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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Third Dimensional Illusion of Reality

August 5, 2020



   The Arcturians are Asking us to REMEMBER 

Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
We, the human members of Gaia's Planet Earth, are ready to expand our consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of reality. When we say, "human members" we mean the "galactic beings" who have taken a third dimensional earth vessel in order to be able to intimately intermingle with the humans. 

We chose to make the great sacrifice of leaving our fifth dimensional and beyond, home worlds and Starships to assist dear Planet Gaia.  We have chosen to assist Gaia as she, the Collective Consciousness of what is known as planet Earth, is NOW ready to prefer for and begin their "Reason for Incarnation" which was to assist dear Gaia to return to the higher dimensional frequencies of there innate "Planetary SELF/"

The Galactics from other planetary worlds such as Arcturus, the Pleiades, Antares and Venus can better assist dear planet Earth, whom they know as Gaia, to remember that she, Gaia, has  chosen to take the great sacrifice of leaving Her innate fifth dimensional, planetary self to resonate to the frequency of the third dimensional planet.  

Most of the"human beings" who inhabit Earth within this NOW have forgotten that their innate frequency of perception, interaction, communication is actually fifth dimensional, just as it was when they were on their planetary Home World.  We, the Galactics, are aware that most of our Inter-dimensional and Multi-dimensional Galactic Family, have become lost in the challenges and illusions of Gaia's third dimensional expression of SELF.

Therefore, those who inhabit Gaia within this now often believe that they are only third dimensional beings who are living on a third dimensional planet. Those, who are limited a third dimensional  perceptual field are not, yet, aware that they have a Galactic Family, and that all the life force on Gaia's Earth is moving deeper and deeper into the remembrance of their innate fifth dimensional and beyond frequency of reality.

Ones frequency of reality is based on their unknown choice, to only be aware of their own third dimensional self and their third dimensional reality.  Therefore, many humans live on Gaia with NO idea that there is what we might call, a "Frequency Ladder" of awareness.  Those humans, as well all the beings of Gaia's Earth, have the innate ability to expand their perceptual field to include the fourth dimensional frequency in which their creative is innate an ever expanding.

Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to expand their awareness of life to include a new, higher dimensional ability to perceive, not  just from their third dimensional self, but to include their innate Multidimensional SELF. 

However, unfortunately many, many humans have forgotten their many incarnations on Gaia in which that they have returned to Gaia again and again in order to assist the humans who are still locked into their third dimensional illusions, to begin to awaken to the "inner call" that reminds them again and again, "Please remember your TRUE Multidimensional SELF!"

The biggest  challenge for the humans still locked into third dimensional consciousness is that they have not, and seemingly, cannot remember that they too are Inter-Galactic Beings who came to Gaia to assist Her to ascend, but instead, they became lost in the illusions, hardships, challenges of the frequency of the third dimension that has more and more been overwhelming their memories of "life it the fifth dimension!"

They have become prisoners of the many illusions of a third dimensional reality. However, we, the members of your Galactic Family, are happy to say that more and more third dimensional ones are beginning to expand their perceptual field to encompass higher and higher frequencies of reality. 

Fortunately, more and more members of Earth are being exposed, more and more to higher the frequencies of thought, remembrance, vision, hearing, meditations, imagination and communication. 

In fact, more and more humans are beginning to remember dreams in which they have come "home" to the higher frequency realities to visit their Galactic Family and Friends. Then, back on 3D Earth, they are watching more and more movies, reading more and more books, and even openly having more and more dreams, visions and memories of another reality that is not just above them, but also WITHIN them.

It is the sensation of have ABOVE  being WITHIN that is getting more and more attention from the awakened and awakening ONES who are beginning to REMEMBER. However, since they are remembering while they are in higher states of consciousness, they usually forget what they KNOW happened until they are ready to embrace a new, higher dimensional frequency of reality.



How will you remember your own Higher Dimensional SELF?

In fact, how do you remember this SELF right NOW?

Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Twelve Rays of Light


Dear Readers,
 I suddenly found the below information from 12-31-12, and decided to share it with you 12 years later


First Ray of Light:  Will

Second Ray of Light:  Love

Third Ray of Light:  Creative Intelligence 

Fourth Ray of Light: Harmony

Fifth Ray of Light:  Concrete Knowledge

Sixth Ray of Light: Idealism

Seventh Ray of Light: Manifestation

Eight Ray of Light: Divine Grace

Ninth Ray of Light: Genius

Tenth Ray of Light: Integration

Eleventh Ray of Light: Link Between Dimensions  

Twelfth Ray of Light: Absolute Positivity

And the blooming into Oneness With all life

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Friday, July 31, 2020

The Power of Transmutation

July 31, 2020


Through Sue Lie and Danny L

Through Suzanne Lie

Well, here we are, tottering one the edge of the "great unknown."  
Where have we been so far and where are we going now? 

The answer to this question is meant for everyone to ask within their self and for everyone to find the answer within them self.  Actually, every ONE of us are the ones who have volunteered to wear a third dimensional body during this time of: 

The Great Transmutation

Therefore will need to "remember to remember" our own Higher Dimensional SELF' who remembers our innate ability to transmute our consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of expression.

Our Higher Dimensional SELF is our fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional expressions of our Multidimensional SELF. 

Within this NOW, our Third Dimensional SELF is transmuting into our innate Fourth Dimensional SELF. This shift is in preparation for us to transmute back into our innate Fifth dimensional SELF.

To see the video about our innate 

Power Of Transmutation

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Reason for this Embodiment

July 25, 2020

The Reason for this Embodiment


The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturian,
Do you have a message to share with us today?

Yes, we the Arcturians, as well as all of your Galactic Family, always have something to share with our brave Family who has chosen to wear an Earth Vessel within this NOW. 

In fact, we the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians, Antarians, Lemurians and Venusians, are all working together as ONE Being in order to assist our beloved planet Gaia, also known as Earth, to move into the higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Of course, most of you have heard of the saying, "The Darkest night is just before dawn!" This saying has never been more true than within your NOW on Gaia's Earth. Fortunately, more and more "humans" are beginning to have dreams about Starship, visions of Star Beings, and some humans are even beginning to remember BEING on a Starship.

Of course, as soon as our "Grounded Ones," which is the term we give to our courageous Galactic Family Members who have, and/or soon will, volunteer to take a human earth vessel during this NOW of great planetary transmutation.

We say "planetary transmutation" rather than "planetary change," because the terms "change" and "transmutation" mean very different things. "Change" means that somethings and/or many things will change in an unknown fashion. 

On the other hand, "Transmutation" means that this change will allow Gaia, and all Her inhabitants, to have the choice to remember how to "transmute" them selves into a higher frequency of form, matter, brain power, acceptance, knowing and being. 

In fact, when the third dimensional beings on Gaia, now known as humans, begin their process of transmuting their third and fourth dimensional forms into their fifth dimensional forms, everything will change.

For one thing, eventually, humanities innate, but not yet experienced, fifth dimensional form, will return. It is within that NOW that humanity will begin to remember, and then, return back to, their Galactic, Multidimensional SELF.  

It is then that EVERYTHING will be different. 

For one thing, third dimensional "time" will not be the same in the higher frequencies of reality. We, the Galactics, know that many of our "earthly grounded ones" are becoming more and more aware of how  their perception of reality changes with their state of consciousness.  For example, when they are in a "good mood" and are doing something that they enjoy, time seems to "fly" by.

On the other hand, when humans are doing something that they do NOT enjoy, "time seems to go slower and slower." In fact, they may even "lose track of time," because they are NOT enjoying what they redoing and want to stop doing it.

On the other hand, when humans are deeply enjoying what they are doing, where they are, and/or who they are with, time "quickly flies by." In fact one may be surprised to see how much "time" has passed. However, it is not the time that has made their perceptual shift. In was what they were doing with that time that made their  perception of reality, change. 

Another thing that influences your perception of time is your "state of consciousness."  For those of you who meditate, read, paint, and have remembered that your own Higher SELF is calling you, time seems to expand, as well as your awareness of what is going on beyond the limitations of the third dimension., 

For one thing, you may feel very different from others who are NOT having those experiences. In fact, many humans are still deeply grounded in the third dimensional "HERE and NOW." However, you can step out of one version of reality and into a different version of reality by changing your state of consciousness. 

