Saturday, September 3, 2016

CHAPTER 22 OF PREPARING 4 FIRST CONTACT--Sharman the Pleiadian through Sue Lie


By Sharman the Pleiadian—Through Sue Lie

Light Partners with Nature

Greetings. I am Commander Sharman speaking to you from our Starships. I say, “Starships” because there are many of us now who are maintaining a constant connection with Gaia within the higher fourth and fifth dimensional versions of Her reality.

Humans have adapted a belief, or prejudice, that only third dimensional humans are alive, and everything else goes under the category of “nature,” as if the 'human’ category was more important than the category of nature.

The fact is that nature could, and did, survive and thrive much better before humans became “civilized.” In reality the non-civilized humans were much more in tune with, and in cohesion with nature, than what has been called “the modern man.”

The modern man has created untold damage and destruction to all forms of nature, such as the trees, mountains, animals, fish, birds, insects, as well as the cycles of unity with all life. The cycle of unity with all life begins at the birth of any of the elements of nature and continues to include the entire planet.

It is the now for humanity to remember what they innately knew as children but forgot when they grew up, which is EVERYTHING IS ALIVE. Even the “things” that humans use in their daily life are surrounded by the living auras of every being that has ever touched them.
Do you know that you leave the fingerprint of your energy field on every thing or person that you ever touch?

As long as one is ignorant of that fact they can behave as if they do not have that power. However, you all do have that power and every human affects your reality with a single thought, touch, emotion, or interaction. That is why humans were once called the “Keepers of the Land.”’

Unfortunately, to an alarming extent, humanity did not “keep” the land. Instead, they destroyed it. In fact, humanity also destroyed the air, which diminished the Sun’s power to transmute your reality.

Instead of transmuting Earth into a higher frequency, the great beings of the Sun needed to heal the harm that humanity had inflicted on Gaia. Humanity has also tainted the water, which is vital for all life to grow into its strongest potential and treated the earth element as if it were “dirt.”

Humanity created so much smog that many of the Suns higher rays of light have been screened out. Furthermore, humans have tainted the water with the waste material of the many “things” that they create.

But NOW that era is ending. NOW mother Gaia is to be recognized as the home on which that every one of Her children were born to protect and maintain. But first Gaia’s children need to grow up into responsible adults.

Within this now a new era is dawning. This is the era where humanity will learn to seek IN rather than to seek ABOVE. They will no longer have an invisible God who is somewhere up in the sky, in fact, up in the very sky that humanity tainted by choosing profit over ecology.

The pathway to God is not determined by the physical destinations of up, over around or under. God is within each and every human, even the ones who have fallen into, or been forced into darkness, such as children of the Illuminati.

Each and every human is a portal through which “Heaven” can manifest on Earth. But what is Heaven? Heaven is the freedom of the combined qualities of Wisdom, Power, and Love working as ONE.

Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love are the qualities to which humanity is returning as they re-embrace their fifth dimensional and above expressions of Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love.

“Where do I find these qualities?” many ask. The answer is that you find these qualities within your own earth vessel, within your own High Heart, which will assist you to connect your earth vessel self into your own fully awakened Lightbody, which is within your own physical body self.

“How do I make this connection?” you ask. The answer is that you were born with that connection. However, the hardships and challenges of a third dimensional life made you forget. You also forgot because of safety issues. Those who remembered and tried to share the truth were often taunted, ignored, harmed, or even killed.

Fortunately, that experience is coming to a conclusion. When the third dimension was the primary dimension of habitation, the polarities of such a low frequency created separation and limitation from your own Higher Self and from the planet on which your earth vessel was born.

You chose to take a vessel of the same frequency and elements as Earth to assist with Gaia’s planetary ascension. Many humans talk about their personal ascension, but all of you are already ascended. The “multidimensional you” already lives in the higher dimensions.

All of these versions of your Multidimensional SELF
wear a form that resonates to the frequency of each of those dimensions.

Humanity came to Earth again and again to heal the wounds that you left on Gaia’s Earth, in Her air and water, as well as Her land. Because you had not “cleaned up your room.” you could not “play in the fifth dimension” until you had completed the cycle of your third dimensional life.

To complete the cycle of your third dimensional life, you are called on to transmute all the residue of all your third/fourth dimensional incarnations on Earth. Unfortunately, you could not clear your incarnational residue until you are awake enough in your physical form to call on your innate multidimensional qualities.

Once aware of your own multidimensional qualities, you are able to do on Earth what you had promised to do for Earth before you took your Earth vessel. Unfortunately, far too many of you got lost in the allure of individuality.

