Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 2: Becoming Fifth Dimensional ~ How your Consciousness Influences Choices and Actions

Week TWO: Becoming your Fifth Dimensional Self
Through Suzanne Lie

How Your State of Consciousness Influences your Choices and Actions

 Becoming Your Fifth-Dimensional SELF
Week 2 "Warm Up" for our Multidimensional Leadership Training

We are being called to step into our leadership roles to help prepare others.
We invite you to ask yourself and your higher guidance,

“Am I ready to step into a leadership role?” If soplease join us.

            You ARE your State/Frequency of consciousness
(I, Sue, will fill in Arcturian comments like I did for last week's exercise.

Your wonderful comments are greatly appreciated.)
The frequency of your consciousness is the frequency of your perceptions.
The reality you perceive is the reality that you live.

            Remembering to maintain a 5D consciousness
Your 5D (fifth dimensional) consciousness resonates beyond the illusions of the third and fourth dimension. Expanding your consciousness into the fifth dimension is vital for your own ascension process.

The frequency of your consciousness is the frequency of your reality.
You will attend to that which resonates to your own state of consciousness.
Therefore, the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live.

As you change your state of consciousness –you change your reality
When you are sad or angry, your consciousness dips into a lower frequency.
Then, as stated above, the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live.

Releasing the Old 3D to resonate to and live in the NEW 5D
Expanding our consciousness beyond the third dimension and into the fifth dimension allows us to expand our reality beyond the physical world.  

This PROCESS begins with releasing the OLD 3D to transmute into the NEW 5D
Any form of release is difficult, even if it feels like one is releasing something that may be “bad, especially if you are releasing a frequency of reality that you have known for many incarnations.

Therefore, the release of your old 3D concepts and perceptions will actually feel like a “grief.” We have all had many incarnations on the third dimension. Hence, when we release them, we can experience feelings of grief.

            DABDA—The Five Stages of Grief
The honoring of who you were in order BE who you have always been, but forgot!
In this case, the grief is NOT about the loss of a person, place, situation, or thing.
In this case, the grief is about the “death” of a form of third dimensional reality
that we know for many, many incarnations

The five stages of grief offer a means to honor and release that, which is not lost. DABA has primarily used for death, but it can be used to move through any form of grieving.

The first stage of grief is the release of the illusion that you “were just fine”—in this case—“just fine as a third dimensional person”

When we realize that we cannot change this loss in our life, whether it is the loss of a person or the loss of a dimension of reality, we often become angry. We feel as if we do not have a choice, which we don’t in the case of someone dying. We do have a choice to choose NOT to resonate to the fifth dimension. Therefore, the anger that we have about the physical reality can be used to push us forward. Anger is activating, and will guide us to DO something.

Of course, we would like to bargain, and not have to give up too much, or work too hard, or not have to transmute too many incarnations. The Bargaining stage allows us some time to get used to the idea that something has, or will, change, and no matter how much we want to barter our way out of it, the “change” is the road before us that we must walk to continue our journey.

Depression hits when we realize that we cannot bargain our way out of it. We have to accept what has occurred. The world is changing. The Illuminati has a great deal of power because we let them have it, and we need to stop pondering our fate and DO something if we wish to move forward.

Acceptance is when we realize that, “We are actually multidimensional beings who came to Gaia to assist with planetary ascension. No, this is NOT an easy task, and NO we cannot go back to “the way it used to be.” The only way out is straight through!"
What we must accept is:

There are NO Mistakes or Accidents in Life
WE are the Creator of OUR life!!

To summarize:

DenialIS:  Waiting so long that it gets much worse
AngerIS:  Why me? I don’t deserve this. I am a victim.
BargainingIS:  “If I just____, Then I will be able to _____”
Depression—There is no way out but straight through, so I must release the thoughts of:
                        I am not strong enough
                        I am not good enough
                        Why me?
AcceptanceIS: Thank you for what I thought I hated, but it turned out to be a great                               teacher, as well as the beginning of a HUGE transmutation

After the OLD is RELEASED, the NEW is BORN
Are YOU ready to be RE-Born into your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF?
There is NO right or wrong answer.
There is only YOUR answer!

Please share your reflections in the comments section below.

We are being called to step into our leadership roles to help prepare others.
We invite you to ask yourself and your higher guidance,

“Am I ready to step into a leadership role?” If so, please join us.


  1. Something that's been helping me is, whenever an unwanted thought or feeling pops up, I simply say to myself, "I choose Love" and it has really been helping. This clearing of old energies has had a huge toll on my body which has just recently started to calm down.
    From the chaos comes order!
    We are so close my brothers and sisters!!!

    1. Thank you. I choose Love. Thank you

    2. Thank you ! Love and light to all❤

    3. Thank you! I choose love! I choose to move forward with my heart not my head
      through the heart I choose love to remove all illusions which bind me.
      Thank you for the love

  2. True to that, I just say " love " and instantly helps clear my mind. Why does it bring me joy to see someone else doing it, I actually don't.. but I love it.

  3. The young initiate told Buddha, "I want to be happy". Buddha said, "Delete I, that's belief in separation, and delete want, that's belief in limitation and lack, and what are you left with? Happy."

    1. "I" am the creator of my reality. Yes separation is an illusion, but we are all individuals creating as we go, therefore don't delete the "I". You have to remember times are different these days, we aren't dying anymore, we're taking our bodies with us and creatingsomething brand new!

    2. Never delete I!!! Instead change the 'want to be' to AM.

  4. Thus far this has been a rewarding process on many levels. Questions I had not yet asked have been answered, not only on this blog but in day to day living. I am grateful for this experience and hope to take part in the Multidimensional Leadership Training course. From the time of the 3/20 Equinox, I felt the presence of my Lightbody for the first time. I thank you and the Arcturians.

