Thursday, September 22, 2016

WEEK 2 - Interdimensional Life Review (Adolescence) - The Arcturian through Sue Lie




Remembering Your Adolescent

Take a long slow deep breath and allow your body to relax as you go back, back, back in your age until the time when you first became an adolescent. Remember the moment that defined the fact to you that “I am now a teenager. I am now an adolescent.”

Now as you think of that time again put yourself into the situation by looking down at your feet and seeing what you have on your feet and what are your feet standing on?
Are you standing on a carpet?
Are you standing on hard wood floor?
Linoleum floor?
Grass, the dirt, a beach, the water?
As you see how you are grounded into this particular expression,
this particular moment of becoming a teenager, of becoming an adolescent.

Now look up your legs and follow up your legs see what do you have on your legs?
Do you have pants or a skirt that goes all the way down to your ankles?
Or do you have a short skirt and short pants?
Or whatever configuration you see on your legs.

Now move up to your waist to see what you have from your waist down.
Do you have buttons?
Do you have a zipper?
Do you have a jacket?
Do you have a shirt?
Do you have a dress?

What are you wearing?
What color is it that you are wearing on the top part of your body?
What color are you wearing on your legs?
What color are your shoes if you have them?
And what color are your socks if you have them?

Now, as you sweep up your body, remember that you are now an adolescent.
When you were a child, you would dress how your parents would tell you to dress or what is the easiest to put on.

But now you are regaining and gaining a sense of self.
You are regaining from your myriad incarnations that perhaps you are remembering, but likely have not remembered yet.

You may be gaining, what appears to you the first time, that you feel like,
“I’m older now, I’m not a kid. I’m a teenager.”

As a teenager you likely take a little more effort on how you dress, because you don’t want to look too different from the other teens, nor do you want to look too much like them. So, as you look at what you’re wearing, how do you feel about these clothes that you have on?
Do these clothes make you feel important?
Do these clothes make you feel popular?
Do you care about those issues? Do you not care about those issues?
And now look at your arms and what do you have on your arms?
Do you have long sleeves, do you have a jacket, do you have a sweater?
Are your arms bare?

Now look at your hands and look at the back of your hands.
Are you wearing any rings?
Are you wearing anything around your wrist?

Now look at your chest.
Is there anything you are wearing around your neck?

How are you feeling about yourself right now within this moment that you have captured?

Reach up and feel your hair.
Is it long?
Is it short?
Does it feel like “Oh I’m looking cool today”
or does it feel like “Wow this is really a mess.”
What do you chose to do as a teenager?
Do you choose to mess up your straightened hair?
Do you choose to comb out your messy hair?

Take a long moment to remember, BE, Experience how you are stepping into this age that is in between - you’re not a kid anymore but you’re not an adult either.

 You are in between.
You want more freedom, but at first you really don’t know what to do with it.
You want your parents not to tell you what to do, but you still want them to take care of you, feed you and give you money.

So you are not an adult, you are not a child, you are your own adolescent self. 
Own this you.
Examine this you.
Accept this you.

Most important, remember to give this you a big hug and say,

“I love you. I love who you were then and I love who you became.” Blessings.


Allow this you to tell YOU, the adult, about the “really weird, cool, amazing, thing that happened that made you KNOW…That something happened that was NOT normal.

Some thing happened that was from a different reality, dimension, time??

It was an interdimensional experience.

And YOU, the teenager, is telling

            YOU, the adult, about that experience.

What is the inter dimensional experience 
that comes into your memory?

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Please share what your adolescent told you 
in the comments section below:
Make it NORMAL for YOU to be among the many people 
who did, and are NOW, having 

Interdimensional Experiences

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I, Sue Lie, will happily be the first to share my teenage Interdimensional Experience. I actually had many of these experiences, but I was depressed through much of my adolescence and well into my adulthood, and could NOT give myself credit for actually talking to an "inter-dimensional being."

    But I did talk to the Golden Light on the "ceiling" of my bedroom. I had been talking to Lights since I was a child, so it was not an unusual for me. However, as a teenager I needed that Light more than ever. As a teen, I had not figured out that if I wrote down what I was told, I would better remember it.

    However, if I wrote it down, someone might "see my secret." My real secret was that this "Golden Light" seemed to love me. Therefore, I could love the Golden Light. Best of all, I could talk to this Light, ask questions and even get answers.

