Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Inner Reflections by Suzanne Lie

Inner Reflections

Suzanne Lie

The Kundalini is getting stronger and becoming more predominant in my meditations. It NOW takes very little effort to feel the rise of the Kundalini within the core of my spinal column. In fact, the sensation is coming into my awareness even when I am not meditating, but only when I am involved I some form of mind-expanding experience.

It is interesting to note that many of the “mind-expanding” experiences have more to do with my state of consciousness than with whatever I am doing or not doing within that NOW. In fact, watching a good Sci-fi show about a future reality is enough to ignite the Kundalini.

Therefore, I DECREE that:
 I AM NOW accepting that the sensation of the Kundalini rising is a message of, “Yes, this experience is activating your fifth dimensional consciousness.”

However, I cannot say that the activation of my fifth dimensional consciousness means that my life is different. But, at the same time I must admit that my life IS different in that I am going through a situation, which appears to be beyond my personal choice.

I must leave a part of my life behind that I had thought of as what I love and held close to me. Fortunately, is a “thing” rather than a “person,” which my Higher Self reminds me on a regular basis.

One thing is very interesting in that, as much as I do not want to leave that which has been familiar for many years, I am also looking forward to a new experience. I cannot say that I understand this kind of paradoxical thinking, but I must admit that as I increasingly move through the grief of unwanted change, there is a sense of adventure.

My Multidimensional SELF reminds me that if I cannot quite allow my self to move into a new 3D living area, how could I find the courage to allow my self to move into an entirely different dimension of reality.

I would like to say that I have a degree of mastery over my ability to choose my daily states of consciousness, but I need to admit to my self that I am still within the process of remembering how to master some of my emotional reactions to life.

I was a psychotherapist for over 30 years. Therefore, I am well aware of the power of emotions, as well as the challenge of allowing our emotions to tell us the truth about our self.

If we cannot honestly identify our emotions, we can become lost within the quagmire of perceiving reality from a higher dimension, without remembering to ground these perceptions in our physical and planetary body.

In fact, my physical vessel is often the first one to inform me that a message is waiting for me to ground in the 3D via taking that dictation. I say “dictation,” as I see my self as the “scribe” more than the “creator” of the information that I share.

Perhaps that view is just a ploy to keep my ego self at bay. Or, it could also be the greater truth. Furthermore, the “greater truth is, “That which allows us to release that which is complete, in that which is also within this physical incarnation. In fact, could it be that this physical incarnation is our last physical incarnation?

Yes, I “channel” a great deal of information about the higher dimensions, and have been doing so for decades. However, a “channel” sent to me from a higher dimensional being is very different than the full recognition and ownership that that “higher being” is actually an expression of me.

“Do I deserve to be a higher being?” my brainwashed physical mind asks. I am not as beautiful as a movie star, as intelligent as a professor, or as famous as a movie star. In fact, I am just a regular person who has been communicating with unseen beings for, probably, my entire life.

I can remember that time in which I saw the life force within everything. The life force was within my favorite dolls, my favorite cat, that allowed me to dress him up in clothes, or the white rat that the very old man in our neighborhood who called out from under his porch to do tricks. As soon as the rat came out from under his porch, all the children squealed with excitement.

As I am entering into a new decade of my life, the seventh decade, I find myself being very inner-reflective. Maybe I am more reflective because I am called on to change my location, as well as many friends, family and familiar locations.

On the other hand, maybe my Higher Self created this situation so that I would have to take a good look back before I “let go” into the unknown of moving forward.

Yes, I am determined that my movement will be forward, and, yes, I trust myself enough to know that I will create a forward movement.

However, we often need to walk backwards a bit, so that we can run forward. I am not too excited about the backwards part of the process. But, the payoff is than, when we go “back” to clear up any 3D thoughts or emotions we may have left on dear Gaia, we just might catch a flash of fifth dimensional Earth.

It sometimes seems like it is just too much to actually “ascend,” but we can cross our heart and take a “running leap” into the NOW. Just the awareness of “LIVING in the NOW” is making a huge change in our lives.

This “change” will call on us to take a deep look at who we are NOW, as well as “HOW” we became the person who is this version of our SELF within the NOW.