Therefore, you forgot that individuality was not a toy to play with. Individuality was, and is, a focus point. Individuality is “the tip of a pen” through which you write your individual statements. Individuality is the focus point of what you see, hear, smell, touch, and therefore, perceive as your reality.

However, each individual has their own reality and their own personal experience of life in the third dimension. Once you are living within your third dimensional expression of SELF, you are bound to Earth’s third-dimensional Law of Cause and Effect that governs that frequency of Gaia’s reality. 

If you wish to leave that frequency of Gaia’s multidimensional planet, just like a hiker, you need to pack out your trash. In order for you to exit your third dimensional experience you need to collect your “trash,” put it in to your backpack and leave Gaia exactly as you found Her. In fact, please leave Gaia better than you found Her.

Within this NOW of Gaia’s ascension process, you need to leave Gaia in BETTER shape than She was when you entered your present incarnation. Much like the hiker, you must make sure that you have collected all of the trash that you have ever left from any and all of your former “hikes/incarnations” into the third dimension.  

In fact, you are being called on to pack out all the trash that has ever been left by anyone who has ever “taken a hike” into the third dimension. You see, the third dimensional trails are now under construction and will be closed due to roadwork. Only the members of the cleanup team are coming to Gaia now.

The reason for this is because those who still function under the 3D HABIT of “me first” will not be allowed to enter into this “ascension game.” This ascension game has reached a point of “critical shift,” and those whose focus is on the darkness and/or power-over others will no longer be allowed to play there.

The ones who have not yet learned that “energy out is energy back” or “how to live within and share the energy field of Unconditional Love” are being redirected to another third/fourth dimensional planet.

Gaia is now “under construction” to become a fifth dimensional planet. She is happily accepting souls who wish to participate in her reconstruction, but will NOT allow those who wish to have “power over others,” as their birth plan.

In fact, even those who have left their residue of darkness on Gaia, and wish to transmute that energy, will be redirected to the fourth dimensional frequency of Gaia, which will remain opened until the construction of the fifth dimensional Gaia is complete.

Within the fourth dimensional frequency of Gaia’s aura, energy out is instantly returned as energy back. Therefore, if one’s third dimensional experiences have not been completed by taking full responsibility for their “energy out,” and then by transmuting their own darkness/fear into light/unconditional love, they will be redirected to another third dimensional planet.

Therefore, as there is less and less negative energy left on Gaia’s planetary body by irresponsible humans, Gaia will more easily be able to transmute and rebirth into her fifth dimensional octave of self. In fact, within your NOW, many Higher Beings from the galaxy are surrounding Earth.

Some of the inhabitants of these Ships are sharing their consciousness with the awakened human, who are often third dimensional expressions of their own Multidimensional SELF. Because of the long “growing up process” on Earth, most of these Higher Beings are sharing with adults who have expanded their consciousness into the higher fourth or fifth dimension.

However, there are more and more children and adolescents who are able to consciously accept and share the information that is being sent to them via their higher dimensional expressions of SELF. All of these humans can accept the higher frequency without needing to leave their Earth Vessel.

It is for this reason that so many humans are eating better, meditating, exercising and doing all that is necessary to raise their resonance so that their higher frequency of SELF can inter-mingle with their human form without harming it.

Just as only the highest frequency of rocks, which are crystals, can accept and use the higher dimensions of light, only your fifth dimensional body can fully accept and use the highest frequencies of light.

Fortunately your “Lightbody” is nestled within your Kundalini, which is surrounded by your spinal column. If you are aware of your innate Lightbody, and aware of the giant crystals within the core of Gaia, you likely know that once you capture that Higher Light, you will share it with Gaia.

As you allow this Higher Light into your vessel, be sure to surround it with Unconditional Love to protect your fragile third-dimensional body.
Also, be sure to:
·    Send that Higher Light down through the passageway of your own latent inter-dimensional Lightbody SELF…
·      AND down into Gaia’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals in the Center of Her planetary form.

“But what will this do to our own fragile third dimensional body?” we hear you ask. Remember the primary operating systems of Gaia’s third dimensional body is energy out returns as energy back. Therefore, as you offer your own physical body to serve as a passageway for the higher light to enter Gaia’s core, that light also enters your core.

 Just as Gaia’s core is already innately fifth dimensional and awaiting the NOW to transmute into her fifth dimensional Light Planet, your kundalini core is innately fifth dimensional and awaiting the NOW to transmute into your fifth dimensional Light Body.

“What you give will return to you,” is an important component of Gaia’s “3D Operating System of “Cause and “Effect.” Therefore, as you give away the Higher Light that you have collected within your own Earth Vessel, it WILL return to you from every person, place, situation and thing to which you have sent it.

