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Back to the Beginning--by Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie

Interdimensional Life Review

Since we are preparing for our upcoming interdimensional life review, I wanted to share a few writings that literally arrived on my desktop. Now of course, I must have found them somewhere, and I am sure that I must have posted them there, or maybe they arrive via email.

However, they came to my attention, it was my NOW to begin “my” interdimensional life review starting with my very first saved channels that started around 1994. Below is the very pertinent, early message that appeared on the desktop of my computer. I believe that it is also somewhere in my early website postings. There is also the first mention of Arcturus.

PATH 1994
(The below few sentences were channeled, as I had not idea about ETs then.)

The ETs are NOT coming “to us”
They are coming “INTO us”
And guess what? Many of them are our SELF!

Early beginnings and my first meeting with the Arcturians…

The introductions to my fifth dimensional selves began in earnest when the Kundalini began to move up my spine in 1994. It was then, that I met the Arcturians

My One,
Are you listening to our call? We are in need of Beings who inhabit the physical form to serve as step down transformers for our Light. Your planet is now entering a time of great transformation on every level of life.

For almost two thousand years the Cosmic Light has been stepping up its transmission to your planet, which we believe you have titled Earth. We, however, have always known it as Terra X. Terra, as a description of its landed mass, and X because it has been the site of a great experiment.

This experiment has been one of physical limitation and individuation. We created limitation and separation to limit the beings of Terra X from experiencing the full perception of SELF.

We did this in order to force them into individuating into independent creation vehicles. We would gauge this experiment as both a success and a failure. It has been a success in that there has been a creation and realization of massive creative energies.

However, the limitation from the sources of true creative power has caused a great degree of danger to the entire planet and all of its life forms. Human beings who are unaware of their unity with all other forms of life have developed a shocking degree of arrogance and selfishness.

In the earlier years, humans and those of us from the higher dimensions communicated freely with each other. The humans were even able to realize how they were only a small component of the entire evolutionary picture.

However, too often when humans are not humbled by the vision of what is more evolved than they, they generally tend to behave selfishly and act outside the parameters of the total evolutionary plan for the planet.

Therefore, these beings must be removed, as they have become a great danger to the entire experiment. We have learned that too much isolation from the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light has created a species of humans who are a danger to, not only those around them, but also, to themselves.

This new species is so devoid of spiritual awareness that they are totally unable to perceive themselves as being a small component of a larger system. They perceive themselves as miniature suns around which the rest of life must rotate.

We are unhappy that some of those who are connected to our network will also have to be removed, but that fact is unavoidable at this time. As the time of transmutation approaches, the human world will be separated into those who perceive the higher realms and those who cannot.

In other words, those who have been able to evolve beyond the old limitation of perception of the higher planes will be able to make conscious choices regarding their future habitation upon the planet.

On the other hand, those who refuse the acknowledgement of their Higher Selves, or the Higher Selves of others, will not be able to choose their destiny and will be swept up in a web of transformation.

This unconscious transformation will be frightening, as they will not understand that they are returning to their true Self. They may, instead, experience the transformation as loss, or even death. Those who are resistant to change will see the Web of Transformation as a Web of Fear.

However, those who are aware of higher levels of existence will experience their journey into the Unknown as a long-awaited Return and a glorious new beginning. Therefore, we now call on those who are able to perceive us to join this Network of Light.

There are those among you who can travel beyond your physical vibration to gain further instructions regarding your assignment. There are also those among you who will not be able to perceive our message in a conscious way but will.

Nevertheless, some of you will alter your behavior and choices to be consistent with our messages. At this time, we ask those of you who can perceive us to please spread our message to anyone within your sphere of influence who is able to be receptive to this message.

We do not wish to spread fear, as this emotion would only further lower the collective vibration of the planet. Therefore, if you can carefully and selectively serve as our emissaries for this mission, we would be able to accelerate your process with a minimum of anxiety and confusion.

Before ending our transmission, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the members of The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.

(Dear Reader, it many years for me to be ready to post my messages in a public manner. I, therefore, realize why any of you may be reticent to share you own inner life with others. However, the time is NOW for us to speak our TRUTH.)

A Dream
“Can you trust me?” were the final words I heard before I woke up.

I realized that I didn’t know how to answer the question without hurting someone’s feelings. Others were in the room and, although I loved them, I could not trust them with my secret self.

Also, I wasn’t sure who asked the question. It seemed like the man that I saw with my Third Eye had asked the question. Therefore, I did not feel I could speak to him in front of the others. I had learned that it was not safe to openly share that part of my “self” with others. At best they would placate me, and at worst they would ridicule me.