Perhaps, my Higher Self has created this scenario for me to make it easier to “let go” of the third/fourth dimensional reality to which I have resonated for untold incarnations. Maybe it is for that reason that my Higher Self denied me the common situation in which one would totally forget their past lives, once I moved into a new life.

It seems that, before I was born to this life, I promised to Remember my Uncountable Past Lives. I enjoyed getting “figments of my imagination,” that is, until I finally had to admit that these “fragments” were real. In the same manner, I had to totally admit that all the future and parallel realities, that I am NOW, and have always been—are ALL REAL within my consciousness.

Because I am writing down these reflections, I can better understand why I have had the life I have lived. I can also better understand why I now feel inclined to share my inner reflections.

One of my favorite books is, “Memories, Dreams and Reflections,” which is Carl Jung’s autobiography, which he wrote in his later years. Now that I too, am in my “mature” years, I can deeply understand the purpose of reflecting on the lives we have lived, and are still living.

When we examine our time-bound past, which instantly logs us onto the Third Dimensional Operating System, but we REFUSE to participate in the “time-bound” forgetfulness of the Third Dimension, we can remember the important lessons we have learned about “HOW to live within the NOW while wearing a physical earth vessel.”

The first lesson we will remember is that “time is relative to how we are using it.” Once we have had uncountable lives in which we “spent time” on Earth and feel we are ready to return to the NOW of the ONE, we begin the process of “leaving time.”

“The process of leaving time” is much like “the process of ascension into a timeless NOW.” When we begin to really believe that it is possible for our reality to transmute beyond the time-bound frequency of third dimensional time, we have more and more fourth and fifth dimensional experiences.

In our fourth dimensional experiences, 3D time appears to be infinitely longer. For example, I once had what seemed to be a very long dream. During that dream a song was playing on my radio. When I woke up from the dream, and the 3-minute song on the radio was barely half way over.

Is that how it feels when we ascend? Will it seem like we have lived for many lives that lasted for many decades, then “wake up” to our ascension into the fifth dimension NOW feeling as thought we never left?

Ascension is not a process of death. Ascension is a process of re-birth. However, even a RE-birth is preceded by the “death” of that which we held as important, valuable, ours and/or necessary.

To understand this last sentence, we will go more deeply into the concepts of:

Important: Is a concept that is temporary. What may be very important within one NOW, can have no importance within the NOW of your reality. Therefore, “important” is a third dimensional, time-bound concept.

As you move more and more deeply into the NOW of the fifth dimension, you will find that:
Important is what you are doing within the NOW.”
Valuable is a term that represents every moment of life.”
“Ours” is the same term as “mine” for everyone is ONE.
“Necessary” is a term that is obsolete because “if it is necessary it IS.”

I had a waking dream this morning bout “being fifth dimensional.” Only my physical body can remember the FEEL of being ONE with all life.

My mind has the memory of many of coming together in Unity Consciousness to “go into the fifth dimension.”
My heart has the memory of total, unconditional love for every living thing, and
My body has the memory collective comfort, safety, and compassion.

I was told at the closure of my vision to remain within the NOW of that vision, memory, desire, or maybe all of those expression within the ONE of the NOW. I have only been awake for a few hours, and already, I am forgetting the experience of being fifth dimensional.

However, a vague picture remains of many people working as ONE, and the knowing that some component of my SELF is still THERE within that NOW.

In conclusion, I would like to add that this “quick note” has taken several days to write. Every time I looked at it, something needed to be changed. Perhaps it is ME that is changing, and each time I view the same thing, I see if from a different perspective.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Message From Zadkiel, Opening your Spirit to Unconditional Love-through Sue Lie


A Message from Archangel Zadkiel
Through Suzanne Lie

Opening your Spirit to Unconditional Love

Blessings, I am Archangel Zadkiel,
I come to you today through your Third Eye and High Heart to remind you all that your Third Eye and High Heart can identify and see through EVERY third dimensional “false flag” and “projected illusion.”

As the Dark Ones become increasingly desperate, they will stop at nothing to maintain the Power Over Others that they have gained through the fear that they have created through the power of fearful illusions that they have created.

