Friday, February 28, 2014

Transmuting Gaia’s Core

Dear Arcturians:

I have many questions, but I know the answers are inside and I got lost in the third dimension again.  I had this meeting that I was looking forward to and I got busy.  I got busy again and I missed out, and I wonder how many things I miss out on because I’m so busy - so busy in the 3D world doing this right thing, this good thing, this important thing. 

My focus is on outside – on the outside world that I’m trying to see beyond.  I ask you now to speak through me and I will take a moment of the time that I have wasted on busyness and dedicate it to going inside to find myself and you dear Arcturians - the higher component of the me the is wearing this Earth vessel and having a hard time not getting lost inside of the Earth vessel.


Our beloved Suzelle we speak to you within your very same voice, therefore you know that we are within you and that we are speaking through you - for we are using that body in which you have often become lost.  We are using that mind, that brain, those vocal cords, those lungs, that heart.  Do you see how we are one?

Do you see how when you allow us to come into you – us being the higher expressions of you – for you and us are third-dimensional terms?  For in the fifth-dimension and beyond there is we.  We are One.  We are all One.  So, your friend with whom you wished to meet to share this meditation is there too.  Do you see her?  Yes, there she is right there and look she is having a hard time seeing you just as you are having a hard time remembering us – the we of your/our Arcturian expressions.

There she is she sees us now.  Now we are we again.  We are one again.  Yes, is it not actually superior to meet in this fashion?  Of course you would even if you were on separate channels of Skype but, now that crutch is gone isn’t it -- that third dimensional crutch in which you move your energy through a mechanical device in order to commune with one in a distant place far away on Earth. 

But you do not need these mechanical devices.  And, our, us, we primarily meet within the core of beloved Gaia where there is no distance at all.  There is only here, there is only now.  Within the core of Gaia just as within the our of you, there is no time.  There is no space.  For it is your quantum Core.  It is the you that you have always been and it is the you that is now wearing your Earth vessel.

Feel that you nestled inside your Earth vessel.  Feel that you that is surrounded by an illusion – surrounded by the illusion of separation.  For while wearing your Earth vessel you are within the third-dimensional hologram of Earth and the matrix of that third dimensional hologram states that you are separate, that there is time and there is space and it takes time to go across the space to get to that separate being. 

Of course you can use a mechanical device in which that time and space is instantly erased.  So do you see what an illusion it is?  Time and space is not real.  It is an illusion.  There is only Now.  There is only Here. 

Feel yourself now, here, within the Core of Gaia.  And within that Core of Gaia do you see us?  We are not wearing a form.  We are a floating energy field.  We have taken on that floating energy field so that you can perceive us while in your meditative state of only your fourth-dimensional perceptions.

Can you believe that you actually see us?  Can you believe that you are actually inside of the core?  Or will you become lost again in the vessel that you are wearing that is sitting in a chair leaning on a desk and talking into a mechanical device?  Can you believe that the body sitting in the chair is an illusion – that the chair is an illusion, that the desk is an illusion, that the mechanical device is an illusion?  Can you believe that you are here “now” and that we are “one”?

Feel the energy field of being Here – Now within this One, within this Core of your being, within the Core of your spine and your brain, within the Core of your kundalini and your multi-dimensional mind, within the Core of the Planet, within the Core of her Core Crystal.  Feel how you are inside the Core Crystal of Gaia’s Core.  Feel around you the immense multi-dimensional energy field that is your planetary self.

For, you became a member of Gaia’s planetary self when you stepped out of our energy field into your Earth vessel.  Now you have moved beyond the illusion of your Earth vessel, beyond the illusion of Gaia’s physical third-dimensional self and into the truth of your central core, of Gaia’s central core blending into oneness together. 

Feel the community, feel the energy field as it begins to expand and it grows faster, faster, faster – so fast that your body cannot begin to contain it so you must release it.  You must choose.  Are you choosing the limitations of your third dimensional life or are you choosing to let go and feel the energy field that is embracing you, combining you with Gaia?

