Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Is It Real or a Dream--Chapter 12 of Through The Matrix



Is it Real or Just a Dream

Suddenly I woke up with the thought in my mind of, “Is there a difference? Is there a difference between what, I asked myself. Or, maybe I was asking the tree that I dreamed of, or met, in my dream state. 

“Maybe you are asleep now, and you were awake when you had what you call a “dream?” spoke a voice that was far away, but also deep inside me. 

In the past, I would have called out to Shalone for assistance, but, she was no longer in my life. Was I having dreams to replace her? Or, maybe these “dreams” are real, and what I thought of as my life is a dream? 

“In a way, you are correct.” I heard a deep inner voice. 

“Who is speaking to me?” I asked. 

“It is I. I am you. In fact, I am your Higher SELF.” 

“Are you telling me that I, Shara Lynn, actually have a Higher SELF?” I asked.

“Of course, everyone has a Higher SELF,” said my Higher SELF. It is just a matter of whether or not that person is aware of that fact.”

“Dear Higher SELF,” I stammered, as now I was shy, “Was Shalone my Higher Self too?” I asked, trying to understand what this voice was telling me. I had decided that my experiences were from some inner being, but now I could clearly hear a voice that was also “outside of me.” 

I didn’t know what this inner, or outer, voice was going to say until it said, “I am high above you, but I am also deep inside your heart/mind.” 

I wondered what a heart/mind was, and why this voice came into my mind, and yes, the voice came into my heart as well.

“Very goodShara Lynn,” spoke my higher/inner voice. “You realize that this message, like all higher dimensional messages, are “heard” by your heart andyour mind. Actually, your mind receives our message, but the message must be shared with your heart before you can understand it.

“You see dear,” continued the inner voice, “it is my duty as your Higher SELF to remind you that you are a multidimensional being. Yes, yes, we see that we will need to tell you a bit about what “multidimensional” means. Are you ready to listen?”

I was a bit challenged by that question, as I did not know whether or not I was ready to talk to, or listen to, my Higher SELF. Why was it easy for me to talk to a tree, but so challenging to talk with my own Higher SELF?

“Are you talking to me?” I heard yet another voice inside of me. 

“Who are you? How can I possibly keep track of all these versions of my self?” I asked in a very frustrated manner. Then, I started to feel badly for talking, or thinking, that way to a Higher Being.

“Please don’t feel like you should monitor your thinking with me,” said the Higher Being. “Remember, I am yet another version of YOU, but I resonate to a higher frequency than the earth vessel that you are currently wearing.”

OK, Now I was really confused! “Earth vessel that I am currently wearing??” what does that mean?” 

I braced myself for another “inner answer,” but this time, there was no response. I waited for a bit until I could stand it no longer. 

“OK, Inner Voice, Higher Being, or whoever you are, you have my full attention. Are you the one who told me to come out into the woods so I could have these conversations with the “Nature Beings?” 

When I heard a hardy chuckle, I asked, “Do Higher Beings laugh?”

“Why of course,” answered the Higher Being, “Laughter is an important part of being a Higher Being. It took a great deal of studies, meditations, initiations and personal decisions to expand my consciousness down into your lower frequency of reality.”

“Lower frequency of reality?” I asked. “Is there more than one frequency of reality? And, are we in a lower frequency?”

“Yes, my child,” spoke the Higher Being. “there is definitely more than one frequency of reality. In fact, when you stepped through the portal, you entered into this “higher frequency of reality.”

“Dear Higher Being,” I said. “when did I step through a portal? I don’t remember doing that. In fact, there is a great deal that I don’t remember. I know I was talking with a tree, which for some reason, was much easier than talking to you, a Higher Being.

“I am not just aHigher Being. I am yourHigher Being, and you seem to be talking to me in a very natural and honest manner,” responded my Higher Being.

“But, I am just a young girl. How could I deserve to talk with my Higher Being?” I said. I hope I was respectful.

“Yes, dear Ascending One. You are very respectful,” spoke my Higher Being in response to my unspoken question. Also, the Higher Being seemed to change somehow and began to speak to me in a very sweet and kind voice, which instantly comforted me.

Now, I felt more relaxed, but could I dare to ask my Higher Being what an “Ascending One” meant?

“Yes dear, we are happy to answer all your questions.”

“But I did now ask it. Can you read my mind?”

“Of course Dear, we are YOU in a higher dimension of reality. Therefore, we can read your mind, as we are ONE with YOU. Soon, you will remember how to allow yourself to commune and communicate with us via your Higher Mind. 

“We came to tell you that we would like to communicate with you on a regular basis. In fact, we have already begun our ongoing communications, as we are currently sharing a conversation,” spoke my Higher Being.

But what is a “Higher Being?” I pondered in my mind.

“Try pondering that important question in your heart,” spoke my Higher Being.

Thinking with my heart? I was wondering how that could be possible when my Higher Being said, “Dear Shara Lynn, you just thought with you heart. Do you realize how you did that?”