When I awoke, I remembered the topic about which I had to trust “him.” But I didn’t know yet who “he” was. The topic was the issue of my totally entering my physical body.

“He” had asked me if I thought I would hurt anyone.

“No”, I replied. “I don’t think I have hurt anyone before, but I have been hurt. I think I am afraid of being hurt again.”

His response was, “Do you trust me?” I woke up with that question resounding in my heart and mind.

In the dream I had known that before I could answer the question I would have to be away from the others, so that I had to determine who ‘he’ was. He instructed me to look at him through my heart. As I did so he said, “Don’t you recognize me?’

I did then. He was me. He was my Divine Self wanting to join with me in my physical form.

“Can we fit together in the physical form?” I asked hopefully and yet afraid. If he joined me, would that mean that I no longer had my anchor in the higher planes?

“Of course not, love,” he answered telepathically. “There is no time and space in my reality. I can be in both places at once, just as you can. You simple have difficulty remembering that fact in your third dimensional consciousness. I can join you in your NOW so that we can travel together beyond the boundaries of time. “

“Is my physical body ready yet for both of us?” I ask

“Are you afraid that it is?” was the answer.

“Yes, I am!” I returned. “I am afraid of the darkness about me, and I am especially afraid of the darkness still within me. I know that fear empowers this darkness. Was that why you asked me to trust you? Can I give my fear to you?”

“If you do so,” he answered, “You will no longer have a reason to keep such distance from your physical form and your physical life. But remember, your main fear is that you shall become trapped within that form as you became trapped in form in Atlantis.

“You also know that you volunteered for the Grand Cycle, the end of the era that completes itself after the turn of the millennium. That is when a wave of higher vibration will become available to the Earth inhabitants. This higher vibration will allow humanity to extend their consciousness into the fifth dimension with more ease than has been available since the peak of Atlantis.

“Of course, the coming of the fifth vibration, and higher, is causing a polarization upon the planet which forces humanity to choose between spirituality and materialism. The choices made by the humans will determine their destiny, as well as the destiny of those who have remained unconscious and have, therefore, refused to choose.

“Those of you who have chosen spirituality will expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions. Those who are awake will experience this movement as transformation, while those who are still asleep may experience it as fear.

“Your individual and collective belief systems will have much bearing on how your experience this transformation. Now, my one, in response to your question about your body, the answer is ALMOST. Continue with your communication with me, and I shall assist you.”

I am Kepier, your future self. There is no time except in the physical third dimensional world. Let us (meaning the unity of my/our fifth dimensional consciousness) explain to you how this is so. The third dimension is a tightly constrained frequency. Its frequency envelope is very small. The fourth dimension has a wider frequency envelope, and the fifth dimension is wider yet.

As the frequencies increase in amplitude they also increase their range. This is opposite on the physical plane because of the harmonic resonance. On the physical plane, low frequency, such as a foghorn, is more stable. Therefore, it resonates longer and carries farther through space.

This is because the resonant frequency of the foghorn is similar to that of the third dimension. Does that give you an idea of how low the vibration of the physical plane is? The foghorn can be heard from far away because it activates a resonant vibration in the perceiver.

In your physical world, low frequencies mask out, are louder than, high frequencies. Low frequencies fit easily within the envelope of the third dimension, whereas high frequencies do not.

The constant buffeting of the high frequencies against the tight boundaries of the third dimension causes the high frequencies to decay and dampen quickly once they travel away from their source. For these reasons, lower frequencies are more easily accessible to your third dimensional perceptions.

Humanity can learn to raise its consciousness, and raise its resonant frequency brain waves to have greater access to higher perceptions. We, that is you and me, Kepier, resonate at a higher frequency because we exist in the fifth dimension and above. Before, you are able to perceive me directly you will need to remember how to raise your consciousness to encompass the fifth dimension.

Once you could do that, you perceived us only in our archetypal form of Ascended Masters who often sacrificed resonating in the fifth dimension to give service from the fourth dimension, so that humanity could more easily connect with them.

Members of the Angelic Kingdom have also made this sacrifice. What third dimensional humanity is on the cusp of realizing is that YOU are, in fact, those Ascended Masters and Angels.

When some humans were born, they did not sacrifice your fourth dimensional perception. This caused most of you to feel a sense of isolation and loneliness from ‘the other humans,’ but you had all had promised to remember Home while wearing your human vessel.

Many of you did well. You did not know that you could personally perceive us in your youth because we are citizens who once resided on another planet called Arcturus. You had too much fear to fully that fact because of your early brainwashing from “horror movies” from your childhood such as The Blob, X the Unknown, and the Angry Red Planet. The indoctrination of the 1950’s closed your mind to us, but we have been waiting.

