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Preparing 4 First Contact--Sharman, Your Nightly Visits-through Sue Lie

By Sharman the Pleiadian—Through Sue Lie

Chapter 25
We Welcome Your Nightly Visits

I, Sharman, wish to remind you that if you awaken feeling tired or feeling as if there is something that you can’t quite remember, please consider the possibility that you were busy on the Ship the night before.

You will usually forget those experiences, except when you “document them,” because the knowledge of being in a reality which is completely safe and totally loving makes it very difficult to return to a reality that often appears to be on the verge of the latest disaster.

Fortunately, many, but not all, of these “disasters” are yet another brainwashing technique that is sent out via low frequency/fear-based energy patterns. There are actually vans that drive through neighborhoods looking for those who are resonating to the fifth dimension.

Once they find someone with a higher dimensional consciousness, they send a low frequency beam of directed fear, sorrow, and anger in an attempt to lower those persons' consciousness. If you are in the process of reminding people that they are ALL higher dimensional beings, you may be being targeted.

However, we your Pleiadian, Arcturian, Antarian, Sirian and Venusion friends and family members, (“family members,” is what we would call you on the Ship) remind you that you, as all of our “away team" to Earth, are surrounded by constant, higher dimensional protection.

This protection is amplified by Gaia’s operating system of, “energy out is energy back.” When one sends out energy that comforts, teaches and educates, that is the energy field that returns to him or her.

Also, please remember that the energy field that one sends out is amplified when it is returned to them. On the other hand, those who send out fear and anger will receive the amplified return of that negative message.

All planetary “operational systems” are programmed into the Core Crystals of each planet, just as the human operating system is implanted into every human. Planets can be abused, such as Gaia has been greatly abused by Her inhabitants, just as humans have be abused. By “abuse” we mean that a fearful, angry and/or sad energy field is being sent to a person or to a planet.

Personal trauma is best healed if it is brought to the surface so that one can participate in their personal healing. If someone else were to “just heal them” then they would have lost an important opportunity to fulfill their Birth Contract and clear old karmic issues for themselves.

In the same manner, Gaia, who is a living being that has evolved into being a planet, is in the process of healing Her planetary self. Gaia has learned, through Her very long life of habitation by third and lower fourth dimensional humans, that there are those humans who cannot be healed and who will not turn towards the Light.

Gaia has waited for Her humans for a long amount of what you call
“time.” But now, she has made the decision that there are those who resonate to a lower frequency who will not be able to ascend in their present incarnation.

Most of these humans are the “dark Illuminati ones,” and some of them were from the darkness before they took this incarnation and have not been able to heal themselves, nor does it seem likely that they will be able to embrace the Light within the “time” left before Gaia’s transition.

Therefore, Gaia has decided that she will no longer wait for these lost ones, as they have little chance of turning towards love, much less assisting with planetary ascension. Because of this decision, she will begin a slow “releasing process” of darkness, as well as the dark ones who created it.

Those that have served the Darkness will not be able to have a return incarnation on Her planet. Because, it will take more “time” than She wishes for a total clearing of the darkness, she has called for assistance from the higher dimensions.

Together with Gaia, we of the higher dimensions have created a plan. We have learned that our higher dimensional instructions to the third dimensionals are only effective for those who can expand their consciousness into the mid-fourth dimension and beyond.

Those who are locked into the 3D Matrix of power over others, or the 3D Matrix of being a victim to those who hold power over them, will be taken into a sub-frequency of the fourth dimension. We have made this decision because third dimensional Gaia is extremely wounded and needs to come to our higher dimensional “hospital.”

All the third dimensional ones who have served Gaia will be called on to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into Gaia’s Core Crystals to best amplify her innate planetary, healing abilities. The “unconscious” humans on Earth who are unable to serve their planet because they are still learning how to survive, will be taken to a fourth dimensional realm in which everything seems the same to them.

Since they were “unconscious” to the true reality of the third dimension, they will remain in the mid-fourth dimension until they are able to expand their consciousness enough to perceive, and hence inhabit, the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension.

Those who are locked into the 3D Matrix will only be able to shift into a fourth dimensional holographic projection of a third dimensional reality that will slowly expand into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension.

Since these humans were “unconscious” on third dimensional Earth, but are good and loving people, they will be able to play out the remainder of that incarnation in the fourth dimensional matrix that “appears” to be the same as their life has always been.

