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Chapter 6-Through The Matrix--Shara Lynn's Secret


Shara Lynn’s Secret

As I walked the rest of the way back to our village, I decided that I would not tell anyone, even Shalone, what had happened to me. The area around our village was very safe, so it was not unusual for someone to go into those woods for a few days. But, I needed a reason to tell them where I was and what I was doing as I was only a teen.

Therefore, I started gathering some of the many herbs that grew wild in this area. The gathering of the herbs also gave me a break from thinking about what had happened to me. Gathering herbs in our nearby woods was normal. Also, when I came home with bundles of freshly picked herbs, no one would question where I was or what I had been doing.

When I entered the Village I found that it was in such of flurry of action that no one had even noticed I was gone. Therefore, my excuse to go into the woods to gather herbs was fine. In fact, most people had not noticed that I had been gone, or that I had returned.

However, I was very curious about the flurry of activity, so I stopped the first person that even noticed me to ask what was happening.

“Oh, don’t you know?” she responded in a distracted manner.

“No, I was gathering these herbs in the woods. What did I miss?”

“Well, I do not know how to describe it, but suddenly all these Light People, I mean people that were made of pure light, came into our village. Some of the villagers were frightened and ran to their homes and closed the doors and windows.

“However, other people, such as myself, have been seeing these ‘Light People,’ as we are calling them, in our dreams. Therefore, we wanted to find out who these beings are. But, no one can talk to them, or hear them.

“Then, just before you returned to the Village, the Light-People all disappeared. It is quite strange that they left as soon as you came here. Why do you think that is?” she asked me with a bit of suspicion. Should I tell her the truth? Or should I just play it safe and pretend that I had not seen them.

“Pretend you don’t know us.” I heard the familiar voice of the Light People. I wanted to know why they did not want me to tell the villagers about my experience, but I had grown to trust them. Therefore, I found an excuse to go to my home, where I could see if I could communicate with the Light People from there.

Fortunately, when I got home my parents were gone, so I had a chance to wash and change my clothes. I left the herbs in some water with a note to them that I had been picking these herbs and feel asleep in the woods. I told them that I was back now and had gone out to see why everyone was so excited.

What I did instead was to go back to the Learning Tree to see if I could get any answers there. When I got there, I could not see the tree because some kind of vortex was in front of it.

It was then that I saw the villagers coming towards the tree. Where could I go? I did not want to share my events of the night before with them, so I impulsively jumped through the vortex.

Once I had done so, I questioned my decision because I found that I was surrounded by the very same vortex. But now, it began to spin faster and faster and faster. I was becoming more and more dizzy, but in the past night I had learned to talk rather than react.

Therefore I said, “Dear Vortex, Please take me to your destination quickly, as I am becoming very dizzy.” Instantly, the vortex stopped spinning, but it was still a vortex. I looked for the entrance that I had entered, but I could not find it. In fact, I could not find the exit either.

The Vortex seemed to keep spinning even faster and faster, but then it suddenly stopped. “Thank you,” I said to the Vortex. Then, as soon as I said Thank You, a door appeared, which I quickly walked through before the spinning returned.

To my surprise, a tall and very slim person said, “Are you ready to release the Matrix?” I instantly knew that this was something else that I would need to keep as a secret. In fact, it was seeming that I was becoming more and more different from every one I had every known.

“Are you ready to release the Matrix?” the tall, slim person repeated. 

“Well, well” I stammered, “What does that mean?” I said, trying to buy myself some time to think up an answer. However, the tall, slim one was up to my game and said, “I am busy! Did you come here to enter the vortex, or are you just a looking around?”

“Ah, ah” I stammered again, “Um, yes! But, please stop the Matrix from spinning. I am starting to feel sick.”

I thought that nothing could be more disconcerting than going around and around inside the Matrix, but the total and complete stillness that occurred when the funny man “stopped the matrix” was much more difficult for me.

First off, everything, and I mean “everything,” disappeared. That was everything except myself and the tall, slim man. Somehow we were standing on nothing in the vast reaches of no where. I though the swirling matrix was scary, but it was easy compared to being in the midst of no where and now when.

“Yes,” answered the tall, slim man who now introduced himself as, “Gregory.”

“How do you do Gregory. My name is Shara Lynn. Can you tell me where, and when, I am please?

