Thursday, March 8, 2012


March 8, 2012

Here are some comments about the seminar for those of you who came in your conscious. 

Good Morning Sue!

I wanted to take a few days of processing and integrating all that I experienced before I felt ready to articulate my impression of the time we all shared in your in your Co-Creative Leadership Seminar.

Thank YOU for opening that beautiful space for our soul growth. It was a safe, loving and nurturing environment that I found my Self not wanting to leave. As the days blossomed into new beginnings for all of us, we expanded into the Multidimensional Beings that we are, each one embracing that energy in our own unique way, each moment lifting our Self, and each other, into greater expansion of ALL THAT IS together as one.

You we're the catalyst that brought us all together, and you became the reflection of each heart there. You cried with us, laughed with us, and shared your heart open for all of us to feel and see. In your willingness to GIFT us your SELF, I felt my SELF open and expand to ALL THAT IS, encompassing each soul there as an aspect of who I AM, that greater self that is being reborn in this moment. This expansion allowed me to find and embrace my wounded child, giving birth to the Divine Child that I know is who I AM at my core.

The GIFT of who YOU are and the healing space you provided allowed me to open my wings a little further, and step a a bit closer to the edge of that precipice I feel as my LIFE.  As I step further into the unknown of each day, the skills and concepts I learned allow me to release fear into JOY as I get ready to fly into my Multidimensional Self for the return HOME.

The dedication, commitment, and LOVE you show and FEEL for ascending Gaia inspired me to re-Dedicate my commitment to ascending Mother Earth in a much more profound and deeper way. Every Day. Ascending Gaia is something I have felt all of my life without being able to put a "name" to that energy, and that KNOWING has filled my Being with a new found purpose and JOY. My Divine Child is ready to play in the Gardens of New Earth- our 5th Dimensional Home- and I look forward to Being there with YOU!

In this moment YOU are the JOY of my BEING and I am so Grateful we are Ascending Gaia together in RADIANT LOVE, PEACE, JOY and HARMONY, COMPASSION, and FORGIVENESS!


PS This short, but sure to bring a smile video, sums up the weekend for me. Please take the time and view for me, if not for our SELF.  As I expand my Multidimensional BEING into the unknown I feel, more and more, this expression of my SELF blossoming into ALL THAT IS and the bliss of the experience of who WE ARE as Co-Creators of New Earth!

above is the link to a great video

Sue, feel free to post my impression entirely, or in sections as you feel is appropriate.

Dear sweet sue,  Thank you so much for bringing me to that wonderful experience. I learned so much, and got so much out of it.   I met some people I really loved, and will keep in touch with.  Would love to see you soon!  I will def write something.   Love, Z


Hi Sue,
We just got home about an hour ago. We ended up getting out of California later than planned. It was very hard to leave.I am trying to find words to express what the workshop was for me, but it is not easy. The best way I can start out is to agree with you that it was the most amazing experience of unconditional love I could ever imagine. To be with like minded people and express my true self is a gift beyond words. I would once again like to send my love and gratitude to all who were there.

Something I would like to share with you, and did share with some there is about finding where I belonged in this group. I was the only being representing the male energy in a group of seventeen beautiful light beings representing the feminine energy. I knew I belonged there, I just was not sure where. I started out seeing this circle of wonderful female light energy, but it did not seem to fit with me in the circle. So I tried to put myself inside the circle, then outside the circle but neither one was right. Then Saturday after noon when we were doing some of our meditation a new image came in. The group had become a beautiful cut diamond with amazing rainbow light being reflected from source. And I was just one of the reflections. Not different or separate, but part of the one.

Sue, meeting you was like meeting an old friend,but it seems that way with the entire group. There is no question that we are one, and from Friday to Sunday I was living in the fifth dimension. As I write these words I still feel the amazing love and joy, and even a few tears return. But they are from true unconditional love that I can carry with me always me. The picture of walking down to the ocean each morning and seeing the dolphins play and then going to meet with the beautiful beings of our group and spending the day sharing, loving and creating is what the fifth dimension is about.

Returning back to 3D has had its struggles, but just knowing that I am bringing this beautiful fifth dimensional liquid light back with me to assist beloved Gaia in her ascension just brings more light and love into my heart. If anyone has a chance to attend one of these gatherings, I can say it is an experience you will never forget. I am looking forward to seeing more representation of the male energy as we expand and grow.

