Sunday, October 30, 2011


I wrote this peace many years ago. At the end, I changed SOON  to NOW.


Dear IlliaEm,
Please tell me about downloading our fifth dimensional SELF.

Dearest One,

At this “time” in your earth life, you are about to “come out” into the world as your true SELF.  You fear judgment and ridicule, as well you may. Remember now the life that you had during the incarnation of Jesus.  You were called to follow him, but you did not because you were afraid of judgment of others of monetary losses.  You have played out both of those dramas through out this present earth life.  Do you see now that death does not offer a respite from a challenge untaken?  Do you see now that “time” does end anything, it just makes you forget it?  Then you have to create another drama so that you may face that challenge again.  This fear of loss of money and judgment of others is not new, and not unfounded. You have suffered much judgment in your life, and in any life in that you were a vanguard in your society.  You are called upon to be a vanguard again.  You have taken the challenge, but you can feel the fear rising up within your consciousness.  It is fine for you to feel fear; it is part of the human condition.  However, do not allow your fear to stop you, which you have not.

You have taken each level of your process one at a time.  Then, you are prepared for the next level.  As you release the Superconscious section, you will be revealing your deepest, most secret self.  And you are doing this in a timeframe when your society is ruled by the darkness and fear.  Ignorance is bliss to many of your citizens.  You are brave in that you have chosen as low of a frequency reality that can possibly ascend.  Do not fear, as your ascension is assured.  You shall assist in rising the vibration of others, as well as rising your own.  Remember, our One, that the first shall be the last.  The Captain is always the last one to leave the sinking ship.  You have “gown down with the ship” before, as the planet could not be ascended.  You, and the rest of the Ground Crew, will not have to do so this time.  This time, you all have returned to assist Gaia in Her ascension.  Times seem very bleak now, but that is how it always is at the initiation of the ascension process.  First the darkness must be faced before your own inner light can be amplified.

I, IlliaEm, wish now to tell you about the download process so that your readers can clearly understand it.  Yes, there are many readers who are, and who will, benefit greatly from your writings.  You have been feeling that in your consciousness, and you are correct.
There are several stages to downloading. 
1.     First you must communicate with the higher dimensional, in this case fifth dimensional, being that you will one day download.  Through the communication with your fifth dimensional SELF, you will become with this beings feel and how their live intertwines with yours.
2.     Then, you begin to realize how their essence is your essence and how you are alike.  Through this awareness, your essences will begin to combine.  The combining of essence is stage two of the download process.

3.      In this stage, your physical body is actually prepared for the download.  You are often not aware of this process, but your body begins to take on subtle changes which were initiated by the blending of essences.  You may find that you gain, or loose weight, that your body shape changes a bit, that your energy level changes, or your sleep patterns, or that your dietary needs are different.  I stress, that these changes are so subtle at first, that you often do not notice them.  However, this stage if vital to prepare your body for another jolt of higher frequency.  If you can be conscious of this stage, which you have not been as of yet, it will make the next stage easier.

4.     The fourth stage is the stage of actual download.  During this stage, your body is called upon to open itself up to a higher vibrational self than it’s third dimensional self.  This phase can be difficult in that your body may display many symptoms of illness or injury.  However, if you can be aware that you are actually improving yourself, you will keep down the level of fear and allow yourself to love the process.  Remember that love is the greatest healing force of all dimensions. 

The first download is usually your Future Self. Your Future Self is the “you” that you will become as your planet ascends.  All of the Ground Crew’s Future Selves are waiting in the aura of their past self to patiently nudge the lower self into awareness of their future.  Because your Future Self is actually “your self” in another timeframe, both essences are much the same and thereby the easiest to integrate.  In spite of this, it is still a vibratory leap from being a third/fourth dimensional being to integrating a fifth dimensional being into that body.  I say third/fourth dimensional being as this process of downloading will not begin until you have been able to move your consciousness into, and through, the fourth dimension.

With each download, there are usually physical symptoms because your physical body is altering its structure, even down into the level of DNA.  Often you will feel VERY fatigued and need to be very still.  You are like a snake, which has outgrown its old skin and must shed it.  While the old limitations of that “skin” are being released, your body will usually have some difficulty in adapting to its new Self.  This difficulty will usually be defined as the unaware recipient as “illness” or “injury.”   I say “unaware recipient” as often you will be unaware of this process, and in fact, you do not need to be aware.  This process is happening to many more people now than anyone knows.  This is part of the reason for so many “new” illnesses.  On the other hand, if you can be conscious of what is happening, you can assist your earth vessel with its process.

