Wednesday, May 25, 2022


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Suzanne Lie, PhD 

Saturday, May 14, 2022


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Suzanne Lie on Todd Medina Show


Suzanne Lie, PhD

Thursday, May 5, 2022


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Todd Medina with guest Suzanne Lie, PhD 


Suzanne Lie, PhD

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Dear all,

I will be on the Todd Medina live streaming show tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27, 
starting at 2:00P.M. Pacific Standard Time/5:00P.M. Eastern Standard Time!!

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Evolving Consciousness: Cosmic Energies Update featuring Channeling the Arcturians 


Suzanne Lie, PhD

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Are there many worlds?


                           ARE THERE MANY WORLDS?   
What if there are many worlds that 
we have may not 

More and more, as we travel into Outer Space, we may be discovering that there are other realities that exist in what we on Earth would call "Outer Space”. 
To those who exist in these "other realities”, it may of course not be called "Outer Space." 

In fact, to those other beings those other realities might be called HOME. 

Also, what if we can "believe in" and therefore, maybe discover, that Gaia is NOT the only Mother Planet that is like Gaia's Earth? 

These other planets may or may not be inhabited. Therefore, when, or if we travel beyond the limitations of Earth and into a new form of reality, or a very different version of what we on Earth may call “Home”, what will we find?

Do we want to know the answer?

Or is it easier to pretend that you will never know the answer!

Or, maybe you had been afraid of finding it, but finally actually found what you always have been searching for?

My books, YouTube videos, and private online readings may help guide you to find IT. 

Suzanne Lie, PhD 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022



Join us for a new energies update featuring channeled guidance from the Arcturians!



Suzanne Lie, PhD

Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Dear all, 
Here is one of my latest videos; a discussion on the Venusians, Pleiadians, and Sirians focusing on the frequency shifts that are active in this Now. 

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Suzanne Lie, PhD

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Long Ago but In the Future


March 3rd

                                                  Long Ago, but in the Future                                                  

The world that we have known so far seems to be growing more and more from the small tree of years ago into the HUGE true that seems to continue to grow and grow and grow!

This tree began as a small bush, but as we move more and more into the future this small tree is becoming bigger and bigger! 

Of course, there are many part of our daily life that once seemed to be just a quick moment, grown larger and larger, just like the above tree.

If you look at the tree very deeply, you may see that there is something that looks like a person. However the tree is so far away that it is difficult to see it has a person by the tree, or is it just an illusion.

As we all move higher and higher into the higher frequencies of reality, there will be more and more confusion about "is it real" or is it just my imagination.

There is also the moment when we suddenly decide to look into the sky and it appears that we are seeing something that is only seen from far away and high above.

In fact, more and more people who look up into the night sky may see something that looks like some kind a "Star Ship!"

But a Star Ship is not real, we may say to ourselves. In fact, when we look away, the Star Ship may seem to move beyond our vision.  

But did this "vision" move beyond our vision, or did it move beyond our personal imagination. But, maybe, you find that you want to have this "vision" again because it makes you have a feeling within your most inner self that you have never felt before.

Since you have never felt that feeling before, you may likely just push it away from your imagination and from your third dimensional vision.

However, what if we then discover that we have a forgotten memory that we have seen before. However, that vision was filled with a sense of love and light that we have never had before.

What does this mean? We ask our self. However, our third dimensional self does not answer. But, if we are quiet and still for a while, we may FEEL that which we could not see.

Can we "not see" it because we did not really see it, or were we unable to believe in such a thing as a "Inter Galactic Starship?"

Yes, once we could allow ourselves to think that we say a Starship in the sky, we knew that there was something that was coming into our lives that we never thought of before,

Can we have the courage to allow ourselves to believe it is a Starship, or will it just remain as something that we decided to think that it looked like a Starship.

But, we ask our self, what does a Starship look like? 

It is then that you hear a voice that is deep within and hight above us that says, "What do YOU want it to be?"

It is then that you know that you are about to have the quantum leap that has been quietly waiting deep inside you "imagination," which is really your own Higher Self!

But don't worry, as that experience is likely "in your future!" 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Gaia as a living being

 Feb 26  2022

                                                      Gaia as a living Being


NOW is the time for us all to remember that Gaia is a living being. For far too long humans have only thought of our dear planet as a "thing."

What if Gaia was not just a "thing?" In fact, what if Gaia is actually a living being that is wearing a very different form from all the beings that live on her planetary body?

Of course, most of humanity has the need to think of being a human is the highest frequency of life form that could happen. However, what if the planet Earth was a living being? 

How would humans be able to believe in  the concept that Earth is a living body on which the humans live? Of course, there are many, many beings that live on our Mother Planet, Gaia.

However, often humans believe that they are also as important as Gaia. However, too often, Gaia's main enemy is the humans. Too often humans will only think of Gaia as a "thing" which is far inferior to humans.

However, now that humans are starting to awaken to the fact that their home on Gaia is a great honor for the humans to be able to experience.

In fact, some humans are beginning to believe that, just as humans, animals trees and all the other components of Gaia's planet are all actually ONE being with many versions of itself.

These "beings"such as a tree, a mountain, even a Sunrise or Sunset, are ALL ONE being on our beloved Mother Planet known as Earth, and or Gaia!

The picture above shows how Gaia is in constant movement and leaves her planetary glory all around her entire being. What few humans are ready to accept is that Gaia is alive!

Gaia is not a rock, but a living being who has many rocks, waters, mountains, animals, birds, fish and many other beautiful beings that share this planet with the humans. 

Unfortunately, the humans often do not share in the same way as the many animals on the sky, on the earth, in the trees,  in the waters and in many other places that will provide them with a "home."

However, there are not many humans on earth that think of Gaia as being their home which they are called on to protect, water, weed out what is dead and water and care for what is living.

There are great changes that will, and are now, happening on Gaias planetary self.  Fortunately, more and more, the humans are realizing that it is their honor and their duty to care for the wonderful planet on which they live.

Therefore, take a moment to be grateful for this wonderful home world on which we live. Also, it is our duty as being humans to protect and take care of our planet Gaia.

After all, where would we go without our beloved Planet Earth?


         Please remember to love and care for Gaia!