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Remembering Unity Consciousness--A Gift To Gaia on Earth Day--The GoldenOnes through Sue Lie


Remembering Unity Consciousness

 A Gift to Gaia on Earth Day

Unity of Diversity

The Golden Ones through Suzanne Lie

The Golden Ones have been talking to me on a regular basis since about the middle of last summer, but it has always been at a time when I could only share them with one person at a time.

Actually, there have been two different people that the Golden Ones have brought through me to share themselves. There have, also, been a few writings in which I was able to feel their energy field and channel their message.

But, there is a particular part of their message I haven’t said because whenever I was going to express it, I just didn’t, or couldn’t, or it wasn’t the Now. I’m not exactly sure exactly why, but I have the feeling that it is the NOW to contact the Golden Ones and ask them to restate what I’ve been hearing them say to me since last summer. 

Something happened last summer, the summer of 2016. I’m not sure exactly what happened, except that it was the first opening of my conversations with the Golden Ones. This process began with me hearing the Golden Ones. When I would go into a meditation about 3:00 pm, this was usually when they came to speak with me.

That was pretty much when they always came, not in my morning meditations, not at night, not in my dreams. They always came at that 3:00 pm time. Eventually, I could see them with my imagination.

At first, all I saw was a circle. It felt feminine to me, but in a very androgynous way. Hence, the Golden Ones are feminine and androgynous at the same time. I first saw them, and still do see them almost as if they are made of melted gold.

I see a circle. Actually, I see half of the circle from the back. Hence, I see just the backs of their heads and shoulders. For some reason, I have been directed to listen to their conversations.

What the Golden Ones seem to do is to over-light us from a place, actually a frequency, towards the top of “The Golden Pathway to the Fifth Dimension.” In fact, it was the Golden Ones who told me about this “Golden Pathway.”

What I perceive is that the Golden Ones are far above me on the Pathway, as they resonate to a much higher frequency of reality. Therefore, I see them more above me, but more of a symbolic “above me,” than as a third-dimensional direction.

In other words, they are above me/us in frequency. But they are not above us in third dimensional time/space, as they resonate to the fifth dimensional HERE and NOW.

There is something that looks like a pole that leads to their circular station at the top of the “pole.” The Golden Ones reside right at the threshold into the fifth dimension.

Hence, in order for us to get to the Golden Ones, we have to climb this pole with our consciousness. We must climb, meaning we must expand our consciousness, beyond the third dimension and through the fourth dimension, to get to the Golden One’s “Nest” or “Lookout Tower.”

This “Nest” represents the threshold where the resonance of reality is moving into the fifth dimension. In fact, the Golden One’s Nest is at the exact place where the pole is transmuting into the first sub-planes of the fifth dimension.

However, even in the earliest of the lowest sub-planes of the fifth-dimension, there is NO time or space. Therefore, the concept of “too many” or “not enough” does not exist. Furthermore, the questions, “Are we there yet?” doesn’t exist because there is no time, or space to measure “there,” or “yet.”

In fact, there is no separation to separate reality in any manner. However, the reality of the Golden Ones appears to just be beginning at a certain “place,” because we are just beginning to realize that this type of fifth-dimensional reality can be “real.”

What appears to happen when we reach this “Consciousness Threshold,” at least it is what happens to me, is that I keep being told to look back at ALL the other incarnations that I thought I’d finished up, but I hadn’t yet totally cleared. 

The Golden Ones have been saying that merging with the fifth dimensional frequency of reality is not a matter of walking through, over, under, or even whether or not one deserves this experience.

Instead, this process of merging with the fifth dimensional frequency of reality is similar to choosing the experiencing, merging, combining with, and surrendering into that which is “unknown,” but simultaneously VERY familiar.

The Golden Ones also remind us that in order for us to merge with this fifth-dimensional threshold we need to clean up any component of mistrust, fear, agony, or unfinished business that we have ever left in any of our incarnations on planet Earth.

However, it is not expected, or necessary, for every one to go through this clearing, because it is a very big task. However, the members of the Planetary Ascension Team are being called to remember the specific contribution to Gaia’s Planetary Ascension that they chose before taking this incarnation.

Fortunately, the Ascension Team will NOT be alone because they are not afraid to perceive the many ways in which their Galactic Family is here to help them. The Ascension Team will be called on to constantly remember that they have constant support during their transition into their inter-dimensional communication.

As the Ascension Team begins to remember the long standing relationship with their Galactic Family that was always there, but often at a state of consciousness that their 3D self could not experience, their consciousness naturally expands to embrace the fact that they are moving into that higher frequency of reality.

Many members of the Ascension Team have already had experiences of expanding their consciousness up the frequency scale and into higher and higher dimensions of reality.

Because they can remember, they are NOW being prepared to experience the changes that occur within their physical, third-dimensional bodies as a result of the expansion of their consciousness.