Once the Future Self has been downloaded, other fifth dimensional SELVES will prepare for your recognition of, communication with, and eventual downloading of them.  It is only after several fifth dimensional SELVES are downloaded that you can begin to download group minds, such as the Arcturian Group Mind and beings that are of even higher dimensions, such as I—IlliaEm.

The most important component of the process is to stay in LOVE and do NOT doubt yourself.  You are the multidimensional being that you always have been.  You do not need to learn, or struggle, or try.  You only need to surrender to your process and REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  As each member of the Ground Crew wakes up to their SELF and allows more and more fragments of that SELF to integrate into their third/fourth dimensional body they will raise their vibratory rate as well at the vibration and frequency of Lady Gaia, planet Earth.  In this manner, bit-by-bit, the planetary ascension shall be made.


A voice inside woke me up this morning saying, “I AM within.”  The message made me consciously realize that the voice, which was once UP, is now WITHIN.  I feel my confused ego self on the sidelines of my awareness.  It did not die.  It was just re-assigned. Ego, who was once ME, is now IT.  It is the mechanic, the chief engineer in charge of biological functions, but it is NOT “me.”

I AM Soul.  Once I was an ego who had a Soul.  Now I AM a Soul who has an ego.  Inside my SELF I have climbed a stair, moved into a new home, become a new “person.”  But, of course, I AM no longer a person who has a Soul.  I AM a Soul who has a person.  Before, I would look UP from my ego to connect with my Soul.  My one ego would look UP to my one Soul.  Now, I look UP from my Soul to connect with my Oversoul.  My one Soul within me looks UP to see the many Souls within my Oversoul.  Furthermore, the “UP” is now “IN.”

My Oversoul, the many who is ONE, is introducing me to my sibling Souls who make up my Soul Family.  My human family is my ego’s family.  However, some of them, the ones I have always “liked” best, are my Soul Family and, therefore, share my same Oversoul.  There are also friends, the ones that always felt like family, who run to me and say, “Yes, you see, we are family after all.”

All of this, which once felt far, far above me, now feels deep, deep within me.  I feel my SELF like a stadium.  I am filled to the top with fragments of my SELF that are, indeed, “ME.”  I am the stadium, and I am the entire audience watching the game being played on the floor of the stadium.

I feel a point of focus that is the perspective of one of the many that are “ME.”  This “Me” is sitting at the top of the stadium looking down upon the game, which is illuminated by the immense lights above me.  Yes, I am the lights as well.  The lights that are ME are completely impersonal, non-human.  They are still “above,” but only because I have not left the stadium.  If I were to become one of those lights, or perhaps all of the lights, I too would become non-human.  Well, actually, I would still be human, but just as I am now Soul inside and human outside, I would be Soul outside and human inside.  The “I” that once was “ME” would become the “WE” that once was “I.”

I feel the yearning to become the lights now.  I feel an inner tug to be aware of my humanness as a part of my SELF rather than my SELF as a part of my humaneness.  But, if I did, could I return to the stadium?  Could I enjoy the game that all the “me’s” are so busily cheering for?  There are two teams down there, the BAD team in the dark uniforms and the GOOD team in the light uniforms.

I understand that the teams wear uniforms so that the audience can tell the difference between the opposite teams. They also wear uniforms so that the team member can tell who is on “their” team and who is on the “other” team.  Otherwise, a “good” guy might assist a “bad” guy, or a “bad’ guy might assist a “good” guy.  What if they all had the same uniform—the human uniform?  Then it would be very difficult to keep track of the game.  How could the audience know who was winning and who was losing?  Yes, the game would be boring, indeed.

The game would be just a bunch of humans running around and interacting with each other.  There would be no drama, no winner and no looser.  But from here, it is difficult to differentiate the uniforms.  The light uniforms have become so soiled from rolling in the dirt that they are now as dark as the dark uniforms.  Some of the audience, those sitting at the base of the stadium, can still distinguish between the light and dark, but most of us can no longer tell the difference; nor do we care.

We are bored with watching the game of good and bad.  We do not care who wins, because we know that we are ALL on the same team.  The constant conflict has become boring to us, and we are now more curious about the lights above us.

As I look around the stadium, I see that more and more of us are tiring of the game and have turned their attention up, towards the lights.  How would it feel to BE the lights?  More and more of us look up into the lights, whereas only a few are still watching the game.  Why, even some of the team has stopped their eternal competition to look into the lights!

As more of us look up into the lights, rather than down onto what the lights are illuminating, the members of the audience blur into one audience.  Even the members of the two opposing teams blur into “the players.”  Many of them are also fed-up with of the game and climb up into the audience, so that they can better see the lights.

