Thursday, September 8, 2016

Interdimensional Life Review to "Make Ascension Normal"--Special Blog Event by Suzanne Lie


                            Interdimensional Life Review 

      You can also listen to a recording between Shawnna and Sue about this Blog Event HERE

Shawnna: We’re going to have a series based on our Interdimensional Life Review. This series will begin and everyone is invited to join. The Arcturians have told us that they will be leading us into our next level of expansion. So get ready to go through some in-depth reviews of every interdimensional experience that has occurred in your life thus far.

Sue: Yes, during this “life review” we will be focusing on our interdimensional experiences. We are talking about remembering and acknowledging ALL the interdimensional experiences that we have had in the four areas of our life that are our:

Early Childhood
Young Adult
Where you are now

To avoid confusion, we will define the difference between “interdimensional” and “multidimensional” as:

“Multidimensional” experiences represent a “knowing” that there is more to our total SELF than just our third-dimensional, physical self and our fourth-dimensional dream and imagination self.

On the other hand, we are defining our “Interdimensional” experiences as our conscious, yet often forgotten, communications between the different layers of our Multidimensional SELF, as well as our communications with higher dimensional beings that are NOT members of our personal multidimensional nature.

When we experienced these “interdimensional occurrences,” we may not have realized that we actually had an interdimensional experience. We may have thought, “Oh, wow I had this weird dream or wild experience. I don’t even know where I went or who I was communicating with.”

As young children we likely would not call our experience “interdimensional,” as that was not a term most young children could understand, or have ever heard. Hence, our true interdimensional experiences were likely ignored, called a dream, or an “active imagination.”

Therefore, we are going to go through each age group, starting when we were children and re-looking at what happened.

I know that I put these experiences under the category of “weird,” which did not allow me to realize that I had actually experienced a conscious contact with a higher dimensional being.

Hence, we, as a continuation of our ongoing “Make Ascension Normal” campaign, we are re-defining our “weird” experiences as “INTERDIMENSIONAL” experiences. As children, many of us received many wonderful experience and advanced communications because our minds were open.

We didn’t have any expectations yet, and we were much like an empty book. Therefore, our “Spirit Guides,” “Make believe friends,” and our “higher-dimensional expressions of Self” were downloading a great deal of interdimensional information into our open minds.

However, as we became adolescents, we got busy with being popular, smart, and athletic, etc. As an adolescent, it was often more important to be like everybody else than it was to be like our self.

When we became young adults, we went to college, got married, found jobs and had children. Who had time for re-defining our “weird” experiences as an “interdimensional communication?

Fortunately, these interdimensional experiences were still happening all along because these experiences don’t occur within time. Interdimensional experiences happen within the fifth dimensional NOW.

Too often, we did not take the “time” to write down our experiences. Therefore, they became lost to our daily memory. Sometimes, we did not even recognize these experiences as being “real,” or we didn’t have the awareness to say, “Wow, that was an interdimensional experience!”

Instead, we might have said, “Oh, that was a crazy dream,” “Man, was that ever a trip.” or “What was that about? That was a weird thing.” Hence, many of our “interdimensional” experiences were put down in the categories of “weird,” “Just a dream,” or “What was that about?”

What we want to do during this series is to take these experiences out of the old “where do I put this” category, and place it into where it belongs, which is a real category of “Interdimensional Experiences”. But first, we need to more deeply define that term.

One of the many definitions would be, “For a moment of our third dimensional self, we inter-connected with a higher-dimensional frequency.” Then, whether this connection was through a dream, a meditation, our imagination, or through a performance of some type, we can acknowledge that we were in connection with a higher dimensional energy field.

In any of these situations, there is an expansion of our consciousness. But as we go back to our Early Childhood, Adolescence and Young Adulthood, and Where We Are NOW, we can gain a broader and deeper recognition of our SELF.

As we go back through our life we will see how we defined “consciousness” differently during different eras of our life. Once, being “conscious” only meant that we were awake. But awake meant that our eyes were open, and we could see the 3D world.

