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By Liza the Human—Through Sue Lie

Chapter 23
Liza’s Journal

Hello, I am Liza. If you do not know how I ended up on a Starship, please HERE

Sharman valiantly rescued my father, John, my brother, Shawn, and I, Liza. Our father had a long recovery from the injuries that he suffered, so Shawn and I were watched over by Sharman and his Divine Complement Shelia. I did not know what a “divine complement” was before I came on the Ship.

In fact, before the adventure with my father’s wounding, and Sharman’s essence going into my father’s body to keep him alive, I was just a regular Earth teenager, and my brother Shawn, was just starting school.

Everyone knew that Shawn was super smart, but no one really knew that I could see and hear things that other people could not. Because I could not talk about my most favorite part of my self with my friends, I did not have many friends at all.

However, that all changed when Sharman took Shawn and I onto the Ship with Dad. I know now that Sharman kind of “broke the rules” to take us all up here, but we had no mother and Daddy would have died if Sharman left Dad’s body before he was on the Ship.

Yes, I know this all sounds very weird, but not so weird as living on a Starship. In fact, nothing is too weird here. There are people from all over this quadrant of space; some are human looking, and some who do not look human at all. In fact, there are some species here that have no look at all because they are “energy beings.”

They can be energy beings because their form resonates to frequencies in the upper fifth dimension and beyond. I guess if you have been following Sharman’s transmissions, you understand what a dimension is. But, before I came on the Ship, I sure did not know anything about dimensions, or Starship, or even higher dimensional beings.

Fortunately, Shelia, Sharman’s Divine Complement, which is what people use here instead of husbands or wives, instantly took me “under her wing.” Sharman got Shawn settled into school. He is so excited because now he can be as smart as he really is, without the other kids teasing him that he was “showing off.”

In fact, Sharman and Shelia have been like our parents, so now we have three parents. It took quite a while before Dad was healed enough to anything more than let us visit him in the Ship's Hospital. But, now that he is better, the five of us are like an extended family.

This is not weird at all because the Ship has so many different people from so many different places that I had never even heard of that have a totally different version of “family.” The Pleiadian families shift and change according to something, which I cannot yet understand.

In fact, there are many things about living on a fifth dimensional Starship that I don’t understand, yet, but I am determined to understand and participate in every possible way that I can. I think it best for me to start by documenting how it “feels” to be in a fifth-dimensional environment.

I do not know how to put this experience in words, so I will just release my hands to this very advanced computer, that took me a long time to learn, and Shawn knew all about it instantly. I am so proud of my sweet brother. Yes, even though Shawn is a total nerd, he is very sweet, and I love him very much.

In fact, I very quickly allowed myself to love my entire extended family. I had been so lonely since Mom died, as she was like my best friend. By day, she was always at work and my brother was in a world of his own that I could not understand. But Mom understood me, and made me feel important.

Now that I am on the Ship, I am beginning to feel important again. There is a wonderful group of teenagers here and there is nothing that is “too weird” to talk about. Also, I don’t have to “look right,” like I had to on Earth, as there are many different kinds of beings here that look very different from each other.

I have one great friend who is six feet tall and green. He is so smart and funny and very compassionate. He saw how lost and lonely I was when I first came on the Ship and he decided to introduce me to “life as a teenager on a Starship.” And, WOW, what a life it is. I only wish that Mom could see how happy I am here.

My tall friend Xmarssa, who I call Mars, as I could not say his name, says that my Mother actually came by the Ship when she “died to her earth vessel.” She stayed here a while to heal her Soul from the grief of having to leave her family, then she was assigned to another Starship. Wow, my Mother works on a Starship!!!

Well, I guess that is not too weird now that my father and brother and I live here, and we are wonderfully cared for by Pleiadians. I never knew what a Pleiadian was before. In fact, I never knew what a Starship was either. But back to my story, which is very cool.

When I first came here I spent some of what I once thought of as “time”(I say that because time on the Ship is not like time on Earth) roaming around the huge Ship by myself. Everyone was always friendly and asked me to join them, and Shelia tried to get me to enter a teen group, but I had a lot to sort out in my brain. Shelia recognized that and allowed me to do what I wanted. My father was being healed and my brother was finally able to be as smart as he always was, but I had no idea who I was.

