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Crossover—Image 4:00AM

The Ascension Train
I woke from this dream at 4:00 AM and went over it again and again to keep it in my mind when I woke up for the next day. Dear Arcturian SELF, please assist me in remember this wonderful dream.

“We are happy to do so. Feel our SELF within you as you type your dream and ask questions whenever you need to.”

Thank you, my first image is I see an Ascension Train. This train is a wispy blue color that I see flowing through a night sky. It is very close and I am totally ready to get on it. However, I find myself telling other people about this Train and trying to get them to see it so that they have the choice to get on it. I feel the two people that I live with, husband and grandchild, with me in an on-and-off basis, but I think it is a KNOWN that they will come with me. I go to my dear girlfriend and try to convince her to get on the train, but she does not want to leave her family. We go into the bathroom to continue our talk (to release that which is no longer necessary), and when we go out I see the end of the train. Before that the train was endless, but when I see the end of it I wake up to remind myself”

I am mostly awake know, but I go back into a trance because I want to change the ending of dream. Soon I am asleep and dreaming again.

I am crawling into in a small scout ship (space ship) and have to climb over something to get into my chair. I must catch up with the Ascension Train, but I don’t know how. Then I look to my right and see my Arcturian SELF. I remember the feeling of being so intimately close to him/her. I can still hold that image in my mind because I wrote down this dream. We look at each other and he/she touches my Third Eye. Suddenly I remember how to fly the ship and we go after the Train.

Dear Arcturian SELF,
I forgot what happened here. I know that I woke up somewhere and went into another dream. Can you please assist me to remember what happened next?

“Dear Returning SELF, take a moment now to remember the FEELING of sitting next to us in the small hover craft. Can you feel our energy and unconditional love as it enters your? I send this energy and unconditional love to everyone who reads this dream, for Suzille is a portal, as are all of you, through which we of the higher frequencies can deeply understand your reality. Suzille, feel that portal open so that our minds can merge and you can experience the part you forgot.

“Once in the small craft, we could easily catch up to the Ascension Train for the “craft” was actually the fifth dimensional expression of your SELF that you had to “climb into.” You see the metaphor of the Ascension Train again as an infinite train, without beginning or end, flowing through the night sky in a blue haze of light. Your inner child thinks of Santa Clause flying at night to bring gifts. This train image, indeed, brings the gift of ascension. It is so close now that your fourth-dimensional night body can see it.”

Thank you, I know that I woke up then and walked around a bit to try to remember the dreams. I then went to sleep and had another dream. In this dream I was with a group of people who were working towards personal and planetary ascension. We were a leaderless group in that each of us chose to participate in the way that they felt was most benefic for the group. What happened was vague, but we ended up doing something to protect Gaia. There were some people who were harming the land and we were trying to stop them. Dear Arcturian SELF, can you assist me to remember the details of this dream?”

“Dear Ascending Expression, we are happy to re-boot your memory. You were so determined to remember the Ascension Train dream that you could not remember this one. Because of your experience of the Ascension Train, you (meaning all those in the group who had also seen the Train) were very sensitive to the needs of Gaia. There was a construction site nearby which was harming Gaia’s skin/earth and you all felt Her pain. Therefore, you went to the site to try to get the people to understand what they were doing. Of course, they could not understand what you were saying, as they were resonating to survival mode of getting money to get things. You forgot the dream as it ended there, leaving you with an uncomfortable feeling. However, the feelings of the Ascension Train balanced your energy so that you woke up remembering that dream first.

“We would like to take you back into the second dream so that you can change the ending. Your group was trying to deal with these people on a third dimensional level, which was completely ineffective. Hence, we wish to show you how you can deal with this issue in a multidimensional manner.

·      First, you send unconditional love into this situation and have compassion for the un-awakened ones.

·      Second, you talk to Gaia BEFORE you talk to the people who are harming Her so that you have a clear picture of the best solution. In this case, they were using chemicals that were very damaging to her land to kill all plant growth so that the plants would not interfere with their concrete based surface. Once this process is completed the damage is done. Therefore, the only solution is to leave time and deal with the issue before this particular timeline.

·      Third, as a multidimensional being, you can go back in time to alter reality at that point. Within your multidimensional consciousness you have the ability to see possible realities that split off from the event that you wish to change.

·      Fourth, you go back to where greed took precedence over creativity, which was when the contractors were looking for financial backing. You see that there are two other people who are willing to consider the needs of Gaia and one other contractor who is willing to consider the needs of Gaia.

·      Fifth, with the power of your intention, you disconnect the current timeline and connect the timeline in which the “green” contractor connects with the first of the two ecological financial bankers.  To “disconnect,” visualize the matrix where the possible realities all gather and place the power of your unconditional love into the connection point of the desired possible reality. The unconditional love will form a bonding of the matrix at this point supersedes all other choices.

·      Sixth, direct your multidimensional light into that reality connection to confirm that that reality is the dominant of all possible realities.

Do you see now the power of your true, Multidimensional SELF? Time is no longer an issue and you can easily change the past to correct the present. Stay connected to us so that we can further assist you in multidimensional solutions.

MANY OF US ARE HAVING AMAZING DREAMS NOW. If you want me to publish your dreams, just email them to me and i will post them. In this way we can:

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  1. Hello Sue,

    You leave us like in so many downloads that you share with us speechless in our Heart Space tasting these blessings at the source.

    About the link for the youtube video that was on this site yesterday I found after listening to it that it did not felt like a harmonious resonance in me.