Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Higher Perspectives with Dr. Robert Siblerud

Please enjoy the second interview in our series, Higher Perspective Conversations. In this conversation I discuss Our Galactic Visitors with Dr. Robert Siblerud.

Higher Perspective Conversations - Dr. Robert Siblerud - May 18, 2010

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I found this message that I received on May 26, 2010 and wanted to share with you all today.

Dear Ones,

We wish to remind you that, on some level, you have chosen all of your earthly challenges. Why would I do such a thing, you may ask. The answer is that these challenges could be faced only by finding your connection to Spirit. You Soul knows that your third dimensional reality is a “school” that you have chosen to enter to expand your Light through the experiences of physical incarnation. You Soul does not care if you are rich or famous. It only wants you to remember your Spirit while you are grounded in matter.

Through your many challenges you have learned to live everyday, or at least, most days, looking to Spirit. You have remembered to stay in connection with Spirit, not just when you embroiled within a challenge, but also when you are happy and peaceful. You have learned that Spirit is not something to run to when you are scared. Spirit is something that that you ARE. You have remembered that you ARE Spirit grounded in matter, not matter looking for Spirit. With this Knowing, you journey into the 3D Game is coming into its completion.

Now that you live everyday, and most minutes, looking to Spirit, whether you are filled with love or filled with fear, you have found the great comfort of living in light and would not choose otherwise. Most important, you have learned to love yourself unconditionally, even if you are not aware of that fact. It is this love that allows you to find joy in the midst of your daily life.

We ask now that all of you find some time in your daily life to experience the glorious Nature of Gaia, even if is within your own yard or local park. Being in the company of Nature at this NOW will allow you to make a leap in your consciousness, which is further than you have dared to desire. You are all butterflies, just emerging from your cocoons and need the love of Mother Nature to nurture your new expression of SELF.

It is time for you, the leaders of New Earth, to quietly mature into the frequency of the fifth dimension while still inhabiting your earth vessels. This action is a great challenge and only possible if you have joy in your daily life. What is necessary in this portion of Gaia’s process of planetary ascension is that the ascending ones live in two worlds simultaneously. If you are not grounded in your third dimensional world by the power of love and joy, which are perpetuated by thanksgiving, your energy will fly from your earth vessel and off into the fifth dimension. In other words, you will have personal ascension.

In this case, you will not be using your great force of person ascension to contribute to the ascension of the body of Gaia. If you are happy, content and loving life in your third dimensional life, you will be more able to remain in your earth vessel at the same time that you journey into the fifth dimension. Your frequent journey into the fifth dimension while you still maintain an active earth vessel, will serve to “pull” third dimensional Earth through the fourth dimension and into the fifth. In this manner, our grounded ones can return Home while they also bring their third dimensional home, Earth, with them.

Furthermore, the force of Gaia’s planetary ascension will assist humanity with their personal ascension. The reality is, of course, that humanity IS Gaia, for in the fifth dimension, YOU are the planet and the PLANET is you. As you become ONE with your planetary womb, you will leave it cocoon and fly free into the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

We know that we ask a lot of our Planetary Ascension Team to stay in the third dimension, but your frequent visits to the fifth dimension will make your time of waiting for planetary ascension much easier. We see the glory of your Awaking to your Multidimensional SELF as starbursts upon the body of Gaia. We also know that most of you were among those who answered Gaia’s distress call at the fall of Atlantis. We can also see your great dedication to “stay the course,” until you have completed your Promise the assist Earth’s return to a higher frequency of Her expression.

We commend you on your great patience, persistence and commitment. We know that you wish to return Home, yet have chosen to stay until you are no longer needed. We of the Galactic Federation, especially those of us who once lived on Earth and assist Her from the higher dimensions, are proud to Know you and look forward the grand celebration when you return to us.

Your Arcturian Family