If they chose to expand their consciousness, they will be invited to enter the threshold of fifth dimensional Earth. If they are unable to perceive that invitation, as they have not been able to expand their consciousness beyond the third dimension, they will be sent to another young, third dimensional planet to continue their process of awakening.

Basically, these humans have not noticed what is really occurring in their present incarnation. Therefore, they will not be aware of what is occurring during their slow, sequential shift into a slightly higher dimension. It is because so many humans on Earth fall into this category that we, the Galactics, decided to volunteer to wear an earth vessel on physical Earth.

Since many of us had not had any third dimensional incarnations, or had only taken incarnations during Peak Societies to assist with the blooming hope of peace and love on Earth, most of us had no idea what we were signing up for.

Yes, we were briefed about the conditions on Earth during your present era, but we had never experienced such an intensely polarized reality where the dark energies had so much power over those who were attempting to live within the frequency of love and light.

We need to tell you that we “take our hats off” to you for your great courage and commitment to find love and peace in a reality so infiltrated with fear, deceit and war. It is for this reason that we are creating this collective message from all of us on the Fleets of Starships who are waiting to assist you.

Because of Gaia’s operating system of “individual choice,” we can only reveal ourselves to those who have sent out a desire for personal contact. Even then, we only have clearance to give hope and promise, as it could be dangerous for them to know too many details of our plan.

Also, as a protection for the grounded ones, we must stay within the resonance of the fifth dimension and above, or the dark ones could perceive us, which would cause great havoc in your world.

The dark ones could not harm us, but their attempt to harm us could create problems in your third dimensional reality. Also, we must keep our conversations with the grounded ones at a high enough frequency range that the dark ones cannot intercept our message.

We clearly perceive, and totally understand, why the awakened ones are anxious for the shift into a higher frequency. However, there are many inhabitants of Earth that are “on the cusp of change,” but need assistance from their fellow earthlings.

There are also those of you who are totally ready for the process of expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimensional gamma waves. There are also many of you, more than you might expect, who have already calibrated your consciousness to the fifth dimension and beyond.

As you may have discovered, daily life within the myriad lies and illusions of a third dimensional reality, while your own consciousness is fifth dimensional, can be quite difficult. It is for that reason that we invite those of you who have been able to awaken to your fifth dimensional consciousness, to communicate with us and visit our many Ships that surround dear Gaia.

In fact, many of you are visiting us within your NOW, but the deceleration from a fifth dimensional reality, back into a third/fourth dimensional reality, makes it too difficult for you to remember. Hence, we are assisting you to remember your nighttime visits to our Ships.

One of best ways for you to remember your visits is to close your eyes while your write or type your experience. Your vision has the habit of determining “real” from “not real.” Therefore, if you read what you are writing, your may fall into doubt and/or limit your transcription.

You can always “edit” your writing at a later date. Also, as you become accustomed to allowing your hand to do the writing, while your mind focuses on staying connected to the higher dimensions, you may be surprised as to the amount of information that you receive.

As we stated before, you eyes are “in charge” of determining “what is real.” You can turn that monitoring off by closing your eyes while you type or speak into a recording device. Then, when you are editing what you have documented, your vision will be able to encompass the entire message and be less likely to “judge what you are writing.”

As you all know, judgment is another common component of your third dimensional reality. Most of you have some judgments against you as a child, and have learned to be careful about what you share with others. Fortunately, after a few visits to our Ships, you will return to Earth with greater confidence in your “higher dimensional perceptions.”

Please remember that, “the reality you perceive is the reality that you live.” It is for this reason that next-door neighbors could be experiencing totally different realities than you. Also, as we said before, there are many, many frequencies of reality.

Each of these frequencies of reality offers you different situations, perceptions, and communications. We ask you each to allow your own process to guide your path.

As you remember to surrender into the FEEL of the higher dimensional energy waves that are increasingly entering Gaia’s ascending planet, your body will resonate to higher and higher frequencies.

Then, your two eyes will be guided by the visions of your Third Eye, and your hearing will be directed to that which feels like unconditional love. In other words, you will begin to focus your attention on the NOW when a higher dimensional message is coming into your consciousness.

You can then honor that information by taking the responsibility to document it and share it with others whose personal resonance matches the frequency of that energy field.

