Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Message from My Arcturian SELF through Suzanne Lie

A Message from My Arcturian SELF

Through Suzanne Lie

Hello, I am known in your world as my human name. However, few people know that I am an Arcturian who has decided to take on a human earth vessel. No, I am not famous in any manner, nor will I ever be famous. My Mission is NOT one of being observed, but of observation.

Therefore, I must look just like a “normal human” as I move around your reality to determine how we, the Arcturians and our Galactic Family, can best assist our dear “volunteers to Earth” in their process of initiating planetary ascension.

I was born here on Earth, just as all human children are born. I was just a “regular child,” with a “normal life,” at least I was regular and normal for the NOW in which I was born. The manner in which I was always different from other humans was that I always looked up, whereas most humans looked out.

In other words, whereas others looked out into their family, friends and third dimensional world for guidance, I looked “in” to my secret world that I knew I could not share with others. When I was an infant and a young child, I returned home to my Ship, and even my Arcturian Homeworld, on a regular basis.

However, as I moved into my teen years, I was told that I needed to focus totally on “being human.” Because I never totally forgot that I was NOT human, I completely understood what they meant. However, I was NOT prepared for the fact that, shortly after I received their message, they left me.

Day after day and night after night, I called them to come to me in my dreams, in the pictures that I drew, in my imagination, or any way they could come. BUT, they were silent. I was “cast adrift on a hostile planet.” I use the phrase in quotes because that is exactly how it felt.

For decades, I wandered around my hostile world trying to find what I could only believe that I had lost forever. OH, the SORROW, which moved into decades of depression, that I felt as I wandered around a hostile world.

Of course, no one else thought of the world as “hostile” because they could not remember the higher dimensional world of Light and Love that had somehow disappeared from perception. I was hurt, angry, depressed and exhausted by the games and rituals that this frequency of reality displayed.

Lies and lies were everywhere, but the TRUTH was seldom found. Now, I must confess that “lies” and “truth” are both terms that are relative to one’s state of consciousness. However, since I almost died at birth, I did NOT forget the “in-between” or even the “higher worlds” that no one else could perceive.

There were those who “worshipped” the “Avatars” of their particular religion, but none who could remember that the beings they worshiped were actually their own Higher Self and higher dimensional family.

Of course, I could tell no one of this fact, as they were all taught to “worship” and “give money” to their Church. Also, everyone seemed to have the “right” or the “best” church. This confused me greatly as a child, as the Higher Beings that I knew had no concept at all of competition or better/worse.

Again, I could speak to no one about these topics, as I learned very young that if I did so, the response would be great anger. It seemed like there were many “Gods” and that the members of each of these Gods, thought that their “God” was the only God.

Somehow, I knew very young, that there was, indeed, only ONE God who is able to perceive all the different people through the same Unconditional Love. However, Unconditional Love, was not even a conception until I heard the term from my Arcturian family.

It appeared that all humans thought of love as a commodity in which they gave to those who deserved it. They gave fear to those who they could not control in any manner, and anger to those whom they believed had hurt them in some fashion.

These third dimensional rules were very difficult for me to understand because I could never release my Inner Voice. Of course, I had learned to NEVER tell any one that I had an inner voice.

A few times when I was a naive child, I mentioned the Golden ONE who spoke with me, but the response was so negative, that I learned to keep my inner life to my inner self. Of course, I was very lonely in my outer world, but I was able to remain in constant contact with my inner world.

I had some childhood friends with whom I could share my inner world, but they all “grew up” and no longer wanted to “play that silly game.” But, it was not a game to me. In fact, if anything was a game in my life, if was the famous “outer world.”

Of course, by the time I was a teenager and I was “becoming an adult,” I knew I had to shut down my foolish childhood world. To my surprise what occurred was decades of crippling depression.

“I hate the world,” and “I want to go Home” were my favorite expressions. However, just as I could not share that I spoke to a Golden Being, I could not share that I had stopped talking to the Golden Being and was deeply depressed.

Of course, I did not understand, yet, what depression was or why I had it. I only knew that I was VERY unhappy. Of course, I did all the “fun” teenaged things, which were not fun. I also had a pretty long-term teenage boyfriend who I didn’t really like. But, he treated me poorly, so I finally had a “good reason” why I was so depressed.