Then your thoughts and emotions will resonate to that"state of consciousness." For example, you may be having a wonderful time, and having a very high state of consciousness. Then suddenly, something happens which frightens you, angers you or lowers your state of consciousness.

It is then that you may begin to plummet  deeper and deeper the uncomfortable emotions of fear, anger, impatience and sorrow. Can you stop this sense of "feeling out of control? " Yes, you can, especially if you have developed a conscious relationship with your own Higher Dimensional SELF. 

This Higher Self is actually, not just your self, but the frequency of consciousness that you have allowed to dwell in your thoughts, emotions, activities and even dreams. Yes, you can remember, your dreams best if you write them down. If you write down, or type, or even tell someone about  your dreams, they will no longer be a secret, but instead they become an important manner in which you can speak to your own SELF. 

When you write down your dreams, you can better keep your "state of consciousness" within your awareness.  Also, when, and if you make  a conscious choice to be the Master of our Mind, then you can go inside your "mind" to bring forth the information that you need to have in order to successfully meet each challenge.

When you feel that you have "met a challenge" an empowered and a self loving sensation sweeps into your heart and mind.  This is when your heart and mind can best communicate with each other and with the YOU who is (hopefully) the Masters of your Life.

As your sense of "SELF Mastery" becomes more and more present within your "Sense of SELF" Happiness and SELF MASTERY can meet with PURPOSE AND JOY! 

When you feel joyful, it is easier for your to remember your "reason for incarnation," and to even "believe that you can and will fulfill the promise that you made with your Higher SELF before you took this embodiment!

Blessings to you all
Most of all, we ask  you to remember that:

Who has Chosen to take a earth vessel during this NOW 
to assist dear Gaia with Her PLANETARY ASCENSION!

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Thursday, July 23, 2020



                                       Pay Attention Inside 
                                                  Your Self

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                                                     By  SUE LIE   AND   DANNY L.

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Pay Attention Inside your SELF

                         Pay Attention inside 
                                   Part One

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Paying attention "inside" your self can be quite different from paying attention "outside" your self.  When you are paying attention to the "inside your self" you will find that how you feel that yourself can feel very different from how you feel when you see your own self from the perception of being outside of yourself.

From the process of looking at your self from the outside, above or even somewhat different from the way that you normally experience your self, you open your imagination up in a manner in which you feel some form of detachment from the "you" that you have always been.

It is within this experience that you can allow your SELF to change,  and hopefully, you can improve yourself in a manner that allows you to be more "at home inside your self and more and more able to share your Higher SELF with your third dimensional self.

It is this sharing of your daily self, and your daily life, with your Higher Dimensional SELF that begins the merging of your Higher SELF with your third dimensional physical self.  This "merging" will occur in different ways with different people, as every one has Higher Dimensional aspect of their Third Dimensional SELF.

Your third dimensional self is usually the YOU that takes care of your daily life and the daily  experiences and duties that you have accumulated in your awareness. However, there is another YOU that is only in your awareness after you have allowed your self to "pay attention to what is going on inside your thoughts, emotions, feelings and memories. 

All the aspects of your Higher Dimensional SELF are seldom a component of your daily, third dimensional life. Your third dimensional life has many duties and responsibilities that you may, or may not, have consciously chosen to be a component of your Third Dimensional SELF.

Now, this is where your Higher Dimensional SELF comes in. That is IF you have allowed your Higher Dimensional SELF to integrate into your daily life. If you have taken the "3D time" to put aside at lease one special time a day, or even one special time a week, to put aside your daily third dimensional self long enough to go into a higher state of consciousness so that you can more easily accept your own Higher Dimensional SELF who, by the way, has ALWAYS been within you.

"But how did I forget about your Higher Dimensional SELF?"  

The answer to that question is that you forgot how to PAY ATTENTION INSIDE YOUR SELF!  "How can I pay attention inside my self??" We, the members of your Higher Dimensional SELF, hear you ask. In fact, We The Members of your Higher SELF sense that you all ask that question many, many times.