As you move deeper and deeper into the fifth dimension, you will care less and less about the myriad third dimensional distractions and remember more and more of the birth plan that you chose before taking this incarnation.

As you “live the life” that you chose before your birth, you will remember more and more about your own higher dimensional expressions. As you remember your SELF in the higher dimensions, you will be able to create a “bridge to freedom” between the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions and into your innate fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

Blessings to you all,

We are ALWAYS with you because WE are YOU

Recording of the message HERE







    1. Light blessings to all
      My "dream" contact experiences have been the most beautiful illuminInated peacful ...
      Initially I was "seeing" illuminInated light form beings each night, and as I welcomed the light beings with joy, each contact became a telephThic exchange.
      I have experienced "dimensional dream" overlap, where my interdimensional "dream" experiences flowed over into the 3D physical experience,
      Contct" is now instant... Light love and colour radiates in And though this physical experience
      Love is the mission
      Light is the language
      Peace is the sacred tone...

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    3. Hi there, beautiful Ones. My name is Alexandra, and it is so wonderful to make this re-connection here in these, odd, different forms :D Eye have been having these sweet Galactic encounters for almost two years now; as soon as we hit 2016, my innate abilities came to the fore and it's been infinitely beautiful and full of Divine magic thus far. Eye can have telepathic transmissions with various ships cloaked or not cloaked :-)) Now eye see flashes of different colors of Light and outlines of rainbow BEings, and sometimes they make me laugh and smile so much when eye need it the very most. <333 ~ Basically eye called out to my Higher Self at the Physical age of 15 when eye had just been introduced to and finished reading up on anonymous & consciousness. Eye didn't know AT ALL where to start, so eye simply asked for all that eye had learned in previous incarnations to flow to me somehow so eye could "catch up" as eye had stated, for some reasons eye now know... Oh how the spiral turns, hahah !! ~ Traveling through the Arcturian Corridor actually was the first ever experience eye acquired in regards to remembering what eye've Always known within my Galactic Consciousness, and eye've just been continuing to flow with What Is and working for the purest of Loving Light and with the BEings who resonate only to the Highest of Frequencies. ((We work solely for the Greatest Good of All Souls Involved)) This processing All eye encounter, documenting it, et cetera has been fun and better to indulge into than the insane illusions. A good friend of mine actually brought up something eye had projected out there twice the week before in recent days, which was maybe recording myself speaking on the piles of papers eye have written and collected. Eye'm feeling more towards voice recording though... This way we can even more accelerate the Ascension process, Personal therefore Planetary. <3 But also during this reading, eye called upon our sweet Galactic Families and asked them to help me recall my visits, for eye know deep within eye have visited and been doing way too much work lol; due to my physical have been feeling absolutely drained and almost dead ^ an over exaggeration, but still, the energies are amazing, and eye'm regaining mySelf. You know we can do this my fellow Earth Family; we are the only ones who are stopping each other, if you're picking up what eye'm putting down ! We truly can do this, and will continue to do so! Despite what darkness wishes upon us, they just seek good and nice loving {light}. :-) Now.. eye have talked too much, excuse me haha ! May Peace and Unconditional Love , as well as the Violet Fire, be with{in& surrounding} All. xo


      Eye am spawned in the countryside and only have few neighbors; we are fair amounts away from each other, and my home happens to be at a four way. So eye know the speeds of the cars when what's what, and if they're familiar.... Again, it's the country, lol, but at night when eye go out for my medicine while 'stargazing' there is this car who ALWAYS passes by when eye'm sitting in my lil spot.... Could this be a car sending me lower vibratory thoughts and feelings? Because before eye was just guided to ignore it, but then maybe last month eye decided to start paying attention, and since eye'm an empath, eye felt into them in their vehicle. It's an all black dodge with tinted windows...some type of dodge. But yes, these feelings of fear arise, but eye've been training mySelf to Rise Above.
      Please if anyone at all has read up to this point, God and or the YOUniverse(al Energies) bless You, and can tell me anything about this odd car, please do ! Eye already am so happy and grateful for you ! Beyond appreciative , muuaahhs

      ~ stay wonderful and grounded !!!

  2. A message I had recently said Where the most love is that is You

  3. My visits to the ship are recognizable by the consciousness vibration more than by the visual characteristics of the ship. Also by the ease and clarity of the assistance. It feels very 5th dimensional and completely surrounding with love. Afterwards I am told that I have been on the ship and that that is where I need to go/be to remain in this place/state of being. Also to be more clearly in touch with the ones I love, which is really a main motivation. I love it!