    One time when I was very depressed, I locked myself in the bathroom, curled up in a ball and quietly cried and cried. Then, for some reason, I was drawn to a strip of paper in the small trash bin. It seem to have once been part of a calendar. I picked up the paper and it read,
    "Happiness is not getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you have."
    I never forgot that note, and that was many years ago.

    1. "One time when I was very depressed,"


      I was so "depressed" in my late teenage years, all through my 20's, that all I could look forward to, were ways of killing myself.

      One *slow* method of killing myself and looking forward to the relief of exiting this shithole hologram, was practising Anorexia Nervosa and over-exercising.

      That one was my favourite suicide, up until I hit 30 years old, and my Higher Self intervened to transform and evolve me pretty damn fast.


  2. My adolescence was the time in my life where I was most closed off. I went through many phases of searching for who I am, who I wanted to be, all the while not knowing that that was what I was doing. This period ended with me learning how to meditate (Transcendental Meditation) from my father. The challenges I had gone through had led me to a feeling of "this is the rock bottom. Nothing can get worse so I might as well try this meditation thing. At the least it will please my father."

    That event at the end of my adolescent period was the beginning of my remembering. So there were many lessons and benefits to this period however no IDEs that have yet been recalled. Saying that, I have been a musician since a young age and playing piano has always been a wonderful emotional release for me. Although I didn't know it at the time, I was opening up to my inner being through music and that's why it felt like such a relief.

    1. Yes, there is a reason why music accompanies every spiritual event and celebration. I have always loved music and have it on ALL the time. To me music feeds my soul

  3. I see myself as a student. Many fears and feelings of loneliness, depression and a lot of tears. My father's illness and death. Always searching a place to fit with. I remember one day, being with my grandmother, to have a vision of angels.
    Thanks Sue!!! Blessings!!!! Minehaha

    1. Yes, to me Angels went with my Grandmother too.
      Thanks so for sharing

  4. My life experiences during this period were definitely varied and covered the full spectrum. From having family members that "pushed my buttons" on purpose (I think dysfunctional Brady Bunch is a good description of our family at this time), to finding myself in an abusive relationship later in this period, to breaking free of the confines and boundaries of traditional school approaches at the beginning of the period. I was not lacking in experience and exposure to many opportunities for growth.

    I do not recall much of an interdimensional exposure, although, I can say that at this time, I was allowed the opportunity to be in an exceptional learning environment with programs that were so mind-expanding. We were also able to walk to this beautiful bluff behind the school and enjoy our lunches on Friday. This was the first time I felt completely free during the school day (at this age) to really enjoy nature and the beauty that surrounded us. I do not know why, but it had a profound impact on my energy, creativity, and recognition of the full power of the environment. To this day, I have treasured those moments. It helps me to remember the liberating feeling that we get when taking the "time" to enjoy nature - even when we are in a full-time job, inside a confined building all day, or in any type of environment (or situation) that keeps us "locked up"!

    1. Yes,being is Naure IS an inter dimensional experience

  5. At first I saw myself on the threshold of teenage years and being very scared. Then I was taken through many dark memories, it was a tough time for me. I was incredibly energetically sensitive, and never felt like I belonged. I didn't seem to fit. Our family home was full of interdimensional experiences. I saw/felt a cat often, footsteps, chairs scraping on the ground, it felt like a whole other family lived in our house at the same time. Everyone in my family had these experiences but we never told one another until twenty years later. My saving grace was discovering meditation at 17yrs old, and starting a journal (which was essentially conversations with God).

    1. Thank you for sharing. I am happy you were able led to meditation and channeling. That saved my life too
      thanks for sharing

  6. I was always able to see and feel what people are thinking, and future probabilities. Looking at my adolescent, I see and feel the vibration of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis with more awareness really at too young an age to be experiencing all that. I see myself leaning a fence and looking up, so I would know when the bombs was coming, and maybe I could get home in time to find my mother, who I didn't think would know where the shelters were and other stuff we'd learned in school like getting under our desks and holding our heads. They said that was effective against a nuclear blast, and we'd be ok. The vibration is fear. That was not a happy time for me in this world and my attitude reflected it. After a few years, I learned to tune much of that out, because I was off to have exciting and rebellious teenage adventures. - Bob Harris

    1. Yes, the exciting, rebellious teens
      thanks for your comment

  7. There was indeed an "very much unexpected happening" that catepulted me in Feeling very Hurt an OUTRAGEOUSLY much that I jelled out
    "this is not NORMAL...this is DEVILISH...I did not understand what was happening....but it had to do....with being in love for the first time and not being taken serieusly....but there was much more that I felt behind it all...something out of an other world....and That "more" caused the Hurt and Anger...
    Perhaps Now it's time to understand that piece and integrate more fully....
    Hearthug to All of Us,

