Sunday, March 25, 2012



Hi Sue, 
First I want to express how grateful I am for all you are doing and the amazing impact you have had & are having on my life.  You are providing a wonderful service with your writings, meditations & webinars of which I have benefited greatly.  Thanks to you, I have an understanding of what is happening to me and I feel great love as a result of the experiences rather than fear of the unknown.

For me, the Ascension process seems to be happening with seemingly little effort on my part, almost like it came out of the blue but I know that is only how my level of awareness perceives it. It all started back in August 2011 with a dream unlike any I remember having before where the gist of the dream was that my husband & I were given the choice to either stay in the world or be removed from the grid of reality.  The dream interpreted this action as that the program of myself would be “uploaded” out of the reality matrix into a larger database.  I chose to be “uploaded” & my husband chose to stay.  I had to prepare for the upload by going through a series of decontamination chambers.  In the final chamber, there was a window to look out of onto a cityscape & as I gazed out the window, I wondered when I would be uploaded & what it would feel like. 

 I noticed the cityscape began to look brighter & take on amazing colors when I realized I could no longer feel my body and at that point, everything got real bright so that all I could see was light and I began to feel very expanded.  My last thought before I woke up was I wondered if I could still breathe if I didn’t have a body.  I knew at the time that there was something deeper about the dream but I didn’t know what context to put it into and I began to randomly search the internet as well as read books about spiritual growth and meditate daily when I would go for walks outside on my lunch break at work.  I felt led to read the writings of Sylvia Browne and I came across your Multidimensions website where I signed up for the newsletter & began to read the wealth of material you have on your websites.

I did not know anything about Ascension up until that point and even though I started to practice some of the meditations from your websites, you tube videos & newsletters, I didn’t think much about it.  I just knew that what you offered felt very right to me & the meditations felt easy & normal somehow.  The newsletters with the journal entries of the young man who began to experience ascension really struck a chord with me and I would keep coming back to those stories, finding something different each time.  The story just seemed so familiar somehow, like a vaguely remembered dream from a long time ago.  During this time, I had another dream about my husband & I taking different paths.  In the dream, he was being initiated & trained to be a shaman healer to help those who stay in the world.  I stayed long enough to be with him during the initiation then I had to leave to go to the Cities of Light at which point I woke up.

It was on Christmas Day 2011 that Ascension started to become a reality for me.  My father who passed to the Other Side in 1994, always made a point of popping in for a visit on Christmas, but this year he was a no-show so instead I reached out to him. He appeared immediately in my mind’s eye smiling and pointing to his side and there was a portal next to him! Once he made sure I saw it, he left but the portal stayed. For a couple of weeks after, I could feel it near me, a little above me and to the right, about the size of a quarter or the full moon when it is at the highest point in the sky. I really didn’t pay much attention to it; I was just grateful for my Dad showing it to me, that it is real. On January 8th, I had just turned out the light to go to sleep and as I relaxed, the little portal blinked on & off like a light bulb, then stayed lit with the purest white light. 

As I focused on it, I realized my eyes were still closed but I was seeing it clear as day right in front of me. It was rimmed in amethyst purple and the white light was very bright but didn’t hurt my eyes at all. All of a sudden, I found myself inside the portal! I could still feel myself lying down in bed at the same time. Inside the portal, the white light felt alive & had a tangible presence to it that radiated pure happiness. I felt very excited & I drifted closer to the purple wall to examine its crystal-like quality. I noticed movement behind me and turned to see words & formulas flying around me like insects. When I tried to read the words, I whooshed out of the portal and back to bed. The next morning, I noticed the portal was now centered in front of me and larger, about the size of my face. 

I wondered how I could share this with others, & I began to visualize the portal as encompassing the planet with the amethyst portal wall arcing across the sky & the white light visible above the horizon. I began to send that amazing light to everyone I meet, everywhere I go so that we are all traveling in light through the portal together. If I experienced negative thoughts or feelings, I filled myself with the light & released my participation with that negativity, sending it into the light with unconditional love.  Your guided meditations fit perfectly with this process & aided me immensely.

I didn’t give myself much time to fully realize that Ascension is real & happening to me and I went head-long into clearing & releasing.  It has felt kind of like being sick with a virus and having to run a race at the same time, neither of which are pleasant experiences but once started, there was no turning away & I know they have definite endings.  During a particularly low period where releasing seemed endless & I felt stuck in sadness, I reached out to Spirit for help and I felt a Presence appear that was bright, warm and radiated love & reassurance.  This Presence identified itself as Ascended Me.  That’s when it really hit me that this was real.  I had already Ascended & I was reaching across the multi-dimensions to be with my 3-D self as I go through the Ascension process.  This presence of Ascended Me has stayed with me ever since, radiating a quiet warm love & happiness.

