Sunday, March 25, 2012





Arcturians: We are here within the form of Suzille!

Jefferson: How can you do that?

Arcturians: We are the Spiritual Energy that gives this form life. It is like we are walk-ins. In fact, we did walk in when she "died" at 6 weeks of age. It was too dense for us to experience being in a womb, so we waited until the body was stable before we entered it with our Spirit. The form carries all of the human DNA and genetic heritage of that DNA, but the Essence is of the Arcturians.

Jefferson: If you are the spiritual energy that gives Suzille’s body life, that would mean there is more than one spirit in her body. Don't you mean to say that she is a spirit from the Arcturians that has a human physical body, and that at times you communicate through her to me from the dimension where you stand?

Arcturians: No, we mean that there are two spirits. However, they are both of Arcturian origin. The human spirit is of Arcturian descent, but entered Earthly incarnation at the fall of Atlantis. Since then, she has had myriad experiences of being a human in many, many lifetimes. We do not wish to extinguish or override the experiences that her human component has experienced. She will contribute them all to our Family when she returns to us. For this lifetime, she has awakened herself to the fact that she is of Arcturian ancestry. Therefore, we have been able to activate certain DNA and different areas of her brain, consciousness and high heart in which the group experience of Arcturian mind can live. She has had conscious communication with the Arcturian Group Mind for most of her life. However, she did not identify us as Arcturians until a few decades ago.

Jefferson: Ok. So there are two spirits communicating to me through Suzille right now. And you are both from Arcturus right? Then there is her own Soul that leaves the conscious process to allow you to take over (even the group experience to "take over"), respond and tap into each of your personal knowledge and experiences, right?

Arcturians: By "your" personal knowledge, do you mean the knowledge of human, as we Arcturians have no personal knowledge? Our knowledge is all collective.

Jefferson: I see.

Arcturians: To make it easier to understand, we will call these two elements of consciousness "human" and "Arcturian." We are aware that the human was once Arcturian, but that fact was forgotten for so long that an "individual" human consciousness came into being.

Jefferson: What do you mean when you say, “We are here within the form of Suzille.”? Is she having a multiple personality disorder or is there another entity from another world or spiritual colony speaking through her?

Arcturians: We have multidimensional perception, so we can easily see the many different expressions of the grounded ones’ myriad earth lives, as well as their many Galactic Ancestors. When the human is not awakened, this information is hidden so deeply in their subconscious that we do not "look" into their Psyche, because the act of our looking would simulate the awareness of that one’s multidimensional nature before they are ready. Suzille has been open to her multidimensional SELF for a long time and welcomes our looking into her/our human mind.

Arcturians: Some multiple personality "disorders" stem from one awakening too soon and being unable to adjust to myriad expressions of their self. To make things easier for Suzille, she has always remembered her "past lives." Therefore, she is not frightened by having many expressions of her self within one consciousness. The multiple part is NOT in the form, it is in the Consciousness.

Arcturians: As her consciousness expands more and more, she is increasingly able to perceive and activate more octaves of her SELF.

Jefferson: So you are here now responding as an Arcturian, but not as a being from a higher dimension or other world. It would be as if I allowed myself to fully remember a future feline lifetime.

Arcturians: Yes, that is correct. The Felines are from Sirius A.

Jefferson: Can you also see into other people's life times?

Arcturians: We do not look without permission. This permission may come from a higher frequency of self, but there must be a request. This is a common courtesy in a reality based on telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudiance.

Jefferson: I see. It seems a person is like a pie of experiences in different planets acclimating the best they can.

Arcturians: That is an interesting metaphor. However, the pie would not be separated into pieces. Instead, it would be one pie with apples, cherries, peaches, peacons, etc. All mixed into one pie.

Jefferson: Are there then many pies within Suzille since she also lived in many planets? The Arcturian one seems to be dominant, nevertheless she could remember a different life time in a different civilization and share her views as that individual right?

Arcturians: She could share the experiences that she has remembered of these lives. However, we are the only Galacitc Family that has totally integrated and this process is not yet complete.

Jefferson: I meant to say a person is a big pie with many pieces of experiences from different planets. But as you tell me, I see the Galactic Family as a different pie altogether that responds with the experience of the collective of the Arcturians. Is that so?

Arcturians: Yes. We do not function within time or space. Therefore, there is no separation, limitations or distance between experiences. They are within the HERE and NOW!

Jefferson: Now if I give you permission to look into my pie, while Suzille has the Arcturian piece predominant, can you tell, with my authorization, which one is my predominant piece?

Arcturians: As we look into your consciousness, we see a great deal of Lemurian Heritage. You are among the first Lemurians who came to your continent when they knew that their world would be destroyed. Your ancestors were of the Lemurian Priesthood. Galactically, the Lemurians came from Lyra. The members of your tribe in Lyra, came from Arcturius. Arcturus has been Galactic Travelers far beyond your sense of time.

We also see there is Draconian in you, as it is in Suzille. This is because of your ancient experiences of incarnation into form. The Draconians were the first to create form. They forgot about the element of love, hence they became warriors and dominators. However, many of them have ascended now. They are incredibly scientific, and have a wonderful humor. They have taken form in bodies who are also Arcturian because of the early partnership of Arcturus and Draconians. There was a group of them who wanted to move into a higher frequency of existence, and we assisted them to do so.

Jefferson: Is that why you initially said that everyone came from Arcturus?