I shook my head “NO.” I was so confused about how to talk with my Higher Being. NO, that is not what was confusing me. Then, I realized that I could not accept that if I could have a “Higher Being.” I mean, I am just a teen, barely just a teenager, and far from being an adult.

“Dear Shara Lynn,” spoke the voice. Did it speak more lovingly, or was I becoming able to accept the flow of love coming from this being’s every word. With that thought I felt a tear run down my cheek. Then, there were several tears, and before I knew it, I was sobbing into my hands, as if I was ashamed to cry.

“Oh, dear Shara Lynn, it is quite common for someone to cry for happiness.”

“Do you think that I am happy?” I asked, wiping my tears.

“Of course, dear child, soon to be an adult. Despite all that you have missed, including your beloved Shalone, you are quite happy.”

“Oh Shalone, Shalone, are you there within the Being that I am speaking with?”

“No darling,” I heard Shalone’s loving voice. “I am here within YOU?”

“Ignoring the tears running down my face, I said, “Please, please Shalone, if you are here show yourself to me. I miss you so much.”

“My dear Shara Lynn, this is not a situation over which you, or I, have any control. I no longer wear a body, and soon your form will change as well.”

“Oh Shalone, you are not wearing a body! Are you dead?” I asked holding back my sobs.

“Dear Shara Lynn, I no longer need to wear a physical body because I have ascended back to my Lightbody. NO,” Shalone said as she held up her hand to stop me from rushing towards her. “Dear Shara Lynn, I am no longer wearing a physical body. Therefore, you will not be able to feel me, much less hug me.”

“Oh Shalone,” I said trying to hold back my tears. “You are dead? But if you are dead, how can I see you?”

I started to walk towards her to see if she was indeed Shalone, but she put up her hand and said, “This is the only time that you will be able to see me. Even now, it takes great concentration for me to hold a physical energy field while my true essence is in the higher dimensions.”

I so wanted to touch the Shalone. I needed to get a warm hug from her, but as she spoke to me, I saw that I could see through her. It was not my beloved physical friend with whom I was speaking, but hopefully some higher version of her that no longer needed to wear a body.

“You are very wise, dear Shara Lynn, I am indeed wearing a higher version of what was once my third dimensional physical body. What you are seeing now is my fourth dimensional Astral Body, which I will soon transmute into my fifth dimensional Light Body.

“Dear Shara Lynn, I can see from the look on your face that you do not understand what I just told you. However, you will be happy to know that I have been given the loving assignment of teaching you about the different dimensions of reality.”

I was slightly aware that I was standing before my oh, so beloved, Shalone with my eyes as big as saucers and my mouth wide open. I had no idea what Shalone was talking about, or how I could be talking with her when she had a “fourth dimensional Astral Body,” whatever that meant. 

It was then that Shalone engulfed me within her essence. I did not know what dimension we were in, but I could feel the deep love from her that I had been missing since her disappearance. 

“I did not disappear, as I was always there,” I heard Shalone saying, but I still couldn’t see her.

“You can’t see the wind?” said Shalone, “But you can feel it. That is how you will perceive me. AND, that is how you will find the Matrix. You will FEEL me, and you will feel the Matrix. 

Also, before I leave for now,” she said putting up her hand to stop me from protesting. “Just as you can’t see the wind, but you can see how it influences your physical world, you will ‘feel the Matrix,’ which will remind you that it is the NOW for another of our communications.”

I wanted to walk towards her in hopes that I could feel her, or perhaps go with her. But, she was gone. 

“I will return!” I heard her voice and felt her love inside my heart. “Shara Lynn, remember that you are meant to find the Matrix.”

“How can find this Matrix, when I don’t even know what it is?” I cried.

 “Listen with your heart and mind, and you will be guided to the Matrix.”

Then, she was gone. First I wanted to default to self-pity and cry, while I tried to find her. But, that would be a childish way to respond to the gift of her presence and the great mystery that she had left for me to solve. 

I knew within that moment of decision that I truly was no longer a child. However, I was not yet an adult, so who was I?

“You are becoming your SELF and preparing for your destiny!” answered a voice from deep within and high above.  


  1. Absolutely Beautiful! I love these stories as it prepares us to ascend to our higher selves in the higher dimensions. I can feel it in my heart and my soul. Unconditional love to you for sharing Suzanne.

  2. The story came at the right time for me, thank you.

  3. Wonderful how 'things' come to us at the 'right' moment, often when most in need of some support, encouragement, etc. for the ascension process is just an intellectual concept or pure nonsense for many and can make us feel a bit lonely on a physical/emotional level. However, I am very grateful to Suzanne and trust my heart and soul to guide me on way upwards. Much love and blessings, Susan

  4. Beautiful and it resonates within me

  5. this sharing helping me very much in knowing who am i n more.
    much lovelight to all thare is........