However, what the Dark Ones cannot realize is that many of those who were once within the clutches of their fearful illusions have expanded their consciousness enough to be able to differentiate between an illusion from an actual reality.

I, Zadkiel, will NOW share how your expanded consciousness allows you to differentiate between that which is a holographic projection and that which is third or fourth and/or fifth dimensional reality that has been created by the unified, collective consciousness of the members of each of the frequencies of reality.

First I will remind you there are actually two versions of Earth. One is the 3D Matrix to which the “Power Over Others” groups are limited, and the other version of Earth is the actual planetary body of Gaia, which can only be perceived by those who live by the laws of “Power Within One's SELF.”

Power within one's SELF is a higher fourth and fifth dimensional concept that those who live via “power over others” think of as a foolish idea. “How could we control those who have found their power within?” asks the Power Over Others group.

The answer to that question is that they cannot control those who have found their innate power within. It is for that reason that the “lost ones/ the Illuminati” have created many holographic projections that appear to be totally real to the vision of those still limited to their third dimensional perceptions.

Those who have maintained and/or remembered their fourth dimensional consciousness will be able to “remember dreams in which the dark is trying to dominate the light.” They may also gain information during their meditative experiences that reminds that, even though the third/fourth dimensional versions of “life on Earth” are still running, there is another reality flickering at the edge of their awareness. Within this “other” reality, Earth is transmuting into Her fifth dimensional expression.

Those who are still bound to the 3D Matrix, which has served as a frequency net to limit Gaia’s planetary consciousness to the third/fourth dimensions, are incapable of even conceiving that any reality can resonate to the fifth dimension in which space/time is obsolete and all life resonates to the consciousness of HERE and NOW.

Fortunately, more and more humans are expanding their consciousness, and hence their perceptual field, to encompass the ability to differentiate the difference between a holographic projection and an actual, living reality in which the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water have merged to create life-forms that can accept the Light of Spirit.

The main difference between a true reality and a holographic reality is Spirit. A hologram is much like a puppet. A puppet appears to be real, but if you observe that puppet through your Third Eye and/or High Heart, you will know that that “puppet” has NO spirit.

In the same manner, a holographic projection has no spirit. Much like a puppet, a holographic projection has a “puppet master” that tells the puppet what to say or do. In the same manner, the Dark Ones are guided by their invisible “puppet master” that tells them what to do and when to do it.

One of the things that the Dark Ones have done has been to create holographic projections that intermingle with the third dimensional physical reality. Some components of the disaster of 9-11 are an example of this type of intermingling.

The lost ones, or some may call them the dark ones, cannot differentiate between a holographic projection and an actual reality because they have denied themselves the integration of their own spirit.

Hence, they have no idea that there are humans who can use their innate spiritual powers to differentiate between a holographic and a true, reality. Since these lost ones have no spirit within themselves, they cannot perceive spirit in other beings, or even in other realities.

On the other hand, our volunteers to Earth, meaning those of you who volunteered to leave your higher dimensional Starship or Homeworld in order to take a physical earth vessel on third, fourth dimensional Earth, can easily perceive the frequency of people and situations by observing the percentage of spirit that flows into and through each person, place or thing.

I, Zadkiel, invite you to use your ever-expanding memory to recall a time when you perceived an airplane flying when it was filled with humans. Remember “spirit” in this case does not mean “spiritual.” The “spirit” that I AM speaking of here is the “life force of spirit” that was every human’s first breath when you were born.

Many of you, our grounded ones, have been able to maintain that feeling of spiritual guidance throughout your life. Now, use your imagination, which is fifth dimensional thought, to perceive the “false flag” incidents that have been occurring within your last few decades.

Many of you have wondered why you have doubted that these events were “real.” However, you dared not talk to too many people about your doubts for fear they would think you are “weird.”

However, it is the fact that you are weird, strange, bizarre, and/or peculiar, that allows you to differentiate between real situations that are filled with the spirit of the humans who experienced them and “false flag” holographic projection situations” that are devoid of any “feeling of spirit.”

The dark ones, who created these fearful holographic projections, have lost their own spirit because of lives of “power over others” and “service to self.” Therefore, they cannot differentiate between a holographic projection and a true reality that have been given life via the “first breath of spirit.”

