Saturday, April 15, 2017

Week 3: Stages of Being Your Higher SELF--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Stages of Being Your Higher SELF

Week 3 of Preparation for Multidimensional Leadership Training 2017

You begin to FEEL your physical body speaking with you.

As we move through the stages of recognizing that we ARE Multidimensional, we begin to hear an inner dialogue within our inner awareness. In fact, we begin to establish a relationship with this inner voice, or inner self, or extended version of our SELF.

In fact, as we continue with this inner communication, we find that it is important to document our inner/outer conversations in some manner. We realize this fact because that, which was so clear within the NOW of the conversation, does not adhere to our daily consciousness. Therefore, we begin to dedicate ourselves to document our inner discussions with in inner self.

Your emotional swings begin to “find their center.”

We also discover that this inner “being,” “higher self,” even a “galactic being,” is actually a version of our own self. However, this inner, higher self reminds us that WE are Him/Her.

The term Him/Her is used because it often appears that this inner, higher, self is androgynous. Something about this knowledge that there is a higher component of our own self that is neither, male or female, but actually both, is comforting. Something changes in your thinking, but you are not, yet, sure what.

Within your Center is the EMBRYO of your 5D SELF, who you are beginning to realize is your 5D Lightbody SELF, who was always within your Kundalini the core of your spinal column.

You realize that now you need to educate your self. What is the “Lightbody” that your inner self tells you about? What is the Kundalini that your Lightbody tells you about?

Your 5D Self is infinitely an adult, but it simultaneously maintains the innocence of  TRUTH that your child self always knew. This “Innocence of Truth” is slowly being revealed through your increasingly intimate relationship with your fifth dimensional SELF.
What is YOUR Truth?

Remember that YOUR truth is received via your Multidimensional Mind and translated into your daily life via your High Heart. It is important to “ground your truth” within your body and within your daily life. YOUR TRUTH is not right or wrong. Your Truth is the sum/total of all you have learned within your myriad incarnations, as well as your that which you have held within your heart.

Sue’s answer is, "I CAN allow my self that which I have ALWAYS wanted! But, I did not realize that truth until I finally asked myself the question.”

Learning/remembering how to ask your SELF what YOU want to know is best fulfilled if you set aside a “cast in steel" time in which you go to the SAME place at the SAME time
To talk with your Higher SELF

What could be more important than talking with your Higher SELF?
Remember, your Higher SELF is ALWAYS with you.
How could it not be, your Higher SELF is YOU!

We are being called to step into our leadership roles to help prepare others.
We invite you to ask yourself and your higher guidance,

“Am I ready to step into a leadership role?” If so, please join us.


  1. this is a hyperpowerful message,chance,gift of love and truth
    i must joyfully say:and so it is.............
    sending/receiving/channelling infinite blessings

    this is also
    cosciousness of aware oneness with our REALSELF
    our core center ,jiva-atma
    :stargate to our Multidimensional identity_beingness

    to the One

    to the consciousness of being one with/in the One

    om tat sat
    kundalinì ki jay

    and so it is
    ital. transl. and more on request
    to sosoneworld1@gmail

  2. This message spoke directly to my heart and I am dedicating a specific time to spend with Me. I look forward to revealing more of the 'Innocence in Truth'. X

  3. Thank you Suzanne and Arturians, I sometimes write down some phrases that came to my mind and are beautiful to then share it on my Instagram account (Lenmiscate). I notice that i speak to my self from time to time like if i were 2 beings in one, i will try to schedule a time for this. Thanks again.
    Victory of the Light!

  4. The beauty and simplicity of these words remind me that all true teachers and masters ultimately help lead one back to Self, with all that this entails. Thank you. The postings this week inspired quiet contemplation and meditation.

  5. Thank You for this important message, dear Sue and our Friends of Light!

  6. Thank you. I am more intimate about my higher Self each day!

  7. This is about staying connected and in relationship with our higher Self and our Divinity that never leaves us. It is always there although at times masked by the illusion of the lower vibrational fields or maya. We are being called to awaken from our sleep and from the illusion. Be awake in the dream, beautiful ones. The future is unfolding...

  8. thank you Suzanne and thank you Acturians for the beautiful message,
    often it takes someone else offer different words,,,i realize that the inner center is vaster than the whole external universe,,,it is only there were i meet the whole of Creation,,were i meet all my Brothers and Sisters in Light,,,,my Thanks and Gratitude

  9. What a gift and honor it is to join each of you as you continue to discover your full truth. This guidance provided by our Higher SELF and team is so very valuable as it enhances the connection that is so instrumental in allowing us to gradually uncover and "remember" our promise to assist GAIA in all incarnations. We have gathered much wisdom, and together we will bring forth the galactic awareness that is to arise and inspire in this NOW. We are here to do this together in unity in our own unique ways. Much gratitude to you all!

  10. Years ago I did a self-directed course on discovering my life purpose and it got distilled into a few simple words, which are "to seek and speak my truth." I guess I'm in the right place!

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  12. Dear Sue, each time I come back to read the messages they give a new feeling, new sky of the truth..Thank You! With love and blessings