This past week, I have experienced another Shift in my consciousness.  I had read  your dream in your blog earlier this week about the Ascension Train which I felt led me to dream about Ascension Wednesday morning.  In my dream, Ascension as a topic of discussion had hit the mainstream media & pop consciousness.  My dream had me at work in an executive meeting where all the managers were being given a written test to determine who would stay with the company during Ascension.  I knew I wasn’t going to stay but I went ahead and started reading the questions on the test & filling out answers anyway.  In the background, there was discussion about how portals were supposed to start appearing when ascension occurs and conjecture about the events.  

As I looked down at the test to start reading the questions & filling out answers, I felt a strong internal sensation come into my being of expansion, light, music & a feeling of overwhelming happiness.  Without a thought, I blurted out, “It’s here! It’s here!”  At my words, on the door to the CEO’s office, a beautiful portal opened up, shimmering with light and everyone “oooohhed & aaaawwed!” with amazement.  The tests were forgotten and people started milling about unsure what to do.  I was just so happy to see the portal and I looked around to try and figure out how to organize everyone to go through it.  The CEO was laughing & he made a loud comment about it being “his portal” since it appeared on the door to his office, and that maybe he should choose who gets to go through it, or something like that.  

I don’t remember his words exactly, but the feeling I got from him was laughter with a sense of entitlement since he was the head honcho anyway.  After I heard him, the portal began to fade & shrink.  I leapt across the room and tried to stick my hand in the portal to keep it from closing as if it were an elevator door, but I touched solid wood as the light faded.  I was stunned that it closed so quickly and no one got to go through.  I woke up at that point and I was surprised that I didn’t feel sad or abandoned since I didn’t go through the portal.  Despite the portal closing, I knew that it wasn’t permanent and I would go through when the time was right for me. 

Yesterday as I was typing up the dream about the portal in my journal & I got to the part describing how it felt inside me just before the portal appeared, I experienced a Shift where I went momentarily limp, my heart thudded & I involuntarily said “Oh!” out loud.  My immediate thought was that I was about to have a bit of my usual heart arrhythmia but my heart continued with a steady & normal beat so I got back to typing.  As the day went on, my thoughts would return to that sensation of the portal’s appearance in my dream, trying to commit that feeling to memory.  More than ever, my surroundings felt less concrete & a little plastic, as if I only existed in a richly detailed frame of reference. 

This morning, I found myself thinking about that sensation of the portal’s appearance in the dream again and the connection with the actual portal that is near me.  In response, I felt an inner awareness that the sensation from the dream results from the portal being inside me & that I AM a portal!  With that realization, I reached out to see if the portal my Dad showed me was still nearby and found that indeed, it is now inside me.  Also, I feel my Ascended Self all around me now & I know that Ascended Me is the Portal inside me too.

Just like when the Portal first appeared, I can sense it’s presence again & this is how it feels:  I can feel the circumference of it from my navel to my shoulders to the top of my head.  I can also feel that circumference growing slowly & steadily like a plant in the sunshine, so that at some point it will encompass my entire body.  When I center my attention on my heart area, I feel bright light and an endless depth, so that I almost feel like I am hollow but I know I am not.  My substance is just much lighter in that area as if I have the sky or the endless Universe inside me.  It is a wonderful & amazing feeling!  I also don’t feel centered in my head anymore when I focus on the Portal.  

My point of awareness seems to be shifting from my head to my heart area.  I know that I still live in my head most of the time, even right now as I type this down, but when I focus on the portal, I feel less like it is a thought process and more that it is a state of being.  My challenge is to keep this awareness of a heart centered state of being and let go of thought as a habit.  It sounds hard, but only from a cerebral point of view.  It feels kind of strange that I can have awareness & focus without thought because it has always been thinking that has defined my awareness of my reality with emotions & feelings as a result of my thoughts. 

This catches me up to the present & I apologize for the length of this letter but I have been wanting to write to you for a long time and today felt like the right time!  Your writings give me such joy and validation and I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart.

In Love & Light,


  1. Hi Charlotte... I would just like to say that I greatly enjoyed reading about your experiences... these are indeed super exciting times!!!!

    Much Love, Kel x

  2. Hello Charlotte...
    Namaste to you. I loved reading your account. Thank-you for sharing. My heart is so wide open as yours is. I have also experienced the heart palpitations/heart arrhythmias however, they have ceased now. I to have had a dream of being in the 5th dimension and I was floating around 3 feet off the ground :)
    Yes Anonymous, exciting times we are living in :) Isn't that the truth :)
    Love Pamela

  3. hi! I have been reading different websites about ascension. I felt excited wanting to be part of it for long while until now I am confused. Am I suppose to be seeing something ? The only experience I had few weeks ago was an odd sensations on my body while asleep and culd feel the energy flowing. I saw how my body expanded as I woke up. I felt disoriented. I saw two small blue lights in other room where I culd see from the bedroom . love, Trisha