I, Archangel Zadkiel, have been chosen to inform you that the Lost Ones are planning to create more holographic projections with the intention of creating more fear. The Lost Ones, also known as the Illuminati, are very concerned because they are losing control over the very 3D Matrix, the third dimension frequency net, that they created.

They created a 3D Matrix, which serves as a frequency net to assist them to project their fearful illusions into the third and lower fourth dimensions of the humanity’s Earth reality. Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, more and more humans are “logging out” of the 3D Matrix and expanding their consciousness to embrace the fifth dimensional “Spirit” of Gaia.

“How are we logging out?” I hear you ask. The answer is that YOU, the ascending humans, are consciously, or unconsciously, choosing to merge your consciousness with Gaia to better share your spiritual essence with Mother Earth.

You can best share your human spirit with Gaia by sending Her Unconditional Love. Gaia will and does embrace your human spirit and thankfully uses the power of your spirit to heal Her extremely, wounded planet.

Because of your commitment to share your ever-expanding Spirit with Gaia’s elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, you are logging out of the 3D Matrix and sharing your spiritual life force with the physical body of Gaia’s Earth.

Because of your great contribution, not only is Gaia able to heal many of the wounds that humanity has inflicted onto Her planetary body, but She is also growing strong enough to eject the 3D Matrix from Her planetary body.

Then, just as a dry leaf cannot survive the flame of a fire; the 3D Matrix cannot survive the frequency of Gaia’s expanding spirit. Therefore, the 3D Matrix is being released from Gaia’s Earth and being moved to a lower dimensional location to house those who still resonate to the frequency of the third dimension.

The Lost Ones are beginning to realize that if they wish to have a format on which they can attach their wilting life force, they will need to “lift off” with the 3D Matrix. The Matrix is lifting off from the body of Gaia and being transported to encircle another, lower frequency, planet, moon, or asteroid.

This information may seem very unusual to many of you, but more and more of Gaia’s human inhabitants are realizing that something is very different. The animals, birds, insects, fish and other members of Gaia’s Earth, are well aware of the great change that is occurring.

Communicating via separate words being strung together to create a communication does not encumber these non-human members of Earth. Instead, the non-human beings on Earth never conceived themselves as being “separate” from Earth. Therefore, their animal “spirit” is in constant communication with Gaia’s planetary spirit.

Fortunately, more and more humans are “returning to the land” and living from what they grow on the land. This expanding trend is occurring because the 3D Operating System, which was largely created and ruled by the Laggards, Dark Ones and/or Illuminati who had made their own homeworld uninhabitable and came to Earth long ago.

For eons, these lost ones ruled Gaia’s Earth, but NOW the Spirit of the Higher Light is flowing into Gaia’s planet. This Higher Light is awakening humanity to the extent that more and more humans are remembering their true, Multidimensional SELF.

As humans remember that their essence is NOT limited to their third dimensional earth vessel, they regain the inner-power of their Spirit that had become lost to them during their many incarnations of “looking UP” to communicate with Spirit.

As you, our dear volunteers to take an earth vessel within this NOW, remember to “look IN” to communicate with Spirit, you will discover your innate Wisdom, Power, and Love.

Your innate Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love will guide you to easily differentiate between the illusions of the 3D Matrix and the Truth that is stored within the Core of Gaia. As you remember to look IN, rather than UP for your personal, higher guidance, you will also remember to look IN to the Core of the planet to communicate with Gaia.

The Dark Ones created “religions” in which “GOD” was far away UP in the sky. People had to “go to a church” and talk to a trained human in order to communicate with this separate God that was far away. Then, humanity began to believe that GOD was UP above them, rather than deep with IN them.

Therefore, they served a superior God rather work with the ONE Spiritual Force that was the Core of ALL life. When God was far away in Heaven, humans could “get away with power-over-others.” In fact, most of the leaders were based on power-over-others.

Since people believed that “God” was far above them and had power over them,” they accepted that they were weak and needed a “bigger person” to guide them. However, it is the NOW for humanity to remember that their connection to the higher dimensions and spiritual guidance is not UP.

