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Preparing For First Contact--by Shawn

Hello dear readers,
While you are all enjoying your inner, awakened child, I am posting the next chapter of my upcoming book, "Preparing for Contact." In this chapter, Shawn, the young boy, talks about his experience of being on the Ship. Perhaps, this article will help you to remember being a "child" on the Ship.

By Shawn the Human—Through Sue Lie

Chapter 24
Shawn Shares

Hello everyone. I am Shawn, Liza’s younger brother. 
After Liza told her story to “you,” she asked me to tell my story. Now, being the kind of person that I am, I instantly wanted to know who “you” were. Finally, after much discussion, which needed to include Sharman, so that I could get the exact details of how I could speak to you from this Starship.

As my sister has said, I am a bit of a “brain-i-ack,” which is not a real word. However, this is how Liza and my Dad have thought of me because, well, I guess I am not like regular people. In fact, I was not like anyone—until I came onboard the Ship.

Suddenly, there was thousands and thousands of people with whom I could talk in my most “brain-i-ack” way, and they actually knew more than me. Now, the knowing more than me was a bit of a challenge. Because I was always so different from others on Earth, I kind of built a “brain shield” around myself so that I did not feel so different.

But now I am no different. In fact, there are lots of people who are as smart as, and smarter than me. You may think that I was instantly happy about that, but I have to admit that I had become accustomed to being smarter than others. Now, I guess you could say I am normal.

Of course I was not normal for an Earth kid, but I am “normal” for many of the kids on the Ship. You might think I am happy about that, and I am working on being happy about this, but I do need to admit that I did like “being on the top,” even though it was lonely.

Oh, let me talk a bit about age on the Ship. As you may recall, I was just a young kid when we came on the ship. However, a very cool thing happened. Whereas Earth was, and still is, for a bit longer, bound by time and space. However, most of the Ship resonates to the fifth dimension of the Here and NOW.

It took a while to discover that fact because, at first, we could only be in the third/fourth dimensional visitors quarters. However, soon after we came here, Sharman and Shelia realized that I was not just a regular 3D Earth kid. As soon, as Dad was well enough to give them his OK to take me to all the cool places on the Ship, they began taking me on excursions.

Sharman and Shelia could totally recognize who I was really was, which has been the highlight of my rather short life so far. However, I intend to remain in this body and on this Ship until I fully understand my brain, how to use it for the Light, and grow my body into an adult. I am pretty sick of having this little kid body while I have an adult brain.

However, my sister will be the first one to point out that I still have kid emotions. That was a big issue when I was on Earth. But now that I am on the Ship, I have met beings of all sizes, shapes, colors and from places that even I, the astronomy fanatic, never heard of.
Therefore, I no longer need to “act out” emotionally because I am so different.

Everyone is different here. And, they are simultaneously the same. Yes, that was very confusing for me at first too. However, I have finally figured out that although the body that is encompassing their consciousness may be different from other bodies, but the consciousness of everyone in this Ship is totally aligned and harmonious.

This type of collective consciousness is exactly what I needed. Here on the Ship, we may all look different, and do different things, but we all share a “unity of consciousness” that I never experienced on Earth. I have to say that coming to this Ship is the most wonderful thing that I could imagine.

Sharman and Shelia, who acted as my parents while Dad was still under medical care, and my sister, who is running all over the Ship with her tall, green friend, know that I am totally safe. Therefore, they let me go and do whatever I want. Sharman and Shelia, recognized that my brain was much bigger than my body and never looked at me as my “age and size.”

Instead, they looked at my Lightbody. At first they would not tell me what my Lightbody was. They said that when I was really ready to make that discovery that I would do so on my own. Wow, that impressed me so much. It was like they could look into me and see that I would only really believe what I discovered!

They did not judge me for that trait. In fact, they honored it and allowed me to “be my own teacher.” In fact, school was always just a place to play with my friends. And everything I needed to learn, which was a LOT, I looked up on my computer. Now I have my own “inter-dimensional computer!”

WOW, am I in Heaven or what? I can look up any information from any dimension all the way up into the twelfth dimension. I used to talk about the twelfth dimension back on Earth and everyone thought how “cute” my “imagination” was. Now, I have confirmation that all that I have seen and heard inside my mind, or is it my heart, is actually true.

I never knew that we could learn from our heart, but Sharman and Shelia have been gently guiding me to better understand a fifth dimensional reality. They told me that only the “visitor sections” of the Ship are based on third dimensional time/space, and that, when I am ready, they will take me to the fifth dimensional NOW areas of the Ship, where age has no meaning.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked excitedly. “When your father is well enough, we will consult with him as to when you can go there,” was my answer.

I knew they were trying to respect the Earth rules of parenting, so I decided to not fight it and learn everything that I could find on my inter-dimensional computer. And, boy, did I learn!! There was also something that I learned that was NOT on the computer. I learned that there are other people just like me all over the Ship.

Finally, I am really home. I still have my “kid body,” but there are beings on the Ship with all kinds of bodies, so that finally my size is not an issue. The best part of my new “school” is that I go to the “section,” as schools don’t have “grades” here, that is based on my ability and not on my age.

Pleiadians, as well as the many other higher dimensional ones on the Ship, do not think in a sequential fashion like on Earth. They all think within the NOW. As smart as I always thought I was, I have a very difficult time understanding the concept of living in the NOW. I was told to be patient, which is not easy for me.