Thank you Sue and thank you to all the wonderful women who were willing to let me share this experience.
With much love and blessings,


Hi all Radiant Light Beings

We made it home.  It is strange.  I could not wait to get home once we left. I wanted my home.  However when we arrived is was as if this was not our home.  It felt as if it were a strangers home.  My home is now with all of you.  I miss you all already.

In many ways it is very good to share this experience with my husband, but, it is also hard.  As Suzanne said it took her a while to come back to her body.  Imagine two people trying at the same time.  We had a good conversation at breakfast this morning and it has helped.

I have only to close my eyes and I remember what it feels like to be home with all of my wonderful Radiant Light Beings. I am excited for the time we can all be together again.  Thank you all for the most incredible experience of my life.  I know it will not be the last.  You have each and every one touched my life in a very profound way.

I love you all more than words can express,


Dear Suzanne,
Thank you as well for your wonderful sharing.  I am very happy that you could be totally your complete SELF, and experience the total release that comes with embracing all aspects at once, with the acceptance of everyone. 

Yesterday was experienced as an overflow of perfection in every moment.  My friend and I shared an incredible meal at a vegan Thai restaurant in Culver City, and then received a purifying healing at the MOA wellness center on the same block.  The healing was followed by a formal Japanese tea ceremony - the divine gift of it all is beyond imagination and description.  We shared fully in the tender green tea leaves, so that all our love for one another is experienced fully in the NOW, knowing that the moment we transform this dimension, there is not one single regret, as we acknowledged our connection fully to each other, and to all life within which we live and have our being.  I offer this short description to post to the blog, to be completed once I land up north, as we are momentarily leaving for the airport, to once again take flight to unknown places. 

The ripples of this time together move far and wide, as the exponential nature of the tipping point is upon us.  Let this weekend be the gift to all of us, the gift that grows exponentially, as it is the gift that expands as it continues to be freely given.  It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Embraced in Love, Light & Laughter,


Dear Sue,
I can't begin to express the Wonder of this weekend.
I am  so grateful to you and our Precious Group.
I am feeling very sad today, and I'm just staying with the emotion.

Last night I had to go to a Soccer Dinner with my daughter and I did drink
red wine, which I don't normally do.  I dropped a glass of water, and it broke,
which was embarrassing.  I'm wondering if all of this was taking place for me
to feel some of the emotions that came up for me and others. Anyway I'm just
breathing through all the feelings and staying with them.  I didn't cry hardly at all
during the weekend, maybe I was holding back.

Thank you so much for all you do and I look forward to the Group in Santa Monica.
All Love,


The Radiant Waters glisten with the Light of your Being.  Infused in the Radiance is the stream of conscious potential of All That Is.  One assumes it is difficult to connect with and become one’s Wholeness.  However, rising above third-dimensional thinking one sees the fullness of Truth in every moment.  In this manner, one exclaims, “I ACCEPT,” and allows the Truth to Live in daily experience.  The challenge then becomes remaining in this elevated consciousness and allowing it to consume one’s daily life.  It IS POSSIBLE to remain elevated and forget the old habits of lower, restrictive thinking. 

As always, you are surrounded, protected and loved unconditionally.  Angels, Elohim and Spirit Guides abound who have only your best interest and highest creative potential at heart.  Believe in your Wholeness, in your Right to Be Here in this moment and in every moment.  Accept your Divinity, your Highest Potential, and LIVE!!


Hello beautiful beloved co-creators- this is the most treasured email to me because just seeing this email and feeling the energy from reading your names instantly took me back home to our heart space with each other!!!

This after witnessing the police state of LAX which sped my heart rate up! I even got my palms swabbed for supposed "trace explosives" and it felt like the lower astral.  Then I stood upon the sheeple and am looking above heads for those who are connected.  

I feel like I have awakened new skills and I thank you my teachers (you know who you are :) ) 

May you have a beautiful journey homeward. I stand next to you now and stand for myself. 

I love you beautiful, powerful co- creators. I have found my peeps too and it feels like home. (always loved that Madonna song! Like a prayer!)

Please call on me as I a stand next to you and ready to hold and support the goddess in you and the French maid in Ron ! 

I love u and feel your love radiating out into the world.

Love love love to you my blessed peeps - every pair of eyes reading this now 

My eternal love,

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