Monday, June 21, 2021

Preparing for First Contact

                               Preparing for first Contact

It is the NOW for the Awakened Ones, 

to awaken those humans who are still asleep.

By “ sleep" we mean that there are still too many humans who do not know about and/or believe that there are higher dimensional beings that live in the higher frequencies of reality. 

Of course, many humans still have no idea at all that there are different frequencies of reality. In fact, many, if not most, humans on Gaia’s Earth within this NOW, have no idea that there are Galactic Beings who exist in the higher frequencies of the reality that encircles dear Planet Earth, whom we often call "Mother Gaia,” or “Mother Earth.” Unfortunately, there are still far too may humans who do not think of planet Earth as a living being. In fact they think of Earth as a big rock that somehow has been the home world for many third dimensional versions of reality. 

However, something is beginning to occur that is quite different. More and more third dimensional humans who live on Gaia’s third dimensional planet, are beginning to expand their brain power from using only a small percentage of their total brain power, and are beginning to remember how to use  more and more of their innate human abilities. therefore, more and more humans on Gaia’s planet, are beginning to remember who they really are and why they chose to take a human form on Gaia within this NOW!

With the innate use of more and more of their innate brain power, more and more third dimensional humans are beginning to remember their innate ability to awaken to, and remember, that they, the ones wearing a third dimensional body, innately, also  have a higher dimensional version of themselves that exists in the higher dimensional versions of what they have always thought of as Earth. 

Before they could awaken to their own higher dimensional thoughts and emotions, they could not remember that they had come to Earth, who they are now realizing is indeed an alive being. In fact, as more and more of the third dimensional humans begin to remember that they had chosen to take a human body on Gaia’s Earth to assist Gaia with Her transmutation into Her higher dimensional Planetary Being.

The humans had always thought of themselves, as well as and their entire world, as being “just Third Dimensional! Fortunately, the humans more and more  beginning to remember that there is a higher frequency of reality to which they resonated before they took their third dimensional form on Gaia’s third dimensional planet. What most of the humans did not remember was that many of them were actually higher dimensional beings who had volunteered to take a third dimensional form what had become Gaia’s third dimensional planet.

The humans did not remember that long ago they had come to Gaia to assist her because there were too many lower dimensional beings,(mostly what was known as humans) that were pulling down the frequency rate of planet Earth from the higher frequencies and down into the third dimensional frequency and even below. It was then that the Galactic Beings from the surrounding planets came to Gaia to take incarnation on Gaia to assist with raising the frequency of reality back into the higher dimensions. In fact, many of those Galactic Beings have been assisting Gaia to make Her transitions from the third dimension and into the fifth dimension. 

As you can imagine, the raising of the frequency of Gaia has taken more “time” than humans could imagine. Fortunately, many Galactic Societies, which are societies that resonate to the higher frequencies of reality,  have been sending higher dimensional beings who look much like Gaia’s “humans” to assist what is known to most humans as EARTH so that Gaia and begin her Ascension process to change the resonant frequency of Gaia from the third dimension and into the fourth, fifth and even higher dimensions of reality! 

Beings who have looked like humans, many of whom have taken many life times on Earth, are eagerly and happily 


Saturday, June 19, 2021

Through The Matrix -- Chapter ONE

                                                        THROUGH THE MATRIX

       by Suzanne Lie  



      Finding the Journal


My name is Lisa. My last name is not important. Besides, the story in this journal is so very unbelievable that I will not add my last name. I never thought of myself as any kind of an author, nor did I write the Journal about which I will speak. 

Maybe I want to make sure that you know that none of the people in this book are me. On the other hand, every one of the people in this book have taught me something about my self. 

But enough of me. I will now continue with my Introduction, I mean, it will be an Introduction if I ever get the nerve to reveal how this one, Journal changed my life… 

I just moved into a new house. That is a “new house” to me, as the the house is actually quite old. I inherited this house from my grandmother who had lived there her entire life. The house is very big with many rooms, as well as a cellar and an attic. The cellar had far too many spiders, but as soon as I was settled in, I decided to explore the attic. 

I climbed the small stairway, which was behind the mysterious locked door, for which I had finally found the key. It was an old fashioned key, an old fashioned keyhole, and an old fashioned door. Of course, my Grandmother cherished the house exactly as it had always been. 

