Saturday, April 17, 2021

Expanding our Consciousness


    Expanding our Consciousness



Expands our sense of reality!

As we expand our consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality, we enter the higher dimensional fields of awareness. Then, as we enter these "Higher frequencies of awareness" we begin to hear ourselves asking questions that we had never thought of before.  

For example, we may ask our self, or others,  questions like:

What is "Reality?"

What is "Consciousness?" 

What are the "Higher Frequencies of reality?" 

 "Is there an Unknown Reality?"

 The very fact that one would ask these questions means that they are ready to go beyond their third dimensional manner of thinking and also incorporate their ever-expanding "Multidimensional Thinking"!

As we look at the question above in red, we can take a moment to answer these questions. However these questions may have very different answers from different people. These differences are important as we expand  our consciousness into higher and higher frequencies. 

What does one's state of consciousness have to do with One's "Frequency of Reality?"

Ponder that questions and we will be back to you soon


The Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie

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video of this meeting:

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Entering the Unknown

April 15, 20

Entering the Unknown

       "For many of us within this NOW, it may feel like we are "Entering the Unknown!"
                        However, it just might be that the "Unknown" is actually entering us!"

How can it be that the unknown can enter us?  The answer to that question is that more and more people are beginning to feel that it is the NOW for their return to their own higher dimensional expression of SELF!

Yes, we ALL do have higher dimensional expressions of our consciousness, which silently calls us to remember that we are much, much more than just a third dimensional human. In fact, there are "human like beings" who appear to be a third dimensional human, but they are in the process of remembering their own Higher Dimensional SELF.

In order for one to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF, they must be able to have a deep relationship with their Third dimensional Human Self. Our third dimensional is our human form that we have worn for this entire incarnation. 

However, we all had, in fact HAVE, Higher Dimensional Selves who resonate to the higher frequencies of reality. AND, more and more third dimensional humans are beginning to awaken to their own Higher Dimensional SELF who resonates to--exists in--the higher fourth dimension and fifth dimensional frequencies of reality.

What is a "frequency of reality?" you may ask. To respond to your question, we will say that there are many, many dimensions of reality beyond what humanity thinks as "real!" In fact, there are many frequencies of reality that resonate to frequencies far beyond the third and fourth dimensions that humans are accustomed to.

There are more and more "third dimensional humans" who are awakening to the fact, or idea that, just as there are many different frequencies of light that travels around and through Gaia's, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, that deeply affects humanity.

The above is not just temperatures. In fact, it is the merging of the human with the different frequencies that so deeply connect humans with Gaia.  However, these frequencies of reality  are often unseen by one's third dimensional perceptions.

However, as humanity is beginning to awaken to the fact that there is much, much more of reality that is still unseen by their third dimensional perceptions.  Simultaneously, more and more humans are beginning to realize that Gaia has many versions of Her Planetary SELF. 

In fact, one the primary versions of Gaia that many humans are not aware of is that She, Mother Earth, is indeed a living being. For many humans, Gaia is a just a word that some people call Earth.  However, more and more humans are beginning to realize that Gaia is a Earthly being, much like humans are human beings.  

Unfortunately, many humans cannot-yet-allow themselves to believe in that which they can't feel, know, and even understand. Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to, or have for a long time, known that in order to understand that they live on a planet, they must also understand that they too are as much as a "Part of Gaia," just like the Earth, Air Sky and Water they can perceive all around them. 

Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to "Enter the Unknown" in which the "things" that they see around them are largely the "lower frequencies" of the "Great, Higher Dimensional "Unknown!"  

Fortunately, as more and more humans enter that Great Unknown, 
they will find what they have ALWAYS KNOWN--BUT FORGOT!! 

 So, step into the Unknown with the inner courage 
and love for all life that was always with you! 


Friday, April 9, 2021

Grounding and Growing The Arcturians and Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

April 9 th, 2027

Grounding and Gathering

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

The Arcturians & The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

What Has Changed and What is the Same?

 April  6, 2021

What has changed for you and what is the same?

When you look into a mirror, who do you see?
Do you see who you want to be?
Or do you see who you have always been?

Perhaps, you may feel the "who" you have always wanted to be, 
but you do not know when that day will come,
 Or how that change will occur!