Yes, the kundalini speaks now.  It has awakened by your release and you feel it now as it moves up and down your spine and you feel how that kundalini moving up and down your spine while you are inside of the central Core of Gaia.  Oh yes, hold on – for now you feel the kundalini of Gaia’s Central Core as it moves up and down throughout her Central Crystal.

It is very difficult to contain this so therefore you must shoot this energy field out to the North -- the North Cornerstone - out into the North that represents the spirit, the higher frequencies of the portals to the multi-dimensional expressions of Gaia and her beloved New Earth that stands at the entrance of those portals to greet you with Unconditional Love.

Now, you pull New Gaia’s Unconditional Love that you have met through the North back in to the Central Core and – oh yes, you can feel how the energy has greatly amplified.  Now you turn around and you send that energy field out into the South.  And in the South you feel how Gaia has been an alive being through millions and billions of years. 

Allow her beingness of all that she has been, of all the forms of herself as an idea.  Feel how that idea of the One was filled with the Unconditional Love which created the beginning of a form.  And the form transmuted and shifted and changed through many ages, through many disasters, through many reconstructions, through many eras and then she had the greatest disaster – the Fall of Atlantis in which she fell deeply into time, deeply into the third- dimension, deeply into illusion - illusions of time, illusions of separation which created polarities and the good and the bad began to battle.  And the right and the wrong began to fight and the love and fear were lost in the battles lost in the fights.

And yes, those who incarnated through that long time within that third-dimensional realm did learn very quickly to master their energy fields, or they were lost and had to return again, and again, and again until at last and finally they learned to master their energy fields so that they did not attend to the polarities.  They found that place in between.  Within the Core, they saw the good was just one of the polarities that was also called bad.  But good and bad were only the outsides, the slowest component of that energy field.  Within the core, within the center of the energy field there is only Unconditional Love.  There is only infinite wisdom.  There is only power within.

And with that unconditional love you have the infinite power of your infinite wisdom to speak within that power, within that love, within that wisdom – to look out into the matrix to whatever illusion of fear, of separation, of becoming lost.  And as you look out into that matrix you say:  I Love You Unconditionally.  I use my great multi-dimensional wisdom to accept you unconditionally.  And with a great power within that I AM, I forgive every person, place, situation and thing that I ever created so that I could learn about polarities.  And then I blamed that which I created and so that person, place, situation or thing that I have blamed – I Forgive You Unconditionally.

And now you pull that energy from Gaia’s great history back into the central core.  And now you go out into the West where the Sun is setting.  The Sun is setting on the reality that was bound by time, by separation, by illusion.  And you move into that setting sun and you pull into you every lesson you have ever learned – every memory you have stored in your wonderful multi-dimensional mind, every situation that you have transmuted and every being, humanoid, cetacean, animal, fish, insect, human and pull them all into your heart.  And say:  I want to take you with us.  Us being all of us.  We all want to move into the new cycle now together. 

So now you pull all that was into the now of the One of the Central Core.  And to the East you see the rising Sun of New Earth.  And, as that Sun rises higher and higher it ignites that eastern core with violet light of transmutation.  That transmutation follows the path from that cornerstone into the Core Central Crystal.  Now, you live in the Now.  Within the Now you do not wait - for waiting is a third-dimensional concept. 

Within the Now you listen.  You listen to yourself that is beyond the illusions of your third-dimensional expression.  You listen to all the myriad and marvelous expressions of yourself and you pull them into your Core that is within the core of Gaia.  And, you take these beautiful messages from the real world of the multi-dimensional New Earth and you share them in the manner in which you have chosen before you entered this mission.

Blessings be our away team.  We will meet here again for further transmissions.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Greater Work - The Next Morning

The Greater Work

The Next Morning

After the Arcturian left our house we both fell onto the nearby couch. We immediately slipped into a sleep/meditation, as we were not sure to which reality we were awake. How could we be talking to a being of wavering light one minute, than sitting on our couch the next? Gradually, we fell into what must have been a real sleep, as I had a very important dream.

When I awoke it was the next day. After I recovered from a night of sleeping on the couch with each of us pulling on one small blanket for warmth, I realized that I had slept through a very important work meeting.

