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Sharman's First Transmission To Earth--Chapter5 Preparing For first Contact--Pleidians through Sue Lie

By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie

Sharman’s First Transmission to Earth

Greetings from our Pleiadian Starship,

Within your NOW we are beginning a series of transmissions from our Ships, which are just beyond your atmosphere. We send these transmissions to those inhabitants of Earth who are ready to expand their consciousness, and thus their perceptions, into the “Transitional Reality of Earth.”

For those who are able to attend to and accept the many writings, movies, blog posts and human communications that remind you that something is changing on planet Earth, what you may not know is that “where your attention is, there you are also.”

In other words, if your attention is limited to third dimensional news, communications, jobs, financial issues, and violent confrontations, your consciousness will become lowered to the level of fear that these messages create.

What you may not know is that those who have been in “Power Over” your reality for generations of your time/space reality purposefully create this worldwide fear. However, your consciousness is expanding, more and more into higher fourth dimensional and fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

As your consciousness expands to include the concept of higher dimensional states of consciousness and versions of reality, your perceptions increasingly calibrate away from your third and lower fourth dimensional worlds of illusion and into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional realities based on the ONE of the NOW.

We, your galactic friends, see that more and more of you are having moments, days, or even more extended conscious experiences of delta and gamma wave consciousness. Your delta wave consciousness brings in enough awareness of your own inner power that you can “Let Go” of lower dimensional lies and illusions.

At first, this process of “letting go” can be somewhat disturbing, as you have released your old third/fourth dimensional operating system and have not yet understood and embraced the new fifth dimensional operating system.

In other words, you have completed your exploration of a third dimensional reality in the first stages of ascension. But, as the frequency of that reality moves into the flow of the NOW of the ONE, your daily, “normal,” perceptions are beginning to expand into the higher fourth dimension of your reality.

Furthermore, an ever-expanding population of Gaia’s humanity is expanding their consciousness to include the next octave of reality, which is the fifth dimension. As you awakening ones now remember, this flow of the ONE expands your consciousness and perceptions beyond your fourth dimensional perceptions and into their fifth dimensional perceptions.

Once you have consciously felt the fifth dimensional energy fields as they flow into your meditations, your dreams, and increasingly into your daily life, the separation, limitation and sequential time of third/fourth dimensions become increasingly “old fashioned,” and you long to enter into the New World that you feel within your being.

As you continue to return to your true fifth dimensional expression of self, your consciousness and perceptions become increasingly calibrated to more easily perceive the multidimensional light and unconditional love that you so longed for during your long mission to third dimensional Earth.

As you have likely observed, unconditional love can be a challenge in a third dimensional reality, but it is also a transmutational challenge well worth exploring. Many of the members of our away teams to ascending Earth have had many incarnations on Earth in many different timeframes of reality.

Now, many of you are remembering your true SELF back home on the Ship. Therefore, we are asking you to share your experiences with us, as well as others within your current reality. Many do not realize that they are experiencing living in a reality that is in preparation for transmutation into the next octave.

We commend you all for choosing such a challenging life in which you are consciously observing and experiencing the impact of the duality of love verses fear. Please remember that from your innate, higher perspective of also being on the Ship, you have the ability to observe the past, present and future of those realities.

From within the NOW of the Ship, you can collect all that you have learned from all third/fourth dimensional Earth. The fifth dimensional viewpoint of the Ship allows you to perceive the illusion of time within Earth’s three cycles of past, present and future, simultaneously within the NOW of our fifth dimensional ONE.

We have observed that by the “time” our volunteers finally remember their true multidimensional self on the Ship, they have had many adventures on third/fourth dimensional Earth. Some of these experiences were “good” and some of them were, shall we say, “educational.”

We say “educational” because not only did these incarnations allow you to have the opportunity to help others on Earth, but you can also better inform us, the members of the Landings Party, about the readiness of humanity for our direct contact.

We have also learned, that many of our volunteers to ascending Earth have had many challenging experiences and need to return to the Ship for regular debriefings and much needed R&R. After being in a polarized frequency of reality for a long “time,” they are ready to return Home for a much needed visit.

Before the finale of your long process of third dimensional life, after life, after life, many of you enjoy visiting the Ship. Some of you have only had one or two incarnations on third dimensional Earth, but some of you have taken many incarnations on many different locations and timelines.

Our volunteers often forget their true self and become completely immersed in their third dimensional version of life on Earth. Some of these experiences were part of their mission statement, so that you could collect and bring back data about how we could best assist with the earthlings’ personal and planetary transmutation.