It is the NOW for humans to remember that ALL life is ONE. Therefore, humanity is ONE with GOD and ONE with EARTH. Consequently, to communicate with Spirit and/or to communicate with Earth, you will go with IN your SELF.

I, Zadkiel, am the Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Ascension. This ascension guides you beyond the illusions of the physical reality. The Seventh Ray is the Violet Ray of Transmutation. The difference between transmutation and change is that “change” can occur within the same frequency of reality as that which you are changing from.

On the other hand, transmutation is not just change. Transmutation is the ‘stepping up in frequency” of any person, place, situation or thing. One can change from one third/fourth dimensional house, job, desire, and/or communication, to another third dimensional situation and remain within the same time/space format.

However, when one transmutes a situation, place, or their self, they can remain in the same situation, but they will experience it from a higher frequency of perception.

Just as you have a better “lay of the land” from a mountain top than from a deep valley, you have a better perception of all the possible realities that YOU can create when your consciousness resonates with the fifth dimension and beyond, then when your consciousness is limited to the third dimension.

The “state of your consciousness” determines the frequency of your spirit to which you can attend, and the frequency of your spirit determines the frequency of reality to which you attend. Then, the reality that you perceive is the frequency of reality that you will experience.

Please remember that we are your Angelic and Galactic friends, family and guides, who resonate beyond your third dimensional time and space. Therefore, we are always available within the NOW of our ONE to assist you.

All you need “do” to call us is to open your spirit to our unconditional love,

Blessings from Archangel Zadkiel

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Grounding The Higher Light--By Mother Gaia through Suzanne Lie

Grounding the Higher Light
Part Two of Creating A Reality of Light

Mother Gaia-Through Suzanne Lie

Beloved Humans, I am your Earth Mother Gaia,
I will continue from where I left off in my last message to humanity. I will begin by reminding you that as you more deeply understand, commune and assist with creating a physical foundation within my planetary body, you better understand why you took a physical incarnation during this NOW.  

Your “physical foundation” assists you to remember that you are here “on assignment.” It is then that you remember that you are already ascended beings who chose to take an earth vessel to assist me, Gaia, with my planetary ascension.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your personal ascension, as you are already visiting your Ships at night and having dreams about your true Multidimensional SELF. I, Gaia, wish to thank you so for remembering that you have taken this incarnation to assist me, your Earth Mother, with my ascension.

In fact, your multidimensional, Spiritual Body is already beginning to merge with your Mental Body, your Emotional Body, and your Physical Body. This merging of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies directs you to look through the portals of light that you are increasingly able to perceive. 

These portals are opened by your perceptions and recognition of them. You will not perceive these portals with your third or even fourth dimensional consciousness. These portals can only be perceived by your ever-expanding fifth dimensional consciousness.

The reason why we, the Galactics and my planetary self, have shielded these portals to from third/fourth dimensional perception is to protect them from any interference of the Dark Ones.

In fact, as a protection for these portals of light, only those with fifth dimensional intentions can open them. These light portals appear to your fifth dimensional vision as circles through which you can see a higher frequency of light entering your reality.

What you will perceive through your higher vision is a lovely, flowing golden light, which you will feel on your body as a caress of unconditional love. Also, if you listen closely, you will hear the “Music of the Spheres” as it washes over your body like a warm shower of light.

As the higher light moves through these portals, you may hear what seems to be a song. This song is similar to the sound you would get if you lined up glasses and put different amounts of water in each glass. Then when you tap the glasses with spoon, each glass has a different tone.

You could actually play a song by tapping different glasses because the amount of water determines the frequency to which each glass will resonate. When you resonate to your fifth dimensional consciousness, you will hear these sounds flowing through the opening portals. The higher your state of consciousness, the more clearly you will hear this “Music of the Spheres.”

Your combined thoughts and emotions will determine your state of consciousness, and your state of consciousness will determine the frequency of “music” that you are able to perceive. Your thoughts represent the frequency of the light that you can maintain.

When you can merge your Spiritual Body with your physical body, you can pull that light all the way down from your Spiritual Body and down, down in frequency into your physical body. It is then that you will create a strong foundation to ground this Higher Light within my planetary body and physical life.

