Sunday, November 29, 2020


 November 29, 2020


                       Dear Ones who are NOW wearing a Human Earth Vessel,

We, the members of your Galactic Family wish to send you the "Feeling" of your own Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF. Many of you have experienced that "feeling" before, but you did not know what it was. Therefore, we wish to share with you several ways in which you will be able to experience your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

Of course, if you can not believe that you have a "Higher SELF" will not attempt to find that higher version of your self, as you will not expect that it is something that you can experience. However, ALL of you can, and many have already, felt the "feeling" of a higher frequency of your own self.

However, you will likely think of this experience as more like "Having a Good Day," or even "wondering if something good may possibly occur. Yes, we the members of your Galactic Family, are able to observe our grounded ones from the perspective of our/your higher dimensional self. 

We say"our/your" Higher Self as we ARE your Higher Dimensional SELF that comes into your dreams and meditations. It is most likely that you will have a "feeling" of "something good seems to come into your awareness. However, it is not too often that you may actually believe that you are actually feeling your own Higher SELF.

In fact, we, the members of your Galactic Family have observed that it is not common that our brave, Galactic Beings volunteer to actually take a third dimensional body during this time of great planetary changes. On the other hand, we have found that more and more of our members who are wearing a third dimensional body are beginning to remember and/or if something seems to "feel different." 

On the other hand, more and more third dimensional humans are beginning to ponder if there is actually a possibility that they have a higher dimensional SELF. It is the "beginning to wonder" that makes us, your Galactic Family so very happy that more and more of our volunteers to take a third dimensional body are beginning to "remember" that there is something new, or is it something different, that they are feeling within this now.

We, your Galactic Family, are so very proud of our volunteers to take a third dimensional body during this now that feels much like "something different is going to happen!" There are still many who do not want to be to different, or even "weird" enough to follow what they feel inside, even though there are only a few, if any, other humans that they can share this experience with.

On the other hand, even though there are still many who cannot believe in higher frequencies of reality, there are more and more humans who are beginning to remember "something," but they cannot quite understand what, or who that, "something is different is!" 

What is different, is that more and more members of Gaia's Earth are beginning to "feel" that  they are on the cusp of great change. At first, they may just want the change to occur because they are tired of how things have been, and tired of not knowing what to do, what to change, and even ponder if they may be ready to change themselves.

When one is beginning to wonder if maybe they can change, improve, and/or awaken to something that they are beginning to realize "somehow," "something" is changing around them. In fact, more and more people are becoming more and more curious to discover what this "weird sense of difference" will mean in their lives.

Of course, different humans will AWAKEN in different ways, as there is NO "right" or "wrong" way to begin your "process of awakening to SELF." However, those who awakening will likely seek out others who are awakening. At first, they might be shy and only say something like, "Wow, it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with the news these day."

Or, if they feel more confident in their experiences they may say something like, "Wow, things some to be changing so quickly now, that it is hard to keep up!" Then the other person may say something like, "Yes, it is about time that things are changing!" 

If both people are able to divulge that they are a little, or a lot, overwhelmed by what needs to change, but seems to be stuck, as well as what is changing, but maybe too quickly. Some people may wish to ignore that which they cannot understand, yet, whereas others are moving into "high gear" to figure out what exactly is going on.

The best thing, is that people are slowly, or quickly, wanting to talk with others about what is occurring, or NOT occurring in their daily life. More and more people are beginning to expand their conscious awareness to encompass issues that address, not just their human reality, but also the reality of dear Gaia's Planet Earth.

Too long, too many humans have treated Gaia's Earth like a big rock instead of a living being. Too many humans think of the trees as something they just cut down when they wish, the water that they can throw waste into, the sky that gets polluted all by itself, so that even the Sun, which has much to share with the humans, cannot shine through the smog and human waste.

In fact there are signs of human waste everywhere, but most humans do not see what they do not what to face. On the other hand, we, your Galactic Family, can easily observe the great damage that the humans do to their Mother Gaia day, after day, after day...

Therefore, WE the members of your Galactic Family come to you again and again to remind you that you too are members of our Galactic Family, but you FORGOT! 



   Please share what you have done for Gaia, so that you can be a role model for others!