    1. Yes, our teenager self often holds many secrets from our adult self. But, as we heal our teen with unconditional love, our adult feels much better
      thanks for sharing,

  8. I don't remember a definative point becoming an adolescent and a feeling of 'not being a child'. I think I just merged through. But my teenage years were shadowed by a downcast feeling and introspective about how harsh the world experience is. My adolescence was about embodying, and finally putting a definition to all the childhood experiences together with what my teenage self could see and and acknowledging, and knowing that Life shouldn't be so hard. I wanted to know What was making it so hard? Why was life so harsh on this planet. Inside I seemed to be so different and from a different planet. I know now as an adult that I was seeing and feeling the energies of dark Density that people are in, and continue to recreate, and I wanted to seperate from it. In my adolescence I did feel quite alone and different from everybody but I managed to secret that away. At times back then I had feelings of being an 'angel' and, even though couldn't explain in words, just feelings, that (wierdly) my job was to feel this density stuff and send the strange 'data' back, to 'where?' I didn't know, I guessed maybe heaven because I was brought up a Catholic. I could only describe it as though I was some kind of transmitter, reading the "status" of life energies on earth, perhaps like a thermometer, stuck into the crust of earth, to gauge the energies by 'feeling' them in my personal energy system. I had lots of deeply bad feelings and now as a much older adult, through self development and healing, and reunion with my true self I know that this 'strange job' probably was, and perhaps still is, actually happening and I use empathic ways to do this. I can see now that as beings of energy we all affect eachother by our energy systems in the same way that planet energy affects us, we affect eachother. Empaths or highly sensitive beings are constantly bombarded by energy interferance from all around. Now I am in more control and can somehow distance myself from it. Anyway it took many years of soul searching to wake up and out of the dark densities. I have teenagers of own now and I watch closely how they manage their energies.

    1. Thank you for your message. Yes, as we find the important moments of our own adolescence, we can assist our children to do the same. The teenage years is when we first individuate into who WE are, but often feel as though we cannot share that process with others.
      Thanks for sharing

  9. I am, once again, spending my time at the summer place. I have a new invisible friend to talk with. He is my boyfriend, and I know exactly how he looks and what he's like. He understands everything and I tell him everything, we have fun together.

    Later in life, I met this person and found out that he is my divine complement.

    I also remember, when I had difficult times, that my older self came to comfort me. She told me, everything will be fine. She was right! As I graduated from junior high school, my life improved significantly.

    Then I have an experience of ETs visiting me at night (in a dream, probably). It was a good experience involving a lot of love and feeling secure. I think this was important for me as I've always been afraid of them - until my later years, when I found out a lot of new things about my self.

    1. Visiting our Galactic friends and family is my VERY favorite inter-dimensional experience. It too started that when I was a teenager.
      Thanks so for sharing

  10. In my childhood and adolescence I often felt both alone and lonely. I spent very much time on my own and didn't really have 'friends' of my own age. I had a few very lovely friends who were much older than me, adults, and I always enjoyed adult company more than that of my peers. For this reason I also often quite enjoyed my own company.. I'm realising as I'm writing this that the feeling of 'alone' was usually something that related to my 'place in the world', relationships, companionship, playmates.. only not for the 'stupid games' that my peers were playing.. :) - I wanted something more stimulating.. :) Maybe.. this was actually an example of me not being just happy with the 3rd dimension?! I longed for more.. I longed for 'real belonging', 'real companionship'.. I resented the conditional world of my peers and so I'd rather be on my own.. :)

    In the guided meditation from Sue and the Arcturians the image I saw was of myself at age 11.. It was the questions "when did you know that you were now an adolescent?" that brought this about. I was standing in our little 'guest-toilet'. I had white cotton-socks on and stood on the tiled-floor. This was the time when I had just discovered that my menstruations had started.. so that must have been the 'start of adolescence'. I was wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt (not sure of the colour but a dark one). I wasn't quite sure what to do with this.. don't think my parents had ever told me about it.. but they had at school. Now I needed to tell my mum so that I could get some pads.. I told her and just got what I needed.. but nothing much more than that. I sense a kind of 'embarrassment' about the situation and I've always interpreted it as being about what the period, the blood, signified.. Now I see and sense that it was also, and maybe more, about in a sense having to be the 'adult' again.. That is an ongoing theme throughout my entire childhood and adolescence.. I was always expected to 'be able to handle everything'.. and the adults often turned to me when they didn't know what to do.