Therefore, outside of important repairs and appropriate painting, the house remained the way it had always been. I spent many summers at Grandma’s house, and searched vigilantly to find the key that I now held in my hand. The fact that Grandma never let me go into the attic only made me more and more anxious to enter it.

I am sorry that my grandmother’s death is the reason why I could find the key that will, eventually, open the attic door. In fact, I have lived here every summer of my life. My parents were not too interested in raising their only child, me, so it was boarding school during the school year and Grandma’s house in the summer. 

My mother had a nanny who sort of watched me when I wasn’t at Boarding School or grandma’s house. However, the nanny was too expensive, so my parents dropped me off to live with my grandmother full time when I was only 8 years old. 

They did not even wait for Grandma to open the door when they rushed off to wherever they went. I was never so relieved when Grandma’s smiling face welcomed me into her, which was now our, home. I lived happily with Grandma until I went away to college.

Thank Heavens for Grandma, or my Mother would have put me in a Boarding School all year round. However, I should not speak ill of my parents as they died in a horrid car accident when I was only 13. Because I had such a history of living with my Grandmother, the state allowed me to continue living with her. 

It was the happiest moment of my life when, at thirteen years of age, I knocked on Grandma’s door with all my cherished possessions in boxes beside me. My parents barely said good-by to me and rushed off to wherever they went the minute that Grandma opened her door. 

Somehow, I knew that this was the last time they would drop me off at my Grandma’s house, and that I would not see them again. In fact, I was never so relieved than when I say Grandma’s smiling face welcomed me into her, which was now our, home. I lived there happily with Grandma until I went away to collage. I never saw my parents again. 

I must say that my self-esteem was pretty damaged by my parents' behavior, but Grandma’s constant love made up for that. However, now, as a young woman, I was alone. Unfortunately, Grandma left this world just before I finished college, but she left her home and everything she had to me. 

There was a bit of money in my inheritance, so I toured Europe for the summer after my graduation. I think it was too much for me to go to Grandma’s house and not find her waiting for me with a warm hug and freshly baked cookies. But, eventually, I had to go home to what was no longer Grandma’s home, but my house. 

I must say that my self-esteem had been pretty damaged by my parent’s behavior, but Grandma had always made up for that. However, now, as a young woman, I was alone. That is accept for a very few friends from college and the memory of my beloved Grandmother.

Having Grandma’s house as MY house made me feel like I had I would always be close to her essence, as well as all my wonderful memories if being in her home. Now that home that I had always loved to visit, was MY home. 

However, there I was, standing in front of the door, key in the lock, but hesitating to turn it. I knew that I would NOT smell the fresh baked cookies, or enjoy the other wonderful smells that always filled Grandma’s home. At least she had died suddenly, and in her beloved home. I am still guilty that I did not leave Europe to come to her funeral. 

However, I had a very vivid dream the very night after she died in which she came to me and said, “I have asked in my will, which I have attached, that I be cremated. I ask that you do not leave your vacation to come to my cremation. I will come to you. Please allow me that final joy of showing you the lovely Light body that I now wear.”

 Sure enough, that very next evening, Grandma came to me in a body of Golden Light. The only thing she said was, “Beloved Granddaughter, I have left everything I had to you, and most important, I have left you the key to the attic. 

“I love you so deeply that I want to tell you that I now know that life is eternal and death is an illusion. Therefore, my love for you is infinite. Please remember that I will always love unconditionally and beyond all space and time.”

I was very confused by the “beyond all space and time” comment, as that was not the way my Grandmother spoke. Nonetheless, the statement made me cry uncontrollably, but not just for sorrow. Instead, I cried for the great love that I had always felt from Grandma, and for the love I would always have for her.




Thursday, June 17, 2021

How are you doing?

 June 17, 2021

How are you doing is a question that many people may be asking. The good news is that people are more and more thinking about others and wanting to check in to see how their friends and family members are doing. 

This is, indeed, a very difficult time for many people. Some people have decided that the challenge is over and we can all go back to normal, while others are not yet ready to release their mask. 

I was waiting in the car in our small town and noting how many people were wearing a mask, and how many people were not wearing a mask. 

What I found interesting that some couples who were holding hands and walking close together while one person wearing a mask and the other person NOT wearing a mask. 

The good thing is that everyone, or most of everyone, seemed OK with their decision, even if their decision was different from the decision of the person who was holding their hand.