With this realization, my wonderful dream was gone from my awareness. I shook Sandy into wakefulness and tried to blame her for my falling asleep. After I had spent my anger on her, and she cried and ran into the bedroom, I realized what I had done.

How could I go from such a wonderful dream to such a low state of consciousness that I would blame the person I loved most for something that I had done? I decided to go into the kitchen to make Sandy her favorite tea and bring it to her as a peace offering. It was then that I began to remember my dream.

I took the tea to our bedroom and offered the tea with an apology and a sheepish look on my face, which made Sandy smile and accept the tea. I sat next to her on the bed while she sipped her tea while I tried to get my nerve up to tell her about my dream.

“OK,” said Sandy after she let me suffer for a few minutes, “I forgive your outburst and am ready to hear what you so want to tell me.”

“You know I want to tell you something?” I asked.

“We live as one person now. I don’t think we have too many secrets,” she said with a sweet smile. “Go ahead honey. If you had not yelled, it would have likely been me. I missed an important meeting too. I do not understand all that is happening with us, but somehow, I believe it is real. You are the only person I could talk to about these experiences, and I’m pretty sure that I am the only person to whom you can talk.”

I nodded yes and waited until Sandy patted my leg and said, “Go ahead. Thanks to the tea you brought me, I’m ready to listen.”

“While we were sleeping on the couch,” I blurted before I lost my nerve, “I had a dream that I was ascending. At about 3:00 am I suddenly woke up and heard in my head, ‘I just had a dream about ascension’, but I could not remember how it felt.

“I then went to the bathroom. I came back to the couch with another blanket, which I put on you, and tried to remember that feeling again. However, I was too distracted to remember the dream because, even though it was a cold night, my body was hot. It seemed that the heat came from inside, not outside, of me. I don’t know how long I laid/sat on the couch feeling the intense heat inside of me. Eventually, I fell back asleep.

“When I first woke up in the morning, I remembered some of the dream, but still could not remember how it felt. Then I saw the clock and pretty much freaked out about missing my appointment, which made me completely forget the dream. Once I calmed down and was making your tea, the dream began to come back to me.

“Gradually I began to see myself in what looked like a cloud. I was in an upright position with my hands pointing down, but I was slowly rising upwards. After just a short moment, I felt a tugging sensation on my feet, which stopped my upward motions.

“I then realized that there was something that I had to release. I didn’t know what that was, nor was that important. All that was important was that I had to release it so that I could continue my ascension. Therefore, I took a long breath and told myself, ‘Let go!’

“Instantly, I returned to my slow, but steady ascension upwards. However, it was not long before I felt the tugging again. This time I knew what to do. I took a long breath and said, ‘Let go.’ Again and again, I had to let go, never even knowing what I was letting go of. I only knew that my ascension was very important, and I had to continue.

“Eventually, I began to rise faster and the tugging greatly diminished. It was then that I saw something far above me. Controlling my excitement, I slowly continued to float in an upward fashion towards the unknown.

“Thoughts drifted through my mind. When I chose to ignore them, I began to feel the euphoria of the higher dimensions. My form began to tingle, my heart opened and my Third Eye became focused on a blurry object above me.

“Eventually, all thoughts were released, and my emotions were only a sense of expectation and wonder. The tugging had stopped completely, but the letting go was constant. I was living in a kind of surrender that felt quite natural.

“My body had become extremely hot when I noticed a light emanating from me. It was then that I saw a light from above, which was like the dawn coming through a dusky morning. As I moved closer to the light, the object above me became increasingly clear.

“It was an orb with a face, but I could not recognize it because the light was too bright. Even though the face came closer and closer, I still could not recognize it, but I was beginning to feel unconditional love and great joy. Then, as the love and joy soaked into my consciousness, I began to recognize the face. It was me, but not the everyday me. It was the face of my SELF.”

When I finished talking I realized that I had gone into a trance. When I came back to my physical self, I saw Sandy looking straight into my heart. She placed the empty teacup on the table next to the bed and leaned over to give me a big, long hug. Her hug felt almost as good as the face I had seen.