NOW, all of these terms have “interdimensional” definitions. For example:
·      “Interdimensional Consciousness” means our ability to interact with higher frequencies of reality
·      “Awake” means that we are aware of our “higher consciousness” and are able to receive, retain, and hopefully document, our ever-increasing interdimensional experiences.

We now define an “interdimensional experience” as a conscious interaction between our third dimensional self and a higher dimensional being. Furthermore, our fourth dimensional self is able to receive and understand this experience enough for our physical self to document it, so that we would not forget it.

But what about all the many interdimensional experiences that we already forgot?

We wish to bring in a picture, or an idea, or a feeling, or a deeper memory and fuller understanding of our interdimensional experiences. In this NOW, we will not title these experiences as “weird, or “just a dream.”

In this NOW, we will consciously, and collectively, recognize that these experiences that have occurred throughout our life, were REAL experiences. We will also consult our own Multidimensional SELF for guidance and deeper understanding of WHY we have had these experiences and WHY we forgot them.

By bringing our Multidimensional SELF online to assist us to more fully understand the interdimensional messages that we are consciously remembering, we will better understand the expanded self that we have always been.

In other words, we have been guided all of our lives, but we didn’t call it “guidance.” Therefore, we didn’t register these experiences in our conscious mind. As we allow these experiences to rise to the surface of our heart and mind, we can better remember that we have ALWAYS been the interdimensional/multi-dimensional being that we have been TRYING TO BE.

Shawnna:  I think this will be a fun process. In our initial discussions, we were comparing this process with the experiences people have which are called NDE, “near-death experiences,” and STE, “spiritually transformative experiences.”

Therefore, I think we are creating a whole new category for the description of this type of awareness.” We are calling it the “IDE,” Interdimensional Experience, and creating an effective way for people to make sense of what’s going on in their lives. 

People are asking, “What do we call this?” “How do we describe these things that are happening to us?” We are the pioneers in this stage of human evolution. Hence, it is pretty fascinating to imagine what these experiences are really about.

Sue: Yes, it’s as if we went back in time where many people were still riding in buggies, but other people were switching to driving cars. Suddenly, people were asking questions like,  “How does it feel to drive a car, as opposed to riding in a buggy?”

And, as soon as people started driving cars, an entirely different vocabulary was created, such as:
“What’s a brake?
What’s an accelerator?
Where’s the windshield?
How do we start the automobile?”
An entirely new vocabulary was created that was brand new because no one had ever had an automobile before.

In the same way, a “new vocabulary” is being created for a “new experience.” This is what is happening NOW, as our “interdimensional experiences” become real in our daily experience.

We talked several times about having that peek into the fifth dimension, and that’s usually how these interdimensional experiences first begin. In some way, we are having these experiences either through our dreams, meditations, or sometimes just walking through the woods, or driving in the car.

Then, totally out of nowhere we get a flash. That flash was that we went from third/fourth dimensional life into our fifth dimensional life. Now THAT is a flash! And, the light of that “flash of awareness” activates our Multi-dimensional Mind, which is the combination of our right and left hemispheres, as well as our fifth-dimensional, Lightbody brain.

As more and more people make these “multidimensional connections” within their own bodies, more and more of their Multidimensional SELF is coming “online” in their physical body and in their everyday life. The first ones to awaken and consciously create these conscious connections with their "interdimensional life experiences" will be called on to assist others.

Our “child,” “adolescent,” “young adult” and “where we are now” phases of our life are all different. In each of these phases, we perceive the same thing in a different way. If you are a young child and saw a Higher Being you would probably say, “Oh wow, look at that, this is my pretend friend, my buddy!”

But if you’re an adult, or maybe an executive, you’re an adult who has to keep your 3D life striving and succeeding. When this person has an interdimensional experience, they may say, “Oh, I must be hallucinating. What happened? I think I drank too many cocktails last night.” Or, “What’s wrong with me?”