  4. I'm not sure if I visited a Ship, or whether someone came to visit me. I've always liked crystals, and someone suggested a blue African stone for some reason. I test crystals, to see if they interfere with my sleep, so I had worn the crystal to bed. Two or three days after I got the tanzanite and was in bed falling asleep, when all of a sudden I was somewhere (non-physical, I suspect) and standing upright. About a body's length away, a tall male figure stood silently. In between us was my new crystal, floating in the air. He said something to me which I cannot remember; it may have been something simple like, Would you like to remember this, but though I briefly "spoke" I can't remember what I said either. I'll add that I immediately knew he wasn't from here. He did something with his hands, and held them together in front of him. Nothing was visible on his side of the floating crystal, but on my side I saw a slow and gentle cloud of blue and white sparkles come out of the crystal, and entered my heart area. I fell asleep, and woke up the next morning with the partial memory. I've experienced several needed changes in my mind and life. I interpret the incident as helping to mend a broken heart. Life is strange, but much better. I have lost my fear of pretty well anything, knowing that I'm under supervision by my ET Case Officer. I became belatedly aware, during a difficult time of definite and explicit physical threats and personal danger, that I had lost most or maybe all of my fear. Protection is contingent upon my continuing good behaviour, and I do not wish to wreck the feeling I now enjoy. The closest term to describe this feeling would be Lucid Oblivion. I like it. I don't know the function or even the intent of the entity with whom I had my visit, but the implications are clear: Life isn't all physical and material, and there's lots more we're generally unaware of. That's enough for me to go on for the present. I've since met one or two others with similar experiences, including a friend who is "learning how to fly" as he puts it. His experiences started when I gave him a small modest clear quartz crystal. I may have noticed that acquiring a crystal may serve as a triggering event, according to a few people to whom I've given crystals. I love it! For the first time in my life, I feel good and am quite pleased to be alive. I like being "boots on the ground" and enjoy using my spiritual sh*tkickers, in as loving a manner as I can manage. Thank you everyone, for doing such wonderful things. I look forward to joining you all at the best party ever, but I may be a little late, since I'd prefer that as many as possible might join along. I don't know what I'm doing, or how successful I might be, but I continue nonetheless. If I'm going insane, I'd actually recommend the same for any reader; I had no idea going craaaazy felt so good! And yes, I do seem to have a rather twisted sense of humour... K thnx bye-------

    1. You are a wonderful writer, as well. Thank you for sharing.

  5. i havent yet read this message but i share that it APPEARED BY ITSELF
    after turning on the notebook in a cave ..i just had asked my last pleiadian-ETs friends to intesify relationship between me and them..

