Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In the Midst of Great Transition-The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

In the Midst of Great Transition

The Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
I have been in the midst of a great transition and have not yet settled into that NOW. However, I feel much more grounded now. Therefore, I was able to remember, “Hey Sue, why don’t you just ask the Arcturian for assistance.” So, finally, this morning, I asked them. I am sharing their answer with you.

Dear Suzille,
You are in the midst of great transition, both in your third dimensional life, as well as in your multidimensional consciousness. You volunteered long ago, actually before you took this earth vessel, to assist with Planetary Ascension. Of course, from your pre-birth location in the fifth dimension and beyond, your consciousness was attuned to a “kinder, gentler reality.”

None of our brave volunteers to Gaia had any idea how very difficult it would be to leave their fifth dimensional home, family, community and reality. To make things even more difficult, you—meaning the many “you” who volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia—had no idea that you would forget your true SELF once you were surrounded by all the effluvia of the third dimension.

You, Suzille, have written/channeled the experience of being a fifth dimensional being stranded in a third dimensional reality in your book, “Preparing for First Contact,” which is soon to be released.

It is vital within this NOW that our “volunteers to assist Gaia” remember their higher dimensional life that they are living simultaneously with their third dimensional Earth incarnation.

It is one thing to just “remember your higher dimensional reality” as a far away extension of who you “used to be.” However, it is an entirely different challenge to remember the higher dimensional realities of your Multidimensional SELF, and remember how to come into direct and constant alignment with the higher frequencies of your SELF.

It is this CONSCIOUS alignment with your higher dimensional SELF that we wish to directly address during our Leadership Training Course. We asked you to entitle this course as “Leadership Training,” because, we the Arcturians, as well as ALL your Galactic Family, need leaders with whom we can directly align and work.

Therefore, we the Arcturians, as well as our entire Galactic Family, will work with you to assist Gaia as an inter-dimensional team. By inter-dimensional team we mean that YOU will create an ongoing relationship with your fifth dimensional self, so that you can form an ongoing alliance between your third dimensional earth vessel self and your fifth dimensional Lightbody self.

Before we continue, we ask anyone who is reading this message to close your eyes for a moment and FEEL Gaia’s, planet earth, as a living, loving, transmuting living being…


We want you all to know that Gaia IS “preparing for first contact” with Her Galactic Family and desperately needs the assistance of Her awakened humans to assist Her to prepare for Her Planetary Transition into being a fifth dimensional planet.

Yes, just as you are preparing for being a fifth dimensional human, Gaia is preparing for being a fifth dimensional planet. Gaia has been alone and separated from Her galactic family for many eons.

Finally, the very humans that lowered Her planetary consciousness by greatly damaging Her planetary self are beginning “to awaken,” and/or “are awakened” to their own fifth dimensional expressions of SELF.

As humanity continues to awaken to their own fifth dimensional self, they are increasingly able to assist Gaia to return to Her fifth dimensional planet. It is for this reason that we, the Arcturians, have asked Suzille to provide a format to guide our dear human representatives to Earth to remember their own fifth dimensional self.

Once the remembrance of their own fifth dimensional self is regained, they will be asked to remember why they chose to take a third dimensional earth vessel within this NOW. This memory will best be activated by reading stories of other’s similar awaking, such as in Suzille’s newest book, “Preparing for First Contact.”

This book is completed and will be given to all the students of our impending class to be used as a “text book.” Suzille had no idea that that book that came through her would be the core of this Multidimensional Training Course.

However, “Preparing for First Contact,” begins with a “normal” person’s realization that he is actually a fifth dimensional being who has volunteered to take an earth vessel in order to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

The first passages of this book is representative of all the persons on Gaia who are beginning to awaken to their SELF:

“I woke up this morning with a sentence in my ear, “Do you see us?” The message seemed so loud and clear that I instantly sat up and began to look around the room. Seeing nothing, I laid back down. As I was closing my eyes, I heard again, “Do you see us?”

