Sunday, April 8, 2018

Make Ascension NORMAL--Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Make Ascension NORMAL

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

WE, The Arcturians and your Galactic Family, ARE HERE NOW, and we wish to say that if you can remember to start and end your day with:

“Dear Arcturians, Pleiadians, Ascended Masters, Elohim and/or Archangels, as well as any Higher Dimensional Beings with whom you can communicate,

“I AM here today to tell you that I AM willing to communicate with you,
and assist with the process of transmutation of Gaia and all Her inhabitants
into a higher, hopefully fifth dimensional, frequency of resonance.”

Furthermore, we Arcturians wish to speak with the many other people who are aware of a feeling that is flowing into, through, and out from themselves and into the Hearts and Minds of others.  We wish to say to them that what we/you/all have in common is that:

YOU ALL volunteered to activate your Third Eye and High Heart to better:
that YOU are ready to remember that WE have Volunteered to engage in the challenge of






Your fifth dimensional SELF is your Light Body SELF. Your fifth dimensional Light Body SELF is the frequency of your consciousness, your personal interaction, your physical life, in which you are full-heartedly preparing to release the burdens of your third dimensional, Physical SELF, as well as the illusions of your fourth dimensional, Astral Self.

Both your fourth-dimensional Astral SELF, and your fifth-dimensional Lightbody SELF, are able to live within a frequency of reality, which is NOW becoming more important than it was in your past, or even in your future.

Your fourth dimensional Astral SELF has a wonderful imagination, creative expression and communicative interaction with ALL life. However, many humans only experience their fourth dimensional reality while they are asleep.

However if you, the waking one, can remember your “dreams,” which are actually a real experience on a different plane/frequency of reality, you will eventually remember/learn how to use that higher dimensional “dream information” to assist Gaia and ALL Her planetary beings (including humans) to recalibrate the frequency of their consciousness.

This recalibration is not an easy task to those of you who had not yet changed the frequency of your consciousness, perceptions and expressions of reality, which can be disconcerting or even a bit frightening to experience this experience of invisible change.

Whenever you change the frequency of your consciousness, you will knowingly, or unknowingly, begin to re-focus your energy fields on the “Threshold to the Fifth Dimension.”

No matter how seldom you identify, listen to, learn from, understand, and/or share the process of your transmutation from being your third dimensional self into the higher frequency energy field, your consciousness quickly expands.

This expansion of your consciousness greatly changes your sense of time from your time-bound, separate self into the higher frequency energy field, which is often within the NOW of your higher states of consciousness. 

These higher states of consciousness guide your into the invisible higher frequency energy fields, which will activate more synaptic energy within your brain, and your heart will echo and reverberate to the higher dimensional brainwaves that travel throughout the entire body.

Much like a sail boat that has “caught the wind,” you will move at a faster and faster pace, until the third dimensional energy waves, and brain waves, will accelerate into higher fourth, and eventually, fifth dimensional LIGHT waves.

We say “light waves” because the fifth dimensional light has a very powerful effect on your process of transmutation. However, the third, fourth, and fifth dimensional frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF “waves of light” are not perceivable to your third dimensional perceptions.

In fact, your fourth dimensional self often serves as the messenger that accepts the fifth dimensional versions of reality as “real” and passes that knowing onto your third dimensional self that has been brainwashed to “not believe in this process” for many of your incarnations.

There were lives in which you where ruled by your physical body and your physical reality. You will often think of them as your “past lives,” which means that it was a reality/lifetime that was detached from your present reality.

The version of your SELF that is the least attached to your higher frequency expressions of SELF are your third dimensional selves, incarnations, and realities. We Arcturians do not differentiate between incarnations and realities, because humans usually choose to wear an earth body during any third dimensional realities and/or incarnations.

On the other hand, during your fourth dimensional “visits to your higher worlds” which are often thought of as “dreams,” many of your perceptions and experiences are NOT dreams, but actual experiences of your fourth, and/or fifth, dimensional body. It is often via these experiences that you will remember your reason for your current incarnation.

Unfortunately, remembering your “reason for incarnation” is not commonly remembered unless one is a meditator, believes in reincarnation, or is too young and untarnished by life to stop believing that dreams are real.

However, more and more humans are expanding their consciousness into higher frequencies of perception, reality, and experiences from past, parallel and/or future lifetimes.

A lifetime that is largely based on third-dimensional, physical situations, experiences and realities would be thought of as a “Physical Reality.” On the other hand, those who expand their consciousness into the fourth-dimensional Astral Plans are often thought of as creative, forward thinking, intelligent, or “too out there.”

Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to allow their consciousness to expand to encompass both their third and fourth dimensional consciousness. Once one is able to expand their consciousness in this manner, they will begin their “Journey of Remembering” their fifth dimensional self, as well as the higher dimensional aspects of their Multidimensional Self.

We, your Arcturian family, ask that you share your inter-dimensional experiences with others as often as possible. Write about your experiences, talk about, sing about, draw about—use ALL your creative venues to share your higher dimensional experiences with others.

It is in this manner that YOU can assist all life on Gaia to


  1. I am remembering my astral travels, and maybe also some of my light body experiences. How do you tell the difference? I 'woke up'one early morning and found myself lying next to a humanoid form. I could only see its eyes but that was okay. I was mesmerised. .. I could not turn Way, could not get enough of his gaze upon me. I reached out and took his hand which felt human, flesh and bone, warm and dry, and his love flooded through me, causing my vibration to rise. My hand became light, invisible I am sure, except I could not tear myself away from his eyes. Then I woke up. A dream? No, for more real it could not be. I long for this experience again and again, but I have not had it again. Just thinking about it makes me homesick ��

    1. It feels to me, this is your guide, i was trained shamanically and first thing you do as in 3d is introduce yrself. Ask their name, i did this when my guide 1st appeared, instantly, given name, for ages saw their mouth hair face, not nose, one day i asked if i could see their eyes.shown, so different from human, now know they contain many geometric light codes, still aint seen nose, we do joke, about that. Ask where they from, and how you can be in service to the higher good together.. all the best. You know you felt the love and joy from the meet. Instant trust..( give space and quiet time for reply..)That the love and joy of the 5th dimension, yr guide will work with you to make it real. How lovely for you... as suzanne says in her article, share, make ascension real, so i am. With me i worked with guardian animal, for healing and feeling the unity, with creator, of that realm.he took me to meet my guides, i didnt know anything bout guides. It was some years later that i fully connected with guides, as work to do 2 gether, ascension. Wow, thank you, new earth, full joy, here we are.

  2. Lin again, in suzannes article excursions into 3d, at end she mentions how we develope different senses, one includes feeling the presence of, you have. If you ask name,maybe they will help clair audience hearing. We each different, some sight some hearing etc. Light language different, we have to learn to read it. As i said mine gave name instantly, in audio, but it can be picture, or know it... i am trying to open all my 5th d senses, i agree it makes one homesick, but one knows as suzanne said. One is home... i work hard as i can, split between worlds, becoming one, humanity will love 5d earth, if they choose that. Freewill. All best in yr amazing journey, lin