Also, when you look into the mirror, are you pleased with your self?
Or do you judge your self before you even know if there will ever be "a great change?"

In other words, do you feel like you are the Boss of your own life? 
Or do you feel as though others are in your way of being the YOU that you wish to be?

Of course, you DO have the choice to decide if you wish to be confident, or if you are fine being lost in negative thoughts and feelings that you have allowed to come into your personal "sense of self."

Fortunately it is the NOW in which we, the human guardians of dear Planet Gaia, must and/or have chosen, to assist Gaia in returning to Her BEST Planetary Health. 

Then, once Gaia is being nurtured by humanity, she will be more able to face the planetary problems that need to be healed. Of course the healing of Gaia will be a combined effort of the humans, the Galactics and the planetary body of Gaia.

Too often, humanity has chosen to forget that any power that they give to Gaia, will return to then threefold. However, humans cannot hold selfish desires, as selfish desires cannot expand into the frequency of reality that Gaia, our Mother Earth, is moving into within this NOW!

Of course, only the humans, and other advanced beings who LOVE Gaia as their Mother Planet, are able to "FEEL" how planet Earth is a living being in the same manner that Gaia's Earth, Air, Fire, Water, are ALL alive beings.

Of course, only the humans who have awakened enough to remember that Gaia is an alive being, will be able to awaken to their own, innate, fifth dimensional aspects of SELF. 

As an alive being, Gaia can, and does, send out love, light, promise and remembrance of the innate fifth dimensional aspects of Gaia and of ALL her beings.

Too many humans have forgotten that before they took their third dimensional human body on Earth, vowed to love and care for Gaia during the difficult times Her transmutation from a third dimensional planet and into a fourth and, eventually, fifth dimensional planet.

This "transmutation" into a higher frequency of Gaia's Earth, will only be observed by the humans who have allowed themselves to expand their awareness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of Gaia's Planetary Reality.

The humans who can raise their resonance to match the higher and higher frequencies of Gaia's transition into the higher fourth, fifth, and beyond frequencies of Gaia, as well as all the awakening humanities consciousness, will be able to perceive the expanding awareness of humanity.

As humanity's perceptual field encompass higher and higher dimensions, humanity ability of  perception will expand more and more. Then, when the human's perceptual field is no limited to the third and lower fourth dimensions, more and more humans will be able to perceive, and eventually understand, the higher and higher frequencies of Inter-dimensional  perception of reality. 

Eventually, the humans will begin to remember their Fifth Dimensional Home Worlds and  the full reason why they have chosen to take a human form with a third, fourth and fifth, dimensional  range of perception.

Unfortunately, many humans will still be limited to a  third dimensional perspective reality which is too often ruled by the third dimensional illusions of "me--mine--possession--money and--power over!" 

On the other hand, as humanity remembers more and more of their innate Galactic SELF, they will be more and more able to assist human "Third Dimensions" as the Galactic call them, to also remember how to communicate with their own Higher Dimensional SELVES. 


With the growing awakening of humanities remembrance that they are indeed Higher Dimensional Beings who volunteered to take a human earth vessel in order to assist third dimensional Earth Beings to awaken to Her true Fifth Dimensional Planetary SELF!

Yes, Gaia is a living Being!  Unfortunately, many humans, who had vowed before they took their third dimensional body, that they, in fact, WE the humans on Earth, would awaken within this NOW to remember that WE Humans are Not just "humans."

In fact, many, many humans are actually fifth dimensional beings who volunteered to take on a third dimensional human body to assist "those who have forgotten!" These humans are actually Galactic Beings who have chosen to take a third dimensional body on Gaia so that they could assist Gaia to return to Her innate frequency of a fifth dimensional planet!

The reason why the Galactics chose to take a third dimensional body, was to assist third dimensional humans who were becoming ready to return to their innate fifth dimensional SELF. 

Then, as the Galactics slowly removed their third dimensional illusion of being humans, they would be more able to accept the fact that they, too, were Galactic Beings on the verge of remembering that YES, they, were Galactics who took on a human form long, long ago in order to save dear Gaia from the "Great Disaster" that was a "possible reality!" 

The Galactics believed that the their Galactic friends wearing human forms and human brains could better understand how to awaken to their true Fifth dimensional expression of SELF. Unfortunately, this sacrifice was much greater than they ever thought  it would be. 