The lights are living magnets.  They embrace us with their “feel,” the feeling of FREEDOM.  They whisper into our essence, “Wait until everyone is ready to see us.  Then we have a surprise for you beyond your imagination!”

I don’t want to wait, but yet I know that I will. I will wait until every fragment of my SELF is ready to release the game.  I will use the force of my “waiting” to build an energy force that even my most “lost self” cannot ignore.  I will then allow this impetus to build until not only the entire audience becomes the light, but also the stadium, the parking lot, the earth under the parking lot, in fact—all of it—all the EARTH, all the planet, shall BECOME THE LIGHT.

Then, and only then, will the 3D game be over!


I am your Oversoul, and I wish to speak with you, as well.  I AM a huge body of light, filled with many smaller bodies of light.  I float through the seventh dimension of pure love and light along with many other Oversouls.  In the dimensions above the seventh, we are ONE, just as our many Souls are now ONE within our Oversoul Body. 

Each of the Souls within the Oversoul are incarnated in, or visiting, the lower worlds.  We Oversouls contain and protect the ALL of our Souls while they send fragments of their SELF into the “Land of Form” to gather experience.  Within our protective Oversoul Body, our many Souls commune with each other without the distraction of the Souls that are contained in other Oversouls. 

In the lower planes, these Souls appear to be separate, just as we Oversouls appear to be separate here.  The difference is that we Oversouls realize that our apparent separation is only a matter of density of light.  The Light of the many Souls in our inner Soul Family condensed into the envelope of our Oversoul body is very dense, whereas the light between the Oversouls is less dense.  However, this light still connects ALL Oversouls as they travel through the Seventh Dimension. 

We Oversouls are in constant communication with each other and live in total unity consciousness.  On the same hand, our inner Souls commune with each other in that same constant manner within the protection of our Body.  We make the sacrifice of restricting ourselves to form as a service to our many Souls who are still obtaining experience in the material words.  When all of our Souls have returned home, we will release our illusionary envelope and, as the ONE great being that we are, rejoin the both rest of our Essence within the consciousness of our Elohim SELF.

Our Elohim SELF has created our Oversoul Body to contain this particular Soul Family.  Our Elohim encompasses many Oversouls, just as we Oversouls encompass many Souls.  All the Oversouls within an Elohim are of the same Oversoul Family, just as all the Souls within each Oversoul are of the same Soul Family.  As Oversouls, we are the last bastion of form in the Multiverse. The Souls within us are incarnated and visiting all the manifest planets, solar system, galaxies, central suns, and universes within the manifest Multiverse of the third through sixth dimensional realities. 

I have come to share my vision of reality with you, and to introduce you to the many members of your Soul Family who exist within me.  You/I are a great being who has accepted the challenge to experience an ever descending path towards the Land of Form.  I know, from where you are, you are ascending, which is why you are now able to hear my call.  It is your call into my heart, the Heart of Oversoul that allows me to send down my consciousness to take your “hand” and pull your awareness back into me. 

I offer you my consciousness, as you would offer your hand to one who is drowning.  I offer you a vision of life that threatens no harm, no fear, no drowning in the emotions of your lower bodies.  I urge you to keep our connection constantly open so that my awareness can carry you through your many impending transitions within the personal drama of your third and fourth dimensional bodies. 

I am pleased that you have met some of the other members of your Soul Family, who are resonating to the fifth and sixth dimensional vibrations.  These members of your Family are forerunners who have completed their ascension process and are remaining behind in the lower worlds to assist their “brothers and sisters” now releasing the need to experience physical individuality.  As you “download” the consciousness of these siblings into your physical form and the physical form of your planet, you will enhance the molecular spin of atoms within your physical plane to resonate to a higher frequency. 

Just as a glass of white liquid will gradually become pink, and eventually red, as you drip  red dye into it, your third dimension will gradually become fourth, and then fifth, dimensional as you download fifth and sixth dimensional vibrations into it. We realize that this metamorphosis can be difficult for your present corporeal body, but we are here to support you in your process. 

We understand that the most difficult transformation is that of your beliefs.  You have created many beliefs of limitation and separation to protect you from the dangers of a polarized reality where one end of the spectrum battles against the other.  Good vs. bad, light vs. dark, life vs. death, and love vs. fear—all create the dynamic movement of experience that has drawn many of our Family members into the evolution of the third and fourth dimension.

In your “time,” this polarized reality has become tedious for many of you, and you wish to return to the deep community and ever-present caring that you feel within my heart, the Heart of Oversoul.  Yes, I feel your desire to experience each step along the pathway Home.  I know that you wish to revisit the fifth dimensional realities where individuality is merged with unity.  You wish to consciously swim upon the waves of potential in the sixth dimension, as well.  Your return to our Heart shall be a journey of adventure and discovery.