Oh the glory of the Great Harvest when all the Higher Light that you have captured and shared with all life returns to you. It is within that NOW that you will become what you have collected and shared.
Within that NOW, You will become LIGHT!

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  1. Entering the 5th Dimension - Darren S.

    I have been wondering what it would feel like to live in the 5th dimension. What would the experience look like and feel like? We all have been given glimpses of the feelings, visions of energy, and thought processes, some even can smell it and hear it.

    Now, all of these sensations are very new to me and have been getting stronger every day. I used to have to do breathing exercises to feel the higher vibrations or even meditate, but now they are always with me.

    There is a constant sensation of buzzing throughout my body. Recently my Shaman Reki teacher and I were performing REKI on a woman and I was putting my hands on her head and she told me to back up because my energy was too strong.

    She told me to hold my hands back a few feet from her head. So you see our energy is becoming so much stronger than the normal energy level of the population.

    I explained to the Shaman that I have been feeling part of the energy field and that every day I become stronger physically, emotionally and mentally and in addition the earth is being bombarded by high waves of photonic light.

    She agreed with me. She sad both are converging at the same time, both individually, and globally. I asked her why I am able to see the energy field and some other people cannot. I’m not more special than anybody else.

    She said that my previous history of drug use was the reason why I can see the energy. I had already trained my mind to perceive things that are not visible. She was reluctant to tell me that because I am a recovered addict.

    She did not want me to relapse. But what I interpreted from her was now that my 3rd eye is fully open and my energy is so strong maybe something could push me over the threshold of the 5th dimension.

  2. Continued...Entering the 5th Dimension - Darren S.

    So, last night I smoked a joint of medical grade marijuana with a couple of friends. I actually have a prescription for it but I have not renewed it. I did it late at night around 11 PM EST.

    I went home and felt completely relaxed. I was guided to and start listening to Suzanne Lie’s recording about entering the 5th dimension and something resonated with me really strong.
    What would it feel like to enter the 5th Dimension? What would it feel like to enter that Stargate? What Sue said to do was align my mind and my heart together. Then I had to tune into the frequency of unconditional love.

    Well I did that on my couch and I could feel the frequency of unconditional love. I never understood that it was an actual frequency. It is a wavelength and a color. And, as I will tell you, that frequency is the color pink!

    That particular frequency is the key to get into the 5th dimension. When I was able to hold that frequency in that relaxed state with no fear and no other thoughts the room started to turn white.

    I said, “OK this is getting really crazy. I think I will try it listening to Pink Floyd upstairs in bed as that is more relaxed, therefore better.” So I went up to bed around 2 am and started doing the same thing.

    I was aligning my soul to the frequency of unconditional love and surrendering to it. I started to see a white fog of energy start surrounding me, and then it totally faded out my jet-black bedroom reality.

    Then the energy turned to pink and everything changed. My feeling, perception of time faded, and what I was visually seeing with my physical eyes open changed. Everything changed!

    My perception of reality changed. The pink that I saw was the entry way into the 5th dimension. What I realized then was that I don’t walk into the 5th dimension with my legs.

    I walk into the 5th Dimension, which is always surrounding me with my consciousness. When I breathed in more love and light I started to be able to feel and see the 5th dimension even more, and I wanted to go into it really bad.

    The breath was the control factor. The more I breathed in and out the more the room became pink. I could see wavy pink objects and start to feel the presence of may celestial beings. It kind of looked like pink see grass and wavy squid like objects.

    I saw some pink skeleton like objects, as well. I don’t think I was supposed to get too involved with meeting beings on this journey last night. I was just supposed to explain what is possible now.

    This experience was something new that was surreal. I want to try it again without the marijuana tonight because now I now how to get into the 5th Dimension, and I want to explore more.

    It’s kind of like a weight lifter who lifts 300 pounds for the first time. Once he does it he knows he can do it again. Now that I got a glimpse of the 5th Dimension, I know I can get back there again.

    What is really important is for us to raise our consciousness level up to the threshold of that 5th Dimension but not to get consumed by it yet because we have much work to do here.

  3. Continued...Entering the 5th Dimension - Darren S.

    I am not sure if my body is ready to go all the way into it or not yet, anyway. I don’t want to concern you but I want to make you aware that while I was doing this last night my whole body was jolting. It would feel like I got a small defibulator shock, and my body would react physically like that, as I went in and out of relaxed sleep in order to begin awake to 5D and back again.

    Do not be afraid if your body does this. Your body is not used to aligning to the 5th Dimension, your consciousness is. The important part is to be fully relaxed and believe that there is a 5th Dimension. This belief takes a considerable amount of internal and EGO work to believe that what you are about to do is possible.

