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Through The Matrix, 9 & 10 Unconditional Love

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Unconditional Love

My journey began with a strange sensation that I was moving, no it was more like dancing, within an invisible energy field.  At least, I think it was an energy field because I felt engulfed by a feeling which was much like warm air. However, this “air” was constantly moving and swirling around me.

Sometimes the energy field of this new kind of air appeared to be loving and guiding me. And then, suddenly, the sensation of this “air” would completely disappear that I thought that I was just imagining it. “

“Of course you are imagining it! After all, imagination is fifth dimensional thought,” whispered an unseen voice.

“Who are you?” I cried, not bothering to attend to the important message I had just received.

“If you don’t listen to what I am saying to you,” spoke the unseen voice, “I will leave you alone here.”

“Wait, wait,” I cried. “Please don’t leave me. I don’t know where I am. Therefore, how could get back?”

“Back where?” said the voice in a very impatient manner.

“Please, Mr., or is it Mrs., Voice, I cannot see you, so I don’t know who you are.”

“Why would think that you should see me, or that somehow, I could take you back to wherever it is you want to return to?” said the Voice in a rather rude and unpleasant voice.

“Well,” said the voice, “What do you expect. You summon me in my most sacred NOW, and then you complain that you can’t see me. No one can see me, including myself. I am a voice. Why do I need a body?”

“I am so sorry dear Voice. I did not want to insult you or bother you in any way. It is just that I have newly arrived here from another world, and I don’t know the rules of your reality.”

“Rules?” questioned the Voice. “What are “rules?”  We do not have that term, and likely we do not have that concept in our world. But, I am not sure, as I do not know the term “rules.”

“Dear Voice,” I said as calmly and politely as I could, “I also do not know about your world. I come from what they call the ‘physical world.’ In my world we are all ruled by time, space, separation, and individuality.”

“What is ‘individuality?” questioned Voice. “In my world we sometimes talk about the ‘ancient times’ when there was time and space which created an illusion of separation. Therefore, some ‘times’ we could perceive that there was ‘space’ in-between our form and the form of other life-forms. However, we have never heard of the term, ‘individuality.’ Can you tell me what that term means?”

It was about then that I started to grow impatient with this conversation. How could I communicate with a being that did not have a sense of individuality? How could this being even know who was who?

“Well,” said the Voice in a voice that made me realize that I had somehow insulted it. “we know who is who because we can feel, see and hear their energy field and thoughts. Do you realize how difficult it is for me to talk with you in separate words that need to somehow we strung in a line, which you call a sentence?”

“Oh, please forgive me,” I said. “I am not accustomed to your world, and I think I got frightened by something that was so different from what I know. Then, in my fear, I think I sounded impatient and rude. Yes, I was impatient, but not with you.”

“Well, we are the only ones here. Are you saying that you became impatient with your self?”

“Yes, dear Voice, I was, and still am, impatient with my self. In fact, I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not feel impatient with my inability to understand so much of what I perceived. You see, dear Voice, I am very different from everyone in my world, except for my Spiritual Mentor, Shalone.

“And now Shalone has left me, and I am so very confused and lonely. Why am I so different from everyone else? Why can’t I just be like everyone else?”

“Oh, dear Shara Lynn, it would be a great disservice to you, and to your Village, if you were to diminish your self to be like the others.”

“Wait, wait!” I cried out rudely. “How do you know my name, and what do you know about my Village?”

“Dear Shara Lynn,” the Voice said with utmost patience and kindness. “There is a great deal that I know about you and about your Village. I have been assigned to assist you because your former mentor, Shalone, has been called to another important duty.”

I was so pleased to know that I had a new, very kind and patient mentor, that I started to cry. I realize now that I was really crying, as I knew that I would likely not see Shalone again, but perhaps this kind being would assist me.

“Dear Shara Lynn,” said the Voice. “I am known in my world by a name that you could not pronounce. Therefore, please call me by a name that brings you comfort and confidence, as I am assigned to assist you on the next portion of your journey.”

