the unity of your Multidimensional SELF. We Pleiadians often wish to keep our ‘fragments’ individuated so that we can explore each reality with depth and intimacy.

I, Mytria, am able to raise my vibration to the seventh dimension where I can communicate with all the other aspects of my SELF. Each of us is individual as well as ONE. Of course, this scenario is only possible when our bodies resonate beyond time and space.”

“What?” questioned Lisa, not quite as snarly as she would have asked the day before? Something was bothering her. Yes, it was a dream. She could not remember the dream, but the feeling of it troubled her.

I wish now to answer your thought about why it took you so long to feel my presence,” continued Mytria. “Your connection to me was difficult to feel because it begins on the fifth dimension, and your consciousness can only expand to that frequency when you are calm and meditative. 

Also if you were to communicate with me before this time, it would have been too confusing to you.  Do you see how much difficulty you had even now with some of the concepts that I have presented to you?”

“Yes,” Lisa replied without noticing. This time her reply was not angry. Maybe that was because of her dream. 

It is good that you are stretching your imagination and consciousness to embrace what will soon come into your world,” wrote Mytria. Most of all, the Goddess, Mother Earth, Gaia is awakening. She will soon hear the mating call of Her Divine Complement and will no longer tolerate any injustice to Her being.

Gaia will be a bride preparing for her wedding. She will make herself beautiful, and anyone who tries to stop Her will not enjoy the consequences. It will be a wonderful time. You, and others like you, will at last be happy to be born on Earth in a third dimensional form.

Then, because you all will learn to totally love life on the third dimension, you will be able to release that life.  You will not need to release your form, of course, but you will release all of its limitations and separations. Your physical body will be like the car you drive on Earth, as it will hold your consciousness. Then, when you wish a new, improved ‘vehicle, for your consciousness, you will easily replace the old one. Only, you will NOT have to take out a loan. You will create, free and clear, the vehicle of your choice.

I look forward to many more communications with you, and I await your next visit to my world.

Lisa did not understand why she did not get angry like she did before. But, it was nice to not feel angry for a minute. In fact, when she was NOT angry, she began to understand how angry she had been.

No, the anger was not about her mother. It wasn’t even because of her husband. She was angry because something was missing, and she did not know what. She almost felt good, until her mother moved on to UFOs.

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