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Unity with SELF--Part 2 Unity Consciousness by the Golden Ones, through Sue Lie

Remembering Unity Consciousness
Unity with SELF

The Golden Ones through Suzanne Lie

Because you have remembered that you are actually a Multidimensional Being, the higher expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF will be called on to observe and assist the third-dimensional component of your Multidimensional SELF. 

We can’t say exactly which lifetime, of the many lives that your Multidimensional SELF IS, WILL, and DID experience, that you will observe. However, most choose to observe the life in which they are currently incarnated because they can best make changes and alterations in their incarnation.

However, each person is different, and each person has free will. Hence, some people want to get right into the trenches and to clear up some “past lives” they already know are ready for transmutation.

On the other hand, other people want to keep the overview and see all of their “expressions of self” at once, as well as everything in-between. Therefore, the important thing is to remember that there is no right way, and there is no wrong way to ascend.

Gaia has been a polarized planet of right and wrong, left and right, upper hemisphere, lower hemisphere, as well as all of the separations, jealousies, battles, and all of the things that have come from “separation” since the loss of Her beloved Lemuria.

Fortunately, many Lemurians live within the core of Gaia. Gaia’s core is fifth dimensional, and Her fifth dimensional core is the key to Gaia’s planetary ascension. However, that “key” is not a “place” because fifth dimension is not a place. The fifth dimension is a “frequency” of reality.

Therefore, you will not get in your car, or plane, or bus to “go to the fifth dimension.” Instead, your physical body will serve as your “portal into Gaia,” as well as your “portal Home” to your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF.

We remind you that because your fifth dimensional consciousness resonates beyond all limitations of time or space, you can experience EVERY reality you have ever had on Gaia within the fifth dimensional NOW.

 Once you have remembered how to “surrender into” your innate fifth dimensional consciousness, you will be able to simultaneously, within the 5D NOW...

Within that NOW, you can heal all incarnations on Earth that you have ever taken, with your fifth dimensional Unconditional Love. Once these incarnations have been healed, you can transmute them back into your innate higher frequency of SELF with the Violet Fire.

Gaia is in preparation to finally be released from all third/fourth dimensional patterns. Hence, She is asking Her humans, who are supposedly Her most evolved creatures, to remember, and clear up, all past incarnations.

From your third/fourth dimensional consciousness, you would not be able expand your consciousness beyond time to enter the NOW in which your fifth dimensional consciousness can perceive ALL your myriad lives as different expressions of your true Multidimensional SELF.

Fortunately, the Ascending Ones are NOW remembering their fifth dimensional consciousness, as well as their fifth dimensional SELF that has been assisting them from “above” for most of their life.

Once, you, the Ascending Ones, can create a clear portal through the third and fourth dimensions, and into your fifth dimensional energy fields of your Higher SELF, you can open your portal to welcome a constant flow of fifth dimensional light into Gaia’s aura.

Unfortunately, there has been much fear, and many wars, atomic bombs, and horrible events that our Ascending Ones have needed, and will continue, to clear from Gaia’s aura. Therefore, humanity, in alignment with their higher expressions of SELF, has mostly been on “clean up” duty rather than “moving forward.”

Fortunately, more and more of humanity are awakening to the fact that their own higher dimensional expressions of SELF are within Gaia’s aura and in surrounding areas of space waiting to assist with Gaia’s clean up.

However, we, the members of your Galactic Family, cannot make our presence known until the Illuminati is more contained and more of the brainwashed humans have awakened. It is for this reason, that we are asking our grounded ones to please “make it normal” to see a Starship in the sky and to “wave a happy welcome,” rather than run in fear to get a weapon.

The humans of your era have been deeply brainwashed to believe that we, your own Galactic Family, have a negative intention. These “lost ones” do not YET realize that it is those who send fears and lies to keep you trapped in your third dimensional consciousness are the ones with the “negative intention.”

The good news is that Gaia’s core is fifth dimensional energy up towards Her planetary surface. The challenging news is that the cleansing of Gaia has to be initiated from the humanoids, not because they are better than the rest of Gaia’s being, but because, most of the time, it was the humanoids that were creating the difficulties.

In fact, it was the humanoid’s physical incarnations that left the greatest energy field on Gaia, whether it was the Light of an Ascending Being, or the darkness of the lost ones. Fortunately, YOU are on Gaia NOW to assist with planetary ascension.

Those who are still lost to lies and illusions will not be able to even believe that Gaia is a living being, much less that they are able to assist Gaia to transmute into Her fifth dimensional expression.

Therefore, we call on you, our Ascending Ones, those who remember that they are Multidimensional Beings who chose to take an earth vessel to assist with planetary ascension.

We call on YOU to remember your fifth dimensional expression of SELF who is assisting Gaia from your Homeworld and/or from one of the many Starships who circle Gaia to protect and assist Her.

Many of you, our Ascending Ones, have fifth dimensional lives on our Starships who volunteered to expand their energy field down into the third dimension to, simultaneously, wear an Earth Vessel.