Now that your consciousness is clear of these fears you will be able to perceive us more and more directly. Do not worry that you do not see us with your lower perception. It is not our destiny to lower our vibration, but rather your destiny to raise yours. Use us as a beacon to help keep you connected to the higher planes.

Within the smaller envelope of the third dimension there is much decay. The molecules of lower vibration beings, such as the mineral kingdom, do not buffet against the walls of the envelope and are therefore more constant and less subject to decay. Therefore, they last longer in time.

Flowers are of a very high spiritual vibration. Hence, they do not last for as much “time” in the physical world, as their higher frequency energy fields are quickly buffeted against the walls of the lower frequency envelope of the third dimensional energy fields.

This decay of the original vibration is actually the source of time and space, as well as the source of aging. Aging is the decay of the resonant frequency of the physical body as it buffets against the limits of the third dimensional frequency.

Also, your original vibration is progressing through time and space away from its true frequency, which was present at birth. This situation is as it should be because the physical plane is a schoolroom on which humans attend and eventually graduate. That graduation is death.

Some take only a few classes and die young, while others take many classes and live to be old. Some expand their consciousness to a higher vibration. They achieve this higher vibration by taking responsibility for their experiences and integrating them into their consciousness as “lessons.”

On the other hand, many humans see themselves see themselves as victims. They take no responsibility for their life and often blame it on others rather than confront themselves. Some of these humans actually go backwards.

Some even fall into a very low vibration, become selfish and try to take from others what they are unable to create for themselves. They try to take life, love or power, but these things are difficult, if not impossible, to steal. Therefore, they take other’s possessions, which are so important on the third dimension.

On the higher planes, possessions have no importance at all. On the higher planes, we can all quickly manifest anything we need with our spiritual\creative force. Since we can always create it, we can release it back to First Cause when we are done with it. There is no need to “possess” anything, as we can never lose it.

Since we cannot lose it, we do not need to “want” it. It simply IS!

The process of graduation—returning to SELF—is one of learning to rise above the envelope of the third dimension vibration while remaining consciously connected to the higher dimensions.

Your Soul Home is the base reality from which you can travel to all other realities. It is your “launching pad.” Therefore, perceive your Soul Home constantly in your heart and mind, and it will remind you to remain conscious of the fifth dimension’s finer vibrations.

Remember us/me

I AM/We Are Kepier


by remembering that you have ALWAYS  been connected to YOU!

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  1. Hello suzanne , a question if i may.
    So , can an individual graduate/ascend only by leaving it's physical body behind (dying) ?
    Wasn't there some mention by the arcturians than we can transform the physical body into lightbody or something , or did i understand this wrong ?
    I thought that there was a possibility for a human being to surpass/avoid the death of it's physicall body.

    I hope you understood . Thanks

  2. Yes there is definitely that possibility, but it is only fulfilled if one lives a live
    of service to OTHERS rather than service to self.
    Infant, ascension is not about humans. We are already multidimensional beings to which we will return when we leave the 3D
    Ascension is about assist Gaia-planet Earth-to ascend

  3. Wonderful post, gratitude. Recently during meditation I was doing my usual routine of connecting my energy/light with Gaia's crystal core, but this time I could not. Instead I experienced myself as Gaia, we were one. Instead of perceiving/ experiencing Gaia as something outside of myself, we were one. By offering love, compassion and the violet flame to myself and allowing these energies to flow through me, I was naturally offering these to all within/on beloved Gaia. Because of course we are not truly separate beings are we, and yet still we allow that illusion to over ride the beautiful loving truth of our unity. xx

  4. Thx Sue ~ soon I will also release my first conversations with my soulfamily in 1995...

  5. Dear Suzanne,
    Thanks for your regular help...
    I really love to know your experiences but
    Your Articles are very lengthy and it take a lot time to read....Can you give all such things in nutshell ?
    Dr. SohiniBen Shukla

  6. multumesc!
    am primit confirmari!!!!
    cu drag,Monica A

  7. dearest dearest Sistar, oh my goodness how I wish I could hug you physically, though telepathically I do. yes yes yes, this resonates within each cell of my body, sparkling light particles in every word. ThankYou for yes I too received the same information, be it in a different form, first not in words, I hadn't a clue but through my Journeys for each painting that is created and again yes …at first total isolation, yes fear and so lonely and then the sharing of some this information was with only a very few, That amazing feeling of mind knowing nothing though Heart knowing so much. 999999999 is a number that seems so familiar and oh what Joy is this feeling that we are now free, Eternal, Internal Gratitude to All. HeartToHeart, BeV

