Saturday, April 15, 2017

Week 3 (Illustrated) Stages of Being your SELF --through Suzanne Lie

Week 3 (Illustrated) Stages of Being Your SELF



Remembering How to BE your SELF

You begin to FEEL your physical body speaking with you.

As we move through the stages of recognizing that we ARE Multidimensional, we begin to hear an inner dialogue within our inner awareness. In fact, we begin to establish a relationship with this inner voice, or inner self, or extended version of our SELF.

Then, as we continue with this inner communication, we find that it is important to document our inner/outer conversations in some manner.

We realize this fact because that, which was so clear within the NOW of the conversation, does not adhere to our daily consciousness. Therefore, we begin to dedicate ourselves to document our inner discussions with our inner self.

Your emotional swings begin to “find their center.”

We also discover that this inner “being,” “higher self,” even a “galactic being,” is actually a version of our own self. However, this inner, higher self reminds us that WE are Him/Her.

The term Him/Her is used because it often appears that this inner, higher, self is androgynous.

Something about this knowledge that there is a higher component of our own self that is neither, male or female, but actually both, is comforting. Something changes in your thinking, but you are not, yet, sure what.

Within your Center is the EMBRYO of your 5D SELF, who you are beginning to realize is your 5D Lightbody SELF, who was always within your Kundalini, the core of your spinal column. With this information you begin to feel more "at home" with your new SELF.

You realize that now you need to educate your self. Therefore, you begin to ask:

What is this “Lightbody” your inner self tells you about?

What is the Kundalini that your Lightbody tells you about?

Your 5D Self is infinitely an adult, but it simultaneously maintains the innocence of TRUTH that your child self always knew. This “Innocence of Truth” is slowly being revealed through your increasingly intimate relationship with your fifth dimensional SELF.

What is YOUR Truth?

Remember that YOUR truth is received via your Multidimensional Mind and translated into your daily life via your High Heart.

It is important to “ground your truth” within your body and within your daily life.

YOUR TRUTH is not right or wrong.

Your Truth is the sum/total of all you have learned within your myriad incarnations, as well as all that you have held within your heart.

Can you allow your self that which you have ALWAYS wanted, but, you did not realize that truth until you finally asked yourself this question?

Learning/remembering how to ask your SELF what YOU want to know, is best fulfilled if you set aside a “cast in steel" time in which you go to the SAME place at the SAME time

                                        In which you can talk with your Higher SELF!

What could be more important than talking with your Higher SELF?

Remember, your Higher SELF is ALWAYS with you.

How could it not be, your Higher SELF is YOU

And YOU are, also, your SELF in the higher dimensions of reality.

In fact, you are the YOU over-lighting your self.

Therefore, the Higher YOU is always with physical you!

We are being called to step into our leadership roles to help prepare others.
We invite you to ask yourself and your higher guidance,
“Am I ready to step into a leadership role?” If so, please join us.


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  2. I love this Now in all integrity

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  4. I have a question. Are there incarnated souls now present on Gaia that do not have an inception point on Arcturus or other planet but rather come directly from Source or the One? Would such a person have a the same multidimensional composition as those with multiple incarnations on various planets or galaxies?

  5. That is a great question and one that I would need to ask the Arcturians about.
    However, I am moving as we speak, so maybe you can ask our guide

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    2. Ok, thank you. Best wishes for your move and new home.

    3. You are welcome. I appreciate having a forum to ask these kinds of questions,