  5. A lot going comes back to valuing self right now for me. Also wonderful light images of people, places, things, passing before me and I'm just peacefully watching it. "You have been assigned the task of letting this go. You have been successful. It's been important for your mind to dream it. Now your goal is to become surrounded by those who love/ one with self. This self, that one, it is one."

  6. blessings
    ital. transl. on request

  7. Thank you Suzanne and Arcturians, I am all ready to transmute all that is needed.

    I think i have been doing that from months now, and now i can feel my center where peace remains, where there is no thoughts I can improve on this thought.

    Every time I go out I ask to my higher selfs and light beings to allow me to be a beacon of light emanating pure light and love through me to all that is, knowing that this light is cleaning every environment I walk in.

    Thank you again.

    1. How beautiful, I ask the same thing. Blessings of s love and strength to you.

    2. I absolutely agree with you, I experience that in my day to day and in the majority of the times the peace installed in the environment can be felt for everyone, people become so friendly, problems are miraculously solved, and it´s all there for us just waiting to be used. Actually it is myself, my higher self. With love

  8. Thank you Susan for all the channelings on utube. That is how I resonated with the Arcturians. I look forward to seeing anything new from you. This sent me to your website for a wealth of information that makes me feel that I am Home. Moving in and out of multi-dimensionality allows me to feel that there really is someone who I can share my experiences with. I feel so comfortable there. I also feel comfortable on Gia but would like to find like minded friends. Being in 5th dimension is a dream coming true.

  9. Why am I ready to step into my leadership role?
    Being a leader is part of my experience here in the 3D since I was a child. I have always been naturally drawn into the role. The basic function of a leader is to create a culture where people come together to execute tasks or objectives. Its this culture that binds the group, creates the camaraderie necessary for the successful completion of its goals. I have just transition out of a prior 3D role and am ready to assume a new one in planetary healing/ascension.

  10. Interesting. I recognize that I have been going through these states for a little over a year. When the depression state first swallowed me up, I chose antidepressants. Finally got off of them and did some more growing. Now I am teetering between depression and acceptance. Dipping back and forth, but spending less time in depression. Just last night I came into a huge piece of acceptance. I guess what I am saying is, after reading this, I think I am right on schedule on the LightWeaver ascension path. Thank you Suzanne.

  11. Katherine BriganteApril 13, 2017 at 8:04 PM

    Life is so much easier when there is no right or wrong. There is only YOUR answer. What a relief from all negativity. Loving you Susan.

  12. Thank you so much Suzanne, I am ready to be free and live my purpose...Thanks for all the support you give in these processes <3

  13. Thank You, love You all <3

  14. I am beginning to be aware of my multidimensional self and the Arcturians were the ones that helped me feel this for the first time (during a meditation/exercise to feel the difference between the 3rd, 4th and the 5th Lightbody). Now I believe I am channeling my 5th dimensional self when I open myself to channel and receive or give guidance. I'm not entirely sure of this but the quote above about 'the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live' resonates so I choose to believe and trust. And yet, I still am not sure that I am a 'leader'. Or am I? This is the question I ask myself now. I recognise the DABDA process and the explanations above very well. Leaving my job was a process that took 3 years of intense inner work. Thank you Suzanne and community for this opportunity to explore potentials X

  15. Since my inner journey began in 2008, language has become a living being to me, that twists & turns, whirls & swirls- warm, fluid, flowing, glowing, growing. I've begun to see elemental truth in Primary-Secondary relationships, Colors and their meanings and mixings, order, the underlying truth of sounds, letters, numbers, and so much more. The inpouring of love from "above" and the cradle of love from below has made the pain of living a life that doesn't quite fit, worth the hanging in there to the end.

  16. Yes! I am in a DABDA stage! Sometimes I feel so sad and sometimes I feel full of joy and love! And now things are changing In the speed of thought!

  17. Thank you Suzanne for sharing this loving comprehension of the 5 stages of grief, it is so clarifying, I´ve felt an immediate acceleration in my process of maintaining myself longer in 5D frequency which has been difficult due to the polarities of my 3D thoughts and activities. Your love and dedication is very important for all of us who are going through personal and planetary ascension process. Lots of Unconditional love and violet fire for you. God bless you.

  18. Thank you for the continued process of transmutation and conscious expansion. I always recall the saying you've shared before, "Where your thoughts are, there you are also," as this is what dictates our reality. It is not always easy to pause and re-frame our thoughts and emotions as we are offered opportunities to participate in all kinds of realities ~ from moment to moment. We can consciously choose to participate or not in any given situation, reality, or circumstance. The Universe will always offer ample opportunities to refine this skill as we continually release experiences and healings that are complete. I am so grateful to be here to learn alongside each of you!
    Much love,

  19. As much as I would love this ascension process to take place, there are so much 3D drama that is coming in waves this year that makes me wonder what is happening to this world. As I observe the events that is occurring in the past months and how it can be transmuted energetically yet somehow it does not seems to I wonder more. Much of the lessons learnt seems to repeat this year so I find the intensity of the waves of energy shifts is pushing us to relook at ourselves deeper again this year. Have we really released the OLD that we thought we did? Is 5D a mere shift in perspective of the same OLD that is still the same OLD?

  20. I have been going through these stages for almost a year now when the first waves started to come up seemingly out of nowhere. It was as if old baggage that hadn't been touched in decades was opened up and aired out, and I had to make the decision to keep it or let it go. It was hard at first but I think better now. I know the stages of grief aren't always linear so they may pop up unexpectedly here and there, but overall I think I'm ready.