 In fact they all seemed to be able to let their mate, or close friend, to make their own mask wearing decision.

Also, everyone seemed to be pretty happy. They did not seem to be worried and, very important, no one seemed to judge anyone by their decision to wear a mask or not wear a mask.

What was interesting was that most people seemed to be quite happy and were busily going about their day.  Of course, I live in a small town, so the situation may be quite different in the bigger cities. 

Going back to "How are you doing?" it seemed that everyone I saw seemed to be quite happy. And that is so very important and even evolved to be able to face an unknown situation and keep a smile on your face. 

I wonder what people in the future will think as they look back at this time in which an unknown "something" is in the sky that could not be seen, heard, or even understood, yet most of the many people seemed to be "doing just fine!"

There seems to be that something is changing in our reality, but few, and/or no humans appear to be upset by this shift. If they are upset, they did not appear that way, and as was said before, most people seemed quite happy.

Maybe, something very important that is occurring within this now? Maybe, there is a change that is occurring that we cannot yet see as a change, but as we look back to this NOW we may find that this time is the beginning of an ending of something that was ready to release.

We may not know, yet, what we will choose to, or be called to, release. And then, when "something" is released, there is an opening for something else to enter.

Whatever happens, it appears that we, the humans, are ready and able to step into a version of reality that we had never thought about before. Just as is it quite acceptable to talk about Star Ships, when in the past that topic would be far to scary. 

Maybe humanity is beginning to accept that changes can be for the best and that if we can accept that, in spite of what is, or is not understandable, we feel strong enough to say, 

                                               I am doing fine!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Cosmic Awareness and Brain Power

 Dear Readers


Here is the link to the newest video about 

Cosmic Awareness and Brain Power:

Here is the link to the newest video about Cosmic Awareness and Brain Power:

by Suzanne Lie & The Arcturians 

Inside the Unknown -- The Arcturians through Sue Lie

 June 14, 21

Inside the Unknown

In many ways, the humans on Earth feel like they are

Of course, how can one know that they are "inside the unknown" if they have no that thought any reality in which the known as...  

Fortunately for some, and maybe unfortunately for others, that which they have thought of as "The Unknown" is actually "The Known which is still "Unknown" to those who are not yet ready to connect with their own Higher Dimensional Expressions of SELF!

What is known by the Awakened Ones is that Gaia is a living being who has many protectors in the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of Gaia's reality. Gaia, if you do not know, is the Galactic name for the planet that third dimensional humans think of as planet Earth.

Many humans think that only third dimensional humans and other third dimensional beings live on Gaia. 

Fortunately, there is a growing number of Galactic Beings who naturally resonate to the higher fourth dimensions, as well as the fifth and higher fifth dimensional beings whom we, the Galactics call, "The Galactic Beings."

The Galactic beings are not attached to Gaia in the same manner as the third dimensional humans, as they have their own Starships, and their own types of "civilizations." 

These Galactic Civilizations have been "over-lighting" Gaia's Earth to assist Her with the many challenges that the humans on dear planet Gaia, would need to face in order to assist Gaia to be able to transmute from a third dimensional planet and into the fourth dimensional and beyond reality. 

Of course, Gaia's transmutations into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of reality can only occur with the assistance of Gaia's higher dimensional Galactic Family. 

In fact, many Galactics have been overlighting Gaia's Earth Body as she was called upon to move through the many difficult challenges that the third dimensional humans created. 

Fortunately, more and more third dimensional humans are beginning to remember that they too are fourth dimensional beings who came to Gaia to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension.

All the nature beings of Gaia are raising their energy fields to allow more and more connection between the Galactic Beings who have who been protecting and healing Gaia from all the damage that was done to Gaia from the third dimensional humans who had not yet awakened.

Fortunately, inside the Unknown is the "hidden KNOWN." And, fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to remember that they too are have access to the Higher Dimensions, which is where the Galactics who have volunteered to assist dear Gaia.

The way that the Galactics are assisting Gaia is that they are coming to the awakening humans during their time of sleep, creativity, love and caring for others and for their planet Gaia!

These beings reside inside the unknown of the "beginning to remember" humans to assist those humans on Gaia to expand their "frequency of reality" from being just third dimensional human beings into the higher and higher dimensional frequencies that are often unknown and inviable to the humans who have not yet fully awakened. 