Arcturians:  Yes. There are many that have an Arcturian strain in their DNA, because we were the first to ascend in your quadrant of space. Since then, we have assisted many by offering them strands of Arcturian DNA. This offer is done at Soul level. With that strand of DNA, we can better assit them by sending a flow of our life stream into their consciousness. The Arcturian strand of DNA serves as  a “microfone” to amplify our message.

Jefferson: I am having difficulty understanding what you mean by: “You are among the first Lemurians who came to your continent when they knew their world would be destroyed.” Can you rephrase it or say in a different way? What world was destroyed?

Arcturians: Lemuria and Atlantis were ancient continents. Lemuria in the Pacific ocean and Atlantis in the Atlantic. First Lemuria sank, then 12,000 years ago Atlantis totally sank. Lemurian sank about 50,000 years before Atlantis.

Jefferson: Thanks. What do you see of my feline heritage?

Arcturians: Yes, you were a Feline on Lemuria. Lemuria had different tribes that were started by different ancestors. Sirius A started the Feline Tribe. On Lemuria, form was a new concept and many different forms were created with a high state of cosciousness. Suzille was of the Bird Tribe.  These different tribes also took to space (and came from space). Remember there was not yet time as you know it. Your family took to space too.

Jefferson:  In a letter Suzille wrote this morning, you spoke through Suzille about replacing her wounded self with the Arcturian self. You said that that would be anyone’s best shot. Can you expand on the idea of the wounded self and how people can integrate their Higher SELF into it to function more "freely" in 3D reality?

Arcturians: We are happy to respond to that question. First, we must add that the reason for integrating the higher self is not to make 3D life easier. In fact, it makes the 3D life more difficult, as they are out of sync with most of their comrades. However, it has to happen in order to ascend to Gaia.  The first ones to transmute into the next expression of reality will have to, and currently are, facing a great challenge. The download of one’s Higher Self into their human self makes your multidimensional life easier, but it can make your physical life more difficult.

When your multidimensional life is easier to perceive and consciously experience, you are able to move your attention into a higher frequency of reality. Once you place your experience on a certain frequency of reality, you create a psychic pull that guides you deeper and deeper into that frequency of life. The difficult part is that you have to detach from the habits and addictions of physical life. Those who are brave adventurers and can release the need to be accepted, honored, or well paid by the 3D world, are the trail blazers into fifth dimensional New Earth.

Jefferson: That seems to require people to step into the unknown without the certainty they will make it though the storm of transition.

Arcturians: New Earth is a resting place in your inter-dimensional relocation into your true multidimensional reality. In New Earth you can acclimate yourself to that frequency before you travel on into higher and higher octaves of reality. Many of you have had many incarnations on the third dimension and will need to slowly aclimate to a higher frequency of reality. Just as a deep sea diver must rise very slowly to the surface or they will get bends, an ascending one must slowly adapt the higher and higher frequencies of reality or they will become "unconscious" to their experience. There is certainly a courage that is necessary for our ascending ones, as you must step into the unknown again and again. However, as we said, it is important to wait at certain junctions, like in the Panama Canal or in the Stargates, to allow the water or frequency level to re-adjust as you continue your journey.

Jefferson:  It seems that 2012 feels different as more people are waking up to the ideas of deception and control. How do you see change already happened in your NOW, which we have not yet experienced?

Arcturians: We appreciate you asking that question in such a multidimensional manner. Within our NOW we see a grand reunion of souls returning HOME to their ancestral families on their journey up the frequencies of ascension. This is much like taking a trip around the world, but taking a rest someplace to visit a loved one. However, your journey will not change with “place,” but with frequeny. For instance, New Earth, being fifth dimension is right HERE on your present day earth. However, it can only be seen when your consciousness, and  your perceptions, resonate to the fifth dimension.

Jefferson: A grand reunion of souls returning HOME to their ancestrial families at the same time! One could translate that message as a lot of people dying from catastrophes and returning to the spiritual world to reunite with their deceased family members. Is that what you meant?

Arcturians: That would be a very fear-filled interpretaion. We meant ancestors in terms of Galactic and Celestial higher dimensional families. We are sorry, but we forget about 3D thinking. We will not address the "dying" comment as humans do not understand that concept and it fills them with fear. Therefore, we will not comment on that question.

Jefferson: Did the Mayan calendar stop time on 2012 because they ran out of stone to carve, or was that a real prediction that you see happening somehow?

Arcturians: The Mayan Calender has already ended. The Maya did not say the End of Life. They said the End of Time. Time is indeed ending, for it is an illusion of the third dimension. Do you see how your concepts of time have so drastically changed? That is because  you are now in 4D time which wavers and moves and does not have a steady beat. In fact, the time that was created by the Vatican was never associated with nature. It was created to build a sense of obedience and hard work. The only real time on your third dimensional reality must be based on the Moon. AND, we see that it is time to end our wonderful conversation, as Suzille must leave. However, we the Arcturians, are happy to stay here and converse for more of your “time.” J


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  3. Remember atlantian lives clearly and beginning to remember Lemurian connections. Have alwaysidentified with Arcturians. Seen some of the draconian who help me with healing sometimes. Right now am teaching Organic Reiki which melds the lower physical chakras with the upper 7 of the higher self Have seen Angel fairiessince a child also talk to plant and animals ans Ascended Masters. The Council of Ten? asked me to work with them and have been teaching me the matrix concepts for many years now Nice to find others on the same frequency. Very rare so far :)

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