It is one thing to observe the dramas, both good and bad, from a higher dimensional perspective, and an entirely different thing to observe it while you actually live within that physical/astral reality.

Unfortunately, because of this great challenge, many of our volunteers have become trapped in the “Wheel of Life and Death” of a third dimensional planet. In some lives our volunteers may have fallen into the lowest resonance of the third dimensional energy waves.

Often, this very brave mission was their choice. These spiritual warriors chose to live out as many incarnations as it took for them to remember their true Multidimensional SELF, while still wearing their earth vessel.

When they did remember that they were inter-dimensional travelers, they could begin to document their experiences, so that others who are just beginning to remember could discover that they were NOT alone.

As many of you can now recall, you were visiting Earth in the timeline that is on the cusp of a consciousness breakthrough into the fifth dimensional octave of planet Earth. In fact, there are many within your “breakthrough reality,” as we call it, that do not have such a realization-YET.  

Hence, it is important that those who do recognize the “feeling” of breaking through the dogma and separation of the third dimensional paradigm, know that the octave of reality to which you are beginning to resonate is the fifth dimensional version of the reality.

We can see that many of you are in dire need of some rest and recreation before you can move onto the next phase of your mission. Therefore, we lovingly invite you to visit our Ship in your night body or gamma wave meditation.  

After you have had replenished your earth vessel with our fifth dimensional unconditional love and transmuted your earth vessel with our Violet Fire, we ask that you serve as a scribe and document your experiences.

We then ask that you share these experiences with others, as well as with us. We will begin our “landings on Earth” within Gaia’s fifth dimensional frequency band. In that manner only those with a fifth dimensional state of consciousness will be able to perceive us.

Because there is so much strife on your world within this now, it would create too much fear and further aggression (as aggression is created by fear—not bravery) if we landed in the third dimension of reality. On the other hand, if you can expand your consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimension, you will be able to perceive us.

You must remember, though, that your higher states of consciousness have different frequencies of perception. Therefore, you do not see us as you would a physical airplane. At first, you will likely perceive us as an “inner knowing” that we are there. Then, if you are away from a populated area, we can move into frequencies closer to your physical perceptions without fear or aggression.

If you use your higher states of consciousness to invite us into your home or property, we will appear within the fifth frequency of consciousness in which you invited us. In other words, if you ask via your fifth dimensional consciousness, we will enter at that frequency.

Once we know that the majority of people are ready to confront the beginning of an entirely different era of their reality, we can reveal ourselves more often. Earth is a very difficult planet to make contact with because it has such diverse cultures with vast ranges of readiness of personal and planetary ascension.

As an example, some earth humans will only be able to shift from their third dimensional, physical expression of self into their fourth dimensional, astral expression of self. On the other hand, some will be able to shift into their fifth dimensional, lightbody expression of self.

Some Earth humans are even ready to shift into their sixth dimensional light being or even their seventh dimensional Oversoul. Because Earth has always been such a diverse planet, some humans are even prepared to shift into their eight through twelfth dimensional expressions of SELF. 

Fortunately, many who could personally shift into the eighth through twelfth dimensions are only shifting to the fifth dimension in order to use their multidimensional energy fields to assist the entire planet to shift into the fifth dimension.

Gaia is very grateful for this assistance, and those who do make that temporary sacrifice will experience the joy and adventure of Gaia’s transmutation into a fifth dimensional “light planet.”

Since we on the Ships resonate to the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, we know that Gaia will, and already has, become Her planetary lightbody. Once this ascension process begins, it will progress faster and faster because the process will leave third/fourth dimensional time and move into the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.

It may take many incarnations before one who is totally lost in the third dimension can remember and totally merge with all the octave of their multidimensional self. Fortunately, time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension.

Once one begins their process of returning to their true, Multidimensional SELF, their transmutation moves faster and faster until they flow into the fifth dimension. Once they expand their consciousness, perception, sense of self and reality into the fifth dimension, they leave the time/space of the third/fourth dimensions.

The lifetime in which a person, or a planet, is able to make that breakthrough is often called the “Transmutational Reality.” Just as you, our dear volunteers, are experiencing more and more “unseen beings” who wish to assist you to expand your “imagination” and/or “state of consciousness,” so will many more.

Earth has become a Transmutational Reality. Hence, an ever-increasing number of Her inhabitants will be experiencing moments of “peeking through the veil of illusion” to find that which was always there, but they forgot.


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Preparing For First Contact--Chapter 4-The Debriefing--The Pleiadian-Through Suzanne Lie

By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie

The Debriefing

Because of Shelia’s loving care, I recovered sooner than I expected. I have come through this experience with a much greater respect for the humans, as well as the many other galactic volunteers to wear an earth vessel during the era of post WWII and into their NOW of preparing for contact.