This grounded Higher Light will guide you into your new life, which is based on the format of Unity with ALL Life. As you look into these portals with your multidimensional perceptions, you will see that there are many circles, which are actually smaller portals within the larger portal.

As first you may only perceive these smaller portals as vaguely differing frequencies of lights. However, as you relax into your inter-dimensional perceptions, you will see how all these “different” smaller, portals within the larger portal intermingle to create a beautiful light message.

Initially, there will be four different frequencies of light, which represent the light flow of my dear Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This intermingling of my Elementals with my ever-expanding planetary Spirit opens these portals of multidimensional light.

Dear human ones, I, your planetary Mother, wish to thank you for expanding your consciousness enough to perceive these portals, for now you can assist me to ground the multidimensional light that is flowing through these portals and into my planetary body.

Many of my human inhabitants perceive these portals, and I know that there will be more and more who will eventually perceive them. On the other hand, some humans may not see the portal of light at all.

Fortunately, the Arcturians are reminding humanity to perceive and open these portals in order to bring that higher light into their energy field, as well as their many thoughts and emotions. The Arcturians, as well as all my Galactic Family, are also assisting humanity to ground that frequency of light so that a majority of humans can perceive.

Fortunately, there are people that are way beyond this point of “just perception” who are learning/remembering how to read the messages within the light, as well as share those messages with others. To these leaders we say, “Blessings be for sharing the information you have gained.

There are actually different frequencies of this light, which form a stairway into a higher state of consciousness:

First, there is the conceptual, Mental Light, in which you can conceive of the possibility of this transmutational light entering Gaia. When you allow yourself to maintain the “conception” of higher frequencies of light moving through portals into my planetary body, many neurons fire within your Multidimensional Mind.

As these neurons fire, your Multidimensional Mind increasingly integrates into your 3D Brain. Your Multidimensional Mind is, indeed multidimensional, in that it allows you to focus your third dimensional intention on the beams of higher light.

Your physical self often perceives this Higher Light as small circles of light. This perception is similar to the small circles of light that you would see if you took a colander out into the dark night and shined a flashlight through it. These circles of light would appear to be symmetrical and circular light on the dark ground.

On the other hand, each of you are going to see something a bit different, as you all have different experiences from your physical life, as well as different state of consciousness when you perceive the light circles. I, Gaia, ask that you assist me by grounding your light perceptions into my planetary body.

I recommend that you begin by focusing your attention on grounding the frequencies of Emotional Light through your emotional body. The higher light is surrounded by an energy field, which goes up and down the frequency scale. As you perceive that frequency of light, your emotional body gradually pulls that light into, and through your earth vessel, and into my planetary body.

When you are focused on the frequency of your emotions, you have a vast range of emotions to assist you to “read” and/or understand the messages that that frequency of light is sending into my planetary body. In the same manner, when you focus on the frequency of your thoughts, you have a vast range of thoughts to assist you to better “read” the light messages.

When you focus your attention on grounding the slightly higher frequency of the Mental Light, you can pull it through your mental body to share that light with my planetary body. As you continue to perceive these light messages, you are more inclined to allow your thoughts to expand into the higher frequencies of reality where the portals are bigger and can hold more light, information, in each portal.

As you dedicate yourself to assist me, Mother Earth, to ground the higher light in my planetary body, your Spiritual Consciousness greatly expands. It is then that you begin to perceive and ground the Spiritual Light with the power of your breath.

This Spiritual Light breathes its life through your body, and enters your thought forms to remind you that you are in the process of grounding multidimensional thought-forms into my third dimensional planet through your third dimensional body.

Your intention to pull the collection of Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Light through your body and into my planetary core greatly expands your consciousness, as well as the resonance of your earth vessel. As the higher light moves into my planetary core, it is captured and amplified by my Central and Core Crystals.

As the Multidimensional Light is grounded within my core, I ask that you share your process with my earthbound ones who can use their imagistic thinking to enter into my core to be infused with the knowing of all my planetary Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Elementals.

When you ground these evolutionary concepts in your personal core, just as you have assisted in grounding them in my planetary core, our relationship of person and planet merges into “OUR expanded perceptions of viewing person and planet as ONE.”