"How can we fifth dimensional beings tolerate and  even be of assistance to Gaia's Earth while they had to live the sacrifice of acting, and living, as though they were third dimensional beings rather than their innate fifth dimensional selves.

In other words, they would no longer see their true self when they looked into their mirror.  Instead, they would see the "illusion"of a third dimensional human who would be limited to a third dimensional, human form. 

There had been many, many Ascended Masters, but they all wore the guise of being a human. The problem that the Galactics had to face was, and still is"

The Masters of Earth were primarily 
Humans who became Ascended Masters.
Humans could accept that as the Masters were a form of humans. 



Saturday, April 3, 2021

Communication with our Galactic Family

 April 3, 2021



         Communication with our Galactic Family


Our Galactic Family is  Calling to US!   
Are we ready to hear them?




Thursday, April 1, 2021


April 1, 2021

                                        WHO COULD HAVE IMAGINED?


Who could have imagined that Earth's reality would be what it is within this now? 

But then, who could ever believe that there are higher dimensional beings, The Galactics, who are "over lighting" humanity? "

And why are these Galactics over-lighting humanity? 

The reason is that they, the Galactics, are here (in the higher frequencies of reality) so that more and more humans will gradually, or quickly, move more and more into the Higher Wavelengths of Gaia Planetary SELF.

These Higher Wavelengths of Light are coming to Gaia within this NOW to assist with the ascension of Gaia, also known as Earth, by expanding the frequency of Higher Dimensional Light that humans are finally beginning to believe in!

The third dimensional humans do not "believe in," what they cannot see with their third dimensional vision. 

However, many Galactics, who resonate to the fourth, fifth and beyond frequencies of reality, have been assisting the third dimensional humans to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF?

But how are humans able to remember that the fourth and fifth dimensional Galactics are starting to more and more openly reveal that they are actually Higher Dimensional, even Fifth Dimensional, Being? 

In fact, how many humans will be able to believe that they are being over-lit so that they can remember their own true Multidimensional SELF!

One of the first questions the humans will ask is "who is "over-lighting us, as well as our dear living planet known as Earth and/or Gaia?

The question now is, "Can the humans continue to believe that there are "human like beings" that resonate to the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of Gaia's Earth?"

I, the writer of this message, have been in contact with the Galactics, beginning from the early 1980s. Of course, the first challenge of communication with the fourth, fifth, and even higher dimensional beings, is to allow your self to believe in which seems to be impossible.

Of course, much of what we, your Galactic Family, are speaking of is thought to be impossible to many third dimensional humans. 

We say, "Third  dimensional humans," because, just as many of our higher dimensional expressions of SELF are Galactic Beings who have chosen to take an earth vessel in order assist with the "landings" of our true Higher Dimensional expressions of SELF.

The Galactics are aware that many of the "humans" they will meet on Earth are actually members of their own "Galactic Family" who have also chosen to wear a third dimensional body in order to best serve their beloved third dimensional Gaia.

Of course, just as the higher dimensional beings on Earth are actually Galactics who have volunteered to respond to Gaia's SOS! Too many "human" forgot that they were also Galactic Beings. 

Then some of them even forgot that they had volunteered to assist dear Gaia with Her transition back into Her true fifth dimensional Planetary SELF.

What a JOY! What a HONOR! To assist Gaia with Her return back to Her true Fifth dimensional SELF!

We, the members of your Galactic Family are beginning to awakening to their true Multidimensional SELF! What a Glorious NOW that awakening will be!!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Visiting our Galactic Family


Communicating with our Higher SELF



We have often thought of our Galactic Family visiting us, but how often have we throught of the fact that WE can visit Them.  The above picture is a cartoon idea of humans being in outer space sitting on clouds typing a message to where?

Are the ones on the clouds receiving the messages, or are they sending a message to us?  In fact, what if the "ones on the clouds," also known as the "Galactics," are actually, what we would call our "human self" in their higher frequency of SELF.

In fact, humans have many frequencies of "self," which are available to them all of what humans call "time."  We say  to them that it does not mean that they must know that they ALL have the ability to communicate with the Higher Beings. 

What  they need to know, is that they can expand their consciousness to encompass the higher frequencies of reality. It is much like your radio or television in that, if you do not turn them on, you will not hear them.  

However, the message on the radio or television is being sent out to any one who is willing to turn on the radio, the television, or TURN ON the higher frequencies of perception that are waiting in different parts of the brain to be called on to send information to the owner of the television.

It is much the same as knowing that one can communicate with the higher frequencies of reality, BUT they need to "turn on" that area of their brain, which is the area in their brain   where one's thoughts and emotions can believe that they DO have the ability to "turn on" and/or "tune into" their "Higher Self." 

One's Higher SELF is the area, thoughts, emotions and/or desires that can BELIEVE that they CAN activate that component of themselves in which their self esteem  is high enough to  be able to interface with their own "Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF." 

Yes, every one has the ability to connect with their own Higher Self who resonates to the higher fourth, fifth and beyond frequencies of reality. In fact,  it is in these higher frequencies of our heart, mind, emotions and perception in which you will be able to make that connection with you own Higher Self.

However, just as if you wanted to watch channel 2 on your television, but the television was set on channel 4, you would not receive the information that you wanted. If that occurred to one who has not yet remembered that they are the "Masters of their Reality" they might get very angry at the "stupid television" that was on the wrong channel! 

These "lost ones," who are ones who have "lost their memory of their TRUE Multidimensional Self" are not able (YET) able to remember that they are WEARING a third dimensional body, but their true Multidimensional, Inter-dimensional SELF, is connected to their third dimensional Heart, Brain, Emotions and Thoughts.

However, if these lost ones tried, and/or even sought assistance, to remember where, when, and how they lost that wonderful component of their Multidimensional SELF, they would be able to find the ONE within them selves that they thought they had lost, or perhaps never knew that they had.

Once they retrieve these "lost components of self," they will likely find that there are higher and higher dimensional components of their SELF. Then much like moving into a new, wonderful house, it may take some time and effort to find, embrace, accept and expand their own connection with their own Higher Dimensional SELF!

Then, once they connect with their own Higher Dimensional SELF, they will always have an inner friend, and adviser, who loves them for who they are right now.   It is that Inner and Higher SELF guides them to Give to Others what they need, because they have learned that, "Energy out is energy back!"   

Also, as your relationship with your own Higher Self grows more and more, you will be able to find and enjoy many other relationships that are based on  the "YOU" that you remember you have always had within and above you. 

It is when you are able to remember to live in the Love and Light, you will more easily remember to live within your own Higher Dimensional SELF.   

Then you will find a way to lovingly and clearly pass on your experience of how YOU remember your own Higher Dimensional SELF, and how you have learned how to allow that SELF to live within your Heart so that you can share the Higher/Inner Gift that we everyone has, but may have forgotten to remember. 

In closing, we remind you that YOU are Love and YOU are Light! If, or when, you forget that truth, just jump on the "cloud of light"and send a quick S0S to your own Higher Dimensional SELF that resonates to the Higher Dimensions of reality!


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

At the Very Beginning

March 17, 2021


We thought we would send our first youtube over to you. 

The above video was the first video one we made. 
We made it one year ago on the 18th (tomorrow) 
at the very beginning of the pandemic
Between then and now 
Many of our lives have greatly changed. 
And we have no idea how much more our lives 
Will change, and change, and change?

Or, perhaps our lives will not change, but it is 
Too late to think that, as the changes are already
Occurring more and more within this NOW

However, it is vital that we all remember 
That change can also be VERY beneficial 

In some way the chance may occur to EVERY ONE!
We thought we would send this over to you, 
our wonderful readers, as this is  the first video we made,
 and it was made exactly one year ago tomorrow 
on the 18th at the very beginning of the pandemic 

What were you doing just one year ago?
How are you doing something different now?
What things are you still doing, just like you did before?
It is important that we all remember that change 
can also be a very good thing!

Since so many people are in some form of "lock down" now, how will they change? 
In fact, it may be a good idea to go inside your SELF and look around within. How have you changed AND how have you stayed the same?

How has this "challenge" of lockdown changed your thoughts, your feelings, your desires and your needs. Many of you have found many creative ways to meet your needs as well as the needs of others. 

Yes, this is a difficult time, but difficult times are often times of great change and even great transmutation. "What is the difference in change and transmutation?"
We hear you ask. But first allow us to introduce ourselves as the YOU that you are becoming.