Fortunately, more and more of the third dimensional humans are beginning to remember their true fifth dimension and beyond Galactic expressions of SELF!

 As more and more humans, many of whom are actually fifth dimensional and beyond Galactics who have come to assist Gaia with her challenge of awakening Her third dimensional humans so that they can remember that they are actually fifth dimensional Galactic Beings!

Therefore, dear awakening Earthlings, you are not just awakening! In fact, what you are actually doing is REMEMBERING!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021


 June 9 2021


First of all, our/your Galactic Family is not just the advanced beings who are more and more frequently choosing to live on Gaia's Earth. The reason for these many Higher Dimensional Beings gathering on Earth is because we, the Awakening Fifth Dimensional Galactics, are preparing to teach the earthly humans as they remember their true Galactic SELF.

Those who have been born and lived on Gaia, are slowly or quickly beginning to remember their Home-worlds on the higher dimensions of reality, and on their Starships which took them to Earth.

There are now more and more "born and bred human beings" who have chosen to remember their higher SELF who resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, these Galactic Humans are beginning to "AWAKEN" more and more to the memory of  how they once appeared and how it felt to act like their true higher dimensional SELF.

In fact, more and more humans are having what might be called a "flashback" to their true self as they walk amongst the "Third Dimensional Galactics/humans" who are able to assist Gaia. These Galactic Humans are awakening the process of slowly and steadily adjusting to their innate fourth and fifth dimensional SELF.

Meanwhile, there may be many others who are not yet ready to recognize this great transition into their true "Fourth and Fifth"  frequencies of perception, cognition, awareness, and memories of their "Fourth and Fifth dimensional processes of "hiding out" on Earth in order to feel safe, as well as to assist others who are also awaking to SELF.

 Unfortunately, there are still humans who live on Gaia's Earth, but are still unaware that they have chosen to assist our higher dimensional Galactic Family which is now communicating with them from their Starships where their leaders are guiding and and assisting Gaia's  planet Earth. 

Most humans are not, yet, aware that there are other Star Ships, or that the higher dimensional beings may even look very much like third dimensional human beings. That is, however, only if that Star Ship and the Star Ship Beings chose to take on that appearance. 

Yes, higher fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional beings can choose the frequency of their reality as easily as humans can change the appearance of their clothing. Why are these beings from higher frequencies of reality choosing to change their appearance?  

In fact, the frequency of their appearance, awareness and abilities changes with the frequency of their state of consciousness. In fact, in order for the Galactics to perceive each other while on Earth on or on their starships is because they all have calibrated their awareness to the fifth dimension and beyond. 

With this fifth dimensional calibration of perception, they perceive the other awakening beings, as well as the awakening of Earth's slow, but steady transition back into higher her own innate higher frequencies of reality.

One may wonder, and some times even remember, that there are many other Galactics that  are part of "Gaia's Awakening return to Her innate fifth dimensional Planetary SELF!  These awakening Planets, cary the budding fifth dimensional frequency of reality as Gaia! 

Perhaps Gaia is on of the energy fields that are first to awaken and expand into the Higher Frequencies of Reality because Gaia--Earth--has had to suffer from much maltreatment from the lost humans who could only think about themselves! 

Fortunately, there are many in Gaia's human family who have found a way to "finally" remember that there Gaia is there Mother Planet and if the humans do not treat Her with Love and Light dear Planetary Gaia will not be able to fully recover from the great abuse of the lost ones.


We will naturally and lovingly 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Living in the NOW

 June 5, 2021

What does it mean to Live in the NOW?


Living in the NOW is something that many people have trouble doing. After all, there is always so much to handle from their past that may be needed to be cleared, and/or finding a way to handle the future, which is too often unknown! 

Of course, people can learn, or maybe even remember, how to focus on what is happening right NOW. However, it is more likely that they will be looking ahead to find that important something so that they can feel like they are the one who is leading their life. 

Fortunately, many human have had the luck, or "good karma?" to assist them to remember that they do have higher expressions of them selves.

These "higher expressions of self" may be the result of a happy childhood, success and love in their lives, and/or the ability to "keep on keeping on" until they feel their innate ability to go "deep inside and high above" so that they can look into their Higher SELF and connect that their third dimensional SELF.