  8. Dear Suzanne, Although I have lead a so-called 'normal' life with ups and downs, I have since childhood felt sort of breathless, uncomfortable in this 3rd dimensional reality, as to me appears as ab-normal, very dysfunctional on most levels. I sense/feel that I have 'seen', done and experienced it all before, in former lives. Although passionately in love with life, I feel 'lost and lonely' on a spiritual level. Not unhappy, but always slightly sad and without a specific physical goal. My main purpose is to continue evolving, as feel more connected to higher realms than earthbound reality. Don't know anyone personally with whom I can share what I can with you, so would like to have a session with you if still possible ? Thank you so much for all you broadcast Suzanne, very uplifting, enlightening and comforting. Love and Blessings Susan

  9. This is another confirmation for me. I was invited to join a private group on FB, a Global group and up to now I had not introduced myself. I am not one to talk about myself and share my feelings and experiences. For a few weeks I’m having thoughts of ‘Start sharing. It is time. You are ready for action’. This morning I decided it is time to introduce myself. I also had a recent experience to share so I posted that as well
    Now as I read your articles of 1994, I am smiling.
    Now I read ‘the time is NOW for us to speak our TRUTH’.
    Thanks for the confirmation Sue; your writings of 1994 are so appropriate for me and I know for many more. Thanks for walking the path first and clearing for us. Love U <3

  10. Each time I read one of your messages, I am transported to the higher dimensions and simultaneously remember my experiences, as you describe yours/ours in the higher dimensions, as a child and young adult who was, as Kepier says in one of the above messages, tapped into the fourth dimension while immersed in the indoctrination of my third dimensional time. Each and every time I read something you have given us, another piece (or pieces) falls into place and I experience an "aha" knowingness that I find absolutely delicious! Thank you so much Suzanne/Suzille/Kepier/The Arcturians/et al!

  11. I am wondering since when exactly the program of conscious transmutation started? It came into my awareness in 2003.
    I know I am receiving the guidance but I am not aware of the conscious communication as you were even back then.
    Wow was it 5th vibration that was causing the polarity between materialism and spirituality?
    Lucky Sue! a special chosen one, to be receiving such direct communication in 94? Awesome
    Thank you for the marvellous clarity on different humans and how we learn our lessons.
    Is our soul home being a ‘launching pad’ as important as being ‘grounded’ on earth is?

  12. Olá Dr Suzanne, When you say 999999999 that numvber is like a frequency a vibration that can link with other worlds and have a different Conscience manifested in this planet ? It´s like a wave to surf ???
    thanks. :)

  13. om blessings
    ital transl on request
    and more.............

  14. I love the name "Terra X", the grand "eXperiment." This was very inspirational! Thank you Suzanne for your tireless work, energy, dedication and love! Much love and Light to you magnified inifinitely!

  15. Hmmm. It is my understanding from reading this piece that these beings created this experiment known as humans to keep us in limitation and from knowing our Self. And as such they became shocked that so many live in selfishness and arrogance? Why on earth would this surprise them? This is sort of like creating a child, making sure they do not become fully aware of Who They Are and then feigning surprise when the little one grows into an arrogant, frightened, self-focused adult. I also want to point out that the concept of service to self versus service to others is duality and thus still part of the matrix. It is only when we authentically serve ourselves first can we authentically serve others. Both are importantl

    1. Good point Mama. It is odd being a experiment gone awry and it is our fault for the confusion. How can the Arcturians be sure of so much yet surprised by the effects of limitation. We all seem to be confused about service. If I am on a is to be my self. This planet will take care of its self long after this incarnation is history.

  16. I am surprised that the Arcturians know the planet as "Terra". That is the name of the planet in the portuguese language.

  17. this has been very helpful in clarifying the frequency envelopes, harmonic resonance and the masking out effect. this helps with the navigation. it is a nice complement to the earlier information on how "darkness" will be attracted to our own hidden caves. this being the inner and the former being the outer, though it is all one. the foghorn is definitely not the most beautiful sound! also the earlier description light and dark polarities, each increasing as they pull away from each other.

  18. I love this message. Feels just like the flavor of that time. How far we have all come. Look at how sophisticated the message as become yet the same message. "The process of graduation—returning to SELF—is one of learning to rise above the envelope of the third dimension vibration while remaining consciously connected to the higher dimensions". You can see all of us doing this. We may be doing it poorly. However, everyone seems to be sniffing around the unknown. How exciting! What fun!