Thursday, March 8, 2012

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March 8, 2012

Dear New and Old Friends,

I wanted to share a bit of my post transformational adjustments. I somehow got home yesterday, all four blocks of it, and almost immediately hit my Goddess Tub. After becoming a prune, I took a long nap, disturbed only by a few rummages into my pretty-much-empty refrigerator and cupboards. My husband and I walked to a nearby restaurant and half-watched a comedy, “What Planet Are You From?” before I returned to bed. In other words, my cup was full.

When I woke up this morning the Low that comes in response to the High of being in an environment where I could be 100% my “weirdest” SELF in a complete safety, and even fun way, hit like a rock. I have been watching Star Trek Voyager on Netflix lately and have found many good lessons there. I got my hot tea and went in to watch another episode of Star Trek. In this episode Seven of Nine downloaded more information that she could integrate and became irritable and a bit paranoid. I am sure that none of you can relate to that, but I sure did.

I meditated a bit before I turned on Star Trek and could feel that the Arcturians had a message. However, I was not grounded enough to accept it. My consciousness was on overload. They say “Whoa onto those who get what they want.” I had a beautiful weekend doing what I have wanted to do for most for all of my life, which is to totally be my SELF and feel completely accepted and loved.

This weekend I got that acceptance and love.  I am sending this message to each of you individually because each of you gave me that gift. Now I will dedicate myself to giving that wonderful gift to others. I can feel the Arcturians still calling me, but I need a bit more grounding first. I think another Star Trek is in order. Hmm, I guess that is weird to ground myself by watching a show about people in the future being lost in another quadrant of space???

I will be back soon…

Well, I rested more, played in my garden, ate some food and went to the beach. I think I am back in my body enough to see what the Arcturians wanted to say to me.

Dear Arcturians,
First, I want to thank you for being at the Gathering this weekend. We all felt your presence rather or not we were consciously aware of it. What is the message that I have felt in my consciousness?

Dear Suzille,
The message is, of course, for all of you. It is a message of gratitude to all of you for surrendering to the moment. You are likely are unaware of the amount of transmutation that you did for Gaia, but it was huge. You see, dear ascending ones, each of you are a two-way portal through which multidimensional light and unconditional love can enter into the body of Gaia, as well as a vessel through which the transmuted wounding of Gaia is released out into the atmosphere to further balance the remaining darkness with your ever-expanding light.

At the point when the light is 51% stronger than the darkness, the shift into the higher expression of Gaia will increase exponentially. That percentage is closer than you may think, and you have done more to assist that process than you can imagine. We tell you this because we want you to remember the power of your creative force. YOU are creating New Earth right NOW, and we have the great privilege of observing you doing so.

The truth is that we, your Galactic and Celestial Family, are always observing and assisting you. Listen deep inside your High Heart to hear our Light Language and continue to open your Third Eye to see the multidimensional reality that constantly shares your world. We are assisting you to release the illusion that separates the observer from that which is observed, so that the third/fourth dimension can return to the fifth.

As time continues to fade from your awareness, the NOW will reveal that which was always there, but forgotten. You do not need to try, or deserve, or work-towards, for you are already all that you seek. Hence, all you need DO to return Home is to Surrender to your Multidimensional SELF that has never left.

We will leave the light on for you!
Your Galactic Family

I closing I want to say,
Thank you again and again,

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