Saturday, March 3, 2012

Comments on Day ONE

March 3,
Comments for March 2.
Thank you so much to any of you who are joining us in your expanded consciousness.
We can FEEL you

This first day of our gathering was for me about self discovery and discovery of the unique people/spirits that came from many parts of the United States and Canada.  Sandra
Hunt, New Mexico.

Even though it’s only the first day, the exercises and meditations have helped me to broaden my capacity to feel and to accept what my consciousness presents to me…meaning that it’s a joy being able to finally trust myself!  Diane Katsitsawaks Hill, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Ontario, Canada.

This is an amazing first day, full of energetic openings of the heart and spirit!  Can’t wait for Day two!.  Kathleen, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Life is good and will be better.  I do not have to run away, ascension is normal and so am I.  I am learning and being an incredible life form.  Donell Long, Cloudcroft, NM

I’m incredibly grateful to be here as I embark on my new spiritual journey and although a novice entering into a magical new dimension, feel very blessed to be guided by so many beautiful evolved souls…I’m looking forward to dreaming tonight and sharing more from my higher self on Day 2.  Sweet Dreams….xoxo….Catherine, Redondo Beach, CA

Think of everything that would make this an amazing experience and multiply it by 10000 and you might start to get close to what this first day has been Thank you Sue, and everyone who chose to be here. Ron Long Cloudcroft,NM

This retreat has been such a pivotal experience for me. The like minds in the group and immediate sense of intimacy and oneness was wonderful. Sue is an incredible guide, and reaches to each individual in the group. I am so grateful for this experience. –Zara; Santa Monica, CA

It’s so amazing to come together with a group of like minded individuals, where one doesn’t have to censor what one says.  Everyone on this retreat feels like an old friend from our Multi Dimensional world.  The toning meditation was Awesome.  I’m so excited for the rest of the weekend!  Leslie, Pacific Palisades, Ca.

Such Gratitude fills my heart and infuses my Spirit!  This joining of Soul Family from across Dimensions and Lifetimes has lifted me and given me a safe place to share my deepest fears, desires and inner knowing.  We are so Blessed to have been brought together in such a Sacred way to re-unite on so many levels and join each other on our Ascension Path.  Thank you Sue, for your Love, Wisdom and Power and for honoring every person in such a profound way.  This experience has been Life Transforming!
~*~ Michelle, Orange County, CA

Ready to begin the second day and looking so forward to it.  I am the “Newby” of the group and really didn’t understand or know what this was all about yesterday; however, I listened with an open mind and heart and learned so much.  Sue, you are amazing!!!  I believe there is an understanding that just seeps from this seminar and you are enabling us all to grow in our understanding of the dimensional thinking.  Thank you for allowing me to learn with all of these WONDERFUL people that are in attendance.    Jeannie Dalmolin, Dallas, Texas

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  1. Sue and everyone, even though I could not be there physically, I felt a huge surge of energy from reading each of the sharings and comments. Each sharing energized and engulfed my whole being, it was truely a remarkable connection and unique feeling of unity and oneness.

    Namaste, Thank You
    Unconditional Love and Light