With a new determination, as this question was clearly not a part of a dream, I got out of bed and starting inspecting the room for the “us” that I was supposed to see. But, once again, I saw nothing. Finally, I decided that whether or not I had been dreaming, or was half asleep, I needed a drink of water.

As I started to walk through my bedroom door towards the kitchen, I suddenly “felt” something. To my surprise, it felt like love. In fact, it felt like a kind of unconditional love that is very rare in daily life...” From the soon to be released book, Preparing for First Contact, through Suzanne Lie.

We, the Arcturians, along with our Galactic Family, have much to say to any of our beloved family who has volunteered to take an earth vessel during the NOW of planetary ascension.

It is for this reason that we have asked Suzille and Shawnna to create a format through which we, the members of your Galactic Family, can communicate directly with our dear “volunteers to Earth.” We realize that life on the Gaia’s Earth can be very difficult during this NOW of social and planetary change.

In fact, this “change” feels more like an “upheaval.” If you look in one of your third dimensional dictionaries, you will find that the word “upheaval” is defined as a “disturbance and/or and upward movement.” The above definition is very suitable for many of our grounded ones within this NOW.

You may have realized that we have repeatedly said, “Within this NOW.” We are using that wordage to assist our dear family who is on an “away mission to Earth” because we wish to assist you to remember that third dimensional “time” does not exist on your Starship or Homeworld.

YOU, our wonderful volunteers to assist planet Gaia, are multidimensional beings who are accustomed to resonating to the fifth dimensional “here and now.” On your Ship or Homeworld, you primarily function via your fifth dimensional resonance and often expand your awareness into the higher dimensions for “rest and regeneration.”

Therefore, dear volunteers to take a third dimensional earth vessel, we deeply understand how VERY difficult it can be to live within the polarities and challenges of a third dimensional reality. Unfortunately, cosmic law states that “the darkest night is just before dawn.”

What is actually meant by this “law” is that before one can ascend into the next frequency of reality, one must go deeply into any darkness, fear and/or domination that they have ever experienced and/or created in ALL of your incarnations in that dimension, to transmute them with the Violet Fire and love them free with your Unconditional Love.

Our dear heroes, who have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia during Her planetary ascension, are the bravest of the brave and the strongest of the strong. We know that you may feel a bit “beat up” from your third dimensional life. Therefore, we thank you again and again for your great sacrifice.

We want you to know that WE, the members of your Galactic Family, have NOT forgotten you. In fact, we look forward to meeting many of you during our Multidimensional Leadership Training.

We the Arcturians, along with ALL your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, will remind you, and guide you, to re-connect with your true multidimensional expression of SELF so that you can better: 
  • Remember your fifth dimensional reality
  • Connect and communicate with your fifth dimensional reality
  • Visit your fifth dimensional reality for “Rest and Relief” from the hardships of third dimensional life.
  • We will also assist you to awaken to the areas of your fifth dimensional reality to which you have been assigned to awaken in order to “Prepare for First Contact.”

Dear members of our Galactic “away team to assist Gaia,” as well as all the humans who have remembered their higher dimensional SELF, we greatly appreciate the wonderful assistance that you have given, and/or will give, to the enormous process of Planetary Ascension.

Unfortunately, there are still forces of darkness that fear Gaia’s ascension. They have this fear because they know, and/or believe, that their many “power over others” deeds will leave them without a planet over which they can rule. These lost ones will likely continue to rule, but it will be within the darkness of the Lower Astral Plane.

Gaia is in the process of Her planetary ascension. Therefore, Her planetary resonance is transmuting into higher and higher frequencies. There are more and more humans who are recognizing this shift, as well as the many ways in which their reality is changing.

However, as we said before, “the darkest night is just before dawn.” Therefore, there will be many “last minute” attempts to stop Gaia’s planetary ascension. Most of these “attempts” will be to frighten humanity, so that their fear will sink into the body of Gaia.