Since they have volunteered to “take Gaia with them into the fifth dimension,” these physical changes are a component of their “process of ascension.” There have been many Ascended Masters who expanded their consciousness, and even their body, into the fifth dimension.

However, they have all “ascended” as an example to humanity, but not, yet, as a gift to Gaia. It is the NOW for those who are prepared to ascend into their higher expressions of SELF to include the earth body of Gaia as a component of their process.

These ascending ones have remembered that they are already multidimensional beings. However, as a service to Gaia, they have taken an earth vessel to assist with Planetary Ascension. Therefore, they took a physical body on Gaia’s physical planet to work through any Karma that has not be transmuted in ALL of their different lifetimes on Earth.

In other words, before they return to their innate, fifth-dimension body, they have promised to make sure that they have gone over each and every one of their lifetimes to transmute any darkness into Light.

They are aware that they promised to be responsible for any imbalance left, any yin and yang that isn’t balanced, and any love and fear that has not be transmuted from any incarnation they have ever taken on Earth.

These Ascending One are also aware that Unconditional Love exists within and beyond all worlds. It is this Unconditional Love that keeps them going. They are grateful that we, the Golden Ones, are here to assist them all to hold that Unconditional Love and to reveal Unconditional Love to them in many different ways.

In fact, the Golden Ones, as well as all of their higher dimensional family, have volunteered to guide humanity in any way that is necessary. It is important for these, and all Ascending Ones, to remember that if there was a room of uncountable people talking with the Golden Ones, even if they all spoke within the same NOW, they would all have a slightly different story.

The reason for this difference is that, in order to ascend Gaia, the ascending humans living on Earth, must remember that before they took this earth vessel they promised that they would merge diversity into unity.

One of the main things that will help Gaia move out of the third-fourth dimensional density is if all of Her people who have ever held incarnations on Gaia’s planetary body remember that they vowed to transmute any area and/or time frame on Gaia in which they had any incarnations.

In other words, ascending humanity will be called on to remember that they are responsible to balance EVERY energy field that they have EVER deposited on Gaia. The members of the Planetary Ascension Team are aware of this responsibility.

They also know that once their consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, they will be free of the “time” and “space” that separates those incarnations. Without that third/fourth dimensional separation, they will be able to preview ALL their incarnations within the NOW. 

We, the Golden Ones, know that these ascending ones will experience much more then they may think. If one were to say, “Oh, I have only had one or two incarnations, then they’re probably not being honest with themselves because ALL the “leaders of ascension” came to Gaia long ago. 

Many of these leaders may only remember a few incarnations. But, eventually, those who are leaders during Earth’s great “return to SELF” are usually, also, those who were with Gaia during Her two “great falls.”

Gaia’s first “great fall” was during the time of Lemuria and the second “great fall” was during the time of Atlantis. These cataclysmic events caused the damage of knocking Gaia off Her innate axis. Because of these injuries, Gaia could no longer move in a clear, circular pattern, and instead developed a slanted alignment, which created a wobble. 

Eventually, these humans realized that they were responsible for Gaia’s planetary damage. However, those humanoids may, or may not, have had the courage to come back to Earth to save the planet. 

Fortunately, others have volunteered to take a humanoid form to assist Gaia. The volunteers to assist Gaia needed to take the form of a humanoid being because it was the humanoids that created the damage.

Their greatest challenge is that once they took a humanoid form they would go through a “normal life” until they could “wake up.” Sometimes it took many incarnations on Gaia before the “humanoid” could wake-up to their true, multidimensional history and Multidimensional SELF.

It is during the incarnation in which they experience their “awakening,” that they can remember that it was their “chosen” responsibility to go into all of the other lives that they have had in which they did not wake up.

By “waking up,” we mean that you wake up to the fact that you are not “just a third-dimensional being.”

Because you have remembered that you are actually a Multidimensional Being, you can call on the higher expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF to assist your incarnated third-dimensional self who has promised to assist with Planetary Ascension. 


We are The Golden Ones


  1. Meaning that: (a) we will have super hero powers and will spend our lives bringing light to certain situations, (b) we will continue to trace our spiritual pathway while in 3D and using our already achieved power of unconditional love as a trail to others, (c) we will teleport our counsciousness to our other forms in other incarnations and take on from there as a normal 3D, (d) act as our own guide to our other incarnations but operating from the starship 5D environment, (e) act in relation to others just like ascended masters have been doing with us, (f) reborn as an awakened human, (g) choose from any of the above, (h) other ?????

