Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Introduction to Interdimensional Life Review - Class starts tomorrow


Welcome Everyone
We will be starting our Interdimensional Life Review

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Final points for class, starting tomorrow 9-15-16
The Arcturians and Sue Lie

Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining us. I would like to begin - this is Sue and the Arcturians, of course, are over lighting us throughout this entire process - I would like to begin with pointing out some important points about the class so as you go forward there won’t be too much confusion.

            The summary of the class is that we really do realize that we are the higher dimensional expressions of our self and not just the humans that we have always thought we are. Well, maybe not always for some of us, I know myself I never really always thought I was human, and I’m sure a lot of you in the group didn’t always think you were human either and guess what you were right! We thought that as children but then boy we got shut down on that one didn’t we?

            Okay so let me continue. We are wearing our human bodies, but we are not a human person who is trying to figure out how to ascend, instead we are an ascended person who is trying to figure out how to be a human person. So let’s just think about that for a second. All of our lives, we were thinking “Oh, I just need to figure out how do I ascend? How do I be my Higher Self?” Guess what? You always were your Higher Self and your Higher Self is in the higher dimensions saying “Oh I wish I could help my grounded one but it’s so confusing down there!” Yes it is confusing isn’t it?

            Okay, what this is really about - this class - it’s about breaking that old brainwashing. We are debriefing ourselves from the brainwashing that we went through, that “Oh you’re just a human and this is how you should act and this is how you should be.” The Golden Ones, who we introduced in the last blog, who are these amazingly wonderful unconditionally loving beings that are threshold keepers, they are waiting for anyone who can reach their frequency to help them understand exactly who they are and why they came to this planet.

Now we all came down to the planet trying not to forget - and some of us didn’t forget everything, but we definitely forgot a lot. Then there were times that we forgot but as soon as we did we went into a deep depression. I know for myself when I tried to shut and just be normal I felt like a stranger on a strange world and I had this pretty dangerous chant where I’d say “I hate this planet and I want to go home!” Well, I had a near death experience so probably not a good chant. Wouldn’t recommend that.

            Now you have to go - we have to go into the knowledge that is our true Self because if we don’t it’s just too difficult to fit into the third dimension and when we go into that knowledge we realize that we are following orders. But they are not orders that are from somebody else, they are orders from our own Higher Self. However when we shut down for a long time it’s not too easy to open back up again. So that is why we are going through this age by age so that you can into the different times of your life in which you had an experience and chose to forget the experience.

But this time we’re going to go into the experience and choose to remember it. We - your Higher Selves - are in the process of gathering our warriors. What we mean by the process of ‘gathering our warriors’ is that it takes those who are really dedicated to be able to fight for the right to be themselves. Just think of that - fighting for the right to be ourselves. Now this is a new kind of warrior, we don’t need to fight anyone else. We do need to fight for the right to be ourselves. Not our third dimensional self. Because that’s true, we are our third dimensional self but that’s like a very small percentage of who we are. So now we are regaining the rest of us.

We are fighting for the right to be our true multidimensional selves in our daily life. But first we have to remember who our true multidimensional self is. And so the way that we are going to remember that is that we are going to look into these significant times of our life and we are going to go into those interdimensional experiences that we had but forgot.

            Now an interdimensional experience can be something as simple as looking at the childhood. As a child looking up at a star and saying “That’s my house” - that is an interdimensional activity, that is an interdimensional experience, that is an interdimensional thought. And I remember my self when I was a child I would look up at the stars and I thought well “I want to go there, I want to go back there.” Now that’s a silly thing for a child to think right? But a lot of us did, didn’t we. And the reality is that each time we had these interdimensional experiences very often, not always, it was closed off for some reason.

            And so as we go into the now at each age, we can experience why we turned that off and instead remember it. Then we can go in to that age and say “Thank you for remembering.” This is not a process of finding the wounded victim - on the contrary this is just the opposite. Instead this is a process of going into finding the light being that we have always been. But we had to release that concept of having a higher being, of being a higher being because the rules and regulations of the third dimension told us that there was something wrong with us if we thought that way.