Of course, you will first get the answer that you do not want to get, which is:" Dear Awakening Ones, It is the task of remembering how to remember your own Higher SELF that is the very first "initiation into your Higher Self" begins. As you know from your human, third and fourth dimensional lives, that very few things come easily. 

You see, it is within the "adapting to" your newer, expanded, Higher Dimensional SELF that takes a great deal of patience, meditation, kindness to your self, and to others, and most of all, remembering to remember that YOU are a Higher Dimensional Being who has chosen to assist dear Mother Planet Gaia to initiation Her Planetary Process of expanding and adapting to, higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Of course, first you will need to fully adapt to your your ongoing process -- not just of human ascension process, but FIRST attending to Planetary process of Ascension. This planetary ascension process will begin with third dimensions blurring into the fourth dimension. And then the fourth dimensional frequencies of your interactions will blur into the fourth and the fifth dimensions of reality. 

It is the fifth dimension of reality that is the first stairway into the process of humans assisting beginning to believe in and communicate with the Higher Dimensional Beings such as the Pleiadians, Arctuarian, Antarians, Venusians, as well as other friends and family of dear Gaia .

All of these Galactic beings will assist dear Gaia to initiate and fulfill Her long sought expansion from a third dimensional planet into a fourth dimensional planet.  The being, human and non human, who can align with these higher dimensional frequencies will be the leaders, the teacher and the guide for the who are not yet quite ready, but ARE ready to begin the process of Gaia's Planetary Ascension.  

Did you notice that we placed the planet Gaia, above and before the Humans on Gaia. It is the NOW for humanity to remember their true Galactic SELF so that they can release the old third dimensional restrictions that have held Gaia in the lower frequency of the third dimension. 

When will you know when this shift will begin?
        How will you realize that YOU are being called to assist?
                    Where will this shift begin?

The answers to the above questions are within your own Multidimensional SELF.
If and when you listen closely to your Multidimensional SELF

You will KNOW when the beginning

Blessings to you all
Your Galactic Family

(On the Starships and In you human consciousness)

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Friday, July 17, 2020

Pay Attention Inside! Part One

"Pay Attention Inside!  Part ONE"

A conversation with the Arcturians and the Pleiadians 

     through Suzanne Lie and Daniel L 

You will find this You Tube message at:
          Part Two will be posted soon.

In the meantime, perhaps you may wish to 

"Pay attention to what is going on inside your self." 

If you wish to share what is going on for you, 

Please do so in the comment section.  

               It is the Now for ALL Humanity to 

pay attention to 

 and communicate with 

  your own Higher SELf! 




Thursday, July 16, 2020

Galactics Settling on Gaia

Galactics Settling on Gaia

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

We, the members of humanity, are faced with many challenges within this NOW. We know that many of us have forgotten our true Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, we have also forgotten how to reach out to our Multidimensional SELF. In fact, many of us Galactic Beings had completely forgotten that we ARE Galactic Beings who came to Gaia's Earth long, long ago. 

We came to Earth because we heard dear Gaia's call for assistance during that NOW of great transmutation. Once we took finally adapted to our third dimensional human forms, we began to forget who we really were and why we had chosen to make the great sacrifice of leaving our fifth dimensional, and beyond, frequency of reality. 

In fact, we even forgot that we had asked to come to Gaia's Earth. Why did we forget that? We did not have the answer to that question for many, many incarnations. Fortunately, as we adapted more and more to wearing a third dimensional form, which was necessary in order to adapt to a third dimensional planet, some of us began to remember.

At first, very few of us remembered about our fifth dimensional, and beyond, SELF, and our fifth dimensional, and beyond, reality. However, gradually, over uncountable incarnations, humanity finally began to remember "something!" We did not know what that,"something" was, or if it was it a "some place" or even some version, of a "different frequency of reality."

It took us "time" to remember how to live within the many limitations of the "time and space" of a third dimensional reality. Also, as we began to fully adapt to being third dimensional beings who lived on a third dimensional planet, we began to forget about our fifth and sixth dimensional expressions of our SELF who had decided to come to Earth to assist the beings.

Some beings were called humans, others were called animals, and some were called plants and trees. Some of plants and humans evolved into different shapes and sizes. Simultaneously, these plants, trees, flowers, water, begin to intermingle with all the other rain, the water, the sky, and, yes, the Galactic Beings, who were soon be called "humans." 