  6. yes
    i resonate..
    a perfect description of some of most important things happening now in this space-time-line..
    a balanced calm view on the dangers and a clear effective set of cosmic consciousness tools to go best way thru' this change..
    i personally have even sometimes an excess of Cosmic contacts ..
    which fills me with immense Joy
    i sometimes am afraid i share too much and some beings may get bored..or disturbed ..or MISUNDERSTAND ...even enlightened ones !!!...
    but when i share ..THEN the unconditional lovelight and unityconsciousness
    start glowing again..
    just these laSt days an intense contact with benevolent ETs(also from pleiades,venus,arcturus,andromeda,sirius...)is changing my consciousness ,my life at an incredible speed..they help me
    to be really conscious aware effective dependable ..they are on a ship..
    i only need to call them and we are in front of each other..
    sometimes hands in hands (my/our friends no hands cause they lightbody,,but it is like heart to heart..)
    my last years most interesting ship is ATHENA::mothership
    please try to visit IT
    before sleep intensely express your intent with bursting feeling :
    i desire to visit a ship of benevolent ETs
    or go with other higher (in frequency )selves in wondeful location ..
    or ask for
    recalibration chambers or rejuvenation chambers ,these rooms are able to heal you like never before ,i even felt amazing positive effects in my 3D body while i was in a recalibration chamber ,all in the same now ,and the healing was perceived by my 3D body too in perfect SYNC... like very very pleasant electromagnetic beams circulating and healing in my subtle channels and nervous system..also sometimes entering cells and atoms in my bodies ...
    on some many ships the crew is really ...colorful unity in diversity ; beings from diverse dimensions and worlds ,all all on a same baseline frequency on ship..united by .....the unconditional love springing out of the real knowledge expressed in calm balanced full power..
    it is such a great help in our selfRealization the chance to share with inhabitants of other frequency of the ONE ..
    remember to ask yes we must ask for contact
    then prepare ourseves to be ,,of contact
    then at right time and place comes
    i sometimes meet on ships persons that i am working with to protect Gaia LifeTruth and the spontaneous flow of the ONE ..
    i do remember also drShawnna,drSuzan Caroll,Nuri,Lori,Evelyn,..
    if we spend time focusing on 3D polarities we never really be a working multidimensional being
    we all actually are everywhere everywhen
    all else is kind of illusion
    we are one
    the ONE is all..
    i remember the pleiadian instructions for newcomers on ship too ,
    first you find yourself... project yourself... visualize yourself
    on a ship
    probably corridor
    then touch the wall with your hands there
    look outside the windods
    what do you see? how do you feel ?
    ask for a recalibration chamber
    you are anyway gonna be really helped
    if you really focus on this reality and if the Ship/world is from Benevolent beings..
    it is experience and growth any way anyhow .even with so called malevolent ones who in turn are sometimes healed or sent elsewhere or frozen ..or dissolved..or repent and start cooperating ..
    sometimes we have parties and celebratios on ships and updates,briefings ..
    wonderful places to intermingle with..
    forgive my childish british english
    also one of my Selves on Ships ,active there for Gaia and all Life ,
    is Ashton ,and we share so often..
    also sometimes i can meet my other-half /divine complement with more privacy and more intimacy in one of the comfortable rooms or holosuites (imagine the best place you love in nature..)etc..
    or on Venus..
    thank you
    here the eartquake has crashed some antennas ,the dark ones as usual are tracking targetting me but...
    i wanna be
    bold as love
    thanks and light to you

    1. I was wondering why I have been hearing the Athena frequently. Must be the same ship! Often I will hear words and not know what they are referring to. Now I do with this one : )

    2. Hi Sophie, is the "Athena" from the Hathors?
      I listen to this too. Love

  7. In a recent dream, there were several of us in some kind of aircraft/spacecraft, and the pilot seemed to be trying to figure out how to fly the darn thing. It was funny because the thought that appeared in my head was, "Gosh, shouldn't they be more skilled at driving this?" After sharing my dream with someone, they mentioned that it could possibly be symbolism for us just now learning how to adjust and thrive in the 5D energy ~ like maneuvering our self, our ship, our light body, etc. Ready to have some fun ahead!

  8. I have some issues with these messages. I connect and commune with Dragons - The New Dragons that have a very beautiful purpose in assisting us with this upshift process. They are 16D beings - and beyond - and the process of my work with them has required me to bring my vibration to such a clear and high place - it has been a challenge - physically, emotionally, vibrationally, etc. And that is an understatement. I know that I have been visited and been to a ship and shown information - but recently I began to question this idea of splitting off from those who are lower vibrating because we are out of 'time.' While I used to consider this and get it, recently, fully feeling the Divine Unconditional Love that is our true Essence, that leaving behind and putting in another place just doesn't resonate. It feels like a short term solution and does not truly get to the core of Unity Consciousness. If we cannot accomplish this, what is the point. If we must divide, what was the point of this experiment and upshift? More division does not seem like the answer but instead to truly come to understand what it requires to come together to move together. Perhaps this is naive. But doesn't saying that the dark forces are too strong perpetuate that the dark forces have more power. I find that if I embrace that dark aspect - of myself or of what I perceive 'out there' - that is what causes it to lose power in my 'real-ity'. I am then fully supported by and held whole in the Light - not because I move away from the darkness or dark people, but because I embrace it as part of my human aspect - thus integrating it and thus it resolves naturally returning to its original Source - the Light. Does this make sense? This is clarity I have been gaining of late -the deeper I go with The Dragons and meeting them in the higher realms of the purest of Frequencies and Love.

