Wednesday, March 21, 2012


WOW, some one had exactly the same dream/experience as I did. Did anyone else dream of the Ascension Train? Let me know here or on my email

Dear Suzan,

I almost can’t believe it, I also had a dream a couple of nights ago, where I found myself on the ascension train. At first I saw the train going through the night sky, like you.
I was “flying” above/next to it and noticed  that it was endless, it kept on going and going. Then I was inside of the train. I sat there for a while, feeling amazed that I was there on the ascension train, it felt so good! Was I really worthy to be there? Then  I see myself physically  standing in the pathway between the chairs. About 1,5 meter from me I see you standing in the pathway near to the entrance/exit doors, working hard to convince a small group of people of something, I can’t remember what, but I know I felt that you were very right. I knew you were right but some of the people just could not see it. I felt a bit sad for them and then  the realisation came to me that everything was as it should be and it was very ok. that everyone was on his/her own perfect path. I was so happy to see you there, I was longing to connect with you (in 3d life we are living so far apart). However, you were very busy talking to the people standing there with you.  I was observing this as you looked at me and our eyes met. I “felt” that this was not the “moment” to talk to one another, since you were so busy and that there would be other occasions.

Later on there was a group of us outside the train, trying to get through to  people who were doing something which was damaging  the environment in some way (I could not remember this in more detail until I read your blog).

In the day following this night I kept on thinking about a movie I once saw, I think it was called Solar express with Tom Hanks, the part about a train going to the north pole to Santa Clause, the atmosphere reminded me of my dream. I also kept singing Magical mystery tour in my head. I remembered very vividly how wonderful my dream felt. I feel that fear and doubts are gone and I am totally convinced that I am on my way.

Then, yesterday evening I read your blog about the ascension train dream. Amazing! I feel so grateful.

I use this opportunity to thank you with whole my heart  for all that you share and for who you are, thank you so much dear Suzan.

(P.s. if you should choose to place this mail on your blog, can you please remove the biggest spelling mistakes?)

Loving greetings,

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