One's third dimensional self is largely driven by how they inter-act with their daily life. Also, some people have not had the guidance that is so important, and therefore need to assist their own inner, third dimensional third dimensional SELF to realize that they need to learn the rules of a third dimensional reality. 

Most people do not think of their lives as a "third dimensional life on Earth" because they have no memory of their own "fourth, fifth, and even higher dimensions" of their true Multidimensional SELF.

Ones Multidimensional SELF is the combination of their third dimensional life on planet Earth, and the memory of their Higher Dimensional SELF that resonates to the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension, the sixth dimension and beyond.

There are many people, and more and more each day, that are able to have a quick blink of a Starship, a dream that reminds them that they are MORE than just third dimensional, as well as some real experiences of seeing a Starship, or even "dreaming of," and remembering the higher dimensional expressions of their Earth Vessel.

Of course, their earthly expression of self, which usually only resonates to the third and hopefully, the fourth dimensions of reality, is unaware that there is something happening around and within them selves that feels VERY new and VERY powerful.

But what do these "awakening" humans allow themselves to believe that which they have experienced? Will others laugh at them, or think that they are crazy? 

The answer to that question is YES. However, as more and more third dimensional humans (and even Galactic) are awakening to  the new energy patterns that are new to the humans, but VERY familiar to the Galactics who have come to Earth to prepare the humans to awaken to their true Higher Dimensional SELF.

These beings who have come to Earth and got lost in the third dimension are all beginning to "awaken" because Gaia, their Planetary Mother, is also "waking up" to the slowing, but persistently awakening of the feelings, memories, dreams, and "imaginations" that there are Higher Dimensional Beings coming to Earth NOW to assist humanity to REMEMBER THEIR TRUE SELF!

As you finish this article, check out the Internet and all the movies, books, shows, and gatherings in which more and more people are enjoying the FEEL of the higher frequencies of the Starships and their unseen in habitants as they dream about them, see them, read about them, and, may even be lucky enough to see one or two of them as they soar far, far, and above!                                                             

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Saving Gaia By Suzanne Lie

June 5, 2021                                                 

 Saving Gaia

It is the NOW in which, we the humans, 

who once believed we were the most 

evolved beings on Gaia's Earth,

are beginning to  realize that 

It is the NOW for humanity to:




Their beloved 


It is important that we humans 

Remember that we chose to be born on

 Gaia's, "Mother Earth"during this now"

Mother Earth, as well as 

all the "beloved" Beings who LIVE,

 LOVE there and PROTECT their beautiful 

Planetary Mother Gaia!

Send Love and Light to humanity!

It is the NOW in which the humans 

(who still believe they are 

the most evolved Beings on Gaia)

remember their own 

Higher Dimensional Home Worlds


It was on their Higher Dimensional Home Worlds 

 that they promised to incarnate on Gaia

so that they could better assist 

the humans on Earth to remember their own

True Galactic SELF!

It is the memory of humanity's own Galactic Self that

reminds them, in their sleep, as they assist others, 

and as they look into the skies to 

that they too are members of their own

Fifth Dimensional Galactic Reality 

It is the challenge of humanity to remember to REMEMBER

that a deep inner memory is arises to their Heart and Mind

to assist them to "Believe" that which they beginning to perceive!

Blessings to those who 



Blessings to those who


Friday, May 28, 2021



Date: Wed, May 26, 2021 at 8:04 PM

Subject: New Video for Lunar Eclipse   

BELOW is the link to the new audio and video about the LUNAR ECLIPSE:

Click below link to find the info on YouTube


Saturday, May 22, 2021

When You Go Inside

 May 22, 2021

                                          WHEN YOU GO INSIDE

 When you go "inside," that is "inside your self" you may find that there is much more going on inside your own "Inner consciousness"  than you might have found the time recognize.

Therefore take a moment to go INSIDE YOUR SELF...

                        Now that you are looking deep inside your SELF...
                                              Ask your SELF...

What am I thinking about right NOW?

What is inside my imaginations right NOW?

What is inside my fears right NOW?

 What is inside my desires right NOW?

 What is my inner need right NOW? 

What is coming into my memory right NOW?

In fact take a moment of this NOW to: 

Close your eyes, 

Keep your spinal cord strait 
and  your head high,

NOW go inside of your SELF.

Why are you thinking about right NOW?

                                What are you feeling right NOW?   


Below is the link to the latest video of Sue Lie and Danny L: