Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Once A Month--How I Started My Path, by Suzanne Lie

Once a Month

How I started my Path
Suzanne Lie

Hello dear friends and readers,
I am now leaving the house in which I started my website and started my blog. Because I am leaving, I felt a bit sentimental and wanted to share my process of “coming out” with you. As you may know, I have encouraged many people to also communicate with the greater world via a website, blog or other forms of social media.

Since I have made that recommendation to many, and because I am feeling “an ending of a beginning,” because of my move, I wanted to share my process by putting up one post per month from the early years in which I first got started. I will start with the years the years in which I was just finishing my website and starting my blog of 2007 and 2008.

I have entitled this blog, “Once a Month,” as I chose one article a month for each year. I suggest that you also take a “trip down Memory Lane.” I know I have enjoyed my journey.

I dedicate this blog series to ALL of you who are inspired to “share your inner wisdom” with others in a public manner. The “power over” ones are fine with being out in public, so I think that we, the “POWER WITHIN” ones, should be just as public and dare to share our wisdom with the world.

Blessings to you all

Two years before I started my Blog.

There are still many of us who cannot remember who we are.
We have worn our earthen bodies for so many eons that we believe we are only physical and that we are limited to these clay forms until we “die.” According to the law of free will, as long as we choose to believe in the illusion of limitation and separation of the third dimension, that is our only “conscious” experience.
When the reality of our higher dimensional self became “unconscious”, we forgot that Earth was a schoolroom. We forgot that we came here to learn how to be conscious creators through the process of third dimensional experiences.
However, even though we lost the memory of our true selves and our reason for coming to this planet, we kept our higher dimensional powers of manifestation, at least for a while. All manifestations start a circular path that eventually returns to the sender.
Therefore, it was dangerous to use our higher dimensional power from only a third dimensional consciousness, as we did not retain the higher wisdom and love to balance our power. Fortunately, once we misused our power, we began to lose it.
Then we really were “only physical!”
As the collective consciousness of Earth continued to drop, we plummeted deeper and deeper into forgetfulness. Before we knew it, we were enmeshed in the illusions of planet Earth.
Until the Collective Consciousness of Earth had again risen to a level where it would be possible to recognize messages from the higher dimensions, it would be difficult for us to return to the awareness of our true Multidimensional SELF.
Earth had so fallen into fear and superstition that most communications between higher dimensional beings and those on Earth were greatly misunderstood or distorted.
And so we waited!
Sometimes we hated the wait, and sometimes we loved it. We learned that if we forgot about our higher dimensional Home and the part of us that resided there, we weren’t so lonely. Therefore, most of us forgot.
Until…When we would least expect it, as if in a dream, we would remember something~
  • a feeling,
  • a brief picture,
  • a certain color
  • or a sound.
Then we would become very, very lonely. We would want to go Home. But we couldn’t remember where Home was. We only knew that is wasn’t here. We only knew that we didn’t fit and we didn’t want to!

It has been a long process getting here. We have moved into our deepest unconscious to release old core beliefs of separation, limitation, and fear. Through this process, we have healed our wounded child and returned it to our Divine Child. Our Divine Child has grown into a wise, independent, and dependable adult whose consciousness has expanded to embrace our Multidimensional SELF. In fact, we have downloaded and integrated our true SELF into our physical earth vessel, our daily life and our planet, Earth.
Through our consistent inner exploration and surrender to our Soul, we have initiated a sense of fulfillment and connection with the ONE. However, our journey has not ended. In fact, it has just begun. As Gaia moves ever closer to the Galactic Center, the Flow of the ONE’s unity consciousness and unconditional love is thinning the boundaries between dimensions, spaces, and times. Soon, all of our realities will be incorporated into the ONE of our Multidimensional SELF and the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.
Lately, our dreams may resemble visitations to parallel realities. We have made great strides in clearing and transmuting our present earth vessel. Hence, we are now about the business of clearing our parallel realties that have, and currently are, resonating to slightly different frequencies of the third and fourth dimension. We once thought of these realities as “past lives,” but as the NOW takes root in our consciousness, we remember that “time” is another third dimensional illusion.
As the veil of the Illusion of Time thins, the veils between the dimensions thin, as well as the many illusions of separation and limitation. As we release these illusions, as well as the polarities that created them, we find that we can more completely be our true, Multidimensional SELF in our daily life. Most importantly, through BEING our SELF in daily life, we can see our reality through our multidimensional Eyes of Soul. This perception is changing what is important for and how we choose to create our reality.
“I’M NOT GOING BACK,” is a sentence that many of us have said to our family and friends. Some of us have lost our job, our retirement and/or ended a marriage or a primary relationship. However, it is not the job, the home or the relationship to which we are NOT going back. It is the lifestyle. Finally, we have emerged from many lifetimes of hard work, financial burden, loneliness, despair and/or disillusionment. AND, we are NOT going back. We may not know exactly where we are going, but we DO know where we are NOT going.
In every case, whether we have lost something that once filled our bank account, our ego, our desire, and/or our sense of propose or duty, we are different people now and we can’t go back to being who we used to be. Why? Because we are now being filled with our SELF. Before, we were filled with what we had inherited, believed, what we should do and/or what would give us wealth or recognition. Now, that we are filled with our SELF, the true essence of our Soul, old beliefs, “shoulds,” and needs for recognition and wealth have become meaningless concepts.
These old beliefs, desires and concepts were the carrot at the end of the stick that we pursued, caught, lost, and pursued again. Our outer reality was based on lies, while our inner reality was lonely, sad, depressed and/or unfulfilled. Fortunately, through facing and releasing these lies and false dreams, we have discovered that fulfillment comes from within.
But exactly what is fulfillment? Is it the victory of getting that great, new job? Is it money, such as getting that raise or new contract? NO. We have discovered that fulfillment that is gained from our physical reality is often temporary and soon fades into yet another responsibility. Does fulfillment come from loved ones such as mates, lovers and children? It is wonderful to walk the path with loved ones, but fulfillment cannot come from others.
Fulfillment must arise slowly from within, so that we can be healthy enough to enjoy the new life we have created. With a slow, steady progress towards fulfillment, we can understand happiness enough to embrace what we love, release what we fear and have the wisdom to know the difference between the two. Fulfillment must live inside our thoughts and our emotions, so that we can continually expand our consciousness to encompass ever-expanding levels of peace and calm.
Fulfillment arises from a calm, peaceful mind over which we are the Master and centered, clear emotions that direct us towards love and away from fear. With an expanded consciousness, positive thoughts and loving emotions can give us the confidence to create a new life that will stay. In fact, we KNOW that it will stay for we have created this life from our SELF. We remembered to take time for our SELF, not just our ego/self who keeps the engine of life going, but also our Soul/SELF who keeps the lights on inside our heart and mind.
Most important, we have found, remembered, and embraced the inner light of our true SELF. As our Light has slowly expanded, or suddenly burst into a flame, we have experienced feelings of euphoria. At the same time, we have felt a peace deeper than we could have ever imagined. As we remember to stay centered in our SELF, our fulfillment can grow like a morning sunrise heralding a new day.
Sometimes we still feel an inner night and only darkness fills us. In spite of this, we now realize that, just as the Sun always rises, our inner Sun can never leave because it is our SELF, our true, Multidimensional SELF whom we have integrated into our daily life. It is this realization that gives us purpose, and a sense of completion and fulfillment.

We are NOW awakening to our new life, and we are HERE NOW, ready to live it as the highest expression of our true, Multidimensional SELF. Blessings be for a long journey from darkness into light. At the completion of our journey, we are surprised to find that both the darkness and the light are illusions. For, as our inner Sun welcomes our new day, we KNOW that there is only the ONE, which is HERE, NOW!
We are in the midst of a complete planetary transformation in the NOW! I have been writing about this transformation since 1999 in my website I have just published my new site My first idea for starting this blog was because in the process of writing Multidimensional News, I have had many interesting experiences to validate the message I have been receiving from the Arcturians. However, I did not want to put them in the newsletters, as I wanted to keep the message from the Arcturians pure. Hence, I am starting this blog. 
I feel that we are ALL awakening to our true Multidimensional SELF NOW. Because of this, we are experiencing major shifts in our consciousness in our daily life. Our greatest and most important challenge is to release all fear and choose to live in love--unconditional love. This is no small challenge, as fear continually knocks at the edge of our consciousness, threatening to pull us back into our old reality. In order to continue to choose to consciously experience this wondrous moment of accepting and experiencing our transition into fifth dimensional Earth, we need to become a Master of Energy.

Our Energy is the sum/total of our thoughts and feelings, how we hold them in our consciousness, and how we express them into our changing world. I found that one of the main things to remember is to "Believe in my SELF" -- that is my Multidimensional SELF who is also knocking at the edge of my consciousness.

Fortunately, I can tell the difference between my Soul/SELF and my wounded/ego with my heart. My heart fills with unconditional love when my SELF is in charge and constricts when my ego is in charge. Knowing the difference between the two is important, as I want to follow the advice of my Soul and continue to heal my wounded ego with unconditional love.

Fortunately, and unfortunately our consciousness does not just rise, it expands. This means that whenever we download more light into our consciousness and earth vessels, we move our awareness higher into our SELF and deeper into our subconscious. Hence, old, oh so very old, issues we thought we were long over, return to our reality to be cleared AGAIN!

This is when we really need to believe in our SELF. If we don't, we will think that we have done something "wrong," then we will "blame" our self, which will lower our consciousness. It is a good thing that we don't have a lot of issues. In fact, we only have a few issues/problems that we play out in our body and our life in a LOT of different ways. 

This summer has been a VERY powerful download of light. Therefore, we are spinning with new information and creative ideas that we "don't have time" to integrate, understand and express. At the same time, we are wondering why, oh why, is this same thing happening to me again? (As well as taking up precious "time" that we would much rather spend on becoming fifth dimensional.) 

The answer to this plea is that -- once we finish up clearing this life, we move onto our other "past" live (which are all happening at the same time in the NOW of the ONE), as well as clearing these 3D energy patterns of separation and limitation for our dear mother/sister Gaia.

I believe that the key to our return to SELF is in sharing our experiences with others. In that manner, we guard against blaming our self, falling into fear and, worse of all, thinking we are crazy. I spent most of my life wondering if I was crazy--maybe just a little crazy--maybe a lot crazy. 

Therefore, the only safe course of actions was to keep my "weird" experiences to myself. (By the way, weird is an old Anglo-Saxon term meaning "Spiritual" and "related to fate.") Finally, I KNOW my SELF and I am brave enough to "shout it form the rooftops"--at last!!

So, if anyone wants to shout their "weird" experiences from their rooftop, porch, or even their computer, I am listening. I don't know exactly how this blog thing works, I was just following the directions of my SELF (specifically my Arcturian SELF).

Have a Happy Awakening,
See you in the fifth dimension


  1. Thank you for the inspiration Sue!! there is much going on, past, present and future NOW NOW is the place where I me we are all at one. I feel the energetic shift in your writings, multidimensionally, even though many of the words appear the same... and relate to that shifting, NOW, reinforcing NOW

  2. Very nice to read about your journey. I think you played/play an important part in the game at large.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    I started to be awaken 17 years ago ( Thank you Kryon books, and many other books) and than my life stared to change and has been a quite an adventure..
    Just the time I thought I understood it all, and have been enough challenges, travels, letting go's, I had a rude awakening more ...
    Starting from 2008, I let go of my partner, ( separated) than my job, than my retirement and had the let go the house as well.
    There was also dark entity attached my body and nightly I was attacked..
    Since than life has been real rough was in survival mode ..
    My life and my kids life has just stared getting back in order again.
    I was told I am - My Galactic heritage is an androgynous being ( A commander with fleets) lol, from Alpha Centauri...
    Even before knowing this, I was always lonely, and never felt in anyplace was home for me. Lived in many countries and and many States of USA
    Well that is my short story.. thank you for opening the doors for us, allowing the express ourselves..

  4. ----------Fulfillment must arise slowly from within..........

    we are so very grateful for this your sharing/message/gift
    very powerful,helpful
    a masterpiece ,very needed i a master class like planet earth

    Ital. Transl. and more
    on request : ask

    1. edited line:very needed i a master class like planet earth
      very needed in a master class like planet earth

  5. Thank you Sue! I loved this messages! NAMASTE

  6. you are truely and from the core amazing... thank you sue!!!!! so much unconditiounal love to you from the bottom of my heart!