    1. Hi, Great summary
      you make it sound easy, but it is likely one of the most difficult thing our species of “humanoids” has had to do.
      Thanks for your post

    2. Thanks for that. How very true!

  2. om blessings

    i must share a group of wonderful golden moments i have experienced...
    i have met //MERGED with Golden Ones
    and i wish for all of you to meet/merge with Them
    :another aspect of Interdimensional Existence of the LIFE of the ONE..
    that we are too..
    They consciously are also between us and the infinitespirit..
    filled with real LOVE
    using lightlove languages

    i cant add now anything about "previous -parallel lives "
    They dont allow me now ... guess why??


  3. Thank you so much for this. Here is what "they" have told me this morning, (as I have been challenged): Tube,neural tube. The planet is being stabilized through your mind. You are bringing peace to the planet. This/these would war. Keep gaining strength. Your you is being stratified to include war, and then peace will follow. This is the war we give you, now go make Peace.

  4. also: Suture. Your suture was kept open so you could go to the place where those blessed one's wound was/ where those blessed ones could be released from their pain. Know you are free.

  5. I came back. I was terrified and ashamed of what we did to our mother. Ive been here so long. I had an awakening last year and now I'm trying to clear my karma. My eyes pour with tears at my souls memory of pain I've caused and received. Ascension is difficult. But I literally live for it. Love and light

  6. About 2 months ago I re-expereinced the pain of separation from Source and was so grief-stricken I thought my chest was going to crack open from the physical pain of it. I could hardly breath/kept forgetting to breath, my exhales were deep deep deep. Since Easter weekend I feel lighter than ever. Be Peace.

  7. I had my awakening to exactly the mission Sue states 4 years ago after a spontaneous kundalini lightbody activation and numerous messages which were hardwired into my DNA. I can now share this but when it happened I was shocked and totally taken by surprise, however all that soon turned to sheer joy that I had awakened and remembered what I came here to do. Believe it or not (I am sure this group will :) I have spent the last 3 years almost fulltime travelling the earth grids and astral plane through my pineal gland. I am being assisted in clearing out all the energy, karma and lifetimes for my entire soul family. This has been a huge unrelenting full-time task removing implants, freeing consciousness, removing the genetic mutations and diseases and we are now clearing and closing hundreds of timelines. It turns out I am an Arcturian soul and my family line goes all the way back to the Nephilim when our DNA was disconnected and our genetics tampered with. Like Sue said, I am indeed here from an Ascended Masters family of which I believe we will merge once the timelines sync up. This has also been of course a huge cleanup mission of restoring the Earth energy grids. I am still in awe (although exhausted) of this whole process. Some of us are doing this early work which will clear the way for more and more starseed activations and contracted missions. I gotta tell you guys, things were pretty bad here far beyond what I ever imagined (and not for the faint of heart) but we Lightworkers have succeeded in anchoring and holding enough light to transcended almost all the misqualified energy. Even if you have not been contacted yet, your whole cellular system is being upgraded to be the love leaders of our now. Thank you so much for letting me share my wild tale. I have had no one to talk to about this for so long. I love you all as I believe we are all family and I finally figured out, we Arcturians do this sort of thing all the time as master creators. Like you all are mentioning, I am also experiencing huge releases as these old timelines collapse. So know all is incredibly well as we and the earth are indeed being freed from our entire ascesteral past which is huge!!! Be good to yourselves through this upgrade as this alone is the reason we are here!!

    1. Trusting OURSELVES <3 <3 <3 to the "Very Familiar Unknown" <3 <3 <3

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  9. I experienced an incredible blast of unconditional love last week and my body still integrates - lots of sleep in new sleep Patterns. all this wants to "do" is to either meditate or share with Family/world, knowing very well we are ascending and taking those with us that live around, work with or be in our fields. And all of this is for the wellbeing of ALL.

  10. As I note my thoughts with reference to the reality that I creates, I learn to be precise in alignment with my higherself guidance and trust. I let go of the doubts, fears and 'buts' to create that reality that is 5D. I anchor in my higher self vibrations within me every day and lead my way. I thank each manifestation that I experience, it is beautiful everyday. Thank you all.

  11. Love and gratitude.

  12. I feel we are condensing inward not expanding upward. Talk of missions being exhausting and incredibly difficult for the sake of everyone and Gaia is a monumental ego trip. Effortless effort is what the "5th Dimension" is comprised of. Become stable with the higher frequencies that reside within the spine. Energy becomes what you intend it to become. Perhaps you desire a mission. Ask yourself why. Stabilize your identity as open awareness of the higher frequencies that exist right now within your spine. Why attempt to figure what to do about it next. Drama is drama. Figure out the drama throughout the ages? Big guilt trip people. Gaia needs you centered in YOUR joy within the spine right here, right now.

  13. Thank you! Yes I am a multidimensional being! Yes I am here for Gaia. Yes I was here on the Atlântida falls. A few days ago I realize that the dreams about rise sea level that I have since I was children are a remembering of my past incarnation! Now I know that withou doubts!