Friday, March 2, 2012

Join Us In Your Consciousness

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March 2 2012


Blessings from the Violet Ray of Transmutation,

            We, the Guardians of this Ray, Ascended Master St. Germain, Elohim Arcturus and Archangel Zadkiel, function as ONE Being to assist our Ascending Ones in remembering the rhythm of the Invocation of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation. The color violet has the shortest wavelength but the highest frequency of visible light in the color spectrum, and serves at the transitional vibration leading to the next octave of color and light.
Hence, the Violet Light, specifically the Violet Fire, is vital for you process of Ascension, which you are NOW experiencing. We wish to say to all of you that we are overlooking your progress and are here to assist you. All you need “do” is call our name and we shall lovingly assist. In fact, each of us would like to share a special message with our Beloved Ones:
Greetings, I AM St. Germain,
As many of your know, I have taken myriad forms on planet Earth. Yes, I have “died” many times and been reborn into yet another body of clay. I want to remind you, that you have also had many lives on Gaia, with many “deaths” and many births. Most of you have had at least one experience of personal ascension. It was for this reason that you have been among the selected Lightworkers to assist Gaia with Her process of planetary ascension.
If you can allow yourself to remember even one of your ascension lives, it will greatly assist you to relax into your experience, trust your Multidimensional SELF and LET GO into the loving arms of the ONE. Please remember the Invocation for the Violet Fire:
            Blaze, Blaze, Blaze
                        The Violet Fire
                                    Transmuting ALL Shadow into
                                                Light, Light, LIGHT
Say this invocation three times to gain the greatest benefit, and believe that YOU have the innate power to transmute all the shadows of illusion of your physical world into the Truth of your multidimensional reality.
St. Germain

Blessings, I AM Arcturus, the Elohim of the Violet Ray,
As an Elohim, it is my responsibility to assist you in creating your reality with clear intention and unconditional love. With the added boast of the power of the Violet Flame, you can create your reality in a higher frequency of expression.
·       When you Believe in your power of creation your consciousness expands into the higher frequencies and deep into the quantum world
·       With your expanded consciousness, you expect to perceive a higher frequency of reality
·       Hence, you will perceive the Truth through the veil of illusion
·       And, the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live!
Feel our unconditional love and inhale it with your every breath. Then, circulate this love throughout your entire system with your exhale and into the atmosphere of Gaia. We are with you beloved. In fact, we are with-IN you!

Joy and Love from Zadkiel,
As the Archangel of the Violet Ray, I have the great honor of protecting our Ascending Ones. Please feel my mighty rays of Violet Light, which are often perceived as wings, as they embrace you with joy and celebration.
YOU are ascending!!! Yes, YOU, the one who reads this message, are transmuting your earthen shell with your every loving thought and divine intention. YOU are, also, infusing your every cell and atom with the Violet Flame of Transmutation with your ever-expanding force of unconditional love.
Feel your wings of light as you soar into the KNOWING of your true SELF.
Hear my gentle voice as I whisper into your heart.
See New Earth as it sparkles through the remnant of illusion.
Touch the life that fills the higher frequencies as they swirl into your Being.
Love ALL life unconditionally.
And, Remember that everything is alive and pregnant with the
Power of Transmutation

Friday, March 2:  Day One 
How do I Deepen my Experience of Self?

12:30 pm       Arrivals
2:00 pm         Opening Meditation for Gaia
                        Co-create the Circle
                        Introductions & Sharing Circle

                        Awakening Stories in Small Groups (with rotating facilitators who share with the larger group)

“It’s all about the state of consciousness.  Belief=consciousness=expectations=perceptions=and the reality you perceive is the reality you live.”
                        Group Meditation about Pineal Gland and Meeting the higher expression of your Multi-dimensional Self
                        Drawing Exercise: Sharing pictures and story of M-d Self with small group, then large group sharing

Grounding your Multi-dimensional Self – Lightbody: Breathing and Sounding Exercise

Fifth-dimensional Perception of Reality Exercise and Debriefing

Starting 5:30ish       Dinner-time
7:00 pm         Multi-dimensional Thinking Small group practicing & facilitator tracks themes and shares.
Saturday, March 3: Day Two
How do I Clear Negative Emotions?
5:30 am ish              A Way to Start the Day – meditations, walks, yoga

7:30 am                     Co-created Breakfast

9:00 am         “My spirit is in pain but I must respect the wounding”
                        Releasing Fear Exercises: “I refuse to participate in….”
                        In Full Group -Breathing Out Fear

                        Group Meditation: Freeing Our Wounded Child
                        Small Group sharing and debriefing

                        Multi-dimensional Re-parenting of Our Wounded Child
                        Personal Exercise and Small Group Check-in

12:30 ish       Lunch

1:45 pm         Group Meditation: Bridge to the Divine Child    
                        Small Group Debriefing & Large Group Sharing

                        Small Group Co-creation: “What is my mission?”
                        Large Group Sharing

5:30 pm         Dinner

7:30 pm         “Express Yourself” – Check-in circle                 

Sunday, March 4:  Day Three 
How can I Relate to Others Co-creatively?