    I hope I am helping you by telling you it is possible. Aligning your frequency with the Universal Frequency of Unconditional love will match your frequency with the 5th Dimension.

    Breathe in and out and relax your eyes and lose your focus while maintaining the unconditional love frequency. Doing this at night in a pitch black room is ideal. I cannot do it in the daytime yet.

    These are very exciting times and, as prototypes, we are the ones who have to blaze the 5D path for the rest of humanity. We are in uncharted territory, so please share your experiences and good luck.


  4. blessings
    ITAL TRANSL. and more
    on request


  5. Love and gratitude, Sue.

    Yes, we are nature, we are Earth and we are stars. Our body is the Graal and a portal.

    We are One and All.


  6. Translation in romanian

  7. HeartToHeart Internal Gratitude

  8. Thank you Commander Sharman! Thank you Sue Lie! One of the phrases (above) that resonates strongly with me is: "Do you know that you leave the fingerprint of your energy field on every thing or person that you ever touch?" Lately I have found my self touching trees, plants and blessing them. But I also notice that I am touching parking meters, bike racks. I didn't consciously realize that I was leaving a fingerprint of my energy field until I read this. It feels right. Thank you!

    I am also resonating to the following statement (above): "Much like the hiker, you must make sure that you have collected all of the trash that you have ever left from any and all of your former “hikes/incarnations” into the third dimension. In fact, you are being called on to pack out all the trash that has ever been left by anyone who has ever “taken a hike” into the third dimension." Over the past year or so I have had the inspiration to pick up physical trash as I see it in the alley, the park or on the beach, and when doing so making the intention that each piece of trash I pick up will be a blessing for Gaia and for all of us who have trashed her past, present and future. It feels like a sacred calling, and this passage (above) confirms that the inspiration I have received is on the right track. Thank you!

    And the third phrase from the above Chapter 22 that resonates with me is: "Therefore, as you offer your own physical body to serve as a passageway for the higher light to enter Gaia’s core, that light also enters your core." I have lately had the inspiration that during meditation to be stillness, to listen, to be an antenna, to be a receiver of higher vibrations of light and love to pass through me (this physical body) to be grounded into Gaia, whether I am consciously aware of the light and love vibrations or not. This also feels right, and I am very happy for this confirmation. Thanks again Commander Sharman and Sue Lie!!! Much love and Light to you both!

  9. As always, Sue shared a very impactful message about what is happening now and the role we can play as a conduit. I have actually been doing the protocol daily as part of invoking my purpose and declaring my abundance. Much love!

  10. I am in that part of looking within.Its feels like one has been left alone or not being assisted by what you look up to on the outside but I know I will discover something powerful in the inside despite the feeling of aloneness.

  11. I've been wondering about why I have started hugging trees,rocks and plants as I walk through the forest? Birds come to me without any fear. I have always felt immense feeling of oneness and love with nature and started to pick up rubbish also? Awesome!

  12. Another great message to us. I like to read them twice, the first time is just to enjoy then I read again after a day or two and this time is to let it anchor and enjoy once more!
    This wonderful message from Sharman brings a smile on my face and in my heart. It also lifts me up, gives me beautiful insights and helps me to understand and accept so much. Thank Sharman and thank you Sue <3 <3

    Lately I like to touch the trees that I pass when walking outside and I always felt an urge to touch certain persons when I talking with them; sometimes it’s just a brush of the fingertips or the upper arm and sometimes it is a pat on the shoulders or back.

    Love this line: Heaven is the freedom of the combined qualities of Wisdom, Power, and Love working as ONE.

    I love the fact that I have fifth Dimensional or Higher Expressions of Self and they express the qualities of “Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power and Unconditional Love!!

    I am aware I have been transmuting and it is becoming easier. It is a relief that only those who wants to help clean up are coming to Gaia now.
    I also love that we protect our fragile third-dimensional body by surrounding it with Unconditional Love’ This is becoming easier for us to do! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU 

  13. Good one Suzanne. I have learned that; Condensing your breath into the spine and bone marrow is a good way to get acquainted with these higher frequencies that live within us. The space within the spine is a safe place to rest your mind and it is a good idea to leave it there. Somehow the deeper you go, in this space inside the spine, you seem to go further into the space that surrounds you. To me, this is the Great Mystery...Eternity and all the rest of the cool stuff.

  14. Not too sure about the retrieving and transmuting all the karma of all lifetimes. Who is this cosmic hierarchy we check in with? I cant keep track of the thought forms of this lifetime. I am expected to track down everything in time? Sounds too much like Mother Superior of my Catholic upbringing. Fear is fear people. This moment is round and bright. Not so sure about the rest of it.