Saturday, November 28, 2020

Conversation with Higher Self with Sue Lie and Daniel L

 Posted November 28, 2020

                 Conversation with your Higher Self



                        Sue Lie and Daniel L. 

                                                          HIGHER  SELVES






Monday, November 23, 2020

Reunion with your Galactic Family

  Nov. 23, 2020  

Reunion with your Galactic Family                                                                         

Through Suzanne Lie

Dear humans on Gaia's Earth during this challenging time, we your Galactic Family, wish to commend the great courage that you have all been facing on Gaia's dear planet. Here you are on the cusp of Thanksgiving Day in which you  celebrate that for which you are grateful. 

However, this long time, Holiday, was meant to be, and usually was, a joyful time in which friends and family gathered with their loved ones to happily celebrate the former year and give thanks for the new reality they will create during the next year is VERY different.

For one thing the long time celebration of Thanksgiving for what you have received during the closing of  this year and the soon to be celebration of the opening of the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams is very different this year.

For one thing, the huge family gatherings are no longer the same with everyone wearing a "mask and keeping "social distance" from each other. And what are you grateful about for the last year? 

It is no longer a list of all the exciting things you have done, but more of a list about the comfort that you give and received from others for the many challenges that you all had to face during this closing year. 

"How could this happen?" you ask your selves. How could so much unhappiness come to so many people? The long time of "social distancing" and not being able to see your loved ones as often or to take a wonderful vacation, or to just gather with your friends and have a loving time on a long vacation, was much more complicated during this last year. 

Fortunately, Americans have stood up for themselves and have found good leaders for this wonderful country, but still the "lost one" fights to keep the hardships going and the daily comforts more and more difficult to enjoy.

However, Americans, as well as people from other countries, did find ways to bring joy into their lives. People have met via the computer, and/or have worn masks to protect themselves and others from the "hidden enemy" that has been changing their lives.    

This last year, in America a "leaderless leader" has been a great challenge for everyone.  Many, many people have been taken down by the "virus," lost their jobs, run very low on money and have not been able to have those wonderful face-to-face conversations with their friends and family. 

Other countries with good leaders have be able to be more successful in protecting themselves from the "virus." However, each country has faced this challenge in different, and/or similar ways. Unfortunately, in some countries, the leadership has been leaderless, selfish and/or even more damaging. It is pretty obvious which country we, your Galactic Family, are speaking of. 

We, the members of your Galactic Family are sending you, the humans on Earth, the Love and Light that you deserve and that you WILL recover in your daily lives. 

We, your Galactic Family, are speaking to you directly, as wish to remind you that YOU are NOT alone. More and more of the Gaia's humans are remembering that they are not just human. In fact, more and more humans are remembering that they ALL have a higher dimensional versions of their physical, third dimensional self.    

This Higher Dimensional Version of their third dimensional self rests within the Heart and Soul of every human on Gaia's Earth. Unfortunately, some humans have become forgetful of their own Inner/Higher Dimensional SELF.

Fortunately, we your Galactic Family can see that the NEW NOW is gathering within the hearts and minds of our brave Galactic Family Members who chose to take an incarnation during this time of GREAT challenge.

Therefore, we the members of  your Higher Dimensional/Multidimensional SELF wish to remind you the YOU have chosen to take an earth vessel during your NOW so that they/you can participate in the Great Awakening.   

This "great Awakening" is slowly, but surely, entering the hearts and minds of the human members of Gaia who are beginning to remember their dreams that tell them that they are NOT alone. The Awakening Ones will first only hear the "not alone" component so that they can remember their own Higher Dimensional Connection with the higher frequencies of reality.

Of course, since many humans and still only perceive that which is totally physical, the NOW of Seeing the Higher Light will be a gradual process so that they do not become overwhelmed with their "fear of the unknown."

Fortunately as more and more humans begin to awaken to their Higher SELF who will communicate with them via dreams, inner pictures, a growing need to know just what is really happening on their planet.

The first, and very vital part of this awakening process is that they begin to allow themselves  to remember that Gaia, planet EARTH, is an alive, sentient being. This is NOT a new trend. 

