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Chapter 7 of Through The Matrix--The Land of Sleep



The Land of Sleep

I snuggled into the air bed. My body was clean and still tingling from the wonderful bath, my stomach was full, and my mind was totally at ease. All of this was because my dear Shalone had been caring for me in the loving manner that only she could do.

Before I knew it, I had passed over into what I thought was the “Land of Sleep.” However, this time the Land of Sleep seemed to be more awake. What I mean is that “I” was more awake. In fact, I felt more awake then I ever had felt during my daily life.

As soon as I had this thought, I could hear Shalone’s sweet voice saying, “You are on the other side of the Matrix dear.”

I did not know what she meant by that, and I was too relaxed to care. However, I was soon to find out. As I relaxed more and more into my “sleep” I began to see a swirling vortex. “Is this the “Vortex” that I have heard about for all my life,” I heard my dream self trying to talk to Shalone.

However, Shalone was not with me, and I was alone. This sensation of “alone” was quite different because I felt like there was life all around me, but I could not see or hear it. Then, suddenly, I heard a soft loving voice. It was not Shalone’s voice, but it was just as loving.

“We are all loving here,” whispered a chorus of voices into my heart.

“Wait,” I said, rather rudely I fear, “did you just read my mind?”

“Of course dear. That is how we communicate here.”

“Wait,” again I fear my voice was rude, “Where is here? The last I remember, I had just been tucked into a luscious bed and was just about to fall asleep. Am I asleep now? Are you a dream? And, by the way,” I am sure I was rude for this statement, “Who are you?”

“Oh dear, so many questions,” spoke a sweet and loving chorus of voices into my heart. However, the chorus did not speak in words. They spoke, almost sang, in tones and sounds that I had never heard before. But, somehow, I was able to understand what the “voices” were saying, singing, or maybe delivering directly into my heart and mind.

“Yes, yes, you are correct,” said a loving voice. “We are delivering our message directly into your heart and mind. Your heart can feel our Unconditional Love, and your mind can translate that sensation of “feeling love” into a language that you can understand.”

“But, but,” I stuttered, “how can that be? How can I understand what you are saying—no sending—to me?”

“You are very clever,” said the chorus. “We are saying our message to your mind, as well as sending it to your Heart/Mind.

“We see from your face that you are not familiar with the term ‘Heart/Mind.’ Therefore, we will explain it to you. Your Heart/Mind is activated when you synchronize your heart and mind to work as ONE. When your heart and mind work as ONE, your perceptions greatly expand.

“Then you will be able to know what our message is, no matter what language it is or how this language is delivered into your aura. For example, all that you have recently experienced has been because we discovered that you can receive and follow our Heart/Mind message with your own Heart/Mind.”

“But I did not know I was doing that?” I interrupted. “I am so sorry,” I continued. “I keep interrupting you. Shalone, my mentor, has been teaching me patience, but I did not learn it well.”

“Our Dear, you are only impatient because it is the NOW for you to fully awaken. We have discovered that this “time of the NOW” can be very confusing for humans. Humans have been taught by their physical world that every thing, and every one, is ruled by time. However, we are here within your NOW to remind you that “time” is an illusion of the third dimension.

“Is that why I can have a very long dream and then wakeup to find that only a few minutes have passed in my waking world?”

“Yes, dear. You are very wise indeed. We are happy that we have chosen you to be one of our Leaders.”

“Oh, no, no, no.” I cried. “I cannot be a leader. I am just barely past being a child.”

“Yes dear. We are aware of that. In fact, part of the reason why we chose you is because you are just completing the innocence of childhood and growing into the wisdom of an adult.

“But we can see that you are confused. Please remember that this is a dream so you can release the restrictions of the polarities of third dimension and allow yourself to gently float into the higher dimensions of reality.”

I felt my self tighten up with my perceived challenge, that is until the voices said, “Just relax our ONE. Close your eyes and open your heart. Allow your imagination to create pictures in your mind that will lead you into what you have thought of as sleep.”

“But, I thought I was asleep and that this was a dream,” I tried to say, but I was loosing control of my speech, my concerns, and all the parts of me that had been saying all my life, “NO, you can’t do that!”

“No, No,” I heard my self try to say, but I could barely think. Something was happening. I seemed to be loosing all control, or was it my interest, in the world that now seemed so very far away. In fact, every thought, emotion and reaction seemed to float away as soon it entered my awareness.

Then, my consciousness seemed to float away. I don’t know how to explain that experience, but it was as if I was “All in All.” I was my body, the room, and I was the village that I lived in. In fact, I was all my friends and family in the village, and all the unknown woods that surrounded us.

Actually, the woods were no longer “unknown,” as I suddenly realized that I personally knew every rock, every tree, every plant and every bit of land, sky, and water. I was ONE with ALL life.

I am not saying that to show off. In fact, I have no interest in “showing off” because I did not care at all what others thought of me. However, at the same time, I found that I could love everyone in an unconditional manner.

I looked at some of my friends with whom I had been angry, or some of the adults that I felt I could not communicate. What I found was that I was so centered within my self, that all I could see was the part of others that was centered within their self.

Then, slowly, everything began to lift off from the ground on which we had built our lives. Slowly, everything began to slowly rise higher and higher into a frequency of reality that I had never known.

Yes, it was a place, which was NOT a place, were All was ONE and All was LOVE. However, this form of “love” was unlike any kind of love I had ever experienced. There was NO fear, NO worry, NO competition, NO illness, and NO sleeping and NO being awake.

It is very difficult for me to explain this reality because my physical self, who is sharing this experience, has no words that even begin to express what I am experiencing. Therefore, I just LET GO.

I don’t know what I “let go of,” because I forgot about my old fashioned need to “hold onto.” Every thought and every feeling was like a soft breeze that I experienced, and then released. However, my concept of “time” was released as well.

Therefore, I cannot say how long I was within that world. In fact, I tell this story with each word in a certain sequence so that you can understand what happened. However, as I return to this experience, I remember that there was NO Time, NO Sequence. There was only the NOW of that experience.

I do not know if I was within that experience for a second or a lifetime. But, I do remember that I did not care. I also did not need to care, or to remember, or to “do it right.” It all just “was.” And, I was fine with that. I was in such a wonderful, timeless NOW that I could only think of breathing in each experience, and enjoying each moment.

In fact, within each moment of this experience I was more “awake” than I could have ever imagined. The only thought I had was, “How can I remember this feeling while in my daily life?”

With that thought, I startled awake. “What was that?”

Then I heard a loving voice say, “Write down your experience while you are still in this state of consciousness, as you will forget it in the physical world.”

I awoke with a start, grabbed a paper and a pencil and wrote down my experiences. I am glad I doing so, because I am realizing that if I don’t write down these experiences, I quickly forget them.

In other words, if I  want to remember my experiences I am having now, I have to write them down. Then, in the future, I will find this book and find what occurred in my past.

However, since having all my experiences, I am sure that “TIME is an illusion of the third dimension.”

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