Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Visualize Reality

I got the below email today. I don't know if it is correct, but I love the concept of looking at the picture and manifesting it:

Please Share this wonderful & very Powerful, Realistic-"Symbolic" image of both the Imminent Official Announcement & Implimentation of both N.E.S.A.R.A. (the National Economic Security and Reformation Act) & St. Germain's World Trust/"Prosperity Packets" being made Available/Delivered on a mass planetary scale, Official E.T. Disclosure, and the open Mass Landings of Galactic Federation of Light Ships all over the Earth in the days ahead.   Also interesting enough, from what I have also found out, right now, on the White House lawn--and this is for real--they are actually constructing a huge platform right there which is to be used by one of these Light Ships to land on right after these Announcents do, in fact, take place--So in one sense, this image is actually quite prophetic in more ways than one.  So Get Ready!  Or as with the title of my book, "Prepare For The Landings!...Are YOU Ready?" ( And "Keep Your Eyes On the Skies...until YOUR Ship Comes In!"

It is suggested, as in the Practice (and "Scientifically proven") of Visualization, of Imagining and Focusing on what we both individually & Collectively want for ourselves and all Earth's Humanity, that it is suggested that by Focusing & Concentrating upon this wonderful and colorful image of NESARA/E.T. Disclosure & Open Mass Landings of Galactic Federation Light Ships, and we also share this image with as many other people as possible, and ask for them to do the same thing, and for their friends to do the same, etc., that this powerful Focus, Concentration, in Alignment with the "NESARA Consciousness that has recently been manifesting upon this planet, and by asking our "Friends Upstairs", of our "Cosmic Extended Family", of the Federation, and of God/Divine Intelligence & the Agarthians/Hollow Earth Beings all together, helping Overshadow this powerful Focus, all together, we will, definitely, most certainly, very soon, Manifest this image into physical Reality as a near future event already occured, and it is a "Sacred Promise" & "Cosmic Done Deal"!  Amen!! Amen!!!, and So It Is!!!!
Blessings to Everyone of the Light!!!!!  Please share this wih as many other people as you can, to help manifest ASAP!  Thanks!
Michael Ellegion


  1. I just don't believe mass landings is a reality. I would probably think it awesome if it actually happened, but with all the negatieve alien movies of the last couple of years, a lot of people would probably be scared to death, and I doubt the et's would take that risk. Plus, actually landing on the whitehouse lawn sounds a little silly to me, but aye, who knows :-)

  2. it all sounds like crazy stuff to me. How does this stuff go along with scripture?