Of course, many humans are still unaware that contact with their galactic family is imminent, but more and more seem to be awakening to that event. Earth’s Internet has allowed the people to communicate with each other free of the “power over others” complex that focuses, not on truth, but on maintaining their control of the planet.

I know I will soon be called into my debriefing, so I will have a chance to share all that I have learned. In fact, with that very thought, I am called into my debriefing session. I was expecting this call, so I am ready and leave my cabin to go to our meeting room.

After the appropriate amenities of greeting, I sit down before the panel that first briefed me for my mission and wished me well as I went off to take an earth vessel. This may seem confusing, but even though much time seemed to have passed during my third dimensional reality, the Ship functions via the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.

In fact, returning to the NOW after so many years of living within time has been one of my most difficult recovery challenges. However, as I sit down before the unconditionally loving and totally accepting panel, I know that I have returned home.

At first, the four, two men and two women, because we Pleiadians see the combination of male and female influence to be very beneficial. Now, I do need to explain that we Pleiadians have so much contact with, and affinity for, our Earth family wearing physical bodies, that we often maintain a gender while on duty on the Ship, and then blend with our Divine Complements, if they are on the Ship, during our times of rest and recreation.

I hear the voice of one of the four and bring myself back to the event at hand. “I am sorry,” I say as I am swept back from my reverie. “I am still adapting from my third dimensional thinking back into my fifth dimensional thinking.”

“Yes,” one the of the female officers says with a smile, “we can see that. How are you adapting to life back on the Ship?”

“Oh, I am appreciating my life here so much more now that I have seen the challenges of ascending Earth. I have been flowing back and forth between my Human and Pleiadian self, but I am sure that this debriefing will assist me to more deeply understand my third dimensional experience on Earth.”

“Did you read the Ship’s Bulletin from the Arcturians that it is the NOW for us to make ourselves more public to the humans on Earth?” she continued.

“Yes, I did.” I replied.

“It is for this reason that we have called you in for your debriefing. We see that you have recovered for your Earth mission and are eager to understand what you have learned during your away mission,” said the four in unison.

At first I was a bit confused as to who was talking, as I was still holding the third-dimensional Earth concept of individuality. I could see that they were hearing my thoughts and were allowing me to re-calibrate my consciousness again into my fifth dimensional unity consciousness.

“Thank you,” I said. “Since this is the first time I have left Shelia and my cabin, the remnants of my 3D experience are still in operation of some of my thinking. I appreciate your unified communication, as it helps me to complete my re-orientation back to my multidimensional self.”

“Are you ready to begin your debriefing now?” they said in unity.

I took a moment to make an assessment of my recovery and said, “Yes, I am,” as I took my seat across the small table between us.

Then we will begin our debriefing. As we stated, we are ready to make our presence more obvious, especially since the latest Arcturian directive regarding releasing our cloaking more often and making our presence more know to the many who are ready and, in fact, asking us to show ourselves.

“However, we also know that that are many who are not ready to accept a reality in which there is reality beyond the limitations of their perception. Since you actually fell into that thir -dimensional thinking during your away mission, we ask you to directly address your opinion and observation regarding Earth’s human readiness for contact.”

“You are very correct,” I responded. “My life on Earth began with hope, excitement, an opened mind and sense of adventure. However, the hardships of living in a reality in which so many people wish to gain power over others, where we all have to work for a living, and where unjust laws are passed to punish the innocent and reward those who live off of the misery of others, has brought me great respect for the humans who have somehow remembered their true, multidimensional abilities.”

“As you know, I fell into total forgetfulness of my true Pleiadian self, of my life on the Ship, of my many friends and even of my complement, Shelia. I think that my body became too injured and sick because there was a war within me. On one side I wanted to remember my true self, but on the other side I found it easier to just give up.

“There is am immense brain-washing campaign down there as the Power Over groups seem to have most of the control of the media. There is a great deal of truth that is being revealed via the Internet, but there are many people who do not have computers or Internet service.

“Furthermore, when highly intelligent and/or awakened humans use their innate creativity to make a statement, the dark, power-over ones hold back their inventions, hide the true storylines of their movies with excess violence, steal their patens, and much more. Many have even been murdered for speaking the truth.

“Yes,” the panel answered in one voice. “We have gotten this same intel from our other volunteers to Earth. You volunteered to take on a reality in which you were overcome by those challenges, so that we could better understand where people begin to get lost. Can you assist us with that information?”