“Well, Shara Lynn, I am afraid I cannot tell you what I do not know. However, I can see by what is left of your aura that you have spoken to Golden Ones and they have taken you “Up the Stairway.” I have spent most of my life trying to find someone who can show be how to do what you did.”

“How do you know what I did?” I tried not to yell.

“Now, now, dear human, do not be upset. You should be happy to meet me, as I am one of the very few who can lead you to your Path. Because you found your way into and through the Vortex, you are ready.

“Ready for what?” I asked trying not to be too rude.

“Why ascension, of course. You are ready to begin your ascension.”

Then there was a very long, very uncomfortable, quiet. Then, I finally found the nerve to ask him, “What is an ‘Ascension,’ and how do I find it.”

The tall, thin man, Gregory, looked at me with a totally confused expression on his face. “How did you get so far when you do not even know what “ascension” is?

When I did not answer, because I did not know what the term “ascension” meant, he began to laugh, or cry.  I could not tell which, as he was laughing AND crying at the same time.

Gregory finally said, “Do you know how special you are?” Then he answered his own question before I could. “Oh yes, oh yes,” Gregory muttered, “It is the innocent ones who do NOT seek, who are the first to find.”

“What,” I said. I had no idea what he was talking about. That is unless he was talking about what happened at the Learning Tree. But, I had not told him, or any one, about that experience.

“I can read your thoughts and emotions,” said Gregory without any conceit. “You see, dear human one, I am a Guardian of the Threshold. It is my job to make sure that the few who come here are able to cross the Threshold to the fifth dimensional expression of their world.”

“The Threshold to the fifth dimension?” I exclaimed. “What does that mean? How do I cross over, and that is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I said so fast that I could hardly understand my self

Gregory smiled, in fact, I could tell that he wanted to laugh, but he was too polite to do so.

“Yes,” he said. “The power of innocence. Dear, innocent one, you must allow me to teach you, or you can get your self into a pack of troubles.”

I did not know what he was going to teach me, or what “pack of troubles” I would run into without his mentorship. However, he was correct in that I did NOT know where I was, how I got here, or where I was going.

At first, that loss of control felt freeing and filed with excitement. But now, I was finally realizing that something was happening to me. I knew nothing about this “something” except that it was VERY important, and would change my life, as well as the lives of the ones that I knew.

I could feel a great responsibility confronting me. At first, my teen self thought that this could be a great adventure. However, upon reflection, I no longer felt like a teenager, but I did not feel like an adult either.

“What will I do, and how will I manage it?” I silently called out to this new version of reality.

“We understand what you are feeling,” I heard a voice behind me say.

I turned to see my beloved Shalone standing there with open arms. I instantly felt the tears roll down my face, and I ran to my beloved mentor for the comfort that I did not realize I needed. As soon as Shalone’s arms embraced me I began to laugh and cry and laugh and cry.

“Now, I can be your guidance and support, but you had to make it to this frequency of reality on your own,” Shalone said with her comforting voice.

This “frequency of reality,” I asked.

Shalone merely hugged me again and kissed me on each check.

“Be patient, my dear, we are standing a the edge of time, so there is no need to hurry, and no need to wait. All will be revealed to you within the NOW of the ONE, which you have already begun to enter.”

I had a million questions, but Shalone’s warm hug grounded me and helped to realize that I was very hungry and extremely tired.

“Come,” said Shalone “I will feed you a descent meal, give you a glorious bath, and put you into a wonderful “air bed.”

“What is an air bed?” I asked, but she schussed me and led me to the most delicious mean I had ever eaten. When the meal was done, Shalone and I laughed and talked about old stories of no great importance.

These stories seemed to calm me down and relax me for the sumptuous delight of  taking a long, warm bath in the most glorious tube I have ever seen. Once I had finally left the bath, Shalone dried my body and assisted me to put on the most lovely sleeping gown I had ever worn. Then I was asked to follow her to the “air bed.”


  1. Thank you Suzanne for sharing parts of your book. It is exciting to read.

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  2. How odd... recently my body elemental introduced himself to me as Gregory, or rather he pronounced it more flamboyantly as Gregoire!
    Wonderful story and I'm intrigued to read the next chapter! Isn't this journey into the 'unknown' exciting?? I am having the time of my life!!
    Deborah Faith

  3. thank you Suzanne,thank you,i just love this,

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