What we, your Galactic Family, has discovered is that, even though Earth appears to be on the edge of total war and destruction, Earth is simultaneously on the “cutting edge” of Unity of Diversity. Through much of Gaia’s history, more often than not, there was fighting over diversity.

This diversity was largely created by “brainwashing” and “fear.” We are happy to see that more and more of humanity is refusing to be brainwashed by false information. We also perceive that more and more of humanity is seeking Unity of Diversity.

As you, the members of Earth remember that you are ALL multidimensional; the knowledge of your true Multidimensional SELF will UNITE all those who once believed that they were “different.”

As all of you move through all of your incarnations, you are asked to balance incarnations in which you judged diversity and/or lives in which you were judged because you were diverse, meaning different than others.

It is very important for all of our Multidimensional Leaders to move through this karmic cleansing, because when we, the Galactics, land on Gaia, we will need you to help the people who are not ready to believe (and thus perceive) our Ships, as well as those who are not ready to move into a fifth dimensional society.

Because they are not ready, they may experience perceiving us in their dreams or in their meditations. However, they will have a hard time perceiving us in their daily life. On the other hand, those who are ready will be able to perceive us very clearly in their daily life.

Some of these “perceivers” may be afraid, or think that they are insane because they do not, yet, know that they are actually perceiving the multidimensional reality that was always there—but only perceivable to their higher dimensional perceptions.

Therefore, it is not that the world has changed. Instead, it is that more human inhabitants have expanded their consciousness enough to consciously perceive that something is changing. Once they have this revelation, they might wonder why some humans are holding back the whole process? 

The humans who are trying to “hold back ascension” are the ones who didn’t work with Gaia because they wanted power over Gaia. The plant kingdom worked with Gaia, the animal kingdom worked with Gaia, the beings of the air and the water and the ethers worked with Gaia.

All of these beings are already in Unity with Gaia. Therefore, they don’t have to go into other lives to cleanse the times when they worked against Gaia, instead of with Gaia and/or for Gaia.

It is only humanity that has harmed Gaia, or worked against Gaia. Therefore, it is humanity who must go in to all of the wounds that were created on Gaia’s body and send them each Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

One of the things that are occurring more and more is that people want to leave the cities. People want to live in the country, and/or to join a commune type situation where every one grows their own food and lives off the land.

This is part of their “going back to Gaia.” Humanity has gone to the heights of technology without being grounded. Therefore, too much of this technology became abusive and dangerous. Some of that technology even has the ability to destroy Gaia’s beloved planet.

It is for this reason that those who are awake are being called to “active duty for Gaia.” Many humans have had many, many incarnations on Gaia’s Earth. On the other hand, others have come to Gaia only once or twice and have not come back for any more incarnations. 

That is by design, so that some who take an earth body will be completely new to that process. Therefore, they will have a completely different perspective from the people who have incarnated over and over again.

Therefore, it is important to merge these two perceptions by putting them together and merging them. This Unity of Diversity is a major component of what we will all be experiencing on Gaia’s ascending planet. 

We are enjoying viewing, as well as assisting, humanity to clear themselves in order to clear Gaia, to Unconditionally Love themselves in order to Unconditionally Love Gaia, and to transmute themselves into their “fifth dimensional human,” in order to assist in transmuting Gaia into Her “fifth dimensional planet.”

As humanity assists with Gaia's ascension, Gaia will simultaneously assist with human ascension. It is through the Unity of Diversity of the human form and the form that People and Planet become ONE within this NOW.

With the merging of the third dimensional physical and fourth dimensional mystical, humanity can more clearly perceive and embrace the fifth dimensional NOW of Unity with ALL life, which creates the ONE of the fifth dimensional NOW.

“But when will this occur?” we hear you ask.
“It is occurring within your NOW.” We reply.
“Please remember that the fifth dimension is NOT a place.

The fifth dimension is a frequency of reality. YOU can experience that reality by expanding your consciousness, and thus your perceptions into the frequency patterns of the fifth dimension.

Remember, the fifth dimension was ALWAYS there, just beyond your perception. As you expand your consciousness, you expand your perception.

 It is with your expanded consciousness that you will not only perceive your higher dimensional planet, you will also perceive your higher dimensional SELF. We are with you!


We are The Golden Ones


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    1. message from benevolent beings to humaun kabir : blessings to you wake up ,before you share wrong infos and hide links .....

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  3. It is my duty to share

    Beings from spaces arent only benevolent or malevolent or neutral ,all of this kind exist now !!all..!

    Unfortunately the data we have show that humanoids have been activated to evil by more advanced beings ,existing in subtler frequencies ,which are not visible to 3D devices .. for example ….ever heard about Anunnaki^s empire ..… ?

  4. Dear Suzanne, this sooo corresponds with what is going on for me. Thank you for sharing and for making it easier for us cought up in the ascension whirl to make sense of it all, making some logic in all of it. Thanks to the Golden Ones as well!