Yes, that was it. I was just depressed. I did not want to tell anyone about my “personally chosen condition,” but at least I wasn’t crazy. Actually, I doubted on a regular basis whether or not if I was crazy. I even tried to “give up” my inner communications with higher beings a few times.

However, when I did that I knew I was crazy because I had pushed away the only part of my reality that made any sense. “Made any sense” is not the correct term, as nothing made “sense” to me, except that which I received from inside and above.

When I was a teenager, I tried very hard to be a “normal person,” but I was not sure what that was. Therefore, I looked at other teenagers to determine the “right behavior.” However, it seemed that was “right” for me was “wrong” for “them.”

I put “them” in quotes as “them” became all the people in my outside world. Then, I also had a reality made of “all the beings in my inside world.” This is when I became two different people. I was the ME on the outside world, as well as the ME on my inside world.

For many years, the two versions of “ME” did not meet, and definitely never interacted. When I was with other people, I was the outside ME. Then, when I was alone, I was the inside ME. The outside and inside ME’s seldom interacted.

I had it all worked out. I could be the outside ME that others needed me to be. Then, when I was alone, I could be the inside ME that I wanted to be. The problem was that I was seldom alone. Therefore, I was seldom my real, inner me.

Yes, slowly I was learning that when I was just the outside me, I became depressed. In fact, I was only really happy when I was with the inside me. By the time I discovered this seemingly obvious fact, I was married and had two children.

There was a great decade there during the “hippie times,” when it was important to be one’s real self. I enjoyed that time enough to be able to ignore that the marriage was not working at ALL. Happily, there were enough distractions that I could ignore that fact, almost.

Eventually, the unhappiness factor needed to be addressed because it was the NOW for me to move on to new life that I could have never imagined before. It was a life in which someone really loved me for my true self.

Of course, I could not accept that gift and had to find what was wrong with that person that they would so unconditionally love ME. I was quite successful in the “pushing away” technique. After all, I had been practicing my whole life.

However, this person turned out to be as stubborn as me and refused to be “pushed away.” After a few years of fighting, about which I cannot remember, I gave in to the fact that maybe, just maybe, some one could really love me. Yes, my kids love me, but they had to, as I was their mother. At least that is what I unconsciously taught myself.

Fortunately, the call to return to school came back. This time, my education was about psychology, so I needed to “go to therapy.” I didn’t need to go to therapy. What would we talk about? “There is nothing wrong with me,” I lied to my self.

Much to my surprise, I learned that there was something very right with myself. The class was very small and intimate and based on learning through experience. It was in psychotherapy, so it basically served as “Group Therapy.”

Also, as a part of the program, we all needed to go to therapy for the duration of the class. “WELL! I don’t need psychotherapy,” I lied to my self. After all, by now I was pretty good at lying to myself.

Fortunately, what I learned is that telling my self the truth was much more effective, and created a MUCH happier life.

I realize that I started this story with my Arcturian story, and got a bit lost in my human story. Oh yes! We, the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELVES, often get lost in our human vessel. 

In fact, we were warned before we decided to wear an earth vessel that many of us would forget our true SELF and become completely absorbed in our third dimensional lives.

We are very grateful for humanity’s need for sleep, as, too often, that is the only chance we get to communicate with our beloved Volunteers to Earth. We are joyous that so many of our brave Galactic Family are beginning to remember their true SELF that has been locked within their “unconscious self.”

We are so very pleased to invite YOU, that is, whatever version of your Multidimensional SELF who receives this message, to join us in another session of online Multidimensional Leadership Training.

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  1. Thank you for sharing ♡

  2. Thank you for such a beautiful post. Please advise as to how one may register for the 4 week course beginning April 3. The only link I was able to open was for the May schedule. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Just follow along the blog posts, and participate in the weekly exercise for the leadership preparation. You can learn more here:

      The first weekly exercise is here:

      Thanks for joining us!