When there are unique challenges to face, many of you/us are called on to change as well. Therefore, in order to change, they must deeply look:






Do you have a choice to change, or do you feel that you must change now?
It is your choice to change, or are you trying to change without knowing why?

I remember once when I was a teen and I went to a local swimming pool (does this show how old I am ??  We can barely go outside in our yards without a mask, so the concept of a local pool is only in our past.

However, sometimes we need to look back into our past the find the way in which we can look forward into our future!!







What if we all asked Gaia what SHE wanted humans to do for HER?

Maybe we all need to BEGIN


Friday, March 12, 2021

Meeting our Galactic Family

 March 12, 2020

Meeting Our Galactic Family

Greetings Dear Friends and Family,

We, the members of your/our Galactic Family, have asked that our scribe, and/or scribes (the ones who document our messages to them, and share their messages with the other grounded humans ) wish to remind you all that we, the members of your Galactic Family are grateful  for your great advancement in remembering that you are much, more than just a human being.

  More and more humans are beginning to awaken to the fact that they are not just humans. 

In fact, more and more of the "members of humanity" are beginning to have "dreams" and "imaginations" about visiting and/or living on a Higher Dimensional Starship. These Higher Dimensional  Starships have been cloaking themselves so that they can perceive and protect their Galactic Family Members and Friends who have taken human form on planet Gaia. 

These Star Ships, which are usually invisible to the "Third Dimensional humans,"have chosen to fly around Earth, so that they can more effectively assist the humans who are ready, or becoming ready, to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF.

We are able to cloak ourselves in a fashion in which only our own fifth dimensional family members can perceive our ships. Because more and more third dimensional humans are beginning to expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions, there are more and more "sightings" of our Ships'

Of course, only the humans who can remember their own "higher dimensional expression of SELF" are able to perceive our Ships that are protecting Gaia. The reason why we are protecting Gaia's Earth is because Gaia has called to us to assist Her to begin Her planetary transmutation into the higher frequencies of reality.

Of course, only the humans who are ready to accept the fact that there are many higher dimensional beings who have been "protecting, and checking up on" how the brave friends of Gaia, are assisting humanity to expand their consciousness.

As more and more humans expand their own consciousness enough to be able to believe in, perceive, and remember, their own fifth dimensional Starships, the fifth dimensional Galactics will be able to more openly protect Gaia! 

At first, the humans will not know what is happening, but as more and more humans remember how to awaken their own fifth dimensional thinking, perceiving, knowing, and remembering, their own Higher SELF will become a constant friend and guide.

As  more and more third dimensional humans expand their consciousness enough to feel, perceive, and embrace the higher frequencies of reality, the third dimensional concept and actions of "me first," "this is mine," "I don't believe that," will begin to transmute into "Something new and VERY Special that is beginning to occur on Gaia's Earth!"

Then we will be able to meet and "shake hands" 
with our own Higher Dimensional Galactic SELF!


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Our Changing Reality



We are now living in a reality in which many, many things are changing and or sprouting up from nowhere. 

We could choose to be afraid and/or angry, or we could choose to focus on expanding our own personal view of reality. 

There are so many changes within this now, 

And within about every place that we look, 

That we often cannot find a manner in which we can 

Calmly examine, think about, and discuss with others 

Our thoughts and ideas about how our reality is changing.

In fact, we can take this now to ask our self each of the below  questions...  

     How can I keep moving forwards my life?

     What degree of self confidence do I have?

     What is my ability to face the many changes of our reality? 

     How can I be able to maintain a sense of peace and calm 

     in this NOW of great change?

     Am I ready to make these changes in my live?

     How do I know that I am able to make the "right" change? 

     Take a moment to look at and ask your self the answer to the above questions...

When you consciously look at these questions and answers, does it make it easier to for you to move forward in you daily life?  

Or does your self examination make it more difficult?

We are all moving into a NOW that has NOT yet been expressed on Gaia's Earth in this fashion for many eons.

 In fact, this NOW is like the turning of a wheel, or the shift from the deep night into the impending dawn. 

How can we know if something has truly changed, 

Or if something is just temporarily different from before? 

                                                    What is YOUR experience?

You can share your answers in the below comments section.