Wednesday, March 14, 2012


March 14-12


Cross-over Message from first dream:

“You make yourself invisible by raising your frequency above the perception of others.”

I forgot the first of the dream, but I woke up with a vision in which some one was publicly whipping a woman.  I walked over to the person who was whipping the woman and held his hand that had the whip. I looked straight into his eyes and said,

"You are DONE whipping her." Then I said to the crowd, "Take her down and take care of her." When I spoke everyone was silent, looked at me like they were hypnotized and did what I said.

Then they sort of woke up and started to get angry, but I RAISED MY CONSCIOUSNESS ABOVE THEIR PERCEPTION AND BECAME INVISIBLE TO THEM.

Next Dream cross-over message was a vision:

Image of Flashing into ascension

Dear Arcturians,
I can’t remember dream last night about flashing into ascension. Can you please assist me?

Our Dearest Suzille,
The flash that you felt was from New Earth into the mid-fifth dimension where many realities can easily be maintained and all manifestation is instant. The shift into New Earth is happening with your every thought, emotion and breath. In fact, this Shift is occurring at different speeds in different areas, depending on the damage done to Gaia and the consciousness of the people who live there.

It is in this manner that Matrix Earth (the remaining illusion of Earth) and New Earth (the actual higher expression of Gaia) will be expressed. The multidimensional ones will be able to experience both expressions of Gaia, but will prefer New Earth. Hence, they will only visit Matrix Earth to assist those who are ready to release their illusions.

In the first part of the dream you were on New Earth and in the process of assisting those who had become “stuck” in illusion. However, you were tiring of that task and wanted to BE your true SELF all the time, just as you want to now. Therefore, you released your illusion that you could help others that were not ready to change and FLASHED into the mid-fifth dimension.

Close your eyes now and re-experience that moment of your dream, for it was NOT a dream. That moment was a visit beyond time, which we are sending to our ascending ones. Knowing the FEEL of ascension allows you to more easily relax into that sensation.
REMEMBER that feeling from your dream:
Begin by seeing the flash that takes only a few seconds…

Then you wake up and you appear to be in 3D Earth. However, that Earth was always an illusion, just as you earth vessel is an illusion. What is real about that reality is love and your connection to the Spirit of your Multidimensional SELF. Within that FLASH there is a brief vision of reality, except that the vision is more of a feeling than a seeing. In fact, you can more easily FEEL the flash within your High Heart. Therefore, take the “vision” from your Third Eye and place it in your High Heart.

Now your entire body resonates to that feeling and you can BE present within that frequency. At first, do not try to see, hear or interact with that frequency. Instead, just FEEL in within you, for it IS within YOU.  Rather than allowing the world around you to influence your inner SELF, allow your inner SELF to influence the world around you.

In this way you will release the memories of suffering from the first dream. You do not need to be invisible to them—those who have hurt you—as they part of the illusion. However, if you focus on the inner FEEL of your true, fifth dimensional reality, the illusions of Earth Matrix will become invisible to YOU. Then you can BE New Earth. New Earth is not a place to GO. New Earth is a frequency to BE!

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  1. feels right to me, a fourth dimensional[MATRIX] earth where so many who are not ready to move to the fifth will be able to Be, in a comfortable way for them; without the pressure to confront all the details of their inner incongruities, which they are simply not ready to face.

    This plan is an improvement on the previous one that projected that maybe only 30% of the population would graduate in this cycle.(Law of One material)

    After all, they had the same opportunity to pay attention to their inner psychology as the rest of us, but chose not to. We can change our expressed nature easily when we are ready. . . but it's the getting "ready" that takes seemingly forever. And it did for us as well.

    We who are destined for the fifth or beyond, have prepared, and I can at least speak for myself . . .I feel as though I have taken far longer than I intended originally. So, I do not feel nearly as much superiority as I once did. In fact, I have said for at least twenty years, that the difference between the least endowed and the most, on this planet of nearly 7 billion, is nearly negligible, from a higher perspective.

    Now, many of us are choosing to remain behind, though in an unhindered state, much as the ascended ones who preceded us, continued to work with us for eons, for love of us. We will work for as long as it takes to bring up the rear, and fullfill the prophecy that "the first shall be last, and the last first". It is right and just that we ensure the full return of all those we might have had a hand in inadvertantly retarding their progress in our time together.

    So, Suzanne, what is your take on whether a third dimensional earth will be available for first and second dimensional life as it advances? The Law of One stated that when the moment comes, that third dimension energy will not be available any longer.

    Perhaps they meant that 3D would not be available to humans only. Other channeled material seems to indicate that some will not notice much difference at all, when the zero point shift occurs and they find themselves in 2013. But, should this be taken as they would remain in 3d or that they will simply be unaware of their shift into 4d?

    I would be interested in your thoughts.

    By the way, I have followed you for a while, but have only now decided to speak up. I have enjoyed your website and thoughts. Thank you.