In fact the Ancient Ones all thought of Gaia as a Living Being. In fact, the "primitive ones" believed that it was their duty to protect their planet so that it would be health and able to keep alive in the hearts of all humans that Humanity was meant to be the Protectors of their Planet Gaia. 

Unfortunately, as humans "advanced," they began to think less and less of Gaia as being a Living Being. Very often they believed that Gaia was NOT alive so that they could plunder and take over what ever they wanted. 

Fortunately, every "dark night for Gaia" was eventually assisted by the "awakened members of Gaia's Earth." Most of these "awakened ones" were Galactic Beings from Pleiadies, Arcturus, Venus, and/or the Antarians. 

It was these member of Gaia's Galactic Family who would come to their beloved sister planet of Gaia (Earth) to assist Her whenever difficult times struck Earth. It was then that the  members of Gaia's Galactic Family would come to Her Planetary Assistance.

Most third dimensional humans are NOT aware that a planet, in fact their planet, could be an alive being. Therefore, these unaware humans allowed themselves to harm Gaia in many, many ways over many, many, timelines.

We, your Galactic Family are her within this NOW to remind you the YOU, the humans of Gaia's Earth are Her worst enemy and Her Best protector.

This is the NOW in which humanity must decide if they wish to be


or if they wish to be 


To those who are not yet aware of the great damage that humans do to their Home Planet EVERY DAY, We, the members of YOUR Galactic Family, remind you that YOU are among the ONES who have chosen to be:


We, Your Galactic Family, Thank you for Remembering your


Do not forget to look up dear grounded Galactic Ones, 

As we are waiting to communicate with YOU!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A Message From your Galactic Family

 November 18, 2020

                                          A Message from your Galactic Family


Dear Friends who are wearing a human Earth Body, we, the members of your Galactic Family wish to remind you that YOU are NOT alone. In fact, all of you who are currently wearing your third dimensional earth body, are actually able to contact all of your Galactic Family if you wish. 

The first part of this process is to allow yourself to KNOW that  you can communicate with beings of a higher frequency of resonance, and therefore, are not visible to your third dimensional perspective. 

However, if you can allow your self to remember your own Higher SELF, you can begin to remember that there is more to reality than that which resonates to the frequency of the Third Dimensional reality.

In fact, there are other frequencies of reality that are usually invisible via your third dimensional perspective. For example, there are more Starships in your sky than you would think because you cannot see them. The reason why you do not see the Starships is because they are cloaked. 

The Galactics are aware that too many third dimensional humans would become frightened if they saw a Starship. Therefore, in order to not frighten anyone, they cloak their Starships in a manner that the third dimensional humans cannot perceive.

On the other had, the Galactics are also aware of humans who are ready to know that there are other beings in Outer Space that can, and often do, communicate with the member of Gaia's Earth. 

However, many of these inter-dimension meetings occur  when the human is asleep or in deep meditation. When humans are asleep or in deep meditation, the frequency of their "perceptual field" is greatly enhanced.

"What is a perceptual field?" we hear you ask? The answer for this specific question is that your perceptual field is that which you are willing to perceive while in  your perceptual field, and that which you are not ready to perceive, you unconsciously block out from your daily "normal" life.

We say "daily normal life" because most humans are not yet ready to know that they are part of their own "Higher Dimensional SELF." Therefore, they "unconsciously" forget these Higher Dimensional Experiences because they worry that they will not be able to fit in to a normal life if they have those types of memories.

Your Higher Dimensional SELF usually comes "on line" in your consciousness when you are having a deep meditation, a higher dimensional dream, a peak experience, or a memory that seems to suddenly come into your awareness. It is then that your experience and/or remembrance of  a dream, meditation, or even a higher reality in which you are aware of the higher frequencies of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

However, when these higher messages come into your awareness, if you do NOT document them in some manner, you will likely forget them. On the other hand, when you write down, discuss with others, or ponder your higher dimensional experiences, your consciousness greatly expands enough so that you can remember more and more about why you chose to take an earth vessel within this now.

As you remember more about your Multidimensional SELF, you will feel more and more confident with  the higher dimensional thoughts, actions and experiences that seem to come more and more into your life. It is much easier to remember something that makes you feel good, happy, and aware, if you write down these positive experiences and/or share these experiences with others.