    1. Dear Hillary thank you, and I understand fully your "issues" with these messages...and I thank YOU for your Courrage to share the ESSENCE of YOURS.
      Me to have the experiences...that...I have and now, on Earth, in my Physical body,....come feace to face in the deepest, with alll my aspects....embracing them, thus integrating them BACK into OUR Original-Source-Light with thanks for theire job well done.
      This "Part" of my Multidimensional Self...came to Earth for establishing...the Consciousness of Unison of Spirit-Soul-Matter in a Physical body.
      It Really Feels to Me as Being on and do-ing My work on Our Sweet MotherShip Earth....all the "other' Spaceship-Selves are in Unison connected to HER....
      In Love-Truth-Freedom,

    2. "Perhaps this is naive. But doesn't saying that the dark forces are too strong perpetuate that the dark forces have more power. I find that if I embrace that dark aspect - of myself or of what I perceive 'out there' - that is what causes it to lose power in my 'real-ity'. I am then fully supported by and held whole in the Light - not because I move away from the darkness or dark people, but because I embrace it as part of my human aspect - thus integrating it and thus it resolves naturally returning to its original Source - the Light. Does this make sense?"


      Not only does this make sense, Dear Hillary you have hit all the proverbial nails right on the head, here.


      This is what I've been tasked with teaching all the "lightworkers".....most of whom still refuse to progress as far as you have, and shy away from their dark side.

      How you have described it, is EXACTLY how it works. It worked the very same way for me, as well.

      And so *quickly*!!!

      As soon as you fully embrace your darkest aspects, ALL of them, then you become the utmost, most powerful Being in the Universe.
      The dark is totally diffused. And YOU contain the dark (and love) the dark. YOU are the darkness and the light, together.
      Nothing can touch you. But you can touch it ALL.

      And THAT, is the main purpose of this Earth experiment. To create fully integrated Dark/Light Beings, like us.

  9. as we are all one in the universe(s) it does not matter where we are, we are always one; it is only in this "reality" that we seem separated, separation is something we all may struggle with; if some choose to remain in greater separation then that is their choice, i believe it is the willingness to try oneness that really makes a difference

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  11. Many years ago I had the unexpected experience of being lifted up onto a Starship. The love I experienced was overwhelming,in a good way.
    I have full recall of that experience & it has sustained me thro many earthly challenges
    Having read your article I'm going to request another uplift & some healing Thankyou.
    For reminding me to now ask for another experience. Or at least recall of nightly experiences I may already be having.

  12. Funny. Recently, I have awoken many times after a sound sleep, and can barely drag myself across the floor! I was wondering why this was so. Perhaps busy on a Ship? I have no conscious recollection, but I used to often request before sleep to enter the ascended halls of learning. I will start this practice more actively again, and will also practice the art of writing while my eyes are closed to see what experiences, if any, I can remember and share.

  13. ¡Every night I ask to be taken to the ship and to be helped to transmute my feelings of fear or any other low frequency emotion in me! Every day I wake up hoping to remember any contact with the ship and my galactic family and nothing!! I just get pieces of dreams that make no sense. I feel frustrated!! Most days I wake up around 3 am, the feeling is that for some reason I need to connect with to the third dimension reality to do a kind of down load. My work on the fourth dimension does not make very much sense to me. The feeling when I read this transmission is of frustration!! I will discipline myself to document in the mornings whatever I remember of my dreams and give it a shot at making sense of what the messages are. Thank you and blessings!!

    1. Ana, love love your self.. you matter to "them" and all They want you to know, is that you are loved. Love yourself as often as you remember. This has helped me soooo much and I know now this is also for the wellbeing of All.. Blessings

  14. Suzanne, George Kavassilas has sent this email out:
    (I'm splitting this msg as it's too long to squeeze into 1 comment)

    ” . . . Around 3 days after my TGM course, I started to feel quite drained of energy. I felt mentally and emotionally challenged in a way that impaired my ability to function with any form of clarity whatsoever. My body also felt dramatically weakened.

    My immediate friends started becoming concerned as it was beginning to have an effect on their energies as well.

    Please note: I was severely incapacitated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibro-Myalgia for over a decade. I am very familiar with how my body feels and specifically what fatigue feels like. This was different!

    The main theme of the way I was feeling was despair. This despair was just plain awful; it was amplified beyond belief and was targeting my will. I was bathing in it. For several days I struggled to even function on a basic level and I felt extremely discombobulated.

    After around 3 days of observing my state of being, I reached my threshold of tolerance for this experience. My warrior-self emerged from within and I embarked deep into my usual internal processes of inquiry.