I was so overwhelmed that I began to cry again. I cried because of the loss of Shalone in my life. I cried for the gratitude that I felt for all Shalone had done for me, and I cried because I knew that my childhood was over.

And, I cried because I was afraid that I would not be able to live up to the great opportunity that was now being offered to me. My tears fell down my face, and I became embarrassed by my sadness. Suddenly, I felt a warm, comforting energy surround me. However, when I finally wiped my eyes clear of tears, the Voice was not touching me.

“How can that be?” I thought.

“Unconditional Love has no distance, as it resonates beyond space and time.”

“Does that mean that you love me unconditionally,” I asked.

When that same warm, comforting energy surrounded me again, I knew my answer.


Lisa here. It took me 34 pages before I found the courage to really engage myself with this amazing story, not the mention finding my own courage in the manner as this  courageous young girl.

 I feel bad writing in this journal, but where else do I feel that I can be so honest with my self. Reading about the courage of the young girl called Shara Lynn has made me realize that I too was quite a courage child and teen. How, and where, did I loose that courage?

Perhaps if I continue reading, I will find a way to find my courage. Or, maybe I can find some unconditional love—whatever that means.


Unconditional Love in Action

I was quite surprised to realize that Unconditional Love is a feeling. But, at least for me, the “feeling” of Unconditional Love does not really come from what people give to me. Instead, Unconditional Love arises from what I give to others. Also, these “others” are not necessarily humans.

The power of Unconditional Love, once given away, will heal and protect a person. But it will also protect and fulfill the one who gave that Unconditional Love to another. I also realized that Unconditional Love is not only about person to person. In fact, it is actually easier to remember to give Unconditional Love to an animal, a garden, a tree, or a cloud.

Unconditional Love is a gift to be given to any, and all, parts of our life that have nurtured and educated us. Maybe I do not understand Unconditional Love because I have never given my self unconditional love.

I think that, maybe, I have to understand myself first. However, lately it seems that I have not been able to find enough “solid ground” in my life to take on the challenge of understanding, accepting and giving unconditional love.

I think the reason for this is because I cannot remember anyone who has given me “unconditional” love, except Shalone. With all the other people I know, either they love me if I do something for them, or the ignore me if I don’t do something for them.

I always believed that that happens to me because I am always engaging with, and loving, non-human beings. I think I love humans, but it seems that my love with humans is often conditional. “They will love me if I love them…  But, they will not love me, if you don’t love them. It is all very confusing for me.

However, when I am with Nature, with no other humans, I feel love all around me. I know that I love all the beings of Nature, and I can feel, not a human love, but a sense of being loved by the Nature that surrounds me.

Shalone, always told me that that was my blessing and my curse. I never knew what that meant, and she never told me.

OH, I do soooo miss Shalone. “Why did she leave me, and when will she come back?”
I cried up to the sky. But the sky was silent, as were the trees, flowers and all of Nature.

What is going on? I have never experienced Nature as being so quiet.

“Please, please, answer me!” I cried out into the woods and up into the sky. But the woods and the sky were silent.

Perhaps I need to go back out into Nature in order to speak to them. Yes, yes, that is it. I will pack a basket of food for myself, as well as some “goodies” for whatever creatures I meet, and have a “discussion” with Mother Nature. Yes, I can love Mother Nature unconditionally. I can love Her when it is raining, sunny, hot, cold, on the planes, the ponds and in the forest.

“Yes, I do so love Mother Nature!” I said to myself as I packed my bag. “Yes, I will wrap up my sleeping blanket and take that too. I may be gone for days.” I wrote out a quick note for my family telling them I have gone back into the woods, just to make sure they did not worry about me.

However, I have never had the experience of my family worrying about me. For a minute I wondered if that was because they did not really love me. But I decided instead to love them Unconditionally and be grateful for the freedom and loving acceptance that they always had for me—I think??