“I think so,” I said. “I have been speaking with Shelia about that very thing. She was observing me from the ship and could give me some great feedback. She told me that when I did not allow a deep loving relationship into my life that I began to get depressed.

“Then, as I became more and more depressed, I looked at my self as a victim to others rather than the master of my own life. Of course, being in an unjust war in which many innocent people were murdered, their homes and land were ruined and no one stopped it, took away much of “spirit for change.”

“The generation that I chose to enter was born just after World War II. There was a brief time in the 1960’s up till the late 1970’s where it appeared that humanity had recovered their courage to speak up for themselves.

“However, after only a few years into the 1980’s that spirit for change was gone and everyone had to work hard to pay for the “credit cards” that the Power-Over ones gave away as a “gift.”

“I was in the United States, but there were myriad similar stories, with slightly different timelines, all across the world. Fortunately, the Power Over others’ underground bases were finally destroyed by our Galactic Forces. If that had not occurred, I am sure the entire planet would be in worse shape than it is now.”

“Do you see hope for those who are lost both to the indoctrination of being the “elite power-over group” and/or for those who feel trapped by and victimized by their version of reality on Earth?” the panel asked me.

I had to think a bit before I could give my most honest answer. Finally, I said, “I did not, and could not, see much hope while I was still wearing my earth vessel on the planet. However, now that I have recovered, I can see many important changes that were occurring before my very eyes, but I was too downtrodden to perceive them.

“I guess my answer is that if the grounded ones can connect with their higher resonance of self in the higher dimensions and/or on the ships, they can gain a perspective of personal empowerment.

“At first, they may only think of this, “higher self”, as being someone above them, but what I did not remember until I returned home on my ship, that “higher self” was always within me.”

“Yes,” responded the panel. “We also see that finding their power within has allowed many humans to make a huge difference in their reality. Unfortunately, we also observe that there are still many kind and loving humans who cannot allow themselves to embrace even the possibility of what they call “extraterrestrial life.” Could you address that issue?”

“Yes,” I responded thoughtfully, “I can try to answer it. In fact, I also became so lost that I could not believe that someone who is not even on our planet would help us. I fell into a state of deep victimization in which I could not trust anyone, even my self.

“So, if I could not even trust my self, and/or my own culture, friends, country to help me, why would I even think of trusting something that I could not even see? On the other hand, even if I did see a starship, I doubt that I would have believed it. I would likely have called it some kind of conspiracy.

“Since I had so fallen into the state of consciousness in which I was the victim to “them,” without identifying who this group of “them” was, I could not allow myself a solution. Even when I was called back to the Ship, I fought the very thing that my inner self wanted because I had lost all hope in ever getting the assistance that I so desperately needed.

“Not only was I totally lost to the power-within of my Pleiadian self, I was lost to the power-within of my human self. I have found that the most difficult part of my recovery is to forgive myself for so totally forgetting my own higher dimensional SELF.

“It was the unconditional love and total acceptance from Shelia, my Divine Complement, that allowed me to finally unconditionally love and accept my self. But how can we send unconditional love and total acceptance the many wounded ones on third dimensional Earth?”

“Sharman,” replied the panel as they sent me unconditional love, “You have been very helpful. We have been trying to discover a manner in which we can best assist the humans on transmuting Earth, whereas your recent experience of being human has reminded us that our most effective assistance is to help humanity to help themselves.”

“Yes, yes,” I answered in an excited voice. “Do you remember our early Pleiadian history? We too wanted to create a new life. So, we traveled around the Galaxy in search of the exact planets in which we could ground our unconditional love and multidimensional light to create our new homes.”

“Of course,” replied the panel. “Perhaps the best assistance we can send to the humans is unconditional love. In fact, we can begin by sending the collective power of our Pleiadian unconditional love to those who wish to have “power over” others, as well as to those who are finding and/or living via their “power within.”

“Yes,” I said excitedly. “Just speaking about Power Within has completed my recovery. I am ready to help further in any way that I can.”

“Thank you,” replied the panel. “This has been a very informative debriefing. We will be calling on you again. In fact, we are planning to send regular ‘Transmissions to Earth.’ The Arcturians have been sending these transmissions for many decades of Earth time, and found them very useful.

“Since we Pleiadians appear very similar to the humans, we will be amongst the first Landing Party on Earth. Therefore, we wish to prepare humanity by sending regular transmissions to Earth. We would like you to be in charge of that Commander Sharman.”

“Thank you,” I said as I stood to leave. “I would be honored to assist with preparing humans for our landings in any way that I can.”


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