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Arcturian Lessons Chapter 10

Arcturian Lessons


Jefferson: Dear Arcturians, thank you very much for your kindness and love. In the name of my people I am doing the best I can to get as much knowledge as I can. If I ask a question that I have already asked, will you assist me by answering it from a different perspective?

Arcturians: Dear Jeffrees, we would happily do so, as it is one of our primary goals now to assist our grounded ones in remembering their Multidimensional Perceptions. You see, you do not go across space or time to get to the fifth dimension. Fifth dimensional New Earth is right HERE, but it resonates to a higher frequency. Therefore, in order to experience New Earth, you will not GO anywhere. Instead, you will raise your consciousness to the fifth dimension so that you can perceive that you are THERE NOW.

Jefferson: Am I correct in understanding that you are saying that there are two ways in which you can integrate your higher dimensional selves into our society: the Natural Way and Unnatural Way? To my understanding the “natural way” would be that members of a higher dimensional reality send individuals to assist and support progress in lower dimensional realities to better assist in raising their consciousness and, hence, the frequency of their reality. In this instance, the way they would become a part of our world would be through being born as humans who would, hopefully, remember inclinations and dormant understandings of being Arcturian. Then, because of their innate knowledge they would have a propensity to work towards planetary ascension.

Arcturians: It is true that many of us have sent down “copies” of our consciousness into available human earth vessels. We say “copies” because no part of our SELF is sacrificed to inhabit a lower dimensional form. Instead, our essence is merely “copied” and “pasted” into that form, which takes nothing from the original. In fact, if our third dimensional expression of SELF can awaken and re-connect to our Arcturian Group Mind, we can be of great assistance to those who still slumber.

We can also assist Gaia more completely because our form is resonating to the exact frequency as ascending Earth. With the many earth vessels of our grounded ones calibrated to the expanding resonant frequency of ascending Earth, when any person expands their consciousness, that higher frequency of reality nudges the frequency of Gaia into a higher resonance. In the same manner, whenever Gaia raises Her frequency, the forms of our grounded ones, which are attuned to Gaia’s frequency, will also expand.

Jefferson: I see. Can you now address what I call the “unnatural way” to integrate the higher frequency of reality into your physical world? From what I understand, the unnatural way is when individuals from higher dimensional realities directly assist and support our progress of raising our consciousness, as well as the resonant frequency of our reality. However, in this instance, the way they “become part” of our society is through a kind of shape-shifting in which they are born Arcturian but create another form to wear while they are on Earth.

Arcturians: Both of these methods of assisting ascending Earth are being used NOW, especially when the energies of your world are so high and your High Hearts are opening to embrace our unconditional love. If you could see from our perspective just how much your reality has shifted in just a few weeks, you would all be greatly surprised. It is likely best that most of you do not know. If you realized how close to ascension you are now you may not be able to continue to play the 3D Game long enough to complete your full process of assisting Gaia.

Jefferson: How can you be among us and not be perceived? I would think that your higher energies would shine much brighter because of your frequency? In other words, if you are walking among us, why can’t we see you?

Arcturians: Your questions are ones that many of our grounded ones ponder, and we are happy to answer them. As Suzille has written many times: belief sets consciousness—consciousness sets expectations—expectations set perception and the reality you perceive is the reality you live. It is the last part that we will address first:

“The reality you perceive is the reality you live” is the foundation for ascension. As we stated at the beginning of our meeting, calibrating your consciousness to the higher frequencies of reality will allow you to live these realities. Look at one of the busy streets of your cities. On the same block you may have three people within a few yards of each other, all experiencing totally different realities. For example:

The Homeless Person: This person has very little belief that they can even survive, much less ascend into a higher expression of reality. Their consciousness is focused on finding food, shelter and clothing. Therefore, their expectations are calibrated to hone in on those articles of survival.

Upwardly Mobile Person: This person likely believes that they can better their life, but that betterment is focused on monetary and ego needs. Their perceptions are set on ways to make money and attain success. Therefore, their perceptions are also calibrated to the third dimensions, even though it is a higher octave of physical life. This person may believe that they are a human person looking for their Spirit.

Awakening One: On the other hand, a person who is awakening believes that they are Spirit that has temporarily entered a human form to assist with the process of personal and planetary ascension. Because, they are consistently meditating, reading etc. to expand their consciousness, they expect to perceive higher dimensional Beings and welcome their communication. Since they expect that communication, they are constantly calibrating their consciousness to the higher expressions of reality.  Some of them will be clairvoyant and they can easily see the higher dimensional beings. Others are clairaudient and can communicate with us. Some are very clairsentient and they just KNOW that we are among them.

Unfortunately, many of our awakened grounded ones have no one to talk to about their multidimensional experiences. Therefore, they begin to doubt themselves or ignore their experiences because they fear judgment and the loneliness of being different. Fortunately, we have many grounded ones who remember their SELF, as well as their Service. Because of this memory, they are able to have consciousness interactions with us either in our Galactic or Celestial form, or our natural being of light and love. Because of these meetings, especially because of the feeling of unconditional love that is only felt in the higher dimensions, they are able to ground their expanding energies into Earth to assist Gaia. In this manner, they are also allowing Gaia to assist them.

More of our grounded ones are entering this third category everyday. Then, as they awaken, they assist others to awaken too. In this manner, Gaia is attaining critical mass in which more people are awake than asleep. At this point, ascension becomes “normal,” which removes the interfering stigma that has formerly been associated with being awake. Once ascension is normal, many who have kept their experiences to themselves will feel safe enough to share them with others. It is then that your Unity Consciousness will develop. What is impossible for a few individuals is simple for the Unity Consciousness of an entire Planet.

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