Sandy gradually let go of my shoulders and leaned back on the bed saying, “I am sorry I was got so hysterical when you were angry. I think it was just that when we came back from such a wonderful experience of communing with the Arcturian and having blissful dreams, it was too shocking to be ‘back in the 3D,” Sandy said with an apologetic smile.

“Did you have a dream too?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied thoughtfully. “I had a dream in which I was walking in a park and came upon people gathered behind a bush. ‘Look,’ they said as they pointed through the foliage. As I looked through the bush I saw a golden Buddha sitting on a wooden bench.

“I was just thinking, ‘What a beautiful statue,’ when a light radiated out of the Buddha’s hands, and he turned his head to look straight into my eyes. For infinity we looked into each other’s eyes. I awoke with the memory of a golden Buddha sitting on a wooden bench.

“Then, when you yelled at me, the drop from that serenity into your angry voice regressed me to a small child running to mommy to tattle. However, I am my mommy now, so there was no one to whom I could complain. But, just as I was beginning to slip into a deep depression, I remembered looking through the foliage to see a golden Buddha sitting on a wooden bench.

“Then you came in with the tea in your hand and an apology on your face, and I heard the golden Buddha saying, ‘It is not WHAT you do that is important, but HOW you do it.’

“How could I blame you for being angry. I realize now how many of my ‘loving’ intentions have become tainted by the old paradigm of hard work and the need for external reward and acknowledgement. I don’t think that it is any accident that we both slept through important work meetings. That work is just for survival, just for money.

“I think that one of the things that the Arcturian told us, which we could not understand until our dreams, was that ‘the Golden Buddha was as happy sitting on a wooden bench in a small park as when he was sitting in a huge temple with people worshiping him.’ I understand now that the Buddha looked at me directly, so that I would more clearly look at myself.”

“Yes,” I added, “and I could not recognize my own face because the light was too bright.”

“The Arcturian was telling us via our dreams that we need to BE the SELF that we have remembered, rather than the self that we became once we forgot,” Sandy almost whispered. “My dream came to remind me that the wooden bench was very comfortable, and in no way diminished me.”

“Yes,” I added, “Do I do what I do because I want recognition, or do I do it because I AM being my SELF? If we choose to place our attention on that which disturbs our peace, we are can no longer see the Face of our SELF. It is then that we sink into the dramas and dissonance of 3D life.

“The energies leading up to today have been very intense, fast, confusing, disruptive and transformational. Our true SELF has been calling us, while our ego has been tugging at our sleeve.”

I moved right next to Sandy and put my arm around her while I looked into her eyes. “Our process of ascension has begun, and like all processes, the most difficult part is breaking free from inertia. Therefore, we have to do something challenging every day.”

Sandy smiled as she said, “My father used to say, ‘Study long, study wrong.’ He also said, ‘Do something, even if it is wrong.’ What he meant by that was that we easily get stuck in trying to always be right. It’s OK if we make a mistake, as long as we eventually catch our self.”

“It is our ego who wants to always be right,” I added as I pulled Sandy to my chest, “but our Soul resonates beyond polarity. Hence, there is no right or wrong. There is only action. It is through action that we learn, and we are learning as we go.

“We are creating our ascension! And, we are creating it NOW! It’s not just WHAT we do, but HOW we do it! In fact, it is not the what, but the how, that frees us from our ego and leads us into the center of the Flow.”

As Sandy moved away from me to look into my eyes, I saw tears of joy streaming down her face.

“Oh, Jason, it cut me to my core that we fought this morning. I am so sorry that I yelled at you. Can you forgive me?”

“My sweet love, the question is can I forgive myself?” I replied as tears formed in the corner of my eyes.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Check Back Soon

Dear Readers,

If you wonder what happened to, well we were in the midst of putting up a new site.

Then, you know everything goes wrong at the end of a huge project, well, it did.

However, it all had a happy ending.

It was quite a lesson for me as I thought I had lost a lot of what I had spent decades writing--at least in the form that I could share it.

After freaking out, I had to "just let go" - as there was nothing left to do.

Then my higher consciousness remembered another place where the info was stored and most of it was discovered.

Interestingly, the only thing we would not recover was the final section of the Journey through the Arcturian Corridor. 