Also, when you share these experiences with others, it is easier for  you to ground this expanded version of your self into your daily life. Then, you will likely meet other people who are allowing themselves to expand their consciousness as well.  

Then, as a group, or even several people, allow themselves to share their higher dimensional experiences, thoughts, dreams or events, your heart and mind will more  easily accept higher dimensional experiences into your daily meditations and/or third dimensional reality.

Also, if you share your experiences with others, you will likely find that there is something very special that you have to write down, and or share with others. Furthermore when you share with others, you will find that you are not alone within this new version of reality that expands your consciousness to incompass the higher dimensions of your personal and planetary reality.

In other words, as you think of your self as a "member of Earth," you greatly expand your consciousness and personal creativity. Also when you allow your creativity to come into your daily life, you will be more able to expand you perceptions of your own self, as well as your perceptions of the world around you!

Open up your Heart and Mind, dear grounded ones, so that you can better remember who you are, not only in your 3D daily life, but also within you fourth dimensional creative self and your fifth dimensional Galactic SELF.

We send you blessing from your Galactic Family. We also ask remind you, our brave heroes who chose to take a grounded, third dimensional body for this incarnation, that you are all awakening to your higher fourth dimensional creative self and your fifth dimensional Galactic SELF.

Remember to remember that YOU are a Galactic Being who has chosen to wear a third/fourth dimensional physical form so that you can more easily assist the awakening ones to remember their TRUE Galactic SELF.

We, the members of your Galactic Family are proud that you have chosen to take a third/fourth dimensional form so that you can assist Gaia and all Her beings with their ascension into the fifth dimension and beyond.

                         Blessings from us, the members of your Galactic Family!          

                                                           We are with you

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Every Voice is Important!

 November 14, 2020


 Every Voice is Important

OK, we are pretty much tired of all the conflict around us surrounds us, and are ready to go back to our life which was once "normal." Remember back when we could trust that our leaders "had our back?" Can you remember, when we felt totally safe when we took a walk outside or when you were at a large gathering of friends and family? 

Yes, many things have changed quite rapidly, and these changes were NOT the choice of the majority of people. Can you remember when we could trust and feel secure under the guidance of our elected leaders? "What happened?" we are all wondering. How did our lives change so much and our reality become so different from how it was it before?

Of course, we can all research to find those answers, but we are also so very busy just "getting through the day." However, we ARE getting through the day and we ARE remembering our own inner strength.

It is the INNER Strength that is getting us through this time of confusion. Also, there seems to be a "Hope" that is beginning to dawn. We are very happy to welcome the new dawn, that is if we can believe the WE are the bringers of the New Dawn!

We, the people, the many awakened and awaking people are working more and more as ONE group of many who are ready NOW to stand tall and Welcome the NEW DAWN! However, there are also many questions to be asked and to answer. We the people can no longer "fall asleep at the wheel!"

This is our UNITED States and we need to be UNITED to move successfully our of the past and into the NOW! We say, "NOW" instead of future, as our changes must occur within this NOW. Now means that you are ready to dedicate your daily self to awaken to and welcome the NEW YOU that has awakened into the NEW NOW.

Of course, there are some, maybe even many, who do not remember how VERY important they are within this NOW of great challenge. Therefore, the challenge is to remember how very, very important each and everyone is within this NOW. This is the NOW to remember how our lives were before, and how we have grown during that time into this NOW.

In fact, we are the "Brings of the New Dawn" in which we can ALL awaken to our own Higher Dimensional SELF. Who is our Higher Dimensional SELF? You may ask. However, each and all of the member of our great country are needed to full awaken to your own Inner Powers.

Yes, every one of us has a Higher Dimensional SELF that has over lite us from the time that we were born and into this NOW of the New Dawn. This New Dawn is the NOW in which we allow ourselves to wake up to what has been happening, how we really feel about what is happening, and what will we do in order to assist the growing flow of HOPE  and PROMISE.

Of course, Hope and Promise can easily become a thought rather than an action. It is action that is needed to bring in the NEW  DAWN that has come into our awareness so that we can remember that it is OUR reality and that WE must be the ones who are the creators of the reality that we wish to live!