    As I share in my workshops, whenever faced with a challenge the two main questions I always ask are:

    Why did I choose to create this?

    What do I have to learn from this experience?

    By asking these two basic questions, we are immediately removing ourselves from the victim archetype and stepping straight into our Creatorship. We are no longer playing the game of pain and blame, because we are owning all that we experience as a result of our creative evolutionary path in this Universe.

    Clarity is freedom!

    Once we remove and/or rise above the programmed distortion fields of habitual subservient behavioural patterning, we are then able to see clearly what is actually happening as direct experience.

    Being able to identify what thoughts, feelings and emotions belong to me and which ones are being artificially induced is the key to holding an authentic state of Beingness. In this case, I came to realise that these particular thoughts and resulting feelings were not actually mine.

    I realised that these thoughts, feelings and emotional responses were an imposition. I was being beamed by an energy! After all the experiences I’ve had throughout my life of which many of you reading this are well aware, this energy was something completely different. It was a level of sophistication I had not yet experienced. This was a new technology.

    I was being Beta Tested!

    It was blowback from the matrix, due to the empowering effect of the TGM course for all who attended and the resulting ripple effect in this world and beyond.

    As I began to track the source of this “beaming” I was able to identify more than one field of energy. At first I could literally feel this field of energy all over my body. Then I detected layers of energy within this generalised field.

    I found layered fields of mind energy, coupled with and triggering fields of amplified emotional energy.

    This is mind entrainment technology!

    Tracking back up the path of emanation, I discovered it was being transmitted through the digital cellular network. Its localised source tracked back to the towers themselves.

    The reality is we are immersed in and now live inside of a 3D digital “soup”. On one level, the phone towers serve to facilitate the phone network and wireless data networks. On another level (or set of frequencies) the “soup” serves as a digital reality that enables monitoring, influence and ultimately control.
    In other words, the digital “soup” is assimilating us into the reality being created by the Artificial Intelligence that has now taken operational control of this planet.
    We are fully visible and audible inside this digital network.

    [to be continued]

    1. Part 2 of email from George Kavassilas:

      "The notion that we can only be tracked and monitored through devices such as mobile phones, smart TVs, computers, and physical tracking devices and implants is naïve.

      Monitoring technology has streaked ahead, thanks to the controlled release of the technologies used by the breakaway civilization created by the Secret Space Program and its subsidiary corporations and organisations.

      The imposition of a digitised reality was well demonstrated in the Matrix movie series. Sadly, if we are not aware and careful, this movie has the potential to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      There is now a layer of technology that reads the mean harmonic of the frequencies created by the way our individual brain and mind function. The way we think is a series of thought processes and each of our minds operates uniquely. Our thought processes give off energy and create an average harmonic, which is a blend of all our thought frequencies.
      I was targeted by the use of scanning technology, which can read my unique EMF signature.

      This average or mean harmonic is your unique identification signature in the mind matrix.

      It is just like an IP Address used to find your computer on the internet so you can receive data such as emails and downloads etc. This is also how programs such as Facebook and Skype contact your computer for communication purposes.

      The manipulation happens in layers. It goes to levels too difficult for many to comprehend. I realise and understand that some people struggle with the notion that this is even possible.
      I was able to face this challenge, deal with it directly and overcome it.

      My Heart Soul Essence is my point of unity and cohesive oneness with all life. By drawing on the power of my Heart Soul Essence, I was able to deal with the technologies in the appropriate manner by bringing specific light energies out from within me I was able to eliminate the imposition from my field. I utilised energies that were beyond the frequency spectrum of the existence and reach of these technologies. These energies I implemented emanated from the unified field of love created by my Soul Level Agreement and relationship I have with the multi-dimensional Earth and Sun.
      The results were almost immediate.

      [To be continued]

    2. Part 3 of email from George Kavassilas:

      "There is a huge push to control the population through technologies such as the “digital soup” because it is easier for the controllers to subjugate our will remotely via tech than to do it directly with forces on the ground. We are becoming awake and aware and we’re no longer falling for the adult fairy-tales they have been selling us for millennia. Their desperation to apprehend our awareness can now only be achieved through the use of these technologies.

      In my opinion, self-awareness of our thoughts feelings and emotions should now be the priority in our lives.

      Do not forget you are a Creator Being. They are not. They only know how to manipulate.