Love the metaphor! 

The only file I could find was a rough draft, and now it have to "rewrite it all” and “edit it again."

Wow, just like life.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Merging Part 4 - Answering the "Door"


The Merging Part 4

Answering the “Door”

I guess we were NOT back in the 3D because when I went to the door no one was there. However, shortly after I opened the door, Jason and I felt a very strong sensation. In fact, it was a multidimensional sensation. Because our physical eyes could not see anything, we looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

However, we both had a strange feeling that we were not alone. In fact, the feeling we were having was immensely familiar. We stood very still, almost as if we didn’t want to interfere with this unique energy that had entered our home.

“This energy feels very familiar,” said Jason. I nodded, not wanting to disturb the atmosphere by speaking. Gradually, a growing awareness came into our consciousness, “Is it the Arcturian?” we both asked with amazement in our voices.

“Yes,” replied the Arcturian speaking through our clairaudience. “We are pleased that you have perceived us with your multidimensional perceptions. We will now assist you to expand your multidimensional consciousness by sharing some important information with you. Please listen closely to our multidimensional communication.”

I was just realizing that Jason was as astounded as I about the Arcturian actually visiting our home when the Arcturian continued, “We are not visiting your home. We are visiting your multidimensional consciousness. Because you have calibrated your physical brain to your multidimensional consciousness you are able to perceive our presence within your joint consciousness.”

“Yes,” said Jason, “It feels like you are in our home, but I understand that you are actually in our consciousness.” I nodded in agreement.

“We are pleased that you can grasp these higher dimensional concepts,” continued the Arcturian speaking within our consciousness. “Since you have merged with your higher expressions of Mytre, Mytria, Mytrian and our Arcturian essence, it is important that you understand more completely what is occurring in your NOW. Since you are fully connected to your Multidimensional SELF, you have become an open portal through which we can directly speak to awakening humanity.

“You see, dear grounded expressions of our SELF, the physical structure of form in this quadrant of space is preparing to burst into the higher frequencies of spirit. By ‘spirit’ we mean that which is infused with the light of creation. This light of creation serves as a higher dimensional palette upon which thought can be projected and enlivened by the ‘colors’ of emotion.

“The Arcturian’s galactic service is to be of assistance whenever a transmutational moment comes into the NOW of any quadrant of space. We have many ways in which we facilitate this process. The greatest challenge is that uninformed humans may perceive the transmutation into lightbody as a form of ‘death.’ However, death is merely a release from the 3D matrix of illusion.

“In fact, this release is actually a bi-location. We remind you that nothing can die within the multiverse, but it can transmute into a higher or lower frequency of expression. The consciousness of humanity is about to transmute into higher frequencies of expression that resonate beyond the illusion of time.

“With the completion of this transmutation, you will experience myriad realities within the ONE of the NOW. You will then realize that you can maintain a conscious awareness of one or more of your higher dimensional realities while you still maintain and/or wear an earth vessel.

“Unfortunately, many humans are still so attached to the physical reality which they have known as real for myriad incarnations that they resist the process of transmutation. The power of this resistance creates a waver in the energy field of transmutation. This waver stalls the transmutational event in a manner that frozen moments of lower frequency reality are created.

“Those who are afraid to allow a smooth transmutation of their reality will become trapped in those frozen moments of 3D time. Thus their perceptions will remain limited to the third dimension, and they we not be able to experience the impending transmutation into the higher realities. Because they have chosen the path of fear rather than the path of unconditional love, they will cling onto the “known” and fear that their reality is destructing.  

“Conversely, those who have chosen the path of unconditional love have released the shackles of time and eagerly accept change. Hence, they will perceive the very same event as constructing a pathway into a higher frequency of reality. Thus, while the inhabitants of these frozen moments cling to their physical version of life believing that all around them is being lost, the transmuting ones are creating a perceptual pathway to fifth-dimensional New Earth.  

“The inhabitants of the frozen moments may even believe that they are the final ones to survive what they perceive as destruction. Because of their resistance to change they will no longer be on the third dimensional matrix, as that matrix will no longer exist. However, they will not be able to believe, conceive or perceive the fifth dimensional reality. Thus, they will bravely settle in to their lower fourth dimensional reality.

