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Arcturian Lessons Chapter 9

Arcturian Lessons

Jefferson:  Dear Arcturians, it has been a long time since we have spoken to one another. From that time to now, do you know of any 3D Arcturians that have visited Earth and connected with Suzille or me, that I can speak to, or that you can speak about?

Arcturians:  Dear Jefrees, we are so joyous to speak with you again. Suzille had to ponder your question overnight to make sure that she was calibrated to our frequency. If she holds any of her personal energy, the communication is not totally ours. This particular question was a challenge for her because she has a personal desire to meet us while still in her physical form. When she awoke this morning, she found she had received our answer in her dream life. That answer is:

We have many Arcturians in the third dimension, but humanity is not aware of them as they have taken on the form of a third dimensional human. That is why there are many "channels" for our words. ALL of these channels are grounded expressions of our Arcturian Family. (For the sake of clarity, we will refer to our grounded ones as "they" when they are actually US) There are many other Arcturians in "human clothing." We think of your parable of a wolf in sheep clothing.

In this case it is an Arcturian in human clothing. Many of them are, indeed, lone wolves, as once they awaken TO their true identity, they feel very alone. In fact, many of them have gone through decades of deep loneliness and sorrow from being cut off from our group mind. Yes, they do not remain cut off forever, but they cannot commune with us instantly and always, as we do in our true form because the frequency of Earth has been so very, very low. These brave Arcturians gave the ultimate sacrifice of leaving the constant comfort and unconditional love our group consciousness to enter into the form of Gaia as one of Her human portals.
We hear your question, dear Jeffrees, regarding our last statement, so we shall explain, "enter into the form of Gaia as one of Her human portals.” Every person, place and thing is a component of Gaia's form. Humans, who are actually the descendants of our Galactic Federation, are to be among the most evolved physical life forms on Earth. Unfortunately, there was great devolution of humanity since the fall of Atlantis, which is why these brave Arcturians took a human form.

At the fall of Atlantis, the darkness was so intense that Gaia was on the verge of death. In response to her call for help, we, as well as many other members of the Galactic Federation, sent members of their society to take a human form in order to assist Gaia. The Sirians sent many of their members into the forms of the cetaceans who are originally from Sirius B. All of these volunteers vowed to stay on Earth until the time of Her ascension, which is NOW. They stayed to be conscious, or unconscious, portals through which we of the higher worlds could send our multidimensional light and unconditional love.
For many, many lifetimes, our grounded ones struggled through the challenges of life in the third dimension. They were so overwhelmed by the hardships of survival that they totally forgot their true nature. Fortunately, they had some lives in which they were able to awake enough to remember their true SELF, but often returned to forgetfulness in others’ incarnations. We remind you again that time is specific to the third and fourth dimensions. Therefore, what you perceive as many separate incarnations over many different timelines, we perceive as many expressions occurring within the NOW.

We wanted to add that sentence for the humans who read this that are still bound to the illusion of time and space. We want to remind you all again that releasing the illusion of time, which then creates space, is the forerunner to your personal and planetary ascension. These ascensions are occurring in your "present" and our omnipresent NOW. Therefore, what appears to be starting to you, has already revealed its successful completion to us. However, we have drifted from our intended storyline.

When we speak through one of our grounded ones, we can feel their human brains working to translate our message, which is received as a flash of the ONE, into the sequential language of earth-bound humanity. Soon, you will not be limited by that communication, as you will instantly receive all communication in the same manner that they are sent to you. However, as we were saying, because of the Flow of the ONE from the Galactic Center that is permeating the body of Gaia, our grounded ones are waking up en-mass. For this reason, there are so many humans "channeling" our message.

Actually, they are NOT channeling their/our message, for they are ONE with the Galactic Families from which they have come. We say "families," for we are all ONE at this frequency of reality. Therefore, we are not "separated" into members of "different" Galactic Beings. Please realize that some of our awakening ones are not communicators. Instead, they are scientists, lawmakers, artists, farmers, healers, etc. etc. In other words, our grounded ones are among all the aspects of your society to best serve the ascension process. As the light grows brighter and brighter, our myriad ascended beings in human clothing will release their disguise, and reveal their true LIGHT to all humanity.
So you see, dear Jeffrees, we are everywhere, but hidden in third dimensional form, including your own cloak of humanity. Once the frequency of your world is free of the illusion of the third/forth dimensions, the costumes will fall away to reveal your true form of Light.

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