  3. Just've reminded me of my pain now and just when I was forgetting that I'm not Human!!!

  4. thank you for this fun story, so glad to be in a place to laugh about it! also love the is all so true

  5. I can relate to your story. I am wondering about ascension symptoms just now. Digestive issues, not feeling like myself, is anyone else feeling these things? I feel as though I am surfacing only to realize there is more surfacing to do! The layers are being stripped away. I feel depressed and confused but hopeful.

    1. I understand totally. Sitting outside is great. &taking vitamins & raw salad brings me pleasure. E inding other ways of playing. ****

  6. How wonderful to know there are other "me's" out there with the same story. I remember the day my Galactic Family left--I asked "you will come back for me right?" and they replied, "Yes. But it will seem a very long time."
    That I have weathered adolescence and through adulthood--with many longings to "go home"...I am most comforted to know others have had a similar journey. Blessings Beloveds. Namaste

  7. So wonderful to read your words, so parallel to my own story, 3D self is astounded & delighted after 62 yrs to start hearing others tell their story, higher self has always known truth.��

  8. Thanks for sharing.

    I also feel like contributing a little, but it's a very different story. I was totally cut off, no memory whatsoever. Just a very, very hostile world and every day the same drudgery in what feels like slow motion. As a very small child I remember telling my mom how pointless life is, doing the same boring thing every day and that I don't want to continue this way. It scared her so much she went to my dad. I learned it's not a good idea to say things like that.

    You have to understand that energetic environments are very different around the world. It makes for different mindsets, a different emotional life... and different problems/challenges. (Un)worthiness issues are typical for North America. Where I grew up I never had to deal with that. Here it was anger, an emotional fridge and energy so thick and dense it's as if you have to fight for every step. Depression is the norm and one's chest is clad in iron, nobody can take deep breaths.

    It took 25 years to get out of it and finally see that life does not solely consist of suffering. Yet, on a planet this controlled, you can never leave for long. They always kick you out after 3 months. If you come back too often they start looking at you funny, questioning you, treating you like a criminal. The prison people live in, so tied down in all directions, yet totally unaware of it... because nobody moves. Try to move, do something different, run into a wall.

    I wanted to end on a happy note, but it's not my day. What is there to look forward to? Maybe the end, the end of this incarnation.

  9. Can relate to everyone - all different aspects of myself - here. The sadness of knowing so much more but not being able to quite grasp it or remember my powers, the deep longing to go HOME! Yet, sometimes when I see the magic I create and how I help others, I am beside myself ecstatic. Hang in there.....swirling bright energy all around!

  10. Thank You so much for sharing your story ♡,It touched me deeply !
    My tears are falling, Your words pulled up the deep grief, that I have been pushing away ( or thought I alresdy had taken care of )
    My whole life, I wanted to " go home",
    I was really questioning myself, I didn't know what " home" I wanted to go to/ or what that deep feeling and longing come from..remembering from early age when looking at my family, that my whole family came from totally different planets..that we have been put together to learn to deal with eachother..It didn't work so well..
    until now..the acceptans and honoring of our differencis, has brought me into loving my birtfamily, and for that, Iam deeply greatful !

  11. Oh Thank you so much for sharing this, Sue Lie. I understand very well the long struggle with depression because of shutting off my inner or true self in order to accommodate the outer world. I always knew that I was different than my family and my classmates, etc. Because I could hear the inner self, and those around me could not, I kept quiet, and as a result felt alone. Sharing your journey has been so healing for me. My heart is deeply appreciative.

  12. Dear Sue Lie Higher Self

    Thank you deeply for sharing your extraordinary experience with us. I feel so much closer to you now.. Love you too.

  13. HAIL TO MANKIND!One day we will join the Galactic Council and walk proudly through the doors of heaven and drink wine at the table of the Gods!!

    This is our destiny as a Divine Royal species even though we don't act like a mature race at this time.

  14. Thank you for your courage, Suzanne
    This is the time of innermost revelations ...
    Where we all become naked to ourselves and the world at large
    Much Love <3

  15. Dear Suzanne,
    Thank You so much for Your deep and thoughtful story! It resonates with me deeply. Reading it I find new courage to see my own life and connect even deeper with my "secret space" It is wonderful to meet You in life.

  16. Do you still offer leadership and guidance?

  17. Do you still offer leadership and guidance?