“This lower dimensional reality will be filled with fear, due to the belief patterns of the inhabitants. However, it will allow those who have lived a life of selfishness, power over others, anger and/or cruelty the need to work with others in order to survive. In this manner, the frightened victims and victimizers of the frozen moments both have a reason to care for others, find their power within, and allow the sadness and fear that was the basis of their lives to be healed.

“We perceive these ‘islands of resistance to transmutation’ as hospitals in which those who cannot accept change can experience more of the illusion of time to prepare for the transmutation of darkness into light and love. Most of these lost ones fear change because of their own unresolved trauma. As they resolve their inner trauma by assisting others, their fear of change will be released.

“Fortunately, there are many who are more than ready to release their fear and return to their innate unconditional love. This release of fear, resolved or not, will lighten their consciousness more than they can imagine. Those who are still bound to the third-dimensional paradigm believe that it takes a long "time" to heal trauma. However, since time no longer exists in the fifth-dimensional matrix, the release of trauma can be instant.

“On the other hand, while their consciousness is attached to the time-bound, 3D matrix, even transmutation takes time. Time was put into lower matrix realities so that the inhabitants could slow down their process of creation to understand exactly how thoughts and emotions combine into ONE to create portals. These portals are two-way in that they allow their creators to enter and/or leave any given reality.

“Many of our volunteers for ascension are taking the time to heal their lower frequency experiences within their ‘past, present or future’ lives so they can learn to assist those who are so lost in darkness that they cannot perceive the onslaught of light. When they move through time to heal what they perceive as other lives, they must understand the illusion of time.

“The breaking down of the NOW into time is much like one of your motion pictures. There are many individual pictures strung together on a long film to which the light of the pictures can adhere. When this film travels very fast, the pictures blur into one motion picture. Of course, in your present reality film is no longer needed and many motion pictures stream through a ‘cloud’ to invisibly move from one computerized device to another.

“Those trapped in time are similar to the motion pictures in that something is in-between every picture. This something in-between causes time. When a ‘movie’ is streaming through a ‘cloud,’ which is of a frequency that is not perceptible to third dimensional perception, the physical person can easily capture that frequency of light to display the motion picture on their electronic device.

“In the same manner, your consciousness can capture the ‘motion pictures’ of fifth dimensional reality, but it can only do so if your perception is calibrated to the frequency which can capture those light images. Of course, if you believe that perceiving the fifth dimension is impossible, then it will become impossible.

“However, once you believe that you can expand your consciousness into the higher frequency of perceptions, you can calibrate your mind to the fifth-dimensional ‘cloud.’ Once your consciousness is calibrated to the frequency of the cloud that is transferring these motion pictures of fifth dimensional earth, you will begin to project this movie onto your inner mind screen.

“If you believe that you can calibrate your consciousness to receive images from the fifth dimension, you will move towards that possible reality. In the same manner, if you believe that a fearful event will occur, your consciousness will seek out that possible reality. What you must remember now in preparation for fifth-dimensional New Earth, is that your every thought and emotion creates the picture/reality that you paint on your reality screen.

“In this manner, you create that which you perceive and perceive what you have created. In fact, in the higher dimensional realities, creation and perception are the same concept. You create your reality by the perceptions to which you choose to attend, and you perceive the reality that you created with your thoughts and emotions.

“Even while holding an earth vessel, unconditional love expands your consciousness enough to allow you to capture higher dimensional ‘motion pictures’. Unconditional love also has the innate power to realign that which is out of alignment so that you are a clear corridor through which higher frequency information can flow.

“Unconditional love, being the healing force of the multiverse, reveals that most dis-ease is due to misalignment with the higher dimensions of reality. Fortunately, even that which is calibrated to a lower dimension can be pulled into alignment with the ONE via the power of unconditional love. While in alignment with the NOW of the ONE time and the separation that time creates transmutes into the NOW. Within the NOW, you are infinitely connected with all the expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

“Your Multidimensional SELF chose to ‘visit’ the lower frequencies, much as one would visit a university of learning. What YOU wanted to learn in this university is how to ascend a planet without destruction. Unfortunately, many of you fell out of alignment with your SELF and became lost within the third dimensional paradigm of time and separation.