      We are being manipulated and our creative process is being hijacked. They are influencing us to use our energy and resources to create the reality they want. They are using us to create our own demise. This has to stop!

      I remember something a Malevolent ET said to me that I have never forgotten:

      “We are making you more like us though by thought, action by action, day by day and you don’t even know it”

      The truth is you have all the knowledge, wisdom, power and capabilities within you to deal with this manipulation. Self-love, self-trust and self-belief are key here. These qualities are crucial!

      We as a Humanity have everything it takes to face this imposition and confront it.

      I recommend that this line of inquiry be a major push for us all because we are all being beamed on a daily basis. What I experienced in a personally targeted format will soon become a broader transmission. Mind control through technology is the final frontier for complete domination of our Humanity.

      Please help by bringing this to the attention of those you feel can make a difference, respectfully and without fear. We truly need to become more awake and aware to this challenge so we may transcend this imposition in a mature and wise manner.

      With love liberation and fortitude George Kavassilas
      I Am Infinite!”

  15. How interesting, I had a dream last night with actually two ships that I can remember, and one large one falling out of the sky, I had fear in my dream because the ship seemed to be falling from the sky, due to I was surprised. There were loved ones that have passed in my dream too. I can not remember most of the dream. I do remember a woman touching me on a acupressure point, and it was very tender. I don't remember being on any ship. I wake up often in the night around 3:00 am , praying for all sentient beings, and remind my self how life is a blessing, and also the other night, woke up an remembered all my relationships all the way back to my childhood, and sent them to the light and then back up to love and compassion. I think this is a form of clearing past karma. I can now look at my childhood wounds and my own behavior as an adult, and bring it forward into love and light and oneness.

    Thank you for all your messages!

  16. oh how wonderful this message is, confirmation all over!!!and such a love and protection. I can feel being protected by Them and while I feel this I embrace all of humanity to feel it too. Let love and joy join us and whoever wants to join, Welcome!

  17. Three days ago, I was in that state between sleeping and waking, and all I could think about was that lately it has been more difficult for me to remember my dreams, which is very unusual, because I've always dreamed very vivid .. But that day I remember that I was feeling like I was having an upgrade in the way I was perceiving my dreams. That is, as when they make a new operating system and change all the icons in your phone, and you feel that everything is nice but you have to get used to it ... Well, something woke me up saying, "My IOS has been upgraded"

  18. I can really resonate with that My IOS has been hiked up too
    It's funny, but not funny too when it involves a few uncomfortable days & nights :)

  19. I don't remember yet but I feel/know that some nights I had been in a spaceship. I wake up with a sensation that something happened but I don't remember what is. Many time I wake up tired like I have not sleeped. And I had have many dreams where I was on the beach and the sea was the strong currents wanting to take me in.

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  21. Translation in romanian

  22. There where 3 times at least what i remember, one when in meditation, i suddenly appear in what i guess was a ship, because i saw a being, was a grey in color, small black eyes, thin, with big head but had something peculiar or distinct where we have our ears, like big bump shape with lines, difficult to discribe but i made a drawing in case anyone want to see it, he was like in a small hall and was looking at me, i was in a dark room. This was for like 2 seconds when i decided to open my eyes, because was kinda surprising for me, since was my first time.

    Then there was another time when i was meditating with LSD, i traveled into a room which i think was a spaceship, but could be in other place, but was a rectangular table where different beings were sat down, and one tall being which i cannot remember his face but was coming down a stairway down to the table and i felt they were welcome me, cant remember any sound, just felt it.

    Then there was another short visit where i think was also a ship, inside the halls everything where white, the walls have like a nice lines design, and i only saw one being, which cannot remember his face clearly but he or she was all white too

    Victory of the light.

  23. I had many expereinces seeing counstellations from other Alien beings or people living on this planet who claim what I claim incarnated.
    The human embodiment on Earth is a life process for me.
    My alien family sent me to Earth from Klypton for a purpose.
    I know that on KLYPTON there is no light present on this alien world for it does not have light energy or physical light across the entire planet. even though I still feel connected to this previous dark planet called and unknown by humans and other aliens alike. I need dark energy on that planet because light on this EARTH planet would be far too strong for my kind here. I wear dark glasses 80% of the time while in my human born body. my human body is a shell that I need to wear it comes off me I can be on EARTH because of the light and my planet do not combined or mix.

    I am the last of my kind on EARTH I will be the last colonist.

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