5:30 am ish              A Way to Start the Day – meditations, walks, yoga

7:30 am                     Co-created Breakfast

9:00 am                     “Think tank Sunday”
Group Meditation:
What is my role of leadership on New Earth?
Small Group Discussion and Large Group Sharing
12:30 pm                   Lunch
1:30 pm                     Consolidation and Integration of Learning
                                    “How do you ground this experience into your daily life, on-going learning and fulfillment of your mission?”

3:00 pm                     Good-byes!

10 Aspects of Ascension

1)    Downloading the multidimensional light and unconditional love that is entering us through our Crown and settling in to our opened Third Eye and High Heart.

2)    Loving that light and love so much that we can allow it to travel into the hidden darkness and fear of our deepest subconscious self.

3)    As we travel the fourth dimension of formerly unconscious self, we allow the multidimensional light to reveal and heal any hidden fear/darkness to our conscious self. With the conscious awareness of our wounding, we can learn to use the power of unconditional love to heal our wounded ego-self.

4)    Through the process of revealing and healing our fear with light and love, we learn unconditional love and detached compassion for our body, reality, experiences and persistent reactionary patterns (behaviors) that we formerly identified as our “self.” 

5)    As we integrate the multidimensional light, unconditional love and detached compassion into our consciousness and our physical body, we begin the process of activating our multidimensional Lightbody. This activation initiates inter-dimensional travel.

6)    Our inter-dimensional journeys into the higher worlds via our multidimensional consciousness serves to further activate our Lightbody. At this we began to emanate multidimensional light and unconditional love from the Core of our Self and out through our Third Eye and High Heart. It is the emanation of this higher expression of our SELF that begins the opening of our Inner Ascension Portal. This Portal acts much like a compass to guide us on our process of returning to the Multidimensional Being of light that we have always been. This open Portal allows us more intimate communication and communing with the higher frequencies of reality.
7)    At this point we must SURRENDER to whatever happens. It is this surrender that allows us to begin our Final Initiation. Within this Final Initiation we will take a deep look into our deepest subconscious to love free any and every fearful thought, emotion, memory and behavior that has impeded our complete connection with our Multidimensional SELF. It is these final, unconscious elements of our ego that have dis-allowed our full return to Lightbody and de-railed our Personal Ascension. It is during this phase of ascension that we begin to consciously experience more and more expressions of our Multidimensional SELF.

8)    NOW, it is vital that we believe, know and accept that everything that happens and everything in our life is PERFECT. By this point of ascension we realize that we are ONE with Planet Earth, and we dedicate our efforts not just to our personal ascension process, but to the process of Planetary Process, as well. In fact, our main dedication is to the Planetary Ascension because we have learned that we infinite, Multidimensional Beings who cannot die.

9)    With the acceptance that ALL is perfect, we can embrace the innocence and purity of our Divine Child, the part of us that has never forgotten our SELF. Within this purity and innocence, we can actively await the re-birth of our Lightbody and ascension experience with a Clear Mind and Open Heart. Furthermore, we perceive our Multidimensional SELF to embrace not only planet Earth, but Her Solar Family, as well. Hence, inter-dimensional communication is becoming normal.

10)By this phase of ascension, we are in contact with several, if not many expressions of our higher dimensional SELF. Hence, we realize that our SELF encompasses the entire Milky Way Galaxy because we have entered our full Galactic Consciousness. Now, we must face the most difficult challenge of releasing whatever remnants of ego still remain. We would like to think that all ego is gone, but as long as we hold an earth vessel and live within our third dimensional life, our ego is called to duty so that it can control our Physical life. Now our great challenge is to release ALL control of our physical life to our Multidimensional SELF. In other words, now is the time to just --- LET GO!


  1. Blessings and light to you and all of the participants! Will join you in the higher realms oxoxox

    In love and light,

  2. Thank you for your beautiful messages. Namaste.

  3. Thank you, for showing and leading me and others on the path to ascension.
    Love & Light

  4. So I have been home a few days since the Acension Seminar. Which was an incredible life changing experience. As always there is a bit of a get back to reality phase. I did not want to come back. At night I have been doing an incredible amount of work in my dream time. That is a whole experience in itself. Last night I had enough. I turned off. I slept, I rested. I woke up in the morning and felt strange. I had to turn back on. I was great, to be able to turn it back on.

    Donell Long, Cloudcroft, NM