            So now we are rewriting those situations. We are going into these pertinent times in our lives in which we had this experience and we are embracing ourselves, honoring ourselves and congratulating ourselves for remembering to remember. And when we remember to remember we become those warriors for the light. Now the reasons why we did not fight for the person that we were is because we forgot the person that we were.

            We had to be the self that society told us that we had to be so even though we had these memories we forgot them because if we remembered them very often they made us sad because we wanted to be that person, we wanted to go there. We wanted to be who that person was and of course we are and now we are remembering.

            So the process that we’re going through is a process of recollection, of a recognition, of a taking back of our power and recognizing our self and a debriefing. There are many other components to this process that we will discover as we go into the now of it. It feels like this process is an important part of the continual awakening of humanity. For when we all took our embodiment, we were fully in connection with the higher light. And you see how little babies they root towards the light, they want to look at the light.

But they came from being inside the mothers stomach where it’s dark, why did they look for the light? They looked for the light because they had not yet forgotten. When we were babies we could see our souls, we could see our higher selves and that is the comfort that we sought. Each human comes into Earth awake and aware and knows a lot more than other people think they know. And then they go through the process of forgetting. This interdimensional experience “IDE” process is about releasing that forgetfulness and releasing any indoctrination that created that forgetfulness.

It’s not about going into the indoctrination because you don’t want to go into any of the third dimensional situations. Instead, you want to honor the purity of these interdimensional flashes, interdimensional connections, interdimensional memories that reminded us throughout our life “Hey - you are wearing an Earth vessel, but you are a light being.”

            So therefore we’re going into the childhood, the adolescence, the adults and whatever age you are now. Now if you happen to be an adolescent then you can do adolescence now because that’s the age you are now. And also you might even get creative and decide to go into and age that you haven’t yet experienced within this specific incarnation for we all have many many incarnations in which we were any many different ages and many different people.

The primary reason why The Arcturians are directing this process is they want to help us to remember who we have always been but forgot. And it is very empowering for us to remember that we are the higher beings trying to remember who we are. So, therefore, we are releasing the brainwashing that we have received, we are stepping back into our empowerment, we are proudly remembering who we are and why we came to Earth. Then when we step back into our true purpose we are fully empowered and ready to act upon that purpose.

            This is a process of releasing the illusion nd living in the truth that have always known who we are but we just forgot because we forgot those important interdimensional experiences that reminded us “You are not a human who is trying to be a higher being, you are a higher being who is trying to be a human.”

I look forward to meeting you all, as we begin our

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  1. A big THANK YOU to Sue and to the Arcturians.. for this input and for this webinar!

    I had a session with Sue and the Arcturians yesterday and we also visited the Life Review. At one point the Arcturians asked me to remember "around age 7" and that called out a reflection from me about one of the things they also say in the post above.. that "we all came down to the planet trying not to forget - and some of us didn’t forget everything, but we definitely forgot a lot." - When I look back on my childhood I sense that I had indeed 'forgotten a lot'.. I know and I see when I look back that I always felt 'alone', 'not understood', that I did not 'belong'.. and it is only in the last relatively few years (I'm in my 55th year on Gaia) that I have been able to shift my perception. I know.. that I was not really alone... it just felt that way..! There were angels and many other multidimensional beings there with me, even if I was not aware of them!

