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A Quick Note About Our Upcoming Event & A Message of Love from Astrea Moon


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A Message of Love from Astrea Moon
Part 1

Through Suzanne Lie
Note from Sue:
I just discovered this amazing series from Astrea Moon that I channeled many years ago and totally forgot. I understand this message in a manner that I did not back then, so I am sharing it with you NOW

Dearest Ones,
I AM Astrea Moon. I AM a Light Being, just as you shall be. Long ago, I walked the Earth. Upon completing my Mission there, I again became my true Lightbody. After my ascension, I returned to my beloved worlds of Venus, and Alycone of the Pleiades.

For many eons, I have continued to communicate with and serve those still incarnated on my former home, Earth. I am now serving in my form of Astrea Moon, representative of the lunar energy of Collective Consciousness.

I have come here to remind you, dear Beloved Ones that you, including Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants, are awakening to your true, multidimensional nature. I AM here NOW to assist “those who may hear” in the process of releasing illusion.

An important step in releasing illusion is to identify the core beliefs that are the cornerstone of a polarized reality and bind you to the third dimensional matrix. Because you have downloaded and integrated your Multidimensional SELF into your personal and planetary body, you realize that your “SELF” expands far beyond the small reality of your physical world.

Your belief in the separation from your Light Being SELF, and your belief in the illusions of your “human self,” is what has bound you to the matrix of the third dimension.

The Truth is, ALL of third dimensional Earth is an illusion. Because of your integration of your Multidimensional SELF, you have likely seen flickers of the true reality shinning though the dimming illusions of your world. Indeed, your consciousness, as well as large portions of Gaia’s consciousness, is now fourth dimensional and rapidly moving into the ONE of the fifth dimension.

It is primarily your “habit” of viewing reality through the filter of third dimensional illusions that restricts you from being your SELF in daily life and from seeing through your Eyes of Soul. Your third dimensional ego/self can see only through your physical eyes, whereas you Multidimensional Soul/SELF can see through your Eyes of Soul.

NOW is a “time” of prophecy, for the 3D Matrix is decaying, and the veils between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions are thinning. In order to hold illusions together there must be emotion, especially fear, as well as matter. The third dimension is a world of polarities, primarily the polarities of light and dark.

The 3D Matrix serves to separate darkness and light, thus creating matter, matter being the density of darkness, and light being the “unseen” that keeps the matter alive. For millennia, since the fall of Atlantis, darkness has reigned.

However, as your Solar System is returning to the Galactic Center, the “Cosmic Light” is raising the frequency of Gaia and all her inhabitants. Furthermore, this Cosmic Light is multidimensional and is fused with Unconditional Love, Divine Intention, and Infinite Creativity.

This Light not only awakens your true, multidimensional nature, but also pulls the third dimensional polarities towards the Center/Fulcrum Point in-between all polarity. With this re-integration of the polarities of light and dark, Gaia’s 3D Matrix is decaying and Her true multidimensional nature is being revealed.

In the polarized third dimension, illusion reigns because fearful emotions arise from the illusion that you are separation from your Multidimensional SELF. As Gaia re-integrates the Cosmic Light, this illusion will be replaced by the Truth that you are ONE with all life, including your Soul/SELF.

Once the illusion, upon which the polarized third dimension is built, is released your transformation in Lightbody will greatly escalate. Your process of transformation is much like melting ice. Ice is the lowest frequency of water and steam is the highest.

If light shines on the ice, the ice will eventually return to water. If the frequency of that light rises, it will increase the molecular spin of the water to eventually turn it into steam. The darkness of your planet has kept your earth vessel at a low frequency.

However, now, the Flow of cosmic light shining on your Earth is increasing the molecular spin of the cells that make up the matter of all physical form. As you expand your consciousness, you are able to believe in the Light of your Multidimensional Soul/SELF and release the darkness buried in your unconscious ego/self.

In this manner, your illusions of polarity will begin to “melt” so that you can return to the CENTER of your SELF. In my ascension life I served as a Representative of the Goddess in Ancient Greece.

Since then, I, Astrea Moon, have continued my service to Gaia until She and All of Her Earthly inhabitants could ascend. That time is NOW. Our beloved planetary sister, Venus, will again be instrumental, as She was with us during the fall of Atlantis, and through all the evolutions of changing versions of reality on Earth.

The Ascended Masters, Angels, Elohim, and our friends and Soul Families from the Pleiades, Sirius, Antares, and Arcturians are among those who are assisting Gaia in Her time of re-birth. On June 8, 2004 our sister, Venus, moved between Gaia and the Sun to expand Love, Beauty, and Unity Consciousness on Earth.