It is for this reason that we are creating a Multidimensional Leadership Training course to assist in training a group of Ascending Ones to assist to awaken those who still slumber, as well as to empower those who are ready and willing to assist with the ongoing “Planetary Ascension.”

We remind you all that “planetary time” is very different than “human time.” Time is a third/fourth dimensional marker to assist earthbound humans to have a format that brings them a sense of security and regularity.

We say “human time,” as ALL of Gaia’s other beings do not resonate to human time. Instead, they resonate to “planetary time.” One of the very important adaptations that humans will need to make is to be aware of and align with “planetary time.”

We know that humans within your NOW still need to work and get money to survive and even prosper. But please remember that “money spent” can teach and heal, as effectively as it can “control and destroy.”

In fact, as Gaia moves more and more into Her fifth dimensional resonance, the use of money, gold or any form of material exchange will end, to be replaced replicators, which can be used to create anything that you need.

By the time Gaia fully resonates to the fifth dimension, money will become obsolete, as ALL fifth dimensional societies have the ability to create all that they need off of their personal replicator.

In fact, replicators are now available to all of humanity, but they are hidden along with the MANY inventions that are available NOW, but are being concealed from masses, and are only available to the few. In fact, the replicator is among the many third dimensional secrets that have not yet been released to give comfort and support to those in need and/or humanity as a collective.

However, as more and more humans expand their consciousness to embrace the higher fourth and fifth dimensions, they will easily be able to perceive, as well as correct the third dimensional “power over others” issues.

With the fifth dimensional and beyond realities, injustice does not exist, as there is nowhere for it to hide. Everyone in the fifth dimension can read everyone’s aura, so any form of lying cannot exist. Everything is shared with everyone, so there is no competition or selfishness.

Dear ascending humans, an amazing, light-filled, and unconditionally loving reality is merging into your reality. Remember that you will find what you look for, so search for Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light. Then, that is what you will find. Best of all, that is what you will live.

We, the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family salute you for your great courage and commend you for your enormous patience.

Please remember that WE, your Galactic Family, are Preparing for First Contact with Gaia’s Global Reality. It is through this First Contact that YOU, the stewards of the planet, will usher in the Galactic Age of Gaia’s fifth dimensional society.

WE the Arcturians, invite you to join us!

Are YOU ready to be a steward of the planet 
ushering in the Galactic Age?


  1. I come to this magnificent place of wisdom tonight because my conscience gives no other choice!

    1. wonderful I am sooo happy to hear that. Yes, the higher light is allowing higher dimensions of our consciousness to awaken

    we are ONE,ONE is All

    Ital.Transl. and more (in english)
    on request to
    in divided time Arcturians are shifting from 11th to 12th D,
    12 D is also a main frequency of the/our Galactic consciousness and manifestation in THIS MULTID_OMNIVERSe..
    such a freqquency ushers us to a more conscious amd intimate Oness
    with the ONE..and with TRUTH.......

    Even some benevolent more evolved beings like pleiadians,dracs,etc study and work with the Arcturians ..
    their absence of any ego,doubts,separation is a solar jewel that make us become Cosmic Consciousness in a flash and then ready for marvellous adventure within so many light years to go--

    we were are shall be one in the ONE ..

  3. I cannot afford the wonderful course either- but I intend to help anyone who needs assistance and Gaia through all of Sues meditation downloads -I'm assisting as much as I can through her teachings from the Arcturians.
    carol.reb9@gmail.com/Carol rebers S.Australia

    1. Thank you for your assistance Carole. I am happy to have someone in Australia to make sure my many friends there, get attention

    2. Hi Carol
      I have only discovered Sues work but feel strongly called to connect in with her also. I am in Victoria, Australia. So maybe we can connect up some grids together...?

  4. I do hope that the resources will flow to me, as well as the changes in life structure that will enable me to be part of the course. Because I have been focused on my spiritual mission and family obligations, material resources have diminished from what they were when I was pursuing materialistic goals. I do have faith that if it is meant for me, the right set of circumstances will manifest. The desire and sincerity to be of service to Gaia is present in me.