I mean, I think they love me, but it was never the way that Shalone loved me, or even the manner in which Nature seems to love me. “Why am I so different?” I cried out into the sky. Then, when I opened the door, with my pack on my back, and saw the glory of Nature awaiting me.

It was then that I began to understand Unconditional Love.

When I say that I began to understand it, I mean that I accepted that Unconditional Love is not something to understand or even accept. Unconditional love is what we have come to GIVE AWAY.

I decided then, that as I walked out into the woods this time, I would make sure to give away my Unconditional Love to every living thing that I encountered.

I slipped out the back door of our small cabin so no one would see me leaving with so much food and sleeping gear. I think it was about then that I began to wonder if that was an unconditionally loving act.

Why did I need to slip out like a “thief in the night?” Why didn’t I tell anyone where I was going and when I would be back.

Then, suddenly, a wave of overwhelming sadness came over me. “No one cares!” I heard screaming in my head. “I want to go out into Nature because NO people care about me,” I said with a loud voice filled with sorrow and anger.

“Do you ever give them a chance to love you?” I heard in my head.

“Shalone, Shalone, is that you?” I cried up through the roof our small home. When there was NO answer, I grabbed my bags, left the house, left the Village via my “private path,” and said, “OK no one loves me here, so I’m leaving!”

As I marched off into the forest, I felt tears of anger rolling down my face. I ignored them and walked faster. Then my nose began to run along with the growing amount of tears. I wiped by nose with the sleeve of my shirt and walked faster. However, I could not walk fast enough to leave behind my sorrow, or was it self-pity.

Fortunately, as I walked deeper and deeper into the forest, the calm breeze dried my tears, the birds chattered louder as I walked past them, and my baby deer friend ran from its mother to receive my love.

As I hugged the baby dear, and saw that it’s mother deer trusted me with her offspring, I began to calm my mind. The baby deer licked my face, then ran back to it’s mother.

Then a huge Blue Jay landed on a limb just above my head and shared it’s bird song with me. The Sun shown brighter through the trees, and the many insects bused around me looking for food.

“Yes,” I said out loud, “This place, these trees, these birds, these animals ALL live by “unconditional love!”

They all love me unconditionally. I know, I feel that they do not come to me just for food, but for the affection that I always gave them. They perch above me, find the closest limb to my head, beside me, or relax close by to me. It was then that I realized that I had no idea where I was.

I was in such a state when I ran from the house with my heavy pack, that I paid NO attention at all to where I was going. But, that is not quite correct. My mind did not go where I was going because my thoughts were too negative and distracting.

However, my heart knew just where I needed to be. I needed to be surrounded by Unconditional Love. Then, perhaps, I could learn, or remember, how to unconditionally love my self.

My tears have fallen on the transcript, so I have carefully, and lovingly, used my skirt to gently wipe them from the page. Can I wipe my sadness away from my heart as simply as I have wiped my tears from this page?

I don’t have the answer to that question, but like young, courageous Zara Lynn, I will go on my journey to find my answers. I will stay right in this house and take “A journey of the Heart” to remember how to unconditionally love my self!


  1. I love that!! "Unconditional Love is not something to understand or even accept. Unconditional love is what we have come to GIVE AWAY." It make a lot more sense n o w!
    So much love!!!thank you Sue!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing I really resonate with this right now and can't wait to share it with everyone i know and love :)

  3. wonderful. Nature of course. All That Is of the Creator, is MADE of Love. Love is much more than we can experience here in 3D. It is a Power and a Force, the essence of Creation! And Unconditional is something that just IS no matter what. So , yes, it IS what we and Nature are MADE of and therefore what we always HAVE to "give away". Profound. Thank you.

  4. Halo Soul,
    Were you aware the each and every One of us is a creator?
    Unconditional Love is the only thing capable of turning all "so called" enemies into friends.
    Our Love is eternal~