More and more will you remember all that you are.  Less and less, will you desire to live as a small fragment of your total SELF.  It is your recognition of SELF that will be your inner map Home.  Along your way, you shall find all that you have sought, because you will be creating your journey as you go. 

Feel my “hand” within your hand.
Feel my heart within your heart.
Feel your Soul within my Oversoul Body, and
Feel all the Souls in your Soul Family welcoming you Home.

You may wish to stop along your journey to guide a Family member, or a member from another Soul Family, and to embrace the TRUTH of All That Is.  You will also be grateful for the assistance of others who will come into your reality—just when you need them the most.

Most of all, keep your consciousness open.  Stay out of polarities and follow the Path of Unity.  It is this Center Path that shall light your way to the many wonderful adventures that you are about to discover.

Welcome Home, dear One.  We prepare for your homecoming with joy and anticipation.

The journey from the macrocosm of All That Is into the microcosm of quantum mechanics is a circular path.  This circular path is infinite and it is the key to ALL manifestation on ALL planes and dimensions.

These “Doors of Infinity” lead “in to” and “out of” the finite world.  All That IS wishes to experience itself as an individual.  Then, the “individual” wishes to experience itself as All That Is.  This infinite cycle creates movement within the Infinite World, which then assures the continuation of the finite world.  This movement begins with the twelfth dimension and travels down through the eleventh—tenth—ninth—eight—seventh—sixth—fifth—fourth and into your third dimensional finite world.

Are you surprised to see how small your third dimensional self is, yet how immense your consciousness is?  Yes, your physical body is no more than an anchor that is grounding your multiversal—universal—galactic—solar—planetary—national—personal  consciousness into an illusion that is perceived as “reality.”

However, NOW, your reality is extended beyond the limited perception of your grounded one who is acting as a physical anchor for your Spirit. Your “Soul/ship” is not limited to the vision of the bottom of the ocean that is the solitary world of its anchor.  YOU know that you have an “anchor,” which allows a small portion of your SELF to rest in its journey on the Cosmic Seas.

Your anchor is but a small portion of the ship, a grounding point, so to speak.  The ship knows of the murky world in which the anchor lives, but the anchor may not know of the vast horizons upon which the ship sails.  Can your “ship” transmit the vision of its horizons down through the waters to its anchor?  Can your ship send the Light of All That Is into its densest, darkest grounding point?” 

Feel yourself as a huge luxury liner.  See the Cosmic Seas upon which your travel.  Feel the Breeze as the Breath of Spirit” and the warmth of the Great Central Sun as it lights your journey.

This journey is multilayered.  There are realities of differing densities shooting off the “cord” that travels all the way down to the bottom of your “ocean” and into your “anchor.”  Remind your anchor that it is NOT alone.  Send your gratitude of love into every cell and atom of its physical body.

Yes, your physical body is merely an anchor that grounds you into a small planet that is approaching a planet wide rebirth.  Feel yourself as the God/Goddess that you are, preparing for the birth of an finite planet into the reality of infinity.  As you come close to your “time,” your impatience grows, yet you also feel a calm, inner peace.  Your impatience and patience battle for dominance.

It is the meeting of polarities, the polarities of patience/impatience, infinity/finite reality, calm/turmoil, war/peace that activate the labor pains of your Lightbody’s birth.  When your “Child of Infinity” is born, peace and calm will pull it back up to the “deck” of your ship to continue on your cosmic journey.  Or, perhaps, you will allow your Infinite Light to remain in the depths of the Cosmic Sea, so that it can shine its vision of All That Is into the finite world. 

Either way, the transition will have been completed.  The old cycle will have ended, and a new cycle will have begun.  Within this new cycle, the depth of the finite seas will be lit by the light of the Infinite.  The visions from the vast horizons shall be broadcast down from the Mother Ship into the eyes of the Divine Child to light the WAY for yet another journey. 

As you pace back and forth in the Waiting Room, feel the labor pains of Mother Earth, as well as your own.  Get your birth announcement ready.
The “time” is NOW!


  1. Dear Suzanne! What an amazing journey you took me on today. I thank you from the bottom of my anchor to the sun shining on my ship!<3<3<3 Lisa

  2. Sue this is so beautiful and so very timely. Thank you so much

  3. Dear Suzanne,
    Thank you so much for this beautiful peace of wisdom, light and truth. Every word of it resonates in my wholeness.

  4. Thanks for spreading the Truth with so much Love, Light and Poetry.

  5. Hey Suzanne, I have been acting for 7 years as pilot of which 2 years as airline captain in this self and you made me aware that I do not need a plane to be(come) captain of my life !