Yes, I am basically an Earth teenager and basically all moody and messed up, so I did not want anyone to help me. The fact is that somehow I felt safe in a way that I never felt on Earth. Just as my bother has the brains, I have the psychic ability.

I had to hide that ability on Earth, even from my Father and brother as they just teased me about it. They did not understand my ability, so to me, my ability seemed unimportant. Therefore, I was unimportant. In other words, I was like a lot of teenage girls who are too adult in their minds and too childlike in their bodies.

Now, on the Ship, my mind and body are finally on the same page. Which means that both my mind and my body are adapting to an environment that I always felt deep inside of me, but could not find in my daily life. I now realize that Mom came to me while I was sleeping and told me about her life on the Ship.

I know that because I just “know” where different places are. The entire Ship feels safe, and the places where non-crew members cannot go are clearly marked. Therefore, I just wander around and see if I recognize anything from my dream messages from Mom. I am sorry that I could not see her here, but I somehow feel like it's best that I find my own self now.

Yes, I am not very old in human terms, but after the experiences that I have had, I feel like an adult as compared to my teenaged friends back on Earth. Interestingly, there are many human looking teens here, but I am hanging mostly with Mars, who does not even look like a human, much less a teenager.

Mars looks the way I feel, in that he looks as different from everyone as I feel different from everyone. Also, Mars knows the Ship really well and has taken me to the most amazing places. My favorite place is the Holographic Entertainment Stations, the HES. Mars has visited many different worlds and is showing them all to me via the holographic reality system.

Right now, my favorite place is Venus, but then again, I think Venus was always my favorite place. When I first went there with Mars, I almost fainted when I saw that it was exactly how I had seen it in my imagination. Mars caught me in his huge arms and comforted as I sob and sobbed to realize that I could go to Venus anytime I wanted.

Since then, Mars and I have been there many times. In fact, there are special classes in the Violet Temple that Mars and I are taking. I secretly think that Mars already knows all that I am learning, but he wants to support me and be a good friend. The reality is that Mars, a tall, green extraterrestrial is the best friend I have ever had in my life.

In fact, I have never been as happy as I am here on the Ship. We all have total freedom, except for the areas that are only for crewmembers, and the overall feeling of safety is welcomed and unique. I never really felt safe on Earth. I always knew that Mom would leave, Dad was always gone working and my brother was too young.

I was alone and lonely. After Mom died, I was busy taking care of my brother, as Dad still “always worked,” but my brother was a kid and not really a friend. I felt very alone and lonely. Also, I always knew that something bad would happen. Even after Mom died, I knew there was more.

But on the Ship, for the first time ever, I feel safe and secure. I feel protected and know if there is a challenge, that there are many wonderful people who will protect us. Who would think that I would have to live on a Starship before I could find peace and happiness?

I have not told anyone, except Mars, to whom I tell everything, but I think I want to be a pilot. I have had many dreams of being a pilot and piloting my own spaceship is my favorite halo-program. Mars is such a great friend that he is fine with allowing me to be the Captain of the Ship.

I have secretly read every pilot’s manual I can find, and Mars always finds me more when I need them. He is the only one, except this journal, that knows my dreams and ambitions. I have asked him what his dreams are, but he will not answer me. He only says that his species only lives in the NOW. Therefore, they never plan for a future or think about the past.

Being with Mars is helping me to live in the NOW more, but I still go back to my beginnings and into my future again and again. Now that I am writing all these thoughts and feelings down in my Journal, I may be able to finally release that which is complete and accept each NOW with an open heart.

That is what Mars says is the WAY for his people: “Release that which is complete and accept each NOW with an open heart.” I don’t think my heart is open yet, and I don’t really understand what “the NOW” even means. However, I am pretty sure that maybe in the future, I will find the NOW.

Mars laughs when I say that and says, “If you are in the NOW, there is no future.” That feels a little frightening to me. But then, I still have fear about a lot of things. It is interesting that now that there is nothing to fear and it is totally safe, I am realizing how many fears I have been “wearing in my body.”