I remember a story, likely a from a children's book, about what I think was a farm yard. In the "children's book" something, and it doesn't really matter what that something was, but something was greatly needed for the good the all the beings on the farm. 

All the animals had to join together in order to save their farm yard. However, no matter how hard they tried to unite all the beings of the farm, they were not successful. That is they were not successful until one small farm creature, was it Chicken Little? 

If I recall from the book, which I read as a child, and am just now remembering (I am sure that many of my readers will remind me who that was) that all the creatures on the farm untied in order to "save the farm" from some kind of destruction. 

The time was ticking for the barn to be destroyed and all the creatures on the farm were becoming quite desperate and began to search to make sure that there was hopefully someone else that could add their voice to the (Please do not destroy our barn!) call! 

However, one small chick, who thought it was too small and insignificant to even bother to call out, we discovered by the others. Then, the other barn animals begged "Chicken Little" to realize that even though it was a very small chick, it could still make a difference in saving the barn.

Chicken Little did believe that she could ever have the power to make a difference, so she hid our in the barn and did NOT make any noice. Fortunately, the other animals in the barn began searching all over to find Chicken Little as she was the only one left that lived in the barn.

Fortunately, they found Chicken Little who had been hiding because she did NOT think that she was important enough to make a difference, so she just "stayed out of the way fo the other barn animals." 

All the other barn animals began to made as much noise as possible so that the humans outside of the barn would know that there was animals inside that needed to be rescued before the barn was destroyed.

However, the tractor that was to destroy the barn was very noisy and the "driver of the tractor did not realize that there was someone who needed to be rescued before the barn was destroyed. 

All the animals in the barn began to make as much noise as possible, but the tractor was very LOUD and the driver of the tractor was not paying too much attention to what was occurring in the barn. The driver just wanted to destroy the old so that the owner of the farm could have a new, fancy barn.

Fortunately, all the animals in the barn started to make as much noise as they could, but the driver of the tractor still could not hear their call. Fortunately, as the members of the barn began searching around to find if there was another animal there to add it's voice so that the driver of the tractor would stop before the animals were harmed.

Then all the animals were making as much noise as they could, but it was not enough until they found "Chicken Little" who had not made any noise it thought that his small chick call would not make any difference. It was then that the farm animals realized that Chicken Little was not making any noise and they all called on her to please make noise.  

But Chicken Little only said, "What difference could I make? I am just one little chicken!"

Then all the barn animal begged Chicken Little to put forth her voice in order to save their barn. Chicken Little did not believe that she could ever make a difference, but she finally gave in to the cry of your friends in the barn. It was then that Chicken Little decided that, even though her voice was small, she wanted to assist in saving all the barn and the lives of all the barn animals. 

At first, Chicken Little kept her voice small because she did not believe that she could make any difference in saving the barn and the barn animals. However, all the other barn animals were making as much noise as they could. It was then that the Rooster noticed that chicken Little was not contributing her call.

Then the Rooster went to Chicken Little and begged her to add her voice. Therefore, Chicken little began to cluck quietly, as she did not think she could make a difference. However, once she began to cluck so wanted to be a part of saving the barn. Therefore, she began to cluck louder, and louder, and louder than she ever thought that she could do.

Then, much to her surprise, her small little voice was exactly what was necessary fo the driver of the tractor to hear the collective call of all the animals. Instantly, the driver stoped the tractor, put on the brakes, and opened the barn door to see that it was filled the many  farm animals.

Furthermore, the  drive could see that the loudest voice in the entire barn was one "little chicken" who was bravely directing all the other farm being to make as much noice as possible. 

When the tractor stopped, just short of taking down the barn, the driver opened the barn and saw all the animals that were now safe. In fact, all the animals were in a circle, and on the horns of the biggest bull was Chicken Little, still clucking as loud as she could!

The moral of this story is that

Every voice is important

No matter how small!


Friday, November 13, 2020

The NOW of Great Change

 November 13, 2020

                          THE NOW OF GREAT CHANGE                                                                                 

                     A message From the Arcturian's and all The Galactics 

                                                        through Suzanne Lie


We, the Arcturian's, as well as all your Galactic Family members send our greetings to all of you who are walking through this NOW of great change. Of course, it is often difficult to know when that great change will occur and what the next "great change" will be.