Actually, it is not that I am impatient. It is more that I am so excited to find a subject, which I can “NOT” immediately understand. Finally, I am learning something new. Sharman and Shelia said that the best way to fully understand something is to tell it to another.

However, believe it or not, for the first time in my life, I am learning from my body rather than my brain. The reason for this is that the fifth dimension is not so much a place, or even a concept. The fifth dimension is an energetic resonance, a frequency of reality.

“Frequency of reality,” is a relatively new term for me, and one that I did not understand at all until I came on the Ship. The fifth dimension is difficult explain until you have “felt it with your body.” Now, this was a novel concept to me. I always put my thinking first, then those pesky young boy emotions were second, and finally, at the end of the list was my consciousness.

I had never thought of the term “consciousness” other than one was awake to something and therefore conscious or unconscious because they were asleep. I had no idea how consciousness was the collective of all the thoughts and emotions that we allowed into our awareness.

In fact, I had no idea that we could “allow” a certain frequency of consciousness to guide our thoughts, emotions, actions, and of course, our state of consciousness. I know, I know, you are thinking that I am the weirdest kid you ever met. And, yes, I am quite weird by third dimensional standards.

However, to my great joy (joy being a word I would have never associated with my self), I no longer need to be measured by a third dimensional ruler. I do not, yet, fully understand the fifth dimension. But I do feel in my body a sense of joy, freedom, and deep camaraderie with all life that I had never considered as possible.

Finally, my “boy’s body” can accept my “adult’s brain” without fear of judgment that I am too different or know too much for other people’s comfort. Most important, I can “feel my emotions” and “listen to my body.” I make this statement, not as “the brainy, scientists kid.”

Instead, I make this statement from my heart. Yes, I found my heart. I think I lost all contact with my heart because my Mom died when I was so young, my father, as Liza said, was always working, and I was raised by my older sister, who did not know much more than me, I just stopped having emotions.

I was really alone. No one was paying attention to the fact that I was not in the right school, and was I was no learning anything. No one noticed that sometimes I came home with my shirt torn or bruises on my body. Liza put together some kind of canned or frozen dinner for me, made me help with the dishes, then disappeared into her room.

I was alone! I was alone at home, alone at school, alone in my neighborhood and alone in my mind. I turned off all emotions, or the loneliness and sadness would have been overwhelming.

I took a shower sometimes and often put on the same clothes for days and days when I went to school. When I came home to an empty house, I dug around in the kitchen to find some food, just as I had dug around to find some breakfast. I got ready for school alone, was usually alone at school, got ready for bed alone, and woke up the next morning alone.

But now I have parents in Sharman and Shelia, I have friends at my school; I play chess and sometimes lose, and even played a ball game with some of kids here. It seems that the kids here are just as psychic as their parents. They know to just let me be. They don’t ask any probing questions because they can read my aura.

Also, since they can read my aura, they know not to ask me or push me. They know that I will adjust. They may even know that I am finally understanding what the word happiness means. Best of all, I think I have a friend. Her name is Belia, and she is really smart too.

Therefore, I don’t have to hold back and pretend I don’t know something that I really do know. In fact, sometimes she knows more than me. Just like Liza's friend, Belia is not totally human. She has blue skin and says she is from a distant planet in the Sirius Star Cluster. Of course, we went straight to one of the computers where she showed me everything about her homeworld.

We then looked up Earth and learned everything about Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy. Finally, Liza and I both have really good friends. Now, because we are happy, we don’t fight, in fact, sometimes she and Mars hang out with me and Belia. One time, Dad even came by. I guess you can’t “teach an old dog new tricks.”

On the other hand, Sharman and Shelia often drop in, just to see if we need anything. Then, they leave us alone. The Ship is totally safe, and everything is free. Belia and I both go to the Ship’s School, which is really cool. No grades, no homework and somehow they make learning fun.

Again I must say, “I love being on the Ship.”


  1. "...being on the Ship. Perhaps, this article will help you to remember being a "child" on the Ship."


    I have never been on a "ship". I have never had any experiences, or any connections during this incarnation, with a "SHIP".

    Must you always refer to ET "ships"?
    Do you not understand that most of us, don't have anything in common with your "ship" experiences?

    Your focus is so very narrow. Always the "ship". Ship this, ship that.
    As if you don't have the capability to EXPAND YOURSELF, and your perception of other people's realities.

    Which don't involve, any "ship" experiences.

    AT ALL.


    1. Raven, I read this blog to read about ship experiences & enjoy them very much. If I wanted to read about another experience I would read another blog. There are so very many blogging about multidimensional experiences i feel you could find one that resonates quite easily. Why go into a pizza parlor & demand Chinese food? It's a recipe for suffering. 😊

    2. Raven, I read this blog to read about ship experiences & enjoy them very much. If I wanted to read about another experience I would read another blog. There are so very many blogging about multidimensional experiences i feel you could find one that resonates quite easily. Why go into a pizza parlor & demand Chinese food? It's a recipe for suffering. 😊

    3. ASHTON FROM athena MOTHERSHIPSeptember 19, 2016 at 11:55 AM

      dearest one
      unconditional love and violet flame to you
      you are attracted by these blog but your logical surface expectations desire different formats ..
      i tell like a brother and for experience :
      ships do exist
      and are now more important than ever in this spacetimeline
      ask to visit one while you are gonna sleep
      free yourself from any limitation and see .........
      space is FULL of SHIPS from benevolent malevolent and neutral beings
      ask benevolent ones the real significance of this theme ..
      venusian could be a best first help ..

  2. om thank you
    and more.........

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