Mars says that he can see all the fears and/or love that people “wear in their body.” I know that I am going on and on about Mars, but he is my first real friend. There were people in school on Earth, but they could not be my friends because they could not accept what goes on inside my thoughts and emotions.

If I had ever been really honest with any of my friends at school, or take the great risk to be honest with a teacher, they would have put me in the “loony bin.” OK, enough of my sounding like a human from Earth. I want to be the me that I am on the Ship. I can see that both Sharman and Shelia see that ME.

They never say a word about it though. It is as if they don’t want to “infringe on my thoughts.” Yes, that is another component of being on the Ship. There are many beings here that can read peoples auras, their mind, their emotions and what is going on in their body. But, they do not look unless they know they have that person’s full permission.

I am a bit afraid to say this, and I would ONLY say it in my journal, but I think I just might be happy. I don’t think I was ever happy on Earth, so I am not sure what happy means. Mars says that happiness is having love for your self. The problem here is that I am not sure what love is either.

Maybe I will learn here. Yes I love my brother, but we seldom see each other now. Yes, I love my father, but he is still “always working.” I think I love Sharman and Shelia, but I don’t know them well enough to be sure. Pleiadians look a lot like humans, but their emotions are very different.

For one thing, Pleiadian love has NO sense of possession. For me, who grew up on Earth, love and possession were the same, so even though I think they love me. It does not feel like love, which always had a sense of possession on Earth. To my Mother and Father, I was “their” daughter. I had MY sort of boyfriend, MY girl friends, and My brother.

Because we loved each other, or at least cared for each other, there were obligations and duties that had to be performed or that other person would not FEEL loved. But the Pleiadians have NO possession. I can go where I want to go, and Sharman and Shelia are fine as long as I am safe.

They don’t worry about me because they are able to tune into me to find if I am frightened. If I am not frightened, which I never am here, they trust that I will contact them when I want to. I have complete and total freedom. It has been very interesting for me to discover that this freedom has made me want to help.

I want to be a part of this wonderful world. I want to serve on this Ship as a pilot when I am ready, and I want to assist the humans on Earth. Most of all, I want to help Earth. Before “earth” was something that I stood on. Now I can see the entire Earth at once on the view screens.

From here, Earth does not just look like dirt, water, sky, and the fire from the Sun. From here on the Ship, Earth looks like a living, round being that is just as alive, in fact much more alive, than all the beings that live on Her. Yes, Earth is a “Her.” Earth is a mother of uncountable life forms.

I never had that perspective while I was ON Earth, but while I am ABOVE Earth, even though I am so much further away, I can see Earth in a way that I never imagined while I lived there. It is similar to how I never realized how much I loved and appreciated my Mother until she left me.

In the same way, I never realized how much I loved and appreciated Earth until I left Her. Yes, I did leave Earth and I know that I will not go back until I am one of the pilots of one of the Pleiadian Ships that are “bussing” Earth saying, “You are NOT alone. We, your galactic family love you and are here to assist you.

Mars says he sees that happen, so I believe it. Mars has always been right in everything he has said, so I accept his vision of me, and I dedicate my heart and mind toward fulfilling that vision. Besides, I can’t wait to see the look in the eyes of my school friends when they see me step out of a starship!

Oops, was that an Earth teenager statement?


  1. thanks and ....BLESSINGS an' BLISS NOW

    ITAL transl on request

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  3. also my guidance has been prompting me about photosynthesis. I thought they were talking about the green food I eat but they made me understand that I am synthesizing light with my body. this corresponds with what was being said in the Antarian Transmission download. a nice confirmation, explanation, description along with all the other great info it contains

  4. I am enjoying reading these, but am a bit confused. Sometimes, Liza refers to John as her brother and in other places she refers to Shawn as her brother. Liza and Shawn are brother/sister and John is the father, is that correct? I'm looking forward to more journal entries.

    1. Thank you for emailing me. You are correct. I did get confused. I think I fixed it now, so thanks again