    I didn't sense any IDE in this situation as such.. but maybe there is one in the paradox of 'having to be/ being expected to be the strong/ adult one'.. while at the same time 'feeling embarrassed about taking responsibility way beyond what should be mine'.. and being capable of doing so! - I now see and sense that I could do so.. BECAUSE.. of Interdimensional Support! Even if I had to protect myself so much that I wasn't able to sense it directly. In that sense the IDE was shown my as a projection.. :) - Fascinating! Thank you! for this opportunity!

    1. Yes, our adolescent self was so very interested in "fitting in with others" to be liked that we have a more difficult time remembering. Also, since our adolescent self did not want to "share with adults" it is the least likely part of us to "share with our adult self.
      Thank you for sharing

    2. Sue, I appreciate what you say and I must have expressed myself very badly. I have never really 'fitted in with others' and certainly not 'to be liked'.. and the only ones I really cared /wanted to share with was my older, adult friends. So I'm not sure.. maybe my adolescent self does not want to share with my adult self.. but it is not because I did not want to share with adults.. I sense that the reason why I don't have easy access to any IDE's from my adolescence.. is more likely to be because of how good I always was (maybe still am.. :-) ) at protecting myself. I have put on my 'carapace' so that I could survive.. - I'm sure there were InterDimensional contact and even interventions.. I know one positive one at the end of my adolescence.. when at the age of 18 I was in a very serious car-accident.. I know that I was surrounded by angels and interdimensional beings.. but I've never been able to sense them from that time..
      Does that make more sense of what I wrote above? :-)
      Blessings, Gitte

    3. Dear Gitte
      Being surrounded by Angels is definitely a inter-dimensional experience. Hold the memory in your heart and mind, as those angels are still with you!

  11. My childhood was over when I say how a man looked at me and i felt so weird and lonely and scared. I did not understand why I was locked up in a body - i did not feel at home with. When i discovered death - a neighbor died and since then somehow I had a very tiny glimpse or remembering of "something", very confusing years. Only when I met the Indian Master Osho I remember that the memories came like a whirl wind to me. I love you all

    1. Thanks for Sharing Marie, yes if we can just grab a few memories from out past, the memories will invite many more to return as well. Part of our inter-dimensional power is to recover the memories that have formed us. These memories then form a "bridge of memories" back to our Multidimensional SELF.

  12. I felt teenager when bled for the first time! I was 11 and very reserved at this time. The inter dimensional experiences i had were the same of my childhood. Talking to my star, meditating lying in bed looking at the sky through the window. By doing 14 years I changed schools and met another world! With the new friends I realized the life did not have to be like my parents had taught me! I became a rebel because my father forbade it and I wanted freedom. I remember an experience that marked me deeply. I had a quick dalliance with a boy who ended up dating another girl from my school. I was very angry and jealous and I convent red enough to send anger and want to harm her. When she had an accident, thank God nothing serious, I was terrified of the power of my mind! I realize the power that had to manifest in reality what I wanted! At this point I felt the responsibility that came with this power because in fact did not want to hurt anyone. I believe this experience has taught me a lot about personal power and allowed me to face all subsequent difficulties of my life!

    1. Thank you for your comment Andrea,
      Having lessons about personal power is a very important part of adolescents, as well as in inter-dimensional experience because our true power is "inter-dimensional."

  13. While doing the meditation I could see several facets of my adolescence, first I was at school, where as a child I was very introverted and that made me the target for bullying, but one day a friend approached me and tells me: "They can do that because you allow it, you are very good, do not let them do that," and from that day something woke up in me, I recognized my personal power and completely change my life, it's like I started to flourish. It was a pretty drastic change I was super confident.

    1. Thanks for sharing your transformation. Yes, one event can totally change us

    2. I had that same experience! Except, not a friend told me, but I told me. I said to myself, you are your best friend now and forever. Defend yourself! And I did.

      But I recognized what I had done, much later.

  14. Hi Sue. What an awesone trip! I dressed a white jacket with trousers, a pearl necklace, a diamond ring, a white bracelet and pearl earrings, my hair was put in a bun. I was very elegant, even though during this age I didn't dress in this way. It could mean that I've integrated all the lessons I learned during that period and all the shadows had disappeared. Now I am ready to become adult!!!