    The Arcturians' response to this was that my feeling of loneliness was due to my "being an unloved child". That felt a bit harsh at first.. I've known and worked with my primal fear of 'rejection and abandonment' for many years and I've unconditionally.. accepted, forgiven and loved those experiences that I had agreed to myself as parts of my learning process in this 3rd dimension. Then the Arcturians explained my karmic relationship with my mother and why she had not been able to love me early in my life. We had a life together where we were both warriors, and I had killed her in battle with a long spear through his (her now) heart. The two of us had also been friends at times in that life and although (s)he had also killed me an instant later.. that old wound was here in this present life to be healed. - This perspective /story enabled a shift in my perception of my early life and also in my sensing of my relationship with my mother. - I had to smile when I took in the profundity of the healing process.. My mum has recently been diagnosed with a heart-condition.. and I am her aide and spokesperson in her contact with the hospital and I'm her advisor /counsellor in her process of healing it too..

    I'm excited about this course and what it might open up and enable... Thank you Sue and Thank You Arcturians!!! for your painstaiking work and support!

  2. Yes Inquiry into who we are beyond the phenomena of the body is the true task at hand. I enjoy reflecting on who I am before this incarnation. Some kind of Cosmic baby, observing phenomena and eternity. Right here in this moment. Not some fantastic memory. Just Right here now. It is good and enough. All to remember is here.

  3. Thank you for this loving clear guidance, i 70 been along for the ride that long, joy of remembering. Like us all remembered so much, and fought to remember, but called it, "my spiritual path".... then ascension, what joy to be home. I now have, who i call my human tribe where linked to the ancestral wisdom of people close, to the land my foster familly.... now i have my star familly, my real familly, but cos of unity we all share in love of earth mother. It amazes me how the star fammilly love earth she must be very special... and sue, i will be following yor idea of reclaim our spiritual memorys. Thanks so much for yr wonderful site. I give thanks.... the eclipse is happening.NOW, DAY TO LIFT HUMANITY and all life, on earth to higher resonance, if they choose and for their highest good

    and more

  5. om blessings and gratitude

    i have to start with a global view thru' time :
    then below here in PART 2 i go on just as a infant only.
    i recently have been brought consciously by my Realself,Arcturians the first moment here in 3D, coming out of the womb of my terrestrial mother was /is a gate of immense significance for me
    i have heard the intense loud cry i emanated in that moment ...realizing where i had fallen ,
    some years later:
    here in europe once a year you can change your form/dress and be someone else or so (carnival..)i was around 1 year old and i absolutely insisted i was american indian and they had to find me feathers etc ..i have been american indian before..
    in my childhood
    i do remember always a CLOSER CONTACT WITH NATURE AND THE WHOLE ,expressing also as a global total ongoing BLISS 24/7..
    this multiD-BLISS soon started to slowly decrease,fade,till a almost dim pale reminiscence when chilhood ended ,all due to the Consensus of the western society i grew in :these dangerous relatives dare to call them CIVILIZED !!!meanwhile they create newer and newer kind of destruction and lies!!i send them lovelight..
    one day around 6/7 years old
    i have had a infinite moment of huge immense total Bliss ,bursting out of divided time-space-existence,and merging with,melting into conscious ONEness,
    i do remember : i am a child running in the magic of a sunset along a shore at sea and everything melts into a light ,this light is filled of Bliss ..
    surely Elementals helped cause along a shore you are in open contact with earth-water-fire-air and more ....
    as a child
    all my realities and perceptions were/are
    that soon started to fade to become just a luminosity around everything everybeing ..which kept on fading ,until later on i started to defend my right to be mySelf ,my real identity started to push ...............

    PART 2

    Following the scheme you have given:

    i do remember one day :
    i am a little child (luckiky my parents lived in a wooden big house in the middle of countless country-fields!!)
    i am naked :no dress
    i am close to a kind of micro-pool(water..)
    under sunshine
    i am contacting the spirit if this SUN and Its other Inhabitants ,,wooooooooow...
    i am smiling
    my face is radiant like a little-big sun
    my state of consciousness
    is kind of ..pure..
    brightly connected to this Sun ,central Suns ::to the ONE ..
    i also am focusing upon the Beauty inherent Infinite Creation and i perceive Bliss is spread and pulsating everywhere ..
    namastè and blessings