    1. What we think about, we bring about. So if we think financial security, then that is what we create.
      Thank you for your comment

  5. When I read the newscasts, I am humbled and overwhelmed by the enormity of our mission here on Gaia. Especially, when there is so much suffering inflicted on the defenseless, such as children, animals and the planet. It is almost overwhelming to think about. I am thankful that the Arcturians and other higher dimmensional beings are bringing in higher light and solutions. The road to spiritual awakening is filled with so many illusions and pitfalls, yet we continue every day to try our best. May our children, the planet and all of her sentient life one day have a reality where there is no more suffering.

    1. I totally agree. Also, we are creating it right now with choosing love and releasing fear,

  6. thank you for the great inspiration We can help by not being used as a transmitter for evil thoughts/dark plots, by not cowering in fear from others who are unconsciously being used as transmitters for fear. We can start this ball rolling by playing more. Our joy will fill the airwaves with happy thoughts and obliterate the fearful ones. Those darknesses will fight back but as we stand strong in truth and love eternal we are released from pain that encompasses them. In this we prove that it can be done. in love

    1. Beautifully stated, it can be done. I am reminded of a favorite quote from the Arcturians: "I control my hollogram and I choose to delete fear and live in love". Thank you also for the reminder to be courageous. This is a synchronicity that has come through this week from several sources and guides. May we live in love and be courageous.

  7. Awareness. That is what you are. Polarity limits awareness because it divides all. The Arcturians teach how to dissolve polarity and expand awareness, or into awareness. Thoughts and beliefs are programs that limit awareness. Ultimately, we are One when all division is done. Awake ye child of God, separation is undone, recast your dreams in unity, our soul song be re-sung. Peace and light to All. All is One.

  8. I love to listen to the beautiful channeling of St. Germain by Suzanne Lie online; "We are one with everything that is around us, we are one with all reality as all reality is within us...it is the illusion of separation that creates our entrapment in the matrix of the 3rd dimmension...You are conciousness and the Light and the Love of the One.."

    1. thank you for the reminder, been working hard and let it wear me out/down, thanks all for the love

  9. Suzanne, I have just been reminded we all have our own plans, decided before we come into these bodies. I find it hard when people deny my father, cause I love him so much and I know he is coming, and we need people like you. People who service to others.

    One heart.

  10. Thank you Sue, the Arcturians, and our Galactic Family for inspiring us to gather together as we enhance our connection to our Higher Selves and to GAIA. The unconditional love you share awakens the dedication and remembrance we feel within our hearts as we acknowledge the importance of these transformative times. We are each in the midst of important shifts of awareness and beingness. I am humbled to be a part of this expanding family dedicated to participate in and contribute to the truly monumental ascension of planet GAIA. What an honor it is to be here with each of you as we become ONE and witness the expansion of an entire planet, universe, omniverse, etc. I hope you are all ready for a very exciting ride! If you only knew what was really ahead for each of you.....***
    ~ Much love and hope to see you soon,

  11. Greetings with gratitude within this NOW, I have seen my 5D reality and can't wait to transmits with Gaia to the Higer frequencies and above, How I long to be connected with my multidimensional self.
    Thanks Arcturian
    I love you all

  12. Sue, always, you are my prefered steward....thank you for your courage.....LOVE YOU SO MUCH..!

  13. I can not afford the course now 💸 but I am always on hand to help Gaia and humanity in the process of ascension. I and Jussara continue with the unconditional love meditation class and many people have been benefited by this work. I hope I can attend the course another time! Light, Love and Gratitude! 🌎💖🙏🏼

  14. Thank you Sue, this channeling is SO timely, yes the dark before the dawn is correct. So lovely to get the message of love and support, that we are held and loved and that soon we will be home! Zephlyn x

  15. tqvm Sue 4 ur posts. much lovelight from asia.