  15. i did but it has been canceled

  16. I remember not being into clothes (we had a lot of chores to do), not fussy about hair and not yet into makeup. I do remember nightmares of some mysterious shape that moved around in my mind--I couldn't figure it out, didn't know why it was there or what it wanted. I'd wake up scared. Had that occur many, many times. Never told anyone about it. I also had a vision of a HUGE bird flying to an old oak tree and sitting there watching me. It was prehistoric-like, black and frightening. Saw it only once.

  17. My teenage years were the darkest period of my life. My parents alcoholic drinking and divorce dominated the entire decade. I was angry, often sick, and hating life because I didn’t fit in anywhere. When I first started the meditation, I only saw darkness. Not surprising. I tried again a few days later and got this memory...

    When I graduated high school, my father didn’t think I was ready for college so he sent me to a program where you go in the woods with a group for 3 months, and then do internships for the rest of the year. At one point, they left me in the woods by myself with no food for three days.

    During the meditation I saw my teenage self in those woods. I remember seeing the light dancing on the river. Over and over the light bounced. I stared at it for hours. Then something inside me changed. I could feel the love seep into me. I soon went from a dark and angry teenager to a love-filled one, and it changed the course of my life.

    I am 55 now and can clearly remember that I came out of those woods a completely different person. I think that teenage girl would like to tell me (and everyone) that love is the answer, even when your world is dark, hold love in your heart like a candle to light your way. Thank you Sue for a powerful reminder.

  18. Good morning. In the review a memory surfaced of a Christmas coat I received from my mother. It was Chritmas morning, and my mother was so happy to give me a gift; and I was angry becuase I didn't like the coat. It was not what I would have bought for myself and I didn't understand why she was buying this coat for me. I may have just turned 12. My mother was very dear; and both she and I became mindful of my need to express myself without others doing this for me. However, I will say that this struggle to express my SELF, my TRUE SELF, is with me still.

  19. My teenage years hadn't been very happy. When u have a controlling & abusive mother, its very hard to be the real you. Tried suicide, didnt work. Tried running away, but came back cause my compassion for her couldn't be ignored. No-one to confine, no friends to talk to. So I hung around as long as I could. Deep inside I felt sorry for my mother. I understand her hardship life thats why she is the way she is. And even at that young teenage time, I knew I wanted to Live a happy life. Eventhough I felt this burden to "look after" her, as its the Asian culture thing.....I had to question myself 'why we were born?'. All I knew then is that I dont want to have a sad life.

    Jasmine AkbalDreaming

  20. Blessings Sue... well it took me a while to unlock this memory but here is one aspect that I recalled as a teen. Being so sensitive I realised that I had to at that time block off aspects of my feelings and visions due to being around the school environment that can be really tough as I could See, Sense, Hear when ever someone would be talking about me. This become painful and very confusing as they were then nice to my face. So I blocked that off. I guess that has been a massive turning point in my life to date regarding trusting my self and the energies that I pick up on. This is NOW... all coming to light and awakening a deep trust in the constant contact that I've been receiving all my life.

    Thank you. Love and Light Sue

  21. Being an adolescent/teenage boy. Popularity was everything. Who's got the coolest shoes/clothes/bike/rollerblsdes/skateboard. Who's the best athlete/best grades/who has the cool video games. Competition was the way it went down but it was normal to be competitive. That's how it was like, growing up in Suburban Los Angeles. 15 minute drive from Malibu. Fitting in with my friends and keeping my parents off my case were the two biggest priorities. There were girls I liked but didn't really know what to do about that. I felt lonely at times because of race issues. Not that it matters to me now, but I was one of the only "black" kids amongst the other kids even though there was a lot of different cultures I grew up with. Caucasian/Jewish/Latino/Persian/Asian/Israeli/English...Cultural variety: another perk of Los Angeles. It was also during this time when I started to become aware of something(multidimensional) communicating with me. It would tell me to "heal the mind" During this time I didn't know what it meant or why I would hear it or where is this coming from? I knew there was something up with the news and wondered why school was so boring...

    Looking at gray Airwalks shoes standing on a skate board on concrete
    Being a teenager
    white socks up to lower calf
    white gray blue weave shorts i brought from ig
    Shirt blue red maroon flannel Short sleeve
    I feel good, popular among the crowd.
    no jewelry rings/watches, bracelets, necklace
    hair short flat top, feels clean combed
    I'm looking cool today. Looking forward to going anywhere but home after school.