“That is when you began to forget that you are beings of light that cannot be harmed in any manner by the illusions of a lower frequency reality. The third dimension is similar to an old-fashioned movie theater where light from the back of the theater carried the moving pictures to be displayed on the screen.

“If you were to stand between that screen and the projected light, the moving picture would project onto you. These projections of light could not hurt you unless you had the fearful thought that the moving pictures could harm you. Since what you think and feel is projected onto the matrix of the 3D hologram, your concerned thoughts and fearful emotions actually create a version of reality in which you suffer harm.

“In fact, it was in this manner that the lightbodies of our away team became so absorbed with the lower dimensional pictures that they believed they were the frequency of the projection screen rather than the frequency of the projected light. Then, they began to believe that they WERE the character in the movie rather than the light that created the character.”

Jason and I were so awestruck by this message and by the fact that the Arcturian was speaking to us, that we could not move or speak. It was then that Mytria and Mytre came to our rescue by entering our consciousness and projecting their light through us. At this point the Arcturian said, "Do you feel the difference when the higher light of your Multidimensional SELF beams through you?"

We were in such bliss and euphoria feeling this higher light within our forms that all we could do was smile and nod our heads in agreement.

“Once you realize that you are living in a projected reality you will begin to understand that you are the light that is projecting that reality. Hence, you are NOT the holographic screen upon which that light is projected,” continued the Arcturian.

“As you become fully aware that you are the light rather than the screen onto which this light is projected, you can no longer avoid that fact that YOU are the creator of your reality. As that information becomes familiar to all the wounded and victimized components within your unconscious and conscious mind, your attitude toward life begins to alter.

“If you are the creator, then you are only a victim to your self and/or the victim to the reality that you chose to enter within your current incarnation. We are aware that there are many earthlings that are barely surviving and go to sleep hungry every night.

“We also know that there are wars waging all over Gaia’s dear planet and that horrible atrocities occur to humans every day. We realize that a very few rule your world, and most of them are the remaining forces of the Brothers of Belial who took down Atlantis. Therefore, we ask you why you chose to enter that holographic projection.

“Why did you create this reality for your self? Once you ask yourself that question, you are on the Path of Mastery and ascension. Ascension beyond the physical reality that YOU have created is not an escape. Also, ascension is no longer just for YOU. Once you remember your Multidimensional SELF, you realize that you have already ascended, as your SELF is continuous through all the dimensions and back to Source.

“Therefore, you chose to descend into Gaia’s Earth during Her time of ascension. Yes, it is not just humanity that is ascending. In fact, humanity is the primary block to all forms of ascension. If it were up to the plant and animal kingdoms, Gaia would be fifth dimensional and beyond. It is humanity that is holding back Gaia’s ascension.

“However, Gaia’s ascension is not actually being ‘held back,’ as it is well on its way. It is just that many humans are unaware of this fact because they are still trapped in the illusions of their own projections. It is for this reason that we, your galactic family, are willing to communicate with those humans who are awake to their true, multidimensional nature and are ready to take full responsibility for the reality that THEY have created.

“We have come to you within your NOW to give you your earthly mission, which is to share the truth that you have gained from your connections with the higher dimensions. Dear earthly expressions of your SELF, it is for that reason that we are communicating with YOU!”

With that statement the feeling of the Arcturian began to fade from our awareness and Jason asked, “ Dear Arcturian, you do not have a physical form. How could you knock on our door?”

With what felt like a smile the Arcturian said, “We did not knock on your door, we knocked in your mind. Then you ran to your door, which made more sense to 3D brains, and you let us in to your consciousness.”

“So, the whole running to the door to let you in was an illusion of our own creation?” I said.

“Yes,” replied the smiling Arcturian.

Jason and I looked to each other and said, “The Arcturian has a sense of humor?”

Was that a laugh we heard as the Arcturians´ energy expanded beyond our perception?