Many of these "humans" looked much like their higher dimensional expressions of Galactic, who were now being called humans.  At first, the humans, the Earth, the Fire and the Water all blended together to create a reality that was filled with many forms of life.

Some of these beings lived in the water, others lived on the land, and many of these beings, especially the "humans," needed fire to cook their food, water to drink, fire to cook their food, and air so that they could openly breathe the "fresh air" that was so abundant in those early times.

Soon, the Galactics became so involved with getting water to drink, planting seeds and/or hunting for food, making homes and having families that they forgot about their Home Worlds far away in what was soon named "outer space." Once their former Home World became "outer space," they began to settle into their new role of "being humans."

Their planetary Home Worlds were far, far away, and more and more the "Galactics" began to be "Humans. Many of their Star Ships began to be dismantled so that they could become "homes" for the once "Galactics", who were more and more becoming "Humans." 

Eventually, the "Galactics" forgot about being a Galactic and began to think of themselves more and more as "Humans." Each generation of "galactic humans" became more and more "just humans." Fortunately, some of the galactic/humans became more and more just "humans." Eventually, they were just humans and even wondered if there was anything out there, far away, in the "Sky!"

They no longer thought much about their Galactic Self or their Home Worlds that were fare away in the Sky. Eventually, their Home Worlds became bright stars which were far, far away. Less and less "humans" could remember their ancestors who had lived far away on those stars in outer space. 

More and more they forgot about the "planets" on which their distant ancestors traveled from to come to Earth. They also forgot about the Star Ships that had taken their ancestors to this place, and this place was not Earth. But Earth was not thought of as a "planet" for many, many generations.  

In fact, it was no longer called Earth, as it was simply called "Home." In fact, people would laugh at others who dared to talk about planets and Starships. That was "just a myth" that the intelligent people did not believe in. In fact, if the informed people tried to tell others that the bright light in the sky was a Starship, they would be laughed at and scorned. 

"Where did you get the silly idea?" the "smart ones" would say. "Don't you know that our world is flat   and not round.  Because they could not easily see the curvature of their reality, they thought that the place where they lived was all flat, except for mountains and hills. 

In fact, those who knew the truth were often ridiculed and pushed aside as being "crazy." More and more the ones who knew that there was no such thing as a big round ball in deep space.  They KNEW that they all lived on the land. They also KNEW that if they went far enough they could fall off the edge of the planet.

There were some humans who were very intellegent and tried to tell the others that the planet was flat and they needed to be careful, for they went too far away, they would fall off the edge of their world. These beliefs lasted for a long time because the "leaders who knew it all" told them that the world was flat. 

To keep their power over the other people, the "rulers" who believed in a flat world told everyone else that they were "wrong" or "crazy" if they thought the planet was round.  Worse yet, those who were correct in know that the planet was round would be ignored, or even worse, they were punished for telling those lies.

It took a very long time for the people to release these misconceptions and some were told they were lying for knowing the truth of a round world.  However, there were leaders who could not face the fact that others could know more than them. This leaders wanted to keep the old versions of reality because they were not able to expand their awareness into new concepts.  

These leaders thought that it was a treat to their power if others knew more than they, the leaders, knew.  In fact, many of these not very intellegant and not very  informed leaders. Therefore, in order to keep their disguise of "being a leader," they punished those who knew the truth and tried to tell the truth to others. 

Unfortunately, many people fell into the lies of these leaders and refused to believe what others, who were far more intelligent than their leader told them. We wish that we, your Galactic Family" could give you a "happy ending" for this story, but we cannot. Again and again, the lies were believed and the truths were ignored.

"Why did that happen?" we hear you all ask. We, that Galactics, do not have that answer. All that we can say is that we, your fifth dimensional expressions of SELF, KNOW that lies are easy to say, but speaking the truth demands a degree of courage and personal self esteem. 