Fortunately, whether our grounded ones are aware of it or not, we the members of your Galactic Family, are sending love and to all of you within you. We send our Higher Dimensional Love, Light and Information directly into your thoughts and emotions. 

It is via our higher dimensional Light and Love, that we wish to remind you that we, the Arcturians and our/your entire Galactic Family, are with you during this NOW.

Fortunately, it appears that some decisions have been finalized, which will make it easier for you to take a deep breath, get grounded, and feel the Hope and Joy that is flowing through your consciousness, thoughts and emotions.

Of course, your consciousness, thoughts and emotions often work as a team. When one's emotions are confused, upset and/or erratic, it is difficult to relax into the NOW of the coming changes. 

Fortunately, many of you, are actually our grounded Galactic Ones who have chosen to take a third dimensional earth vessel during this now to assist Gaia and her humans and ALL of her planetary beings to move through this challenging time with great courage and unconditional love for Gaia and all Her Beings.

The saying, "The darkest night is just before dawn" is often a preamble to remind Gaia and all Her Beings to answer the call for Unconditional LOVE and Multidimensional thinking will allow Gaia and Her beings to expand their/your awareness  of the DEEP inner Wisdom, Power and LOVE that ARE within your true SELF.

There are many possible realities that have not been within the NOW wish is being brought forward into your full awareness of Life on planet Earth. We, your Galactic Family, are happy to share with you that this "cloud" seems to be floating away and offering you more Warm Sun and Clear Skies.

There may be more of the "dark night before the dawn," but the "Dawn" seems to be promising "better weather."  With the coming dawn and clearer skies, it will be easier for you to look up into your own Higher SELF to receive a bit of R and R--Rest and Relaxation.

When one is under a constant barrage of "what will happen next," it makes them nervous, tired, and upset for reasons that they may not yet understand. Therefore, we you Galactic Family, wish to commend you all for your courage and ability to remain "in charge of your self" through our the turbulent skies that now seem to be opening up to reveal New Hope!

We, your Galactic Family, wish that we could send you exact times and dates as to when the Dark Night fully transmutes into the Clear Dawn, but if you take a bit of your "time" to go inside of your own Higher SELF you will receive the Faith, Hope and Love that is within your SELF and is ready to open your awareness to the New Dawn.

Of course, every Dawn is now, but not every day has been filled with fearful information, loss of jobs and income, not being able to "just go out into the world, or a movie house, or a restaurant" without feeling like you are doing something that can harm you or your loved ones.

Unfortunately, the skies are not fully clear within this now, and security in ones life has not, yet, been retrieved, but you have all learned how STRONG and PATIENT you can be when you are in a difficult situation, with a constant fear that you will be harmed, or that you are not protected by your leaders. 

Of course, there were, and ARE, many leaders, along with many, many of the people who have been strong and brave in the midsts of such insecurity and lack of guidance from those who you thought you could trust.

We, your Galactic Family, have been Over-lighting you through out this challenging time. Of course, you who are wearing a third dimensional body, have had to make many compromises to protect your homes, your jobs, your health and your family and friends. 

We, your Galactic Family have watched the great bravery that our grounded, human ones who chose to take a third dimensional body during this NOW have had to face. 

Please, feel the great courage and inner power that you have found inside yourself within this time in which there was little assistance from some of the most important leaders. However, where some leaders fell behind, there were strong, brave, loving leaders and members of your own community that gathered as one to confront a very challenging time.

We, your Higher Dimensional Galactic Family, are VERY proud of the many Third Dimensional Humans who stood tall and worked hard to move through the immense challenges that they have faced, and are still facing. 

We commend you all, Dear Brave Warriors for Gaia, and wish to remind you that 

                                                    YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND

                                    WE, YOUR GALACTIC FAMILY ARE WITH YOU!

                                                CALL ON US and we will respond! 

                       REMEMBER, and call on your own HIGHER DIMENSIONAL SELF!

 YOU are ALL Gaia's Family, and YOU are ALL invited to transmute your SELF back

                                         Into your True MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF 

In closing, we remind you to look into the Sky, 

to see we, your Galactic Family, looking back at YOU!