Venus returned again eight years later, on June 6, 2012, when Gaia was directly in front of the Galactic Center, so that She may participate in that glorious moment of the NOW. Thus, the increasing Flow of Cosmic Light from the Galactic Center has opened many inter-dimensional portals on your planet and in your Earth Vessels through your Crown Chakra, your Opened Third Eye, your Heart Chakra, and your High Heart.

These portals are two-way, descending and ascending portals. The Portals descending toward the third dimension operate on a mathematical equation that formats the energy of light into a linear timeframe, so that it can appear to be expressed in a finite fashion.

You traveled through one of the Descending Portals when you first “logged-on” to the 3D Game, so that your consciousness could be re-calibrated to the linear timeframe of a finite reality.

When your Soul/SELF chose to send a copy of it’s essence through this Descending Portal, the 3D Game restricted your consciousness to the illusions of the third dimension. Then, you appeared to be detached from the ONE by the illusions of separation and limitation, as well as the illusions of past, present, and future.

Conversely, when you travel through the Ascending Portals, your consciousness expands beyond the illusions of separation and linear time. Through the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimensional ascending portals, your earthly illusions are seen only as veils.

When you again re-enter the 3D Game, your challenge is to remember the veils of illusion that were released while in the Ascending Portal experience, so that you can better live your life within the TRUTH.

Every illusion is an element of the third dimensional hologram. A hologram is an illusion created by light traveling at right angles intersecting each other. Many of you chose to enter the holographic 3D Game to assist Gaia during the fall of Atlantis.

By adding your great Light to the darkness of the world at that time, you saved Gaia from falling off Her axis. In order to maintain the 3D Game, there must be a balance between light and dark. If there is too much darkness, the planet will be destroyed, and the 3D Game ends. On the other hand, if there is too much light, the planet will ascend, and the 3D Game ends.

Dear Earthlings, you are NOW at “Game End,” for it is NOW for Gaia to ascend. Unfortunately, many have become lost in the Game, returning only to the fourth dimension “in-between” incarnations and then returning again to the Game.

On the other hand, many of you have awakened enough during the Game to return to the fifth dimension and beyond in-between your incarnations. It is these awakened ones who are the members of Earth’s Planetary Ascension Game.

These “members” have traveled the Ascending Portals before, and have bravely chosen to return to Earth to assist both people and planet in returning home to their true vibration in the fifth dimension and beyond.

Because of Earth’s proximity to the Galactic Center, the greater inflow of Cosmic Light is raising the resonant frequency of the planet, and many of Gaia’s beings are becoming aware of their personal and planetary Ascending Portals. I say “beings” as humans are not the only members of Earth will be ascending.

In fact, many of these “beings” have consciously downloaded and integrated the light of their Multidimensional SELF into their earth vessel, whether it be human or another form. Because of this process, you, the beings of Earth, are awakening from your long sleep in the Land of Illusion to remember the Cosmic Truths that are innate to your true SELF.

You are now realizing that what you thought was reality was actually a dream, and what you thought was a dream was, in fact, realty. In your third dimensional reality you created many veils of illusion and forgot that YOU created them.

Reality, which is slowly created in the third dimension, and quickly created in the fourth dimension, is instantly created in the fifth. Your planet is no longer only third dimensional, as there are many pockets of fourth, and even fifth, dimensional energy fields.

Every thought and feeling of every inhabitant, human and non-human, touches all life to create the collective and planetary reality. Therefore, it is important that you remove your veils of illusion to regain the memory that YOU are the creator of your reality, as well as all reality on Gaia.

I, Astrea Moon, as that you, too, choose to release all illusion and live in the Truth of the beautiful reality that is being created NOW. Find your Ascending Portal and travel through it. Many of you will find the Portal while in your dreams or during deep meditation.

We will meet you in the Crystal Forest near the Crystal Temple on the threshold of the fifth dimension where we can release ALL our illusions – TOGETHER!

I AM ONE with YOU,
Astrea Moon


  1. Thank you for the message.

  2. Love and gratitude...I only know that I don't know...

  3. I have no idea how to function as a 5th dimensional being in a body in the 3D world, with all of these agreements. Can you help me?

    1. You don't have to know how, once the shift happens you will! :)

    2. A lot of people trying to figure it all out before its too late, but we don't have to figure anything out. Our higher selves have it all sorted. Just relax and know that you are a part of what's about to happen!

    3. We are ONE/WON!! With LOVE, GRATITUDE and JOY!!!! <3 <3 <3

  4. cosmik hugs
    ital transl. and share/help in english

  5. Beautiful message, thank you.

  6. this brought a great flood of deep connection emotion, thank you so much for sharing this Venus and Pleiades are so dear to my heart

  7. Amazing, thanks for sharing this, this confirms what i thought once one day trying to understand duality, and came to the conclusion that one part is light, and what all calls darkness is matter, as less light is in matter, the matter can become corrupt easily where more programs can exist, and you can see less the reality.