Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Activating Your Fifth Dimensional Perspective


Activating Your Fifth Dimensional Perspective

Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians,

We are here within your NOW to remind you that what is happening is that you, the members of Earth’s humanity, are activating your fifth dimensional perceptions. There are three phases of this activation.  
Phase ONE is to activate,
Phase TWO is to integrate,
Phase THREE is to effectively use what you have activated and integrated.

We, the Arcturians, are now looking at the current energy streamers around individual realities,
possible realities,
probable realities,
    as well as how to make these energy streams stronger or weaker?

What is the relationship between individual reality creation and group reality creation, and reality based on the mass consciousness?

Could you, the Arcturians, consider an example of how two probable outcomes could come from the same reality?

What is an Active Intention?

Dear Arcturians, can you describe to me the meaning of the term “Active Intention?”

Yes, Suzille, we will happily describe that term to you. First we will begin the word “intention.” We will begin by describing the manner in which “an intention” and “Light Language” is the same.

Neither an intention or a Light Language message can be viewed by your physical perception. However, both your intentions, as well as your Light Language, can be only sensed via your higher fourth and fifth dimensional perceptions. In fact, both your intentions, as well the intention of the ONE, are quite visible via your fifth dimensional perceptions.

Also, neither intention nor Light Language communicates via separate words. They both project out their messages from the consciousness of the “speaking” one as a mental picture and an emotional feeling.

If the receiver of that message is comfortable with the feel of that invisible message, they will be drawn toward the source of the message. On the other hand, if they are uncomfortable with the feel of the invisible message, they will feel drawn towards the source of that message.

The truth is that humanity speaks and hears light language a thousand times a day, but they are not aware of that fact. Light language resonates to the frequency of fifth dimensional Gamma Waves.

Therefore, unless the recipient is able to recognize, tune into and accept gamma waves into their consciousness, they will not be able to accept, read, interpret or even be aware of the light language, or the Gamma Waves that delivered it.

Dear Golden Ones,

We are the Ascending Ones, by that we mean that we now stand at the threshold of the fifth dimension, ready for your examination of our Multidimensional Auras. We are aware that everyone as well as everything in this transitional reality is in the process of transmutations into the next octave of reality.

Our “3D human” expressions of self have gone through many incarnations in the attempt to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Transmutation from a fourth fifth dimensional planet into a “fifth-multidimensional planet”.

We say “fifth-multidimensional planet” because once a planet begins it’s process of transmutation into the next higher frequency of wavelengths. These wavelengths are NOT like radio or other man-made wavelengths.  

These wavelengths are Light Wavelengths, which represent different frequencies of light that will begin to find their way into Gaia’s huge Planetary Aura. Yes, Gaia has an aura just like all Her living inhabitants have an aura.

The reason for this is that the third dimensional frequency of reality is merging with the fourth dimensional frequency of reality in preparation of becoming a fifth dimensional frequency planet.

Of course, as ALL life if multidimensional, there is a Gaia in all the higher frequency of the fourth dimension and beyond. In fact, you are all members of that fifth dimensional Gaia, as well as Her lower frequencies. 

Most of you have had many incarnations on Gaia during many of Her different frequencies of civilization. We are

Hi Frequencies of Gaia
            Eco-system in alignment
            Pollution at a minimum
         Humans in an evolved enough state of consciousness that they realize that  if they harm    Gaia, they harm their reality—including their own physical body.

The core frequencies of Gaia are beginning their process of transmutation (expanding into a higher frequency of resonance), Just as a person is somewhat debilitated when they are in a process of change, so is your planet Gaia.


  1. I love this article♡♡♡♡♡, thank you. I had often wondered, because I could feel, the inate perfection of Gaia, ie the elements. On one level, all water is absolutely pure pristine. It is human activity that causes its pollution, 3d.same all elements, minerals etc, you explain it simple, earth is multi dimensional, as well. I read once, that we evole through the elements, i do feel, as we tune into language (light) of water. We ascend together, we are learning so much about it. I went to our holy chalice well and took macro pics of the water. When printed, it actually had light language glyphs in many pics. We know about vortexting water, so it is happy, and can uplift our bodys, as we love pray respect it. Many tribes know it likes sit inround vessels to keep is structure. Being forced through pipes, deadens it.I intuit, it has so much teach us.....
    On the ship once, we went to a childrens concert. I was blown away, it was in light language. I got very upset, longing for my star culture, and realized i could not absorb all of the concert. One of the children explained, that it was using all 5d senses, and mine although started to be awake were not yet developed enough to absorb all of it. Of course i cant remem in 3d, it. But Wow what a journey we on, going home, as we have so longed for..... gaia,s aura, can be seen in the blue, sky and oceans, and we are learning to transmute water back from 3d shit, to 5d harmony, we can just do it with a loving heart,as masuro emoto,(if you look at his work photo water crystals, and what a thought can do, these def, light language pics) sandra ingerman,playing resonances, praying many , water healers. People gathering on beaches, sing resonances of 528 freqency, and each drop water, spreading the good news, to all other water. leading the way, to 5d earth.thanks for article, set off a train of thought, eh.I bless every drop of water, NOWm in the NOW. Linda

  2. "On the other hand, if they are uncomfortable with the feel of the invisible message, they will feel drawn towards the source of that message."

    Is it suppose to be, "if they are uncomfortable with the feel... they will feel drawn away from the source of that message." ?