For if one is courageous, they can look into their mirror and KNOW that they are strong enough within themselves to BE the truth that they feel within their heart and soul! It is that feeling that is worth more than any gold that one could ever collect.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


JULY 14, 2020


The Arcturians and YOUR Galactic Family 

Through Suzanne Lie

 How could you, the humans who now inhabit planet Earth, have ever known that your lives would be the way they are within this NOW.  It is difficult to even describe WHAT this NOW is about, WHERE it came from, WHY is it happening, and HOW long it will last? 

Therefore, it may be the best idea to ask us, the Galactics and specifically, we the Arcturians! In fact, we ask that all of you who have found this article and have chosen to read it, to take a moment to go, deep inside and high above, to ask your own Higher SELF to join you, within this NOW. 

 Yes, it is true that WE, the members of  your own Higher SELF, has always been, within and above you. However, in the hustle and bustle of your daily life it is very easy to forget HOW could you could have ever known that what is happening to Gaia, and that which seems to be predominately happening to the humans who are incarnated within this NOW.

Therefore, we your Galactic Family, wish to tell you that we wish to tell the "you". That is to tell those  who wishes to remember your Galactic Family, that YOU are not alone. In fact, more and more, as well as day after day, more humans are beginning to remember that they are not just HUMANS.

More and more "humans" having meditations, dreams, communications, and memories of a Higher Dimensional Reality that has been expanding their minds and awakening their memories. As many of you already know, much of your awakening memories occur while your are sleeping or in a deep meditation. 

We remind you all to keep writing tools next to your bed, so that you can write down your dreams as soon as you awaken. It is very important to write your dreams and meditations, share them with others and keep them so that you can return to these Inter-dimensional Communications again and again.

If is best if you begin this process by asking your self, "How could I have ever known?" Ask this questions so that you will not judge yourself for not writing down these memories and inter-dimensional communications. It was important that each of you find your own pace as to when you "tell your third dimensional self" what is occurring in the reality of your fifth dimensional self.

We will take a moment to remind you that YOU are a Multidimensional Being and that YOU resonate too many different frequencies of reality within the same NOW.  In fact, many of YOU are beginning to wake up from your drams and/or meditations knowing that you have had a "meeting" with a higher dimensional components of your Multidimensional SELF.

Of course, it is vital that you remember that YES, YOU are a Multidimensional  Being who has chosen to take a third dimensional body during this NOW of GREAT Planetary Transmutation. You have taken this third dimensional vessel to best understand the third dimensional frequency of reality.  

You see, many of you have come from your fifth dimensional Home Worlds to answer dear Gaia's Call for assistance in Her process of Planetary Transmutation back to Gaia's innate fifth dimensional frequency of Her planetary SELF. It is for this reason that more and more humans are seeing, dreaming about, and remembering that they have another version of reality in the higher dimensional planes.

These Higher Dimensional Planes of Reality have been moving closer and closer to Gaia's Earth body so that Gaia's Higher Dimensional Family Members (some in a humanoid form and some in a planetary form) are more able to communicate with the higher dimensional beings that have been on Earth for quite a while, but resonated to a frequency which humanity could not perceive.

Within this now, more and more humans are beginning to awaken to the knowing that there is a "higher dimensional something" that is coming into their imagination, their dreams, their meditations and their conversations with others who are also awakening and are anious to discus their experiences with others.

Meanwhile, the dark is getting darker, the fear is getting more fearful--but fortunately, the awakened ones are awakening more and more, and sharing their experiences more and more with others. What was once "just a sci-fi" movie, or "just the imagination" is beginning to move into a exploration of ones own SELF!

The SELF no longer means, "just the third dimensional body you are wearing," but also the fourth dimensional frequencies of your SELF who assists your third dimensional self to remember your dreams, remember your meditations, and remember that which you though was "just your imagination!

More and more of you, Galactic Beings who have taken on a third dimensional Earth body, are TRUELY YOUR own Higher Dimensional thinking, drawing, remembering, feeling, seeing, and knowing Fifth Dimensional Galactic SELF" who is your own Human SELF in your own higher dimensional frequencies of your realty!  

Can you allow your SELF to feel your SELF as you soar through the higher frequencies of reality?

Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, ask you, "How Could You Have Every Known?" We ask you to ponder that question until you can expand that question into:

How Can I Remember My True SELF NOW?

Once you find the courage and inner strength to ask that question



The Galactics through Suzanne Lie

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