If we go back into our childhood, we may realize that we have been having “interdimensional experiences” since you were very young. Then, we can better remember our true, Multidimensional SELF that got lost in the process of our “growing up.”

Most important, maybe then we can allow ourselves to title these experiences as “Preparing for Ascension.” In this manner, the same experiences are translated in a different way, because WE are different people in this NOW.

Shawnna: What we are saying now is just scratching the surface because we will be guided as we all move together through this full process. It will be interesting to go back and revisit all of these experiences that we’ve had through our lifetime, and put them into this new category. We’ll have a chance to get very creative as we find new ways to describe our experiences.

Sue: Yes, and all of this is under the format of “Make Ascension Normal” because, as we went through our life and had these experiences, we did NOT think that they were normal. Therefore, we didn’t share them, and we didn’t want to talk to anybody about them.

I had lots of those kinds of experiences, and boy, did I learn to keep my mouth shut. I learned to remind myself, “Do NOT tell people about this, don’t tell anybody about it, because that “look” will come across their face if you do.”

Then I would say to myself, "OK, they think I’m crazy. I’m not going to share this kind of stuff anymore!” I was born in 1946, so it was a different era. For those of you who are younger, it may have been more acceptable for you to have these types of experiences.

In closing, I wish to give an “operational definition” for:  “Making Ascension Normal.” By “Making Ascension Normal”, we are accepting that all of our interdimensional experiences that we have had throughout our life have all been A NORMAL PART of Personal and Planetary ascension.

That acceptance transmutes our experiences from, “Oh wow, I had this really weird thing happen,” to, “What is weird is that we all got lost in the illusions of the third dimension.”

The third dimension is a pretty confusing frequency of reality, and there is a lot to understand. Furthermore, the third dimension changes all the time, which makes life difficult, but interesting.

On the other hand, our interdimensional experiences and communications keep us consciously tuned into the process of Planetary Ascension.
Blessings to you all.  We hope you can join us.

Interdimensional Life Review

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  1. I haven't read this post yet but I wanted to thank you for sharing those beautiful jewels from your earlier days! I am so loving reading them and am still. I will read this one soon too. I know that your channellings have been so important for me in reconfiguring the mind and thought processes and bringing that into allignment with my experiences. On all dimensions. I am truly grateful : }

    1. wow, that was a great explanation of what we are all doing...
      "reconfiguring the mind and thought processes and bringing that into allignment with my experiences. On all dimensions."

  2. om blessings
    ital transl on request
    and more

  3. I have only one question. If there is only the illusion of time and if we want to move to the next level, dimension…That can happen only in the NOW. Then all our plans for the 'future' ,make time real and that is taking us out of the NOW?!..Thank you

    1. That's RIGHT.

      Quite the little pickle, isn't it?

      Therefore, the only "plans for a *future*", should be made in your IMAGINATION. And have as little to do as possible, with the shitty Earth reality currently surrounding you.

      (So that you don't keep on perpetuating this crap 3D matrix, and that you don't at the same "time", take yourself out of the NOW and lock yourself into the trap of 3D Time.)

      In your "future imaginings" Be CREATIVE, and IMAGINE the higher realities superimposing themselves over this one.

      But if you are doing all your planning for the future based on this current Earth reality -- and that's all you can Imagine....then you are not destined for the Higher Dimensions.
      Not until you change.

      It is only when YOU change, that the bubble reality (and collective Bubble Realities) surrounding you, can also "change".
      All they ever do, is reflect the changes you have made in yourself.
      Soon as you change, you automatically move yourself onto a NEW TIMELINE.


    2. Thank you Ivanova,
      I do not have any plans in this 3D..I imagine/remember " home"…The thing is that even planning for the next webinar , is a future plan in 3D and there for is keeping us in this 3D illusionary time line…?!

  4. “Interdimensional”:

    I haven't had any “Interdimensional” experiences.



  5. This is going to be FUN! Thank you, Su and Shawnna!

  6. Why arcturians, aren't pleidians more powerful?

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