                                             WE ARE YOU AND YOU ARE US

Monday, November 9, 2020

Inter-dimensional Communications Through Suzanne Lie

                                     INTERDIMENSIONAL- COMMUNICATIONS

As our consciousness expands more and more, we will all experience more and more 

Inter-dimensional Communications.


There are as many types of Inter dimensional Communication as there are with different people. 

There is not right or wrong way to experience this communication, but there is YOUR way.


Defining personal and group experiences of Inter-dimensional Communication 

Define and write down what Interdimensional Communications means to YOU!

Please remember that there are NO right or wrong answers, as there are many different ways to perceive and experience Inter-dimensional Communications.

Share by writing and/or sending to others  how YOU have, or have not, experienced Inter-dimensional Communications with higher Beings, or with your own Higher SELF.




Channeling is Interdimensional Communication

More and more people are having Higher dimensional communications with beings such as:

Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings and friends or family on "the other side" who may visit you,

Angels may come to you in your dreams or meditations, and you can also connect with Galactics

Elohim, who are Higher Dimensional beings, often offer support and/or guidance to humans on Gaia.

Meditation, dreams or distant memories may also assist you to meet with your Personal Higher SELF on the Ships that are now protecting planet Earth.

Your personal 3D SELF can often interface with your own Inner/higher Fourth and/or fifth dimensional  SELF in order to assist you to accept any interactions that you experience with the Galactics, or others.

You can establish relationships with awakened beings that resonate to the fourth through fifth dimensional versions of their Multidimensional SELF. In this case you may be communicating with your own Higher SELF. You can also communicate with the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of Gaia.

If you can believe in your Higher SELF, you can ask your inter-dimensional friends, family, and leaders questions and receive answers. Be sure to document this communications as the 3D brain cannot hold onto higher dimensional information for too long. 

Once you ask a question, be sure to write down your answers and/or experiences as soon as you awaken or end your meditation. 

Share your experiences with others who are ready to allow themselves to remember that they have the ability to communicate with Higher Dimensional Beings.

Learn/remember how YOU receive your inter-dimensional communications and answers to your questions.

                              BE SURE TO WRITE OR RECORD YOUR EXPERIENCES.


MAKE sure that you follow up on any agreements that you have made WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF AND/OR GALACTIC Being. It is difficult for a third dimensional brain to retain higher dimensional information and/or experiences. Therefore, document your experiences.

There are NO right or wrong questions  for you to ask, but remember that you are communicating with higher dimensional beings. Therefore, you will need to remain calm and centered in your higher states of consciousness in order for you to remain calm, grounded and ONLY ask unselfish, questions as well as questions as  to how you can assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Do not ask any selfish questions.

Your human brain will not be able to remember all of the higher dimensional experiences, so be sure to document your experience.  Make sure that your questions are VERY respectful and NOT selfish. 


What is your Higher SELF and/or Inner Guide?

How do you experience your Higher SELF?

How do you experience your Inner Guide?

Is there a difference between “Higher SELF” and “Inner Guide?”

There are NO right or wrong answers to the above,

But people often experience the same thing in a different way

Talk to your Higher Self so that you can more clearly experience your physical world.—depending on:

State of consciousness

Document or not document

4D Self Talk—emotional and/or creative – 3D to 4D

Talking with our creative and awake 4D Self

Document what you receive from 

your higher Frequency/dimension of consciousness 

Which is a higher communication

It is often difficult for your 3D brain to remember higher dimensional communications!

Why your 3D brain has difficulty with 

Higher dimensional communications

However, the more you receive, acknowledge, and document higher dimensional information, the more easily your 3D self will NOT forget it. 

Therefore, document these communications and share them with others!

          5D Talk with higher dimensional beings and/or with Higher Dimensional Expressions of your Multidimensional SELF  may occur more and more often.

Therefore, put aside a certain time and space to create an "Inter-dimensional energy field."

ALWAYS document these communications if at all possible


The different types of communications depend on your State of consciousness. 

One's state of consciousness changes many times a day, so put aside certain times and days in which you can focus on your ability to perceive your inner needs, and higher inter-dimensional duties.