Within the unity of person and planet, “WE” will discover how the concepts of Spirit, Emotion, and Mind blend into the shared experience of planetary ascension. We, person and planet, can transmute back into the multidimensional reality that has always existed in our higher states of human consciousness, as well as within the Core and Cornerstone Crystals of my planetary consciousness.

I, Gaia, then ask that you maintain your conscious connection with the core of my planet, as well as up into the highest dimensions of our shared “Multidimensional Earth.” In the core of these vast personal and planetary energy fields is humanity’s force of Kundalini, which is ready to flash into your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, as well as my planetary Core Crystals which will activate my flash into a fifth dimensional Light Planet.

Then, just as your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF will release the third dimensional earth vessel that once contained it, my fifth dimensional Lightbody PLANET will release the 3D Matrix that has served as a third dimensional frequency fence.

Just as you, my humans, will be able to perceive, return to and interact with your true fifth dimensional SELF, I Gaia will be able to perceive, return to and BE my true fifth dimensional planet.

As we, persons and planet, expand into our Spiritual Light, we will discover that this light is everywhere, within the fifth dimensional NOW. Your third dimensional thinking has told you that some places hold the Spiritual Light, but other places do not. However, everything has spirit. Everything!

Because we, persons and planet, are going through an enormous process of transmuting our third dimensional form into our fifth dimensional form, the 3D Matrix, “frequency net” that has contained both persons and planet within the illusions of third dimensional limitation, is beginning to lose its cohesiveness.

The third/fourth dimensional challenges are quickly transmuting into the HERE and NOW of fifth dimensional all-knowing freedom. Hence, within this NOW, I, Gaia, ask my humans to release the lives-long habit of perceiving my planet as being third dimensional.

I ask that you, my dear humans, look through and beyond the third dimensional frequency net, and focus your attention on the fifth dimensional Light Planet on which your fifth dimensional Light Body is residing within the fifth dimensional NOW. Your ability to expand your perceptions of reality in this manner is vital to my planetary transmutation back into the fifth dimensional planet that I have always been.

Remember, we do not need to create this higher dimensional reality, for the fifth dimension is beyond time. Hence, fifth dimensional Earth has infinitely existed. When you chose to enter time, your consciousness, as well as your perceptions, were bound by the illusion of time. Many of my humans are going through what feels like an “initiation.”

This initiation is not about being a better person. Instead, it is about remembering who we, persons and planet, have ALWAYS been. When you are far away from a tall mountain, you may only see the peak of the mountain as the base of it is blocked from your vision by what is “in between” you and the mountain peak.

In the same manner, the fifth dimensional reality may be perceived as being “above you” in some manner. However, that frequency of reality is actually “within you.” Raising your consciousness does not create your fifth dimensional Lightbody. It is always within you no matter what state of consciousness you are holding.

However, it is difficult to remember that fact while you are living within the many physical challenges of living in the midst of great change. You, the awakening ones and the already awakened leaders are calibrating and re-calibrating your perceptual field into higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Now that you know/remember something you may not have know before, or you forgot, you can begin to use the ever-expanding higher light to clear up whatever you are ready to release. You know what you are ready to release because now you’re getting a very clear view of yourself.

There are parts of you that can stand a little transmutation and a lot of Unconditional Love, as well as the parts of you that are pretty clear within this NOW and ready to assist your Mother Gaia.

How can you give to others what you cannot give to your self? How can you teach others, what you have not yet remembered? Therefore, I, Mother Gaia, ask you to love your self and commend your self, for YOU are moving out of the separation of “your personal self” and into the Unity of “OUR planetary SELF.”

Blessings to you all, dear humans, for you are moving out of the 3D/4D where there’s separation and to the HERE and NOW of the fifth dimension. Within that HERE and NOW we, humans and all planetary life, are ONE.

As your Planetary Mother I commend you on your great transmutation and service to OUR planetary being.

Blessings, I AM your Mother Earth.
Please sit on my warm earth under one of trees to remember that
I AM ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with ME

For the ENTIRE 52 minute recording, including the ending which is NOT in this post, 
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