Write down and/or document in some way these meetings to remind yourself that these inner messages are important and that YOU are important enough to receive these messages, as well as share these messages with others.

Find ways to share you inner messages with others

Check the person’s aura to see if they are interested

Talk slowly and patiently if this person is new to this process.      


Keep your State of consciousness high enough to be aware 

of when you receive a higher message.

Always remember that these higher messages come 

Through YOU not just to YOU!

Accept your own  importance, as well as the important of other persons.

 Go inside to better understand your self and to understand others.

Look into their aura and/or trust your intuition as to what and when 

Others can receive your message.

Acknowledge your growing relationship with you Higher SELF so that 

you will be more able to share that information with others.


Recognize how this communications affects you, 

so you can better understand what others need to be able to embrace this information

 Meditate frequently so that you keep you "state of consciousness peaceful and centered on the Light. 


Your 3D octave of daily life on 3D Earth

Your 4D  octave of dreams, meditation,

Your  5D octave of consciousness is the

 HERE and NOW of happiness and creativity

Your higher fourth and fifth dimensional communications are: 

Dreams and/or higher states of consciousness and communications with the beyond 

in which you often feel calm meditations that ofter you informative dreams”


These communications come THROUGH you to share with others

and TO you to assist you to remain calm and centered. In this state of conscious you can better

Connect with your Higher Guides or Higher SELF who are sending you messages Via your 3D dreams/meditations/ Inner Communications/Inter-dimensional experiences  and memories

Meditations open you to guided images that can assist you as you 

Journey through the 3D/4D realities and into the fifth dimensional reality of HERE  and  NOW 

in which we are ALL HERE in the ONE


The "ONE" represents the fifth dimensional portal from the physical 3D/plane of time and space

Through the fourth dimensional portal of creativity and collective consciousness 

and into the fifth dimensional portal of the  Operating System of the HERE  and the  NOW



HOW can I release my addiction to the third dimensional TIME/SPACE Reality in order to better align with and resonance to the Fifth dimensional HERE and the NOW?


HOW can I align with and resonate to the HERE  of the NOW?


WHEN will I say, “I can remember” my Multidimensional SELF?


HOW do I remember my Inter-dimensional and Multidimensional SELF?

We say remember rather than learn because learning is something that takes time and space.

On the fifth dimension everyone resonates to the same NOW of the ONE

What does NOW mean in this context?

It means that what you have decided to do has already been done in a higher dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF

To merge with your MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF you expand your awareness from your 

3D daily self 

        to your 4D creative self

            to your 5D Awakening SELF

These expressions of your Multidimensional SELF reside within your physical form which serves as an anchor to keep your earth vessel in the third dimensional Matrix of your current reality.


Why is your 3D Matrix needed by Gaia? The answer is because YOU, the members of humanity, are on Gaia to assist with the process of PLANETARY ASCENSION

The fifth dimensional humans (many of whom are fifth dimensional Galactic beings)will be among the first humans to meet with the fifth dimensional, and beyond, Galactics, who will orchestrate the  Landing of the Galactics and Preparing for meeting of the Galactics and the Earthlings

HOW  will you prepare for these landings?

Have you even seen a Galactic Ship?

It is the NOW to activate your inter-dimensional  relationship by:

Daily meditation to expand your consciousness and to incorporate YOUR 3D self with your 4D self and your Fifth Dimensional SELF

HOW does you third dimensional  self expand into your fourth dimensional consciousness 

and your fourth dimensional self expand into your Fifth dimensional SELF?

How does your third dimensional consciousness assist you to experience your consciousness into the

fourth dimensional consciousness, and your fourth dimensional consciousness expand into you fifth dimensional consciousness?

Then, how does your fifth dimensional consciousness expand into your  Multidimensional SELF Explain into your FIFTH DIMENSIONAL SELF? TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION HUMANITY WILL NEED TO:

MEDITATE TO  Remembering your Multidimensional SELF!

THEN, HOW  will you share with others what you learned/remembered?

HOW will you expand your consciousness more and more?

HOW will you share what you have learned/remembered with